Dr. Weil Interviews Dr. Oz

The prolific Dr. Weil is about to put out yet another book, Spontaneous Happiness. So recently, he interviewed his buddy Dr. Oz on his own personal happiness maintaining habits.

I thought it was a great interview–very honest and humble. Dr. Oz admits that he worries a lot, has moments of feeling down and was once known for his angry outbursts. He talks about how he has learned to focus on the things in his life that are “blessings” and to take 7 or so minutes each morning for stretching and breathing. Dr. Oz has learned how to manage his “energy” to maintain his happiness. Seems Dr. Oz needs his CTFO time too.

I too have learned to do the same. If I don't take the time to conserve and protect my own energy, how can I be good to myself, let alone anyone else? I try my best to meditate each morning, to pick a few things each day that I am grateful for, to exercise, to eat as healthy as possible. I try to balance it all and sometimes it goes awry…but the key is to be easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself. Find the happiness… it is there.

What do you do to find balance in your life?

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