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What To Eat To Boost Fertility

I am CONSTANTLY asked, “What should I eat for my fertility?” (and before I lose anyone NOT trying to conceive- let me remind you that fertility is an extension of overall health- so this applies to you too ❤️️)

Here Is The Full Transcription Of The Video

Hello Facebook, how are you guys? Hello Instagram, how are you guys? We are here again, it is Thursday again at noon Eastern Time and here I am coming to you live to talk to you about yet another super important health changing topic. If you are ready to radically shift your health, if you are ready to get pregnant faster, if you are ready to heal from an autoimmune disease, if you are ready to do all of the above, guess what? I am your girl.

I am here for you and this is what it's all about. For those of you that are new, we're constantly getting new people on Facebook and on Instagram. Welcome, thank you for letting me into your life, for letting me be a part of this health transformation that you are on. Thank you. You probably know because you're following me, but I'm Aimee Raupp and I like to help people feel better.

I've written a couple books about how to do that and I do that on a daily basis in my clinic as an acupuncturist. I do that on a daily basis as a coach to clients all over the world. I have helped thousands of women conceive when they were told that they couldn't or that the odds were against them. I myself conceived naturally and easily at the age of 40. I've written three different books. The first is called Chill Out and Get Healthy.

That book is about 10 years old now. And then I wrote another book called the Yes You Can Get Pregnant and my most recent book is called Body Beliefs, How To Heal Autoimmune Diseases, Radically Shift Your Health and Learn To Love Your Body More. In all these books, the premise is virtually the same. It's about you taking back the power over your health and that is on every level. Mental, emotional, physical, nutritional. That's what this is about.

Whether you're trying to conceive or you're just trying to be healthy or you're just trying to heal. Just trying to heal, it's that simple. But that's what it's about, you taking back the power and that's what I like to do is to give you the tools to do it because you have the power to do it. It's not me standing here in some authority telling you what you got to do, it's me giving you the tools and expecting you to show up for yourself because that's what you deserve.

If you really want to heal and radically shift your health, you got to show up for you. Today's topic is a hot topic because I deal with a lot of women trying to get pregnant and the epidemic of fertility challenges is continuing to grow and so this message is very needed and women need to hear it. They need the support, they need the love, they need the guidance and I am here for you.

Today we're going to talk about what we are calling your fertile plate. The idea came to me just the other day. I saw doctor Mark Hyman posts a picture on Instagram of what his plate looked like and it was kind of this fun infographic and I said to my team I want to plate like that and we're going to call it your fertile plate. I want to show women what should be on your fertile plate.

I will also say that it's a combination of the information in both these books. Yes You Can Get Pregnant is very obviously based on the title and the image my fertility book. This is the book that I want everyone reading if you're looking to optimize your health and your fertility. However, if you have been trying to conceive for some time and that you have some other health conditions going on, say something like Hashimoto's thyroiditis, symptoms and signs of IBS, celiac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis.

If you have eczema, psoriasis, if you constantly get sick and you've tried everything. Say you've tried this book and it hasn't worked, you got to also read this guy because this is kind of like this book next level. This is the next level of healing that your body may need. What I discovered through writing this book and through all the women that came to me through this book was that majority of undiagnosed mismanaged fertility conditions.

These women that have this idiopathic challenge. Everything looks normal. We don't know why you're not getting pregnant or they continue to have miscarriages and no one could figure out why. It means that they're dealing with an autoimmune condition that hasn't been treated properly, that hasn't been properly addressed. That maybe it's just being medicated and there's no real education behind it.

Auto immunity is an epidemic. It's on the rise. It's affecting women 75% more than men, women in their prime. And so between these two books and what I've learned, I have created what I think is the optimal fertility plate. What you should be eating, the marks you need to hit every single day, every single time you have food to optimize your health and your fertility. A lot of women out there right now are really into low carb diets.

They're into intermittent fasting. They're into Keto genic diets. That's awesome if you want to lose weight. That's awesome if you need to jumpstart your metabolism. Those diets are horrible for your fertility. They are horrible for your hormones. They are terrible for your fertility and your hormones. There is to be no intermittent fasting, zero intermittent fasting. There needs to be healthy carbs in your life and on your plate.

There needs to be a lot of good healthy fats. You need to be eating within the first hour of waking up and it has to be protein, fat, vegetables. Has to be those three things. And then you need to eat every two to three hours after that with those same three things. For those of you that are really interested in the macros on a 1800 to 2000 calorie diet, which is about what you should be consuming if you're trying to conceive.

If you are at 1200 calories, it's a little probably too low if you're trying to conceive. The least I think is 1500. So if you're trying to conceive and lose weight, maybe 1200 to 1500. But if you're trying to just maintain weight and get pregnant, 1500, 1800, 2,000. Somewhere in there is your count caloric intake and your macros need to be 40% to 45% fat and then 30% carbs and 25% to 30% protein.

That is what you need to be getting in. It's a lot of fats. Fat is the key. Fat is what a lot of women are missing. They're too low fat. They took that whole low fat craze too seriously and they're drinking low fat milk, they're eating low fat yogurt, they're skipping the egg yolks. They're not eating avocado. They're not eating that many nuts or seeds. They're kind of like, oh no, it's too fattening.

Guess what? A fertile body loves fat. Fat cells store estrogen. Estrogen loves to help with equality, it helps with uterine lining. You need good quality fats in your diet. In Yes You Can Get Pregnant my general recommendation is, are you're ready? And then we're going to go over the pretty picture. Eating for equality. If you guys haven't read this, it's a bestselling book on Amazon in women's health and fertility so I think you should read it.

Ideally you are going to get in. I want you eating four tablespoons a week of butter or ghee. I want you getting two tablespoons a day of really good quality oil like olive oil, coconut oil. I want you eating nuts and seeds. Well, I say in here full fat dairy if you can handle it. If you have access to good quality raw dairy, that works too. But if not, full fat. Coconut milk, avocados, nuts, seeds.

If you can't do nuts or seeds then you're doing lots of avocado, you're doing lots of coconut, you're doing lots of ghee, coconut oil, coconut meat, and you're getting in your 45% fat. Bone broth is an amazing source of fat and protein and all the amino acids that your body needs to optimally function. I want you to think about these things. Am I getting enough fat? And then also am I eating enough vegetables?

What I want is ideally we're getting upwards of six servings of vegetables a day. Two or three of them should be calciferous. That's broccoli, that's Brussels sprouts, that's cauliflower flower. I do like cauliflower rice, that's how I get in the serving and then I'll have some Brussels sprouts. Always make sure all is well that we're getting in our healthy carbs. My two favorite ways to do that are plantains and sweet potatoes.

But then also Zucchinis, any of the summer squashes, any of those. Spaghetti squashes, awesome sources of carbohydrates. Your body needs all of that. So I'm going to pull up my picture. You guys won't be able to see it here, but I just need to see it. I want to run through it with you guys. Filtered water. Well, that should be obvious. I want you drinking half your body weight in ounces of water a day.

You got to stay super hydrated. Chinese medicine this is how we say it. If you are dry, if you are not hydrated, if you have dry skin, dry hair, dry nails, dry lips, you're just dry, guess what? The inside of your body is dry and dryness equals very little cervical mucus, thin uterine lining, not enough blood flow to make those ovaries healthy, to douse those ovaries and really nutrient dense blood to make healthy follicles.

So we need to stay super hydrated. Water, bone broth, part of your life. I want four ounces to six ounces of bone broth every single day. I want half your body weight in fluid ounces of water. Ideally it's room temperature water because the uterus in Chinese medicine as we say it does not like to be cold. We don't like lots of cold or raw foods at all in general, but especially for a woman trying to conceive.

And now if we go to the plate, let's look. Majority of the plate is vegetables. It's a ton of green vegetables. Then we have some root vegetables like parsnips or beets or turnips. Again, those are great sources of carbohydrates. The carrot family, amazing for regulating estrogen in the body. The healthy carbs. So there's a sweet potato on this plate. I want at least one sweet potato a day and/or if you have a pretty physical life, a serving of plantain.

That's what I tend to do. I have a serving of plantain chips and I also have a sweet potato pretty much every single day. All my veggies are cooked and they are cooked in a healthy fat like ghee or coconut oil, avocado oil works as well. And then can see asparagus. We're just basically getting ideally six to eight servings of vegetables a day. That means your plates. You should have like three plates that look like this a day basically.

Your plates are loaded with spinach or like I right now have butternut squash soup. This is made with coconut milk, ghee, butternut squash, sweet potato and then I also put an egg in here. I am getting a ton of good healthy carbs, lots of veggies, lots of fat, and my nutrient dense protein from my egg all in one soup. This is sort of my lunch because I'm just sitting in front of my computer doing my Facebook lives for the last hour.

I go live in my secret groups before I come to you guys. This is what your plate needs to look like. And then we're going to throw in some avocado or other healthy fats. Again, coconut is a great source of healthy fat if you're a non dairy. If you can do dairy, meaning if you tolerate dairy. Well, you don't have any skin conditions, you don't get sick regularly, you have a healthy easy poop every single day.

You don't have eczema, you don't have psoriasis, you don't have Hashimoto's. You could do dairy. And if you can do dairy, then you could have some full fat cheese. Ideally it's grass fed from a grass fed animal meaning. And then we want high quality protein on that plate. We want three to four ounces of a high quality protein. Things like animal protein, so grass fed meat, pasture raised meat, chicken, beef, turkey, whatever suits your needs or a good quality fish.

I love wild Alaskan salmon, I love wild cod, I love Halibut. Those guys fall into a great category. You could also have eggs as a source of protein. If you digest them well and you don't have an autoimmune condition, you could also do beans or nuts as your source of protein. Again, those not complete proteins. They're missing some essential fatty acids that the animal protein delivers.

Beans and nuts should always be soaked and sprouted so as to reduce the lectin content and allow your body to then absorb and utilize. But again, we're going for 40% to 45% fat, which that half of avocado has a lot of fat. That's why it doesn't look so big on the plate. But then also remember your veggies are cooked in fat, your bone broth has fat, your meat is typically cooked in a fat. So you're using fat across the board.

Again, fat is similar to, as I was talking about water. The fat nourishes and hydrates the tissues. It gives your body ample fluids. It really lubricates things and guess what? Healthy cervical mucus really follicles which translates to really healthy eggs. The macros. Can you repeat what you need? You need 40% to 45% fat, you need 30% carbs and 25% to 30% protein. That is a healthy macro breakdown for fertility and also for auto immunity.

Interestingly enough, the macros to heal and autoimmune condition and to optimize fertility are almost exactly the same. It's like 40% for auto immunity for fat and 45% for fertility for fat. Again, girls look at your BMI. I want your BMI right smack in the middle of the range or towards the upper end of the range, not low BMI. I want your body fat like upwards of 20% body fat. That is optimal for fertility.

Sometimes my girls just need to gain five pounds and guess what? Their fertility thrives. Typically I get them to do that because I change their diet and I get them to eat more fat and then their body composition shifts, boom, boom, boom, and they get pregnant. That's the best case scenario. For a lot of us were eating foods that are actually aggravating our system, increasing inflammation in our body.

What we need to do is reduce inflammation in our body. You notice what's not on the plate. What's not on the plate is any processed crap. There are very little grains on this plate. Not to say you can't do grains, but a lot of people don't do well with grains. The healthy carbs for people who do do well with like rice or quinoa which is actually a seed not a grain, but rice is a grain.

You could have some healthy rice on this plate. And for some of my girls that actually need to gain weight, I'll put some rice on their plate. But generally speaking, we want to look at what are our healthy carbs. I don't want you eating processed gluten free crap. I don't want process gluten free breads. They're fine once in a while. Homemade sour dough is awesome if you can tolerate it.

That to me is like the best bread that you can actually consume and eat. I make my own. It's very easy to do. But we also buy the brand, oh gosh, I'm going to blank on the brand. But it's a really good quality brand. They sell it at Whole Foods. It's made the old fashioned way. I think it's called old fashioned sour dough. I can't believe I'm blanking on the name right now, but anyway, I should have written it down.

Keep this in mind. Grains aren't on this plate specifically and that's somewhat intentional because of my understanding that most women dealing with fertility challenges actually have an undiagnosed autoimmune condition. If you don't currently have fertility challenges that you know of and you just want to prepare your body to get pregnant, eating this way is still awesome but you could throw in some grains.

You could throw in a really good quality rice that you soak first and then cook and you cook it in bone broth with ghee or butter. Again, healthy fats, healthy carbs, a ton of vegetables, three to four ounces of protein. Bone broth, four ounces every day of the week, lots of good healthy water. This is what needs to be on your fertility plate. Let me just make sure I'm not missing any questions.

I have an incredible offer for you guys today that will help you maximize your health and your fertility even more. I created the Yes You Can Get Pregnant Cookbook. It was actually a book deal that I was about to get then the book company folded. I had all this content and I said I'll just self publish it and I'll sell it on my website. It sells for $27 on my website. It is just a pdf, but it's like a hundred recipes.

I mean, it's a lot of information and I spent a lot of time and energy making it that's why it cost $27. However, today there's a flash sale on the Yes You Can Get Pregnant Cookbook. For only $7.20 you can get your hands on the Yes You Can Get Pregnant Cookbook. You have to use promo code COOKBOOK-0219 and I'm going to forget what the pretty link is. But if you just go to my website it's under workshops and guides.

Courtney, perhaps you can post the or best ones every one of you are on. Can you post the link to the cookbook on Facebook and then once you post it, I will see it and then I will tell Instagram what the pretty link is. But basically if you go to my website aimeeraupp.com, you go under workshops and guides, you're going to see my cookbook there. Click on that. Boom, boom, boom. Enter COOKBOOK-0219 and you're going to get that book for $7.20 and you're going to have it immediately because it's a pdf that you get the download immediately.

You have access to close to a hundred recipes that follow these guidelines. That's how we can get our fertility and tip top freaking shape. I'm going to head over to some comments. Reading Yes You Can Get Pregnant now, just turned 43. Robbia, hi my love. Gave birth to my daughter at 43. She will be six in May. Zero complications after 20 plus pound weight loss. I'm convinced I was able to conceive because my positive lifestyle changes. Go girl.

How much bone broth, how often? I already answered that Mandy. Four to six ounces every day ideally five days a week at the minimum. How do I feel? I feel fricking awesome. Feel good, thank you. Oh, how do I feel about fruit? Fruit is okay. Again, in moderation I think low-glycemic fruit. Things like berries and melons are great and they could be pictured on this plate too. I think we were just really focusing on the main macros.

But yes, fruit is another good source of healthy carbohydrates as well so I just prefer the low-glycemic fruits and you can have one to two servings a day of that. Mandy, I'm not going to answer that right now because it is off topic. If you want I'll come back around. Maybe Courtney or Beth, can you just copy and paste this question and bring it to my attention and I'll answer it later.

What about a vegan diet? I do not think veganism is healthy for trying to conceive. I'm sorry. I recommend a lot of veggies and fat that fall into the vegan category by all means but I do think you need good sources of animal protein for true optimal health and fertility. What would you class as one serving of vegetables? Usually it's one cup, it's one serving. Sour dough bread versus healthy gluten free bread, what's the difference?

Well, sour dough is fermented so the fermentation process actually breaks down some of the grain so it's a lot easier to digest. There is some yeast in sour dough but otherwise it's just fermented. Sour dough starter and it ferments the grain so it's so much easier on your body to digest. Gluten free breads typically have lots of like the tapioca starches in there and lots of like nut flowers and things like that that can be pretty inflammatory and harder to digest.

Once in a while, sure. Everything in moderation. Of course I'm a moderate person and I recommend that. We're talking about top quality, high notch foods for fertility. Aimeeraupp.com/cookbook is the pretty link that you guys can go to. Use promo code COOKBOOK-0219, get that cookbook for $7.20. This is only up for today. If you watch this Facebook live tomorrow, guess what? Sorry, you're out of luck.

Today flash sale cookbook. Go and get it asap. I'm so excited about the cookbook. You're welcome Karen. Let's just see Instagram, any questions here? Just people cheering me on. Thank you so much. I went over the macros. If you're lacto ovo vegetarian, eat dairy and eggs, what protein can you eat? Again, then you would be eating dairy protein and you'd be eating eggs. I'd also challenge you and I mean this in a very loving way to anybody who's vegetarian, vegan, and if you've been trying to conceive and it hasn't been working.

That what is your resistance to changing your diet a little bit more and introducing animal protein? I respect the ethical reasons. I totally respect that. However, I've worked with so many people from ethical and religious standpoints that don't eat animal protein and they get permission from any of their leaders in their religious sects to eat and consume animal protein when it's for medical reasons, which trying to conceive is considered a medical reason.

You are allowed to and you should be consuming animal protein every single diet. Through the history of time when a woman's trying to prepare for conception, she is eating some animal protein. I strongly recommend it. And if it's for ethical reasons, then of course you just do the grass fed, you do humanely raised animals and you bless them, you thank them, you feel good about it. But animal protein, I heard one of my mentors Dr. Thomas Cowan.

He said once, “If you're trying to create a human, you have to eat what humans are made of.” And they are made of protein, fat, water and throw in some veggies. The protein though, the most complete proteins we can get are from animal proteins. If you are getting protein mainly from beans and nuts they have to be soaked and sprouted for you to consume them and get what you need. And then if you are not eating animal protein, you must be on a really good B complex because you need more B vitamins than the average bearer who does eat animal protein.

Suspected endo never had a BFP. I would say fertility empowerment girl, this is your book. I would read both of them, but this is the diet and lifestyle you need to follow. This has worked incredibly well for my endometriosis clients. It is the best for my endo clients. What things should be in moderation for those who have estrogen driven issues like fibroids? Really it's the same thing though. You want to eat a ton of the green vegetables, a ton of cruciferous vegetables.

All of your animal protein must be grass fed, humanely raised, antibiotic free because then that doesn't affect your hormones as much. Lots of healthy fats. You need to just watch sugar, soy, dairy, commercial dairies especially, gluten, corn. Those are the big no no's for estrogen driven issues, really any hormonal imbalances and that you're getting enough healthy fats. Again, 45% of your diet needs to be coming from fats.

You need a really good quality fish oil. I recommend cod liver oil at least one teaspoon a day. You've got to clean up your diet. Get rid of the processed crap, get rid of the stuff cooked in the bad oils like canola oil, soy oil, corn oil, those are the bad oils. Palm, not red palm oil but regular palm oil. Those need to get out of your diet because those are causing the inflammation which can also exacerbate the estrogen dominance.

Puts a load on your liver so it can't process out the excess estrogen and things will come back in range. But what you really need if you have estrogen dominance is a ton of cooked, leafy green vegetables and a ton of cooked cruciferous vegetables. You still need protein and you still need to fat, but your veggies, bone broth, you just need to clean that all up. And then don't forget about the emotional inflammation too.

I'm not going to talk about that much today, but the emotional inflammation plays a huge role as well so address that as well. Any other questions? What kind of breads you eat then besides sour dough? None. Sorry, no other breads in my opinion. You can find a good quality organic bread that's made ideally with dough that's not from the U.S and you'd probably be okay or maybe some of the sprouted like Ezekiel style breads would work as well.

Is there a bone broth substitute for vegetarians? There are fish broth's out there, vitalchoice.com makes a really good fish broth. There are some mushroom broths. If you're interested in a good vegetarian broth recipe, if you go to my site aimeeraupp.com/bodybelief, there's a bunch of resources and on there I have some vegetarian options. Go and check that out. Again though, I still urge you to ask the question why am I avoiding these animal products?

The cookbook is available for purchase by people anywhere in the world. Which B vitamin would you recommend? I tend to go with like methyl guard plus. That's one of my favorites by Thorne. Thank you for responding Aimee. You're welcome. You guys, so excited about the cookbook. Karen, does everything have to be organic? It should be in this country especially. If you're in the U.S, absolutely it should be.

They just put a shit ton of pesticides which mimic estrogen, which lead to estrogen dominance. All of our animal products that are not organic are fed a bunch of crap like soy and corn and grains and things that they're not supposed to be eating. And so then they're very inflamed and we get their inflammation, our essential fatty acid composition goes off. That changes the inflammation in our body which changes our hormones, which impacts our fertility.

I mean, do you mean B complex? I mean B complex, yes. So methyl guard plus is a really good B complex by Thorne that I like. You could also just search Thorne B complex and find one. Seeking Health has a good B complex that I like. What else? Mega Foods probably has a good one. Kosher and organic, super expensive. What can I do? I know it's hard, I just think you have to decide pay now or pay later.

If you go to the environmental working group website ewg.com or ewg.org, they have their dirty dozen list. They have a list of the 12 must buy organic foods and fruits and vegetables. Just do those and then where they're not on the dirty dozen, don't buy more organic and that's where you can save money. Thanks honey. How does one improve egg quality and quantity? Diet is one of the most important ways. Diet and managing your stress, managing your lifestyle.

If you really want to, Gilbert, check out this book and that will help you so much to understand more about egg quality and quantity, what you can do about it, what you need to do about it. All right my loves. You're fertile plate. If I were you I would screenshot that thing. Take that picture, put it somewhere on your fridge. Am I hitting my marks every single day? Am I getting enough fat, enough protein, enough veggies, and enough healthy carbs?

Is it okay to use organic honey or maple syrup? Yes. Again, in moderation. I say no more than 15 grams of added sugar a day. Sprouted bread better than not. Yes, routed or fermented breads. Again, if you guys have more questions, these are where I'm going to direct you. Body Belief, Yes You Can Get Pregnant. Order these books on Amazon. If you guys have read these books and you have liked them and they have changed your life in the way that they should, if you follow them completely, please leave a review for me.

Amazon reviews helped me some more books which helps me serve more people which is my freaking mission in life is to help you all radically change your health. These books are not expensive. You could do it. You can buy both of them for under $40 probably right now so go do it. You deserve to feel better. You deserve to change your life. You deserve to be empowered with the knowledge that you can do this. You can optimize your health. You can improve your fertility. You can heal. You can do it all. I love you guys. I'll see you next week. Ciao for now. Bye.

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About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.


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