Fertility Coaching Program by Aimee Raupp

Aimee is excited to work with you and she can do so wherever you are in the world.

Natural Fertility Consultation

Elite Fertility Coaching

Let Aimee be your personal fertility detective so you can achieve your dream baby faster.  In this 12-week deep-dive coaching program Aimee will lovingly guide you to get to the root of your fertility challenges- emotionally, physically & nutritionally

The next program begins February 17, 2019

What you get with the Elite Fertility Coaching Program:

Six Private Coaching Sessions (60 minutes each)

Six Group Coaching Sessions (90 minutes each)

Hormonal & Genetic evaluation plus an individualized protocol based on your biochemistry

Plus, access to a secret Facebook Group with weekly live Q&A’s hosted by Aimee

Plus, access to all of Aimee’s digital courses, workshops & guides (a $3000+ value)

Whether you’re trying to get pregnant naturally, already working with IVF (or trying to avoid IVF), and/or have hormonal challenges such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, cysts, irregular cycles, high FSH/low AMH, an autoimmune condition or a history of miscarriage the Elite Fertility Coaching program is for you! 


Due to the intimate nature of this coaching, you need to apply and be accepted by Aimee to join this program. As space is very limited, applying early is highly recommended. Once you submit your application, you will be contacted to set up a free 15-minute consult with Aimee to determine if this program is the right fit for you.

Please apply only if you are ready to shift your mindset and reignite your fertility!

Enrollment for Elite Fertility Coaching is currently closed. Please signup for our waitlist:

Reawakened Health Coaching

Aimee conducts one-on-one private health and wellness coaching so you can receive her care and guidance from anywhere in the world. As Aimee sees it, her job is to see your wellness, not your illness and to help you do  the same. Whether you are healing an autoimmune condition or trying to conceive or both, Aimee’s coaching can help you achieve your most optimal state of health–mentally, emotionally, physically and nutritionally.

  • Optimize your health & wellness so you can feel your most vital
  • Receive a customized nutrition & supplement program
  • Receive the most accurate hormonal and genetic testing to best understand your body’s physiology, its detoxification pathways, and how it’s metabolizing and utilizing its hormones. These tests help Aimee further cater your protocol to fit your body’s specific needs.*
  • Learn how to communicate with your body to best support it
  • Naturally balance your hormones & your immune system
  • Restore faith in your body & its ability to heal
  • Learn to shift your mindset to release underlying fears, traumas and blocks that are hindering your health goals
  • Feel encouraged & supported on your path to optimal health
  • Implement lifestyle changes for radical healing
  • Heal underlying autoimmune conditions that might be affecting your fertility
*These tests and their analysis are an additional charge for 2-pack & 5-pack coaching clients; they are ordered and analyzed for FREE for Elite coaching clients). 



TWO 60 minute consults
(plus a 20 minute follow up call)

$950 (installment payment options available)

What you get with 2 sessions:
  • Session 1: Aimee will design a specific health enhancing protocol for you based on her doing a complete health & medical history (including Aimee’s insight on your recent medical tests) along with a nutritional & supplement evaluation.*
  • Session 2: Aimee will help you work through any emotional blocks & traumas. In this session she will guide you towards more peace and joy on your healing journey and give you personalized tips and strategies to stay there.
  • PLUS weekly meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes that go beyond what is included in Aimee’s latest book, Body Belief AND 50% off Aimee’s incredible online resources, courses and support groups.

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FIVE 60 minute consults

$2,125 (installment payment options available)

What you get with 5 sessions:
  • Session 1: Aimee will design a specific health-enhancing protocol for you based on her doing a complete health & medical history (including Aimee’s insight on your recent medical tests) along with a nutritional & supplement evaluation.*
  • Session 2: Aimee will help you work through any emotional blocks & traumas. In this session she will guide you towards more peace and joy on your healing journey and give you personalized tips and strategies to stay there.
  • Session 3: In this session Aimee will walk you through all the ways to shift your lifestyle- on every level- to support thriving health.
  • Session 4: Here Aimee will work with you to see how your new health protocol is working for you. Through tracking how your symptoms have shifted, Aimee will adjust her plan even more to meet your optimal health.
  • Session 5: In this session, Aimee and you can focus on anything you feel is still holding you back from experiencing the most optimal health.
  • PLUS FREE ACCESS to Aimee’s digital courses and private groups. Depending on your health goals, Aimee will direct you to which course is best for you.

When you purchase a pack of five sessions you not only save money but get the entire Aimee protocol and are able to work at your own pace making the changes to lead you to optimal health and vitality.

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“An advocate; a cheerleader; a support system; a friend. Aimee is all these things wrapped into one. For the past 2+ years, Aimee has believed in me and my ability to get – and stay – pregnant. I initially saw Aimee after going through three early term miscarriages in an eight-month period. Prior to that, I had tried for 13 months to get pregnant. Between my second and third miscarriage, my husband and I sought the assistance of a leading reproductive medicine center in Manhattan. The 'answers' I received were not only insufficient (and later to find out, wrong), but the approach was callous and transactional. I felt broken, exasperated and completely detached from my body. And then I began my work with Aimee. In our first session, Aimee not only suggested a host of lifestyle adjustments (e.g., dietary and supplement-based) but quickly identified my recurrent miscarriages as being indicative of an underlying autoimmune disorder. Our subsequent sessions focused on regaining control of my own fertility and creating a healthier environment. But it also became something much more than that – Aimee taught me how to view my body and my fertility as something to be loved, honored, and nourished. After 4 miscarriages and 2 plus years of trying, I finally got pregnant naturally, carried to term and gave birth to a healthy beautiful boy. Aimee is one of the primary reasons behind my successful pregnancy. She listened to me, fought for me and believed in me. Throughout this entire journey, Aimee has not only helped me heal my body, but has continued to lift my spirits with her loving and beautiful soul. And for that I am deeply grateful.”

—Erica, 35, NY


“Aimee brought me back to life when I had really lost all hope in my ability to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy. From our first meeting she drilled down into my lifestyle and made immediate changes. Aimee gave me hope. Something I hadn't felt in a really long time. I responded to her by being 100% committed to her plan and did everything she suggested from using Ghee to switching to healthy beauty products (Aimee's beauty products are the best) to making organic bone broth. I started eating FAT and I actually started to lose weight. I meditated and exercised and focused on my health and well-being. The shift happened about a month after seeing Aimee. I started to feel lighter, happier, more confident in myself. I was a new, improved person and I loved the new me. As I type this, I'm now 25 weeks pregnant (via IVF; but keep in mind I had done 4 IVF's in the past without success) and I'm grateful everyday Aimee's rock-solid support, guidance and encouragement. Aimee believed in me and that made me believe in myself.”

—Rebecca, 43, NY

“I’ve seen 7 acupuncturists and natural fertility experts over my 6+ years of fertility treatment, and Aimee head and shoulders above the rest in terms of understanding western IVF treatment, autoimmune conditions, and diet approaches to fertility and healing underlying conditions. After too many failed ART's and too many different doctors and different programs to follow, I found Aimee and I am now 27 weeks pregnant, naturally.”

—Ashley, 42, CT

“I started to try to conceive shortly after my 38th birthday. It was discovered shortly thereafter that I would need a surgery to remove some pretty big fibroids before I could continue trying. After a few surgeries. 6 IUI’s, 6 IVFs, 4 miscarriages and a lot of needles, at 44, I conceived using my own eggs and delivered a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Aimee kept me on track in all aspects of my life: physically, mentally, emotionally. By following all of Aimee’s advice, I not only became healthier, stronger and more aware of my body, I was also producing more and healthier eggs than I was at 38 years old, when I began the process.”

—Laura, 44, NY

“I am one of Aimee's students and I'm THRILLED to share that I got pregnant naturally a month before my 43rd birthday. At the moment, I am almost 37 weeks pregnant and have been cautiously optimistic because we lost our last pregnancy due to chromosomal abnormality. After losing that pregnancy, we went on the roller coaster ride of fertility treatments, all unsuccessful. While on a break from a failed IVF transfer, I did a one-on-one consult with Aimee and registered for her program. I wholeheartedly implemented all her recommendations from our private session as well as what she teaches in the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Ecourse (the ecourse goes so much more in depth than her book does). We were prepping for our last embryo transfer, scheduled for March of 2017, and I was feeling so good and healthy on Aimee’s program that my husband and I decided to try naturally. We got pregnant NATURALLY on our second month trying! Because I had been following Aimee's program for 6 months, we never needed the IVF transfer! I still cannot BELIEVE that I got pregnant naturally after several failed IVFs! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity and am very thankful for Aimee and her wisdom, love and support, which I know has gotten me on this path, one that I never thought I would experience, let alone naturally!”

P.S. M.F. went on to have a healthy and thriving baby girl.

—M.F., 43, NY