Stress leads to Infertility… and, vice versa

As an acupuncturist who deals mainly with the treatment of fertility enhancement (I don’t like to use the word infertility, as I feel its so negative), I definitely see the correlation between increased stress and decreased fertility. And, with every one of my patients, I really drive this point home. It’s a topic I touched upon in the Preparing The Palace (read an excerpt here) chapter from my first book, Chill Out and Get Healthy. And, it will be a topic I discuss in much more depth in my second book.

Stress relieving techniques like acupuncture and meditation definitely make a difference in a women’s ability to conceive as these two techniques calm the “flight or fight” response. It’s this flight or fight response that can cause hormonal imbalances as well as structural and energetic balances.

Conceive Magazine posted an article this week on a fertility spa clinic, CNY Fertility, where women can undergo IVF treatment and then head in for a facial. Or get acupuncture right before and right after a fertility treatment. I find this approach cutting edge and would be interested in a study looking at success rates (i.e. pregnancy) from a fertility spa clinic versus a regular “run of the mill” fertility clinic.


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