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Story of Hope: 38, TTC 2 years, 3 MC and now has a healthy baby boy in her arms

I have another BRAND NEW Story of Hope for you!

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Hello everyone. How are you today? I am, as always, excited and honored to be here with you. I have Instagram and Facebook. Happy, happy, happy to be with all of you today. I missed you guys last week. We were out of power and water over here so that meant no wifi, and that meant my inability to come to you live.

But this week, I’m going to share with you another story of hope from my private coaching and clinic practice and I can’t wait to dig into all the details with you. Quick overview of the case, 38 year old female trying to conceive for two years. She had three miscarriages during that time and started working with me. I’ll give you all the other details, started working with me and then about within a year of working with me was pregnant and carried that one to term. Healthy baby boy was born. Anyway, we’ll get into all of it because I’ll go through emails and everything with you guys.

But for those of you that are new to me, welcome. I am Aimee Raupp of I am a women’s health and fertility expert. I have been a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine for almost 20 years. I’m the author of three books, most notably for all of my fertility girls is this book right here called Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. It’s a bestseller on Amazon and continues to reach women all over the world. These are my other two babies. I wrote Chill Out & Get Healthy in 2010, and I more recently wrote Body Belief, which is how to heal autoimmune conditions. You’ll see, I did a lot of the body belief work in this case with this client. So, a lot of my fertility girls get everything thrown at them but these two are really the most important books. Depending on the case, we go deeper into one of the two programs in that book, but they really build upon each other and they overlap.

Let’s get into the case. Here are all my notes so I’m legitimately reading. The baby’s name is Felix, I write the baby’s name in a heart post-it, and it goes in my stories of hope folder. Every year around this time, we just focus on stories of hope and I gather the stories that have come through over the last year. Keep in mind, too, that I work with women all over the world between my e-course and I have a couple other groups that I run. There’s a lot of those women that get pregnant, but they don’t privately coach with me, which is amazing that they are self-starters. They take all the information. They do it. They figure it out and they don’t need the extra support from me and they get pregnant. But the stories of hope are from girls that are actually coaching with me, as well. That’s why I have all this paperwork and this new patient paperwork.

I counted up, we had about I think it’s 18 cases in my story of hope folder that it’s just under a year. That averages to a little more than two pregnancies a month, which is amazing.

Kathy, I’m miss you. I know. It’s crazy. Kathy just said, “I just want to hear your voice.” She’s a client of mine in the New York City Clinic. I was just realizing, I think it’s almost six months that I haven’t been in the clinic. Is that right? March, April, May, June, July. It’s five months, it’ll be six. It’s insane. I am figuring out a September date to come in, just so you know, and you will be the first to know and you can get on that calendar, okay? If you feel comfortable coming in. That’s the biggest thing.

COVID has done some interesting things to my clinic practice, but I still get to coach and work with women all over the world virtually, which I had been doing for years. So, I was at such an advantage that I had already had this part of the business up and running and been working virtually for so long. Anyway, let’s get into the case. But I miss you too, Kath, so much. I see some of my Facebook people over here. I love you guys. Okay.

I’m going to read from, we’re going to call her… What am I going to call her? Sharon. We’ll call her Sharon. So, 38. So in 2014, she had a miscarriage and then two chemical pregnancies. Then in 2016, she had a healthy child that she carried to term. I’ll get into it, but basically after she had the three miscarriages, two chemicals and a later term miscarriage, an eight week miscarriage, this woman lives over in Asia so she went to a miscarriage clinic in London, a recurrent miscarriage clinic in London and they did the complete clotting factor panels on her, which I would have had her do as well if she hadn’t already.

They did come up and find that she had the Protein-S deficiency, which could be a major culprit in the miscarriages. She also has the MTHFR mutation, she had two copies of the MTHFR mutation. So those two things combined could just be the problem, the cause of the miscarriages. When they found that out, she was put on Lovenox and baby aspirin upon a positive pregnancy test because she was getting pregnant no problem. That worked. She carried a baby boy to term in 2016.

We were talking and she feels like she was getting pregnant a lot. She knows immediately when she’s pregnant. Tender breasts, no PMS symptoms so she’s got pretty easy periods. When we first talked, she had just had a recent miscarriage at eight weeks and that’s what compelled her to call me because she had had the chemicals in 2017. So she starts trying again a year later. After her son turns a year, she starts trying again. In 2017, she has two chemical pregnancies. Like she said, she knows immediately when she’s pregnant. She doesn’t test until day 33 of her cycle, so five days after her period is missed, she tests. Then she usually starts bleeding that day. So those are the two chemicals.

Then she gets pregnant again in 2018 and at eight weeks there’s no heartbeat, so a different kind of loss. Losses suck, no matter how they come about, but the eight weeks, she was a little more hopeful, right? Because she was doing the Lovenox and the baby aspirin this time, like she had done for her son that she carried to term, so what else is going on, right? So she’s compelled, she does a five-pack of coaching with me.

So right after we talk, so she had this loss and one of her coworkers, a friend of hers, actually had a loss at the same time but a stillborn at 40 weeks. Just horrible. She was just really traumatized by the whole thing, was like, “Is this ever going to happen for me? Women lose babies all the way at the end of a pregnancy. How am I ever going to do this?”

As I always do, I went deep into her health history to learn all about her health because your fertility is an extension of your health and your health is mental and it’s emotional and it’s physical and it’s nutritional, right guys? We talk about her health history. She had a history of chronic fatigue syndrome that she had worked through back in the early 2000s. She has a history of being very, very, very stressed at work. She’s a high power job. She also has a hard time of making time for herself.

But, she had some really solid beliefs in place. In the beginning, this is our first coaching session, she says, “I know I can carry a pregnancy to term.” She had the confidence for what she went through with her son. “I know I can carry a healthy child. My body is baby-friendly.” But, then there was also this little bit of like, but am I a failure? Is this actually ever going to work for me? Is this ever going to happen?

We got into other health issues. She has sinus, allergy issues. It takes a long time to recover from getting the sickness so she’s got some immune system stuff. Sorry. My phone keeps dimming on its own. I don’t know what’s going on with my phone today. She eats a lot of sugar. She tends to be constipated. She can have rectal bleeding. She goes to the bathroom every two to three days. No bueno. That is no bueno. You need to poop every day, guys.

Then she tells me about her diet, decent diet. Tumeric in her eggs. She has avocado. She lives in Asia so szechwan sesame beef, lots of brown rice, almond milk, greens, spinach, plain coffee. She likes the chickpea pasta, chicken, tomato, spinach, but she does admit I love gluten, I love dairy, I love grains. She sleeps seven to seven and a half hours, but she doesn’t sleep well. She wakes up a lot through the night. Her exercise routine has really taken a nosedive since she had her child. She wants to do more yoga. She used to do more yoga. She said, “I have so much joy, but I also have a lot of anxiety and dread.”

So, I’m going to read to you directly from the emails. My initial followup e-mail to her, if my computer abides. I’m having some technical challenges, I would say, today. My initial followup to her was… Here we go. This was back in July of 2018. “Hi, there.” Is that right? Yeah. July 19, 2018.

“Hi there. It was so great speaking with you yesterday. I want to remind you to start sending me your food diary. Also for our next call,” I sent her my what I call my body belief questionnaire. So, I checked in with her on her beliefs around her body. Then I gave her some tools because a lot of it was emotional stuff. When I have a negative emotion that I don’t want to perpetuate, ask myself in that moment, what must I believe to have this emotion? How does it serve me? What does it allow me to see about who I am and what would I have to believe in order to be living the life I want, especially as it pertains to this situations? That’s where I kept it. I just did some food shifts and some mindset shifts, okay?

Then, we also put her on… She was already taking a good amount of my supplements because she had been following me for a while. She read, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. She was already on the fish oil, cod liver oil. She was already in the liver. She was doing the spirulina, probiotics. Then when I talked to her again. Why is this two out of three? Let me just see here.

We went over her food diary. We noticed some things like her husband makes sourdough and crumpets, so she eats a lot of that. Her husband likes to cook. She’s going too long between meals. She added in the bone broth daily. She loved that. She was adding an apple cider vinegar, she loved that. She told me that the 4:00 PM snack was the biggest revelation in her life that she so much better because their blood sugars isn’t dipping anymore.

She was just going like she was eating a breakfast within the hour of waking and she would eat lunch. Then she would go from like noon until 8:00 PM without food, which a lot of us do. It’s not good for our blood sugar and not good for our hormones. So, I added in this 4:00 PM snack. We talked about dairy and gluten again and she noticed that the dairy was definitely exacerbating her sinus issues. She was cutting that out more and more.

She came up with some beliefs. What I’m doing now isn’t just about my fertility. This is about my future and my health. I want to be strong and happy as possible, no matter what if I have this baby or not. I want to stay in a state of appreciation. Then we realized that in becoming a mom and a wife and all these things, she lost a part of who she was. She said, I lost a part of my identity.

That was what we focused on for that call was what makes her, her? What gets her back into her alignment? What gets her back into her identity? Her feeling like herself. I truly believe that these children come through as a manifestation of our truth and our alignment and so that was something I was working on with her. Also, we got her back to doing some yoga. She was doing some couples yoga with her husband.

We were implementing things, right? The supplement was there, the diet was getting better. We’re working on the beliefs we talked about letting herself feel vulnerable again. She realized that joy for her came through writing. She used to be a writer and she doesn’t write anymore. So we got her back to writing and it was beautiful.

There was an email exchange where… And of course, she had the five-pack, so she gets access to the e-course so she was digging into the e-course and she was sending me her food diary, like a very good student. There was something she said about writing, I just went through the emails but my computer’s being really slow.

Okay. Food diary, food diary. Okay. Anyway, we’ll get into it.

We continued on that trajectory. She’s actively still trying at this point, right. But I’m just working on we’re cleaning up the diet, we’re working on it the supplements and she’s working on these beliefs.

By the third call, she had a shorter menstrual cycle and she was having a lot of anxiety and dreaming and pressure around trying to conceive. She fell a bit off the wagon, food wise. She’s starting with the eggs in the morning. We talked a lot about food. She told me that now she’s realizing that in her belief system, she thinks about I try to conceive, I get pregnant, I miscarry. But that’s how it works for her. I tried to conceive, I get pregnant and I miscarry. This is her belief. This is how her body works. This is what she’s seeing. This is what the proof in the pudding is for her. Right?

So, we spend a lot of time unpacking that belief system. She said, “this is what I want to do. I want to give myself the summer to just work on me. I want to take trying to conceive off the plate off the table and I just want to get back to my joy. I want to write, I want to do yoga. I want to focus on my diet.” And she said, “because overall, I’m becoming more confident. I feel like I’m more like myself. I’m a lot less fearful.” But, she had that I’m not doing enough anxiety. Sometimes, I’m going to be honest, sometimes when I work with girls I can trigger that because I throw a lot of things at you.

She felt that anxiety of I need to do the diet, I need to do the supplements, I need to work on the beliefs, I need to do the yoga, I need to do all the things. I need to sleep enough. That is something I’m very conscious of, as well. I try not to overwhelm my clients but there is I don’t want to say work, I don’t think that’s the right word. But, there are a lot of shifts that we can make to best support ourselves.

Sometimes I just throw it all and see what sticks. So, she felt a little overwhelmed and she said, “let’s do it this way. Let’s do it my way. I want to just take the summer.” So, this is mid-July. “I want to focus on me. I want to focus on my joy. I want to get back in alignment with me. I want to take good care of myself.” Because she really felt like I’m not doing enough and now I’m saying I want to be a mom but I’m not doing all the things that you’re asking me to do. She felt like she was failing herself, failing me, failing this child.

I, of course, didn’t want her to feel that way. We worked it out, though. We have a lot of beliefs we worked out in here. I told her to focus on the ways in which she serving herself and she said I’m in communities, she joined the Facebook groups, but she’s also feeling sorry for herself. The yoga she’s enjoying. She feels like she’s too ambitious so she’s often feeling dissatisfied and in herself work wise and health wise, mom wise, wife wise. Right? So, all these things pulling at her, pulling at her.

From a Chinese medicine perspective though, that is a misalignment and that is it robs your body of, we would say your spleen energy, which then doesn’t allow things to be able to be transformed in your body. You can’t take in your nutrition properly. That’s part of her constipation issue, too. She was just really stuck and hard on herself. A lot of this was ease easing on herself coming into alignment and taking the pressure off of her spleen, which we also say in Chinese medicine the spleen is the organ that has the energy to hold. When the pregnancies aren’t being held, pregnancies are coming out when they’re not supposed to, the spleen is involved somehow.

A lot of the work we were doing was on her mindset because I felt at the root of this, her spleen was involved. So, the diet really helps tonify the spleen, but the mindset really helps as well. I had to get her to shift that piece where she was constantly dissatisfied with herself, constantly hard on herself.

She said to me, “I do see service in the losses though. I do see that I can support other women when I share about my losses.” But, she wanted to get back to ease and confidence and joy. That was July 18.

Then we didn’t talk again for a month because like I said, she just kind of wanted the time to get back to her life, right? She had a 29 day menstrual cycle. They didn’t try that month. She felt really good about that. She also got a promotion at work. She was ready to quit her job and she got promoted. They had taken a vacation and there was an earthquake. She did not have a stress free month by any means, but she was very relieved that she didn’t try because she just wanted to work on herself like she said.

I had also done the nourisher fertility retreat that month, in July of last year, and she did that. She said it really helped her. It really helped her shift her intention. She became much more conscious of if I’m going to sign up for having this child, I’m going to sign up for coming back into alignment with myself. I’m going to do these things for me to help bring the child through. But no matter what, I’m going to benefit from it.

What matters most, health, wellbeing, relationships, connection. How would you like to feel? Flow, ease, confidence, joy. Joy is automatic. She wants more ease. She feels uneasy around this idea of being pregnant again, but not as terrible as she used to feel so she’s shifting. I’m not being perfect, I’m being that. That was one of her stories that she was telling herself.

A lot of, again, the work I do is I come in on the nutrition and I come in on the supplements. But, we do a lot of this mindset. We reframe a lot of these beliefs because the beliefs is, if you read Body Belief, the beliefs really do dictate the behavior. The behavior dictates the health. Those beliefs are really important to shift, and I wanted her to just get that piece about it’s this self attacking self, which on another level her body’s also attacking the embryo and not allowing it to thrive. So, there’s this attack, there’s an intensity in her body. So, what I was trying to do was bring ease and calm into that body.

She wants more acceptance of the losses. This is something big that came up was grief, the grief around the losses. She didn’t fully accept it yet and so we worked through that. And, am I going to be in the same place again? Am I going to just have another miscarriage?

She said, “I had confidence and comfort in the last pregnancy.” So, she was devastated then blindsided by that loss day, the eight week loss. It was a blow to her confidence. She has doubt with her body, shaking that it could happen, perfectionism. Her food, she got really triggered. She was like, “I’m really triggered about am I being good or am I being bad?”

So, that was August 18. August 18, 2018. Then we went on to have, well, let me…

She had some stuff, work events, et cetera, et cetera. Her father got sick. She had to travel to see him so I hadn’t heard from her. This is January 11th. She messages me, 2019. Then she signs up for my reboot and rewire program, which is basically my body belief eating plan. It’s a 30 day mind-body reset. She does that.

We’re about to set up our next call. Let’s see, I want to just… We’re back and forth on emails and then February 8th, I get this email from her where she’s like, sorry, I’ve fallen off a bit. This is February of 2019.

“It’s been a while since our last call and I wanted to let you know that I am pregnant. I got a positive digital test that indicated three weeks post conception, which means I’m about five to six weeks at the moment.”

So, her last period was December 30th. Remember then she went into the reboot and rewire program. She did four weeks of coaching with me in a group and did the 30 day mind body reset diet plan. She was kind of already following the diet, but it was just more of that belief stuff and really an investment in herself. I was very proud of her that she did that.

She says, “I’m still early days, but my symptoms are strong. While I’m noticing a bit of anxiety come and go overall, I feel confident and hopeful. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything to come of this cycle as I’ve been so busy with work and travel, but the reboot and rewire program came exactly at the right time. I focused on the feelings work, which has always been the biggest part for me and was planning on starting the elimination diet after my travel schedule slowed down. Though, I guess I should postpone that. I’m currently.”

She goes on, “thank you for all your amazing support and guidance and for giving me the hope, faith and confidence in myself to get to this point. I will also post this news to the RNR group as I know some of the women are struggling with similar issues and my experience can help them. Sending love.”

Then I checked in on her again. She was taking the Lovenox and the baby aspirin and feeling good. Let’s see, we did one more call during her pregnancy. Then yeah, I got this email. There was a heartbeat six weeks, two days. That was February 13. Then, let’s see. I checked in on her.

May 23rd. “So lovely to hear from you, thrilled to share I’m 20 weeks along in a super healthy pregnancy. Just did the big structural scan this week. All looking great. Baby is strong, measuring well, we even got a glimpse of his face, which looks so much like his big brothers. It’s another boy.”

Let’s see. “Meanwhile, a big thank you for all your help and support. Our coaching sessions combined with the body belief program really shifted my mindset, energy and outlook. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I got pregnant while starting your new year’s program. I’d still like to try the full elimination diet when I’m not eating for two,” with a smiley face. “Hope you’re well and thriving. Thank you, again, for checking on me. I truly believe I wouldn’t be here without you. Lots of love, [inaudible 00:00:24:29] Sharon, lots of love, Sharon.”

There you have it. Then let’s see, I always love these e-mails. Let me just go through it. She checked in again, 27 weeks. Baby’s feeling great. She was having some congestion. She wanted to know some things she could do. She was having some anemia and then late September, 2019, it’s going to make me cry. “Quick update to share that my miracle baby arrived safely on Tuesday. He is sweet, strong and healthy, just like his big brother and my family could not be more thrilled. Working with you was a turning point. I feel so lucky, grateful, and blessed to be holding him in my arms. Thank you again for all your help and support on our journey.” There you have it and there’s a beautiful picture of [inaudible 00:25:15], beautiful. I could actually post this, it’s such a beautiful picture. Forward this to Beth.

Let’s see. Does anyone have any questions or can anyone relate to any of this? Let me look at Facebook. I think you guys are all just taking it in, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful story of hope. Let me see.

It’s hard to keep center, trying to make peace with it not happening while keeping hope alive. Sonia, I hear you. It is hard to keep centered. I think the biggest thing, though, is that we were not trying to be perfect about it, right? That was what I was trying to teach Sharon to undo. Undo the perfectionism, right? She had it down pretty much with the diet and the lifestyle and she had to get back into like the reason why was she doing it for the pregnancy? Was she going to do it for herself? I think that’s a huge distinction. Are you taking all those supplements just to get pregnant and you’re pissed off that you have to take all these supplements because nobody else has stick with these supplements to get pregnant and this is bullshit. I’m so sick of taking all these supplements.

Or, are you saying this is an investment in me? I’m taking care of me so I can be the best version of me. From that place, the birth happens. From that place, that conception comes through, the alignment, right? That was so much of what her and I did. It was so beautiful. My job was fairly easy in that case, it was getting her back to what brings her joy, just giving her accountability when it comes to the diet and the supplements. Reminding her who she was, her power.

You guys are so sweet. Love this story, thank you for sharing. It gives me hope.

What she taking baby aspirin pre pregnancy? Well, a case like this every two months she tried, she took the baby aspirin and only in the luteal phase. So once she obligated, once she could be pregnant, she took the baby aspirin. If she wasn’t pregnant and got her period, you’d stop it. Then you’d take it again in the luteal phase after you’ve obviated. In this case, yes, once she got the positive, she was on the baby aspirin. Then she contacted her doctor who did her previous pregnancies with the Lovenox and he put her on the Lovenox soon after that.

I don’t know that it made all the difference though, because she had three… She had that one miscarriage before she met me and she was on all the things and she miscarried. I do think the difference was the diet, the accountability. Her getting back to her, her taking care of herself on every level, mentally, physically, emotionally, nutritionally. That alignment with self is what then allowed this baby to come through.

How can I sign up, please? Great story. You guys were cute. Yeah, if you guys want to work with me, I am available again for coaching sessions. I’m only doing five packs. You guys can find out more on my website Go under the coaching page and you can also coach with my associate, Michelle. Her and I go over cases every week. Twice a week, actually, because she’s so busy with coaching clients as well. We’re servicing a lot of people all over the world and I am available, but only four or five packs. If you want to do less than that, you can coach with Michelle. Then I do oversee your case through Michelle, but you work with her only.

Yeah, so you can check out how to work with me on my website, you can also read my books. If you’re a real self starter type, just get the books and follow the program.

I always feel like I have a worse story than everyone else so I find myself jealous that she already had one kid. I need to learn that sad stories are not a contest. I know, it’s hard though. I want you to be easy on yourself though, too. It’s not a contest. It often feels like a contest and it often does feel like she’s already got one. Why does she need another? I need one. But there’s plenty to go around. That’s what I’ll say to you. There’s a big enough pie, there’s plenty to go around. That to me, too, shows that there still some anger and resentment in you that needs to be processed and there’s grief and sadness. You deserve to process that because you don’t need to be carrying it.

I do think it’s stifling. I do think it impacts our health and our hormones and all these things, and it creates that hostility in the body. I want you to work on the forgiveness and the grief, okay.

What was the name of the program she did for the new year, missed the name? It’s called our reboot and rewire program. We will do one again, probably the same time in January. We were meant to do one right when COVID hit and we didn’t. We shifted it and we did my yes program instead because I felt people needed more emotional support and it was going to be hard to do an elimination diet when none of the stores were open.

So, we will do one again come January. Keep an eye out, you can DM us for the information or to get on the wait list.

Similar to her taking the baby aspirin during her luteal phase, do you think one could start dexamethazone during the dual phase while trying to naturally have immune issues? Yeah. If you have a doctor that will prescribe and will manage the case, absolutely. If you know it can help, absolutely. Or low dose naltrexone, too. I’m not a doctor, I just talk about what I see clinically. But yeah, I would work with a doctor on that but absolutely.

Okay guys, I’m going to go cause I have a coaching call in 10 minutes with one of my fertility coaching clients. Yeah, I love you guys. Look forward to another story of hope again next week. I got a whole folder of them and we’re just going to go through them and inspire all of you. I love you. Bye guys. Bye.

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