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Got A Lump In Your Throat?

By Aimee Raupp, MS LAc

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Improving a lump in your throat naturally

Ever hear of Plum Pit Qi? It’s the feeling of having something caught in your throat that won’t go away or move no matter what you do—it’s not fun!

If you’ve ever had it, you know what I’m talking about. It’s the sensation of having swallowed something…well; a plum pit, maybe, and it can make eating or drinking really uncomfortable.

So what is this lump and where does it come from? According to , Lynn Jaffee, guest blogger: In most cases, this lump sensation is a spasm of one of the muscles of your esophagus. Occasionally, that lump sensation can also be caused by a throat infection such as strep, being overweight or esophageal reflux (heartburn). Difficulty swallowing can be the sign of a more serious condition, and should be checked out by your doctor if it lasts for more than a week or two.

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In Chinese medicine, this lump is called Plum Pit Qi, for obvious reasons. The Chinese believe that Plum Pit Qi is the result of a situation that is figuratively too hard to swallow, so it gets caught in your throat. That’s why almost everyone who suffers from this condition is also struggling with some kind of life stress, change, or mental health issue.

Plum Pit Qi is a diagnosis that encompasses a Liver and Spleen disharmony combined with phlegm. A disharmony between the Chinese Liver and Spleen, in general, means that your energy is stagnating (usually emotional energy—you’re stressed out or upset) and beginning to mess up your digestion.

Phlegm is also an important player in Plum Pit Qi. In Chinese medicine, phlegm can be both visible (what you see when you blow your nose or cough) and invisible. Invisible phlegm can be the result of energy stagnating, poor fluid metabolism, or eating a lot of the wrong kinds of foods and is the cause of many lumps and bumps in your body. Things like goiters, tumors, and cysts can be considered invisible phlegm.

OK, so what can you do if you’ve got this lump thing going on in your throat? The good news is lots. Acupuncture combined with an herbal formula can usually treat Plum Pit Qi fairly quickly. The Chinese formula Ban Xia Hou Po Tang is created specifically to safely treat this condition, and works incredibly well.

Food therapy for Plum Pit Qi includes tracking the foods that aggravate your symptoms. Some of the worse offenders are meat, onions, acidic foods, and alcohol. Also important is cutting out phlegm-producing foods, such as sweets, saturated fats, dairy, and processed junk.

The emotional cause of Plum Pit Qi needs to be addressed, too. This means doing whatever it takes to resolve stress and anxiety you may be experiencing, as well as dealing with any situations in your life that you find too difficult to swallow.


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