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Can I Actually Improve My Fertility? {EXPERT ADVICE}

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How are you? Hello. Hello. Hello. It is me again, coming to you live to talk all sorts of things. Today, we're going to talk about what I think is a hot topic and a question I get asked all the time in many shapes and forms, but same question, same question all the time. Can I really improve my fertility? Come on, Aim, can I really, really? Because I've been told, this is my AMH. This is my FSH. This is my blue light glasses. This is my blue light glasses, my Warby Parker blue light glasses. I love these. But Aim, this is my antral follicle account. This is my history. This is how infertile I am. I am so broken. I am so broken. My hormones are so broken. My uterus is so broken. My spirit is so broken. Can I really, really do this? Really, really, can I really do this?

I think you can. And I'm not just saying, “I think you can,” based on some belief system I have. I say it based on data, based on my almost 20 years of clinical experience, based on the transformations I have seen in my clinic, the transformations I see in the clients that work with my associates, whether my coaching associates or my acupuncture associates, which by the way, they're the same people. My coaches are all my associates in my clinics. And so yes, I do believe you can.

And I see lots of people coming on. Let's see. I'm 43, worked with Michelle, got pregnant naturally after two failed. Look at you, Kelly. I love it. Michelle is our associate in the Darien Connecticut office. So I mean, how many of you though have been told that it's impossible to improve your fertility, that that's not an option, right? That's not an option. You can't improve your fertility. Good luck. Diet has nothing to do with this. Good luck with the supplements. They have nothing to do with this. Oh, lifestyle, nothing to do with this.

And it frustrates me deeply because we all went through similar training, right? I have a background in biology and chemistry. I studied neuroscience for years before I became an acupuncturist and herbalist. Also, as I've been in practice for almost 20 years, I have gone on to do functional medicine training. All sorts of stuff, I've done. Nutrition, functional medicine, herbalism, you name it. I feel like I've done it from a research perspective or a study perspective.

And so when people tell you that diet, or lifestyle, or stress can't be changed, and even if you change it, it can impact your fertility, I immediately question those people. And I don't think any of us are out here to be bad people or to hurt others. I want to believe that no one has malicious intent, but what I do believe about that person who says that, is that they haven't looked at all the data. They haven't been practicing clinically for as long maybe as I have, or haven't actually been as observant of their clinical practice, as one could be to really learn why does this work for this woman, and why doesn't it work for this woman?

I remember recently doing a panel at the endometriosis summit with Dr. Andrea Vidali, who is an amazing endometriosis surgeon and really brilliant in the field of immunology and reproductive immunology. And we were talking about diet. And he said that when he goes inside a woman to do an endometriosis surgery, he can absolutely tell the vegans and the vegetarians from the non-vegan and vegetarians by the status of the tissues in their body, that he says there is a dramatic difference in the vegans and the vegetarians that all their tissues is really dry, and stagnant, and old. Whereas people who are eating, I think, a more well-rounded diet… We're not talking about a ton of protein, but with some protein. And this is just an example. I'm just using an example of like, there could be 10 different women with the same fertility diagnosis, living 10 different styles of life, diet, lifestyle, supplements, stress, sleep, movement, and all of that impacts you more than this fertility diagnosis.

So to understand that, so here we have a surgeon, his full-time job is operating on women who are typically, they're trying to conceive and manage their endometriosis, so that they can get pregnant and stay pregnant. And he sees a dramatic difference on the inside, on their tissues, their organs based on their diet. And then last night, I did an Instagram live with Dr. Merhi who is also a reproductive endocrinologist. And I asked him, I said, “Do you see changes in your results with patients when they make certain lifestyle, or dietary, or supplement changes?” He was like, “Hands down across the board, absolutely. I could do the same exact protocol on three women that are the exact same age…” And he didn't specifically say this, but this is how I took it in. “And depending on their lifestyle, their diet, their supplements, we will get dramatically different results.”

So it's just to say that you are not your numbers. You are not your diagnosis. You are not your age actually. There's a ton of data now. I have all this data in an amazing free fertility series that I just created for you guys that's up and running right now. So at any moment, if you haven't signed up for it, please do. Today, video three dropped. It's a five-part video series. And so the first video though of the video series, so you go to aimeeraupp.com/fertility series, and you get access to it. But the first video, I actually spent about 30 minutes going over the latest data from PubMed, from research scientific medical journals on the things that we know work to improve hormones, egg quality, fertility outcomes. So there is significant data showing that how we live our life directly impacts whether or not we get pregnant, stay pregnant, create healthy embryos, balance our hormones, lower our FSH, increase our AMH. And yes, those numbers can change. AMH can go up. FSH can go down.

I watched another lecture the other day. I'm part of this symposium. What is it called? The Integrated Fertility Symposium. And I was listening to a lecture from Dr. Carrie Jones. She runs the DUTCH test, which is an amazing test that I use in my clinic as well. It's a urine hormone analysis, but she couldn't be a smarter person when it comes to the ins and outs of understanding ovarian function, reproductive function, hormones. I learned so much from her all the time. But listening to this lecture, there was some really good drive home points that she made that to me, said things in a different way than maybe how I have them in my brain or how I always say them.

But reproductive health is dependent upon three really, really, really important things. One is blood flow to the reproductive area. The ovaries, did you know the ovaries have their own blood source? They have their own capillaries. So that means if this blood flow is compromised and it could be compromised by a host of different things, lack of exercise, sitting too much, sedentary lifestyle, having too much weight in your abdomen area. And that could be any woman of any BMI, but just that the abdomen, like the core, isn't as strong as it could be. This could be endometriosis could cause this, cyst, fibroids, all sorts of growth cause this. And so if the ovaries and the uterus are compromised in blood flow, guess what happens? They don't function well. They will not give you the results you want.

Chinese medicine, we've been saying this for a good jillion years. It is all about, we say, “The health of that child's palace.” To us, everything in health in Chinese medicine is about blood flow. Blood and qi. And when it comes to fertility, if you don't have an abundance of either of them, it's going to be hard to get pregnant. And so blood and qi are the fundamental basis of life. Blood, qi, and what we call essence are the three vital substances.

And so we've been talking about blood flow forever. And if blood isn't flowing, things are going to get dry, stagnant, cold, and stop working. They're going to hypo function. They're going to work less efficiently. So blood flow, so damn important. If you improve your blood flow, so that means moving your body 30 to 45 minutes, five to seven days a week, every single week, and I think not such intense. High, intense cardio workout is not always the best. Maybe fine in your follicular phase, but not in your luteal phase.

I have a whole video on exercise that you guys can find on YouTube or on my blog. I think it's called, “Fertility and exercise.” Just Google my name, fertility exercise, you will find it. But movement, so important. And then I think, things like acupuncture. These are the things she talked about. What would improve ovarian blood flow? Movement, acupuncture, getting your body into a BMI range. I think around a 22 to plus or minus three, I suppose. Four is probably the healthiest BMI you could be at. Not that BMI determines fertility though. I want to be clear on that. But if you've been trying to get pregnant and it's not working, and your BMI is not around a 22, 23, 24, I think you should do your best to get it there or move in that direction.

Some women need to go up. They need to gain weight. Some women need to lose weight. It depends. But so, movement, BMI, things like acupuncture, castor oil packs, cupping on the lower abdomen, Mayan abdominal massage. What else improves blood flow to the uterine area, guys? I think, infrared heat. I sit on a BioMat at my desk. It's actually giving me heat right now. So infrared heat. Some people say even the low laser light therapy, LLLT, can help. So all of that. You need to improve capillary blood flow to those ovaries if you want to shift your AMH and you want to improve blood flow to the uterus, if you want to make that uterus a very hospitable place. So yes, we know now from scientific research, you can improve your fertility by improving uterine and ovarian blood flow. So that's one part of this kind of conversation I want to have with you today.

Another way you can improve that blood flow, which I think is the fundamental piece to improving fertility, is reducing inflammation. Moxibustion, thank you. That's another really good one. Gua sha. I said, gua sha. Moxibustion is another great one. Yes. Thank you, as another maybe acupuncturist to acupuncturist. Yes, I use moxa all the time. You can do those moxa patches. I think they're amazing. I don't use them so much in the luteal phase. I don't do a lot of the moving stuff too much in the luteal phase. So I wouldn't do cupping, I wouldn't do gua sha, I wouldn't do castor oil packs, and I probably wouldn't do moxa on the abdomen in the luteal phase. I would do it in other areas. Acupuncture, of course, you can do all month long.

But the other thing that's really fundamental to improving blood flow, and I think improving fertility across the board that the most data is out there on, is reducing inflammation. And what happens when we reduce inflammation is one, we do improve blood flow, because inflammation impedes blood flow. It basically stagnates things. From a Chinese medicine perspective, inflammation is almost like a block. So it can create stagnation, which could create cold in some areas, heat in other areas, but basically, poorly nourished tissues. So if you want an organ to function better, you got to get healthy blood flow to it. So hopefully, that takeaway is tremendously important for you guys. Again, I have all the data and the research on the very current research. I'm talking the last two years basically. I went and just looked at all the latest and greatest research on fertility and what we can do to optimize it. And it's all in that first video, in that free video series that I just talked about.

But number two, that we can do to optimize reproductive function is we can improve how the brain communicates with the ovaries. So it does that… Can I do self fertility massage every day? You sure as heck can. You could do acupressure every day too. That would be greatly helpful. I even think like little hula hoop action, greatly productive dancing, another good way to get uterine blood flow, singing, diaphragmatic singing. Think about that. It opens things up. And the total aside too, as I was talking about dancing and singing, girls, joy is the key. My teacher, Abraham Hicks, says that all the time. Joy is the key. She has a song. Joy is the key. So it's not doing these things from this place of, “I have to do these things, otherwise, my blood flow is compromised and I'm never going to get pregnant.” It's like, “What can I do to support myself? What feels good to me?” So pick one or two. You don't have to do all of them. What feels good to me.

Right now, I'm in a gua sha mode. I freaking love doing gua sha on my lower abdomen. It's really fun. I'm really into my movement right now. It feels awesome. I haven't been doing as many castor oil packs, right? So you don't have to do it all. Acupuncture, I do regularly. Love it. Moxa, do regularly every… But I think fertility self-massage is great. And yes, you can get pregnant. And in this book, I have other lifestyle modalities that you can do. One of them is the hula hoop action. I think I talked about dancing and singing. I know I talked about the importance of hot sex, some qigong, acupuncture, Chinese herbs.

So there are so many things, qigong, opening your heart, sending joy and love to your child's palace, having hot sex. Key goals. Key goals are a good way to get some blood flow down there. There's so many things you can do to improve ovarian and uterine blood flow. And it is so important to improving your fertility.

So the next thing we think about is how is the brain talking to my ovaries? And it does that through what's called, the HPO access, the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis. So that's in the brain. There's also the HPA axis, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis. Those are both really important because if you're constantly in a stress loop, constantly feeling fight or flight, constantly feeling under pressure, time is running out, there's no hope left, nothing. “What can I do? What can I do? Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I got to do all these things. I got to do all these things.” The adrenals then get really taxed. Cortisol flares up. Cortisol then impacts how your hormones function. The hormone function then impacts how your follicles develop, follicles develop poorly. You will get poor quality eggs. It will be hard to get pregnant.

If there is also a lot of mental exhaustion going on, it's hard for the brain to then communicate with the ovaries. So literally, the way I see it in my head is the brain has to choose every day. Am I in survival mode or am I in reproductive mode? And if I am chronically stressed about my ability to procreate or make good quality eggs, guess what? You're in survival mode. You are not in reproductive mode. When you get in the receiving mode, when you get into the space of nourishing and supporting yourself, you calm that survival mode pathway, the HPA access, and now the body has enough to say, “I'm going to go down the HPO axis. I'm going to procreate.” The body needs to feel safe to balance hormones.

So if you want your FSH to get into balance, you got to work on safety. I mean, some women have to work on physical safety. And I send all of you love, but God bless that. That's not really what I'm talking about here though. That's I think a much bigger conversation for another time. But if you want FSH and estrogen to come back into balance, they're somewhat interdependent. You want FSH at a certain level and you want estrogen at a certain level, so you can get the true read. Safety is key. So the body needs to feel safe emotionally. Meaning, are you attacking yourself on a regular basis? Telling yourself you're a loser, you're a fool, you can't figure this out, you're never going to do it, you're mad at somebody, you're angry, you're resentful, you're jealous.

I'm not saying these emotions can exist in a normal life. They can. It's not about making them go away. It's about accepting them and about stopping to fight. Don't fight them anymore. “Oh, there I go again. I'm feeling X, Y, and Z. Okay,” or understanding too. I think I've been saying this a lot, that hope and anger can coexist. I would love for you to give a little more air time to the hope than the anger. So how am I creating a safe environment for my body, for my vessel, for my child's palace? Am I giving it all the nourishment it needs? Am I giving it enough sleep, enough movement, enough downtime, enough time away from screens, enough darkness, enough lightness? Am I creating what feels like a safe environment? So That includes environmental toxins, that includes pesticides in our bathroom… Sorry. In our foods. That includes proper nourishment. Think about that safety.

Thank you, [inaudible 00:19:39]. Yes to safety, I agree. So we need to feel safe for that brain to communicate effectively with the ovaries. And then the last thing, and then again, I'm branching this all from current research that shows, these are the ways we can improve our fertility. One, is improving ovarian blood flow, uterine blood flow. Number two, is maximizing how the brain and the ovaries communicate. And we say in Chinese medicine to get a little spiritual on you, is the energies come in from the heaven above. We receive energy sources from heaven. That's what we say, from spirit. You can think of it like that, guidance from…

So we need this area to be open to receive. When we are busy in our brain with all the things that we regret, we're mad at, we're worried about, we're stressed about, and again, remember, they can exist, but try to think of it as like a 60/40 or 70/30 rule. Can you be 70% at ease, cruising, feeling like you're doing enough, 30% in the worry, or 60/40. That puts you in what I would think from a universal or spiritual perspective, it puts you in the receiving mode. When you are open to receive the energies of the spirit, we say the light and the energy from the heaven can come right in. And then guess what it does? It travels through, it goes to your heart. If your heart is also more in a space of joy, and love, and peace, and freedom, and trust, and less in a space of anger, and despair, and hopelessness, and grief, and again, you can have both feelings.

This isn't about erasing the negative. That does not apply. It shouldn't ever apply. Anybody who ever tells you that, needs to just get out of your business because that is not how it works. If you want to know anything about manifestation, that is not how it works. It's not black and white. It's just the feel good emotions outweigh the feel bad emotions. So the energy comes in through here… So again, I see this as the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovarian axis. It comes in through here. When you're open to receiving, it goes into your heart if your heart is open. And guess what? That beautiful white spiritual light travels right into your uterus. That's how we see it from a Chinese medicine perspective and have seen it forever. And we say, if there is a blockage here or here, guess what, that light ain't getting in and that uterus is not getting the nourishment it needs, and it doesn't feel safe.

And again, this isn't black and white. This isn't that you always have to be hopeful, and joyous, and dancing, and singing. I don't want you to fake it too much, but I want you to really step back and consider, “What kind of environment am I creating or am I hosting in here? Does it feel safe? Am I nice to myself?” A very basic question. “Am I on my own team or am I constantly second guessing myself? Am I putting blame on everyone else and the pressure on everyone else? You need to figure this out for me. You need to figure this out. This is your fault.” Or “Okay, what can I do to better nourish, support, create a safe environment for me?”

Sometimes that just means also creating healthy boundaries. “I love you. I'm here for you. Can we talk about that at Tuesday at noon? I don't have time right now. My schedule is booked. I can address this next week on Monday, or you can take care of it between now and then.” Right? Healthy boundaries. You cannot be all things to all people and still expect to have healthy balanced hormones. It just won't happen. And if it's happening, it happened for you in the past, that's great. But as we get older, guess what? The pipes get more clogged. Things get more confusing. The body has less ammunition and resources. So you need to prioritize you. That is a safety thing.

So ovarian and uterine blood flow, brain-ovarian connection, communication. And then the last thing that the research really supports that I find absolutely fascinating and amazing, is what's called, “Mitochondrial health.” And the mitochondria are basically the powerhouses of each and every one of the cells in our body. Chinese herbs, that's another great way to improve uterine blood flow and ovarian blood flow. Chinese herbs, this is what I'm breaking right now.

But so lastly, mitochondrial function. That's all the stuff you guys hear about, alpha-lipoic acid, CoQ10, PQQ, Inositol, vitamin E, any antioxidant, A, D, E, K, vitamin C, anything. We hear a ton about this. Take all the antioxidants. All the books say, take a shit ton of antioxidants and you will get pregnant. I don't disagree, but I do have one huge caveat to point out. You can't out supplement a shitty diet and that's it, plain and simple. If your gut health is compromised, if you cannot absorb your nutrition because you're eating foods that your body does not like or that are too inflammatory for your system, you are not absorbing your vitamins and you're wasting your money, and they are not doing what you are hoping that they will do. There are girls that are taking 800 milligrams of CoQ10. They're still not making good quality eggs because they're diet sucks.

And I love you guys. And you'll see in video two in that fertility series, there's a video called, “So you think you're on a fertility diet.” And I say that so lovingly, and I have a great fertility diet in this book, but I also point out my own pitfalls when writing that book, my own pitfalls as a practitioner earlier on in my career, that I trusted that you read every bit of that diet and that you were doing it. And then I collect food diaries, and I have girls that are eating one vegetable a day. I clearly stated in there, six to eight servings of vegetables a day. Clearly, it's clearly stated in there. I clearly stated in there, eight to 12 servings of seafood a week. And girls will say to me, “Oh, there's too much meat in this diet.” I said, “Eight to 12 servings of seafood.” I made sure. I said, “Liver.” I said, “Bone broth in there.” “Oh, yeah, I don't do the bone broth part.”

So you think you're on a fertility diet. You might've cut out gluten. You might've cut out dairy. You might've cut out soy and reduced sugar. Amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing. You should be very proud of yourself. But what have you added in? Are you doing the fundamental basics of the diet? If you are not… Well, first of all, the fundamental basics of an anti-inflammatory diet that is nutrient dense is going to give your mitochondria a lot of what it needs. It's going to give your body the micronutrients that it needs to do its job, and to preserve your fertility to even possibly improve your fertility and improve your egg quality.

We see it all the time in my practice with my coaching clients, my clinic clients. When we change up diet and we really stay on top of their diet, if these girls are growing through IVFs and they've had previously failed IVFs, they weren't making the blastocyst, they weren't getting genetically normals, boom, all of a sudden, shit starts happening. They start getting the normals. It's amazing. And you sit back and you're like, it's fascinating. It's fascinating that you are now two years older from your first IVF. Your FSH has improved. Your AMH has improved. And now, you're making normals. That goes against everything we are told. We are told as we get older, our fertility gets worse. That's what we're told all the time.

What type of Chinese herbs can I buy in Nigeria? I can't really answer that my love, I'm sorry. You'd have to see an herbalist. I am very particular about herbs as an herbalist. And as an herbalist who's been studying with an herbal mentor for many years, you should only get herbs from a certified herbalist. Don't go take random stuff from some place. You could do a consult with an herbalist, and then they could ship herbs to you. I mean, customs and all that can get hairy. I would hope that you could find someone there to work with. Maybe local herbs would be an amazing opportunity.

It lost my train of thought because I answered that question, and I'm sorry. But so, the fundamentals. If you're not eating the core of the diet, it's hard then for your body, A, to feel safe, I think, because your gut health could be compromised. So then you're not observing your nutrition. There's a low level of inflammation in your body. You're throwing in all these supplements on top of it that can be really hard to digest. Your body doesn't know what to do with what. So you got to start with the basics and understand that diet alone can improve mitochondrial health, which will then improve egg quality. That's what I was talking about. That we see it across the board. The egg quality just starts to improve. It's fascinating.

Bath and beauty products, when you go non-toxic there, and you change your diet, and you really hit the marks. I really think it's six to eight servings of vegetables a day is absolutely a key. Getting your protein, getting your fat. Macronutrients, so important. There's a ton of research too on what are the best macronutrients for a woman trying to conceive. I blew Dr. Merhi's mind yesterday when he asked me, “What is the most important macronutrient for a woman trying to conceive?” And guess what? It's fat.

My acupuncturist says, fish is unsafe. I disagree with your acupuncturist. And my acupuncturist said, “Soy, days one through 14.” So she might know more about your case with the soy, but I'll go back to the fish first. Go to Monterey Bay Aquarium's seafood watch. It's called seafoodwatch.org, I think. You can look on there for the best fish in your area. There is some seafood that is unsafe, but not all seafood is unsafe. I think it's a fear-mongering statement and I disagree with it wholeheartedly. So you do your own research. Everybody should be on a good quality fish oil. Everybody should be eating fish.

Soy, I really only recommend it ever in cases, and it has to be genetic non-GMO, fermented, organic, and a couple ounces a couple times a week. That is it. There are many other ways we can influence estrogen and not use soy. Soy is a highly, highly, highly noxious substance, especially in the United States. It's highly refined, highly processed. So there's only one way you can consume it, and that is non-GMO, organic, fermented, and in small amounts. So if you need more estrogen, I would look at things like flaxseeds or chia seeds. I would do seeds, not soy, but I'm not your practitioner. I don't know your case, but I have soy stuff in all of my books. I talk about soy and it's in all processed packaged foods. All refined vegetable oils, soy, corn, safflower, whatever, they're all bad for us basically. And they're pro-inflammatory.

So it really depends on what kind of soy and when. So it comes down to diet and then supplements. But first, you got to make sure you're absorbing your nutrition. Then you layer in the supplements that are antioxidant rich to support mitochondrial function, and you will improve your egg quality. You will improve the endometrial lining. You will improve uterine blood flow because you're reducing inflammation, you're absorbing more nutrition.

Again, Chinese medicine, we say and have been saying for a thousand plus years, the body procreates, the body makes another life when it feels like it has enough to give up. It's got an overflow of qi, and blood, and essence. That's when it does it. And so it only can do that when we are nourishing it in this right way, when we are creating a safe environment, giving it the nourishment it needs, moving, resting, sleeping correctly. All of that creating this very safe, loving, kind environment.

And then it says, “Oh, I got enough to give up. I got enough to create.” And yes, there are women that are not creating very loving, safe environments, that are not following this kind of diet or taking any supplements, and they do get pregnant. I don't always have answers for that other than I think they're just in a phase where their bodies still can do all the things and still manage to prioritize fertility. But women who are having challenges conceiving, and if you're watching this, I assume that's you. I send you love first and foremost. There's no one to blame. You're not doing anything wrong. But if you are having challenges conceiving, I urge you to step back and look at these three factors and ask how they might be impacting your fertility.

Yeah. Okay. So there we go, guys. So go over. You need the fertility series.

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