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39, 3 MC’s, 1 failed IVF, naturally pregnant with a healthy baby boy

I have another BRAND NEW Story of Hope for you!

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Hello! Hello! How is every one? I am as always, so dang excited to be here with you guys. Is this video up? Yeah. Okay. Hi, I'm Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com. I am here to tell you about another story of hope from my fertility clinic. Yes, I've been in the business of helping women get and stay pregnant for almost 20 years. I wrote the bestselling book called the Yes You Can Get Pregnant and it is somewhere in this office and I don't know where, so I'm not going to show you the book. You can go on my website aimeeraupp.com and learn all about my books and all about my things, and all the things I have that I can help you get and stay pregnant. Today's case, exciting 39 year old female had been trying to conceive for several years, had three losses, one failed IVF, and now has a healthy baby boy in her arms that was conceived naturally and carried to term.

I'm going to go through the case. As I do this, you guys saw one I did last week. I've done these before, but this is the case. I put a little pink, post it on all the cases once they are either more than 20 weeks pregnant, or they have the baby and I put the baby's name. I'm going to keep this patient's name and her baby's name private, because she's very private. We're going to call her, let's think of a gorgeous, fun name. I'm going to call her Beth. How about that? I'll call her Beth it's a gorgeous fund name.

This woman actually was one of my elite fertility coaching students. That is my deepest dive program. It's where I do six one on one sessions with the client. Plus I do six group coaching sessions with a very intimate group of women where I basically teach them my, yes you can get pregnant e-course and everything I've learned. So all the things we go over, emotional, physical, nutritional. It is deep. They do genetic testing with me. They do hormone testing with me. We monitor their cycles. It's again, like I said, the deepest dive program I have. The next one is launching early October so keep an ear out for that. But it's called my elite coaching program.

She did a free 15 minute consultation with me and then decided to enroll in my elite coaching program. I have six sessions of notes here, and then also her new patient paperwork. I'll go through that first. Again, 39 years old. She'd been trying to conceive since she was, I want to say 37. She was actively doing acupuncture when I met her. Eating a fairly clean diet eggs, spinach, avocado berries, soup salad, quinoa bowl, fish, lean meat, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, granola, raw nuts, seeds, fruit, dark chocolate. Generally speaking very healthy simple diet. 40 to 60 ounces of water, dealing with a lot of fear and anger. She had had three pregnancy losses, which we will get into. She was seeing a therapist.

When asked what her goals were for treatment. For working with me sorry. To be healthy. It was a few pounds balance. My hormones deal with the stress and anxiety of trying to conceive and achieve a healthy pregnancy. I think many of you guys can relate, right? Give me a hands up if you can relate. She was on a prenatal. She was on methylfolate, vitamin D, probiotic . This is all before she starts working with me. She was doing some yoga. She barely drank.

Her history is she had a natural pregnancy and mis miscarriage basically, this was her first pregnancy, mis miscarriage in December of 2016. She lost the baby at 11 weeks. Then she went on to do IVF from there because she was told based on her hormones and her age, that IVF was her only option. She had a terrible experience with IVF. She got one egg, it didn't fertilize. She just hit the table. It was just such a bad experience. The whole thing, they really age shamed her, I think is the best way to put it. Then she went on to get pregnant again, naturally January of 2018. She had another miscarriage. She got pregnant again, June of 2018. This is around the time when I did the 15 minute consult. She had just had another miscarriage. Natural miscarriage at five weeks.

Only three eggs were retrieved during the IVF procedure. Only, sorry, three follicles responded only one retrieved, but did not fertilize. Overall just a terrible experience, low AMH, low follicle count and the doctors were basically pushing her to donor eggs. Again, she was 39 at the time I meet her. This IVF happened when she was 38. I could tell you some of her other… These are some labs right here. Her homocysteine level was fine 4.8. She had… This has really faded, but you can see all these little check marks. She had a lot. For health clean she ate and the healthy lifestyle she lived, she had what I would say a lot of red flag symptoms. She had blurred vision, poor night vision, dry eyes, sinus congestion, dry skin, dry scalp, acne, eczema, mouth tongue sores. She bruised these easily. She had palpitations cold hands and feet allergies, fatigue, desire to sleep a lot, strong appetite. She had a lot of stomach issues, stomach ache, bloating, gas, belching, bad breath, diarrhea, urgent urination, frequent urination, nighttime urination, incontinence, mood swings, low libido, back pain, irritability.

She had a lot of fertility challenges in her opinion. Three, three miscarriages constitutes that. These are my notes now. At the time I meet her, she's already working with a functional medicine doctor. An Indian naturopathic doctor. I'm sure a lot of you can probably already relate to this case. Healthy diets, still not feeling well and still not getting pregnant, still not carrying to term. Three losses and she was excited to start working with me because she really felt like she needed a plan. She wanted to do a food diary with me and since her last. I started working with her in June 27th and she had just had that last miscarriage in early June. Since then, she's had a bad diet, lots of wine just trying to cope. Took a break from everything because it was, I get it. It was a case of what I call the efforts because it was like, well, screw it. It's not working anyway. I still keep having these damn miscarriages, so fuck it all and I get that.

I had asked her, did you ever have a miscarriage panel? She wasn't sure. Had she ever had her MTHFR tested? No. Had she had homocysteine tested? She didn't think so. But then I had these labs and the homocysteine was in fine range, but that was 2000 or like it was almost a year prior to the lab. I wanted to see them again. She was going to scan and send me labs. She called the hematologist. He said he wouldn't see her. I was like, okay, we've got to find a doctor who's actually going to do the right testing on you.

Whenever I see a woman with more than one loss in a row, we need to have a miscarriage panel or a clotting factor panel. Sometimes you do that through your hematologists. Sometimes a fertility doctor will do it, really just depends on doctors and your case. This hematologists that you wouldn't see her. She was just so frustrated, this poor girl. She started doing acupuncture since acupuncture's periods of more efficient. It starts with a good flow cycle day one, not the heaviest bright red, changes four times a day, a regular. Cycle two and three were the heaviest, she changes a regular six to seven times a day. No clocks, no cramps, PMs, breast very tender gets very swollen, upset stomach during period, energy's good, bowel movements looser and more frequent cycle days one through three. I'm sure a lot of you can relate to that.

Ovulation four to five days of watery mucous cycle day nine through 14. Past month had a lot of cervical mucus. Not sure why. More mucus after ovulation using LH six antenatal bracelet. I'm not currently trying to conceive. She wants to give herself a break, take a couple months off, get on a plan. This is what she's come to me for, give me a plan.

Husband's super supportive. She's generally still hopeful, pretty negative over the last loss. Started seeing a therapist. One of her best friends is pregnant 18 weeks. It was a hard time. She was having a hard time and I know you guys totally get it. Around 4th of July I felt so angry. Like something was taking over her body. Sobbing for a few days, really weird.

Then we got into emotional stuff quickly. Why me? The victim combo. I can't enjoy my life. This is the most difficult place I've ever been. I always felt deep inside that it would be natural. The why and the when is so frustrating. I like to control things. I want to feel normal again. I recommended that she write a letter to process her grief, like write a letter to herself, to the unborn children. Diet, mostly avoid gluten and dairy, lean protein, vegetables, no caffeine, having some alcohol, travels a bit, always burped a lot of her entire life, digestion is better with no gluten and no dairy.

Someone diagnosed her with leaky gut a year prior. History of stomach always hurting and urgent bowel movements. Quinoa and brown rice caused her to bloat, even tried sprouting and same thing. She loves bone broth. She travels a lot for work. She's in her car all day so it's hard to prepare.

First email follow up we just gave her some things to do. I gave her a food diary to do. I want her to get some additional testing and some of the emotional processing. I had put her on, because of her case and the recurrent miscarriage, my first instinct is put her on the body belief diet, which is my elimination diet. That's what we did, but I wanted to ease her in because she was just, she just went through a loss and she was just so broken. I didn't want to overwhelm her or pressure her. It's just like, okay, let's just get back to your clean eating. Then I got a little more. By the time we talk again, she's been getting back to diet.

She went through… She was thinking about things when we talked. She's like I got pregnant January and I was cheating very little. I was pretty clean on the diet, but I still lost the baby. She was pushing back against the diet because she was like, see, it doesn't work. I did the diet and I still had a miscarriage. Then she did take… I was asking whether or not she'd ever taken a baby aspirin on her pregnancy. She had taken a baby aspirin on one of the pregnancy still miscarried.

She told me about her AMH was a point three. Then it went to a point two. She's on the CoQ10, the Thorne prenatal, DHEA, vitamin D and no liver pills. So we put her on some liver pills. She was taking 75 milligrams of DHEA. I thought that was too high. I changed that dose. I'm having her do the DUTCH test so I'm waiting on those results. At this time and waiting on those results before I decide on the DHEA dose, and that's usually how I handle it.

She starts August 1st, she starts the fertility purify eating plan. She's like, I'm going to do this. I'm in. We had some deep conversations. She's doing her fish oil, her glutathione, probiotics, prenatal, vitamin D, CoQ10. She dropped the DHEA to just 25 milligrams a day. She got more labs done. She got a full clotting factor panel so we're waiting on these results. She's feeling pretty good. Not trying. She's feeling hopeful about not trying. I'm sure you guys can… I always say a lot of women sometimes need permission to not try for a few months. That made her feel really good. Then I gave her permission to not try.

She also was feeling like this isn't fair. A lot of sadness and anger. Most people she knows, never had any struggle and she has so much struggle. She also knows that the struggle has made her relationship very strong, but she doesn't have anybody to talk to about it. Her husband doesn't have anybody to talk to about it. She's dealing a lot emotionally. I know you guys can relate to that. We had a deeper emotional conversation, but at that point too, she does a write up for me of all the things she's taking from her naturopathic doctor. We did the naturopathic doctor wants to do labs on day 21, which I supported. She wanted her getting in 75 grams of protein a day, snacks, water. For equality, she wanted her on the CoQ10, DHEA. I adjusted that a little bit. The glutathione for low progesterone, which we weren't certain she had low progesterone, but if she did have it. Tribulus and some Chinese herbs, which I came into support. [Progest-Avail 00:14:40], then she was also on fish oil, basic prenatal vitamin D continue, regular yoga.

I supported most of I made some adjustments to it. I actually wanted protein to be a little bit higher, more like 90 grams a day. Six to eight servings of vegetables. My fertility purified eating plan, what you can all access and find in Body Belief. My recent book. By mid August, digestion has been good, except for last week. Maybe egg yolks are unsettling her stomach. She started to notice in my elimination diet, we play around with egg whites. Maybe the yolks are upsetting me as she was having a hard time eating with upon waking. I said to add some collagen peptides maybe to her tea instead. Urgent urination so we're talking about that. Trouble holding it in and that is a thing too.

She talked about pelvic floor PT, but this is something that I've seen with people who have autoimmune conditions. That they have something… It's basically like an irritation in the bladder from certain inflammatory foods and it causes this urgent urination. You see it a lot with celiac, you'll see something called interstitial cystitis. A lot of those patients do very well when they remove gluten from their diet. She had already been basically gluten free. I was suspecting it was something more.

When she got her labs her FSH was high again. She was trying not to think about the numbers. Talked about progesterone being low. FSA high AMH was a point two or point three. Progesterone's low. Her period had come August 15th, full flow out of the gate. Emotionally feeling okay. Five friends are pregnant. Everyone is pregnant, not as engaged as journaling. Is it safe? No time because of work, does see a therapist every week. Every day wants to meditate, but walks in yoga or her movie meditation. She says, she's pissed off, everyone but me easy for others. It's not fair. I feel sadness. I feel tense. I feel a desire to disconnect. I want to avoid this. I don't want to talk to people about it. She's angry, pissed. I talk to you guys all the time so I know this is normal.

She avoids, it helps in the short term and then she feels guilty. She wants to choose her over anyone else. I'm taking care of myself right now. When I see pregnant women, it's a slap in the face. She feels unlucky. I encouraged her because where she lived to see Dr. Kwak Kim, who is a reproductive immunologist. She's in the Midwest. She told me that she'd set up an appointment, Dr. Kwak Kim but it wasn't until November.

On some lab work, we saw potential for antiphospholipid syndrome and her protein S deficiency and antithrombin. Basically three different clotting factors came up questionable in some of the blood work. I said, “Maybe for now we see a hematologist” She's going to start trying again to conceive. I don't want to risk another loss while we wait to get in to see Dr. Kwak Kim and get the autoimmune protocol.

We're going over the DUTCH. She had high free cortisol at night. She had signs of inflammation. Her progesterone was on the lower side. I suggested dropping the tribulus of ITEX and going to do the DHA 25 milligrams of every other day. Emotionally she wrote a letter to her body, felt good, let her have it, you and your beliefs. She worked, she was working a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot on the beliefs. Now she's diving into the e-course. She's using the community. Now she's a good solid, month in on the diet. Her digestion is rock solid so much better. Had a little jealousy come up with a friend, managing, feeling strong visualizations. Missing some pieces of paper I think.

At this point, it's now the end of August, early September. I pulled up some emails that I wanted to go through with you guys. She goes in to see dr. KK and they see that she's got a homozygous mutation for PAI-1. She has elevated natural killer cells, high prolactin, high DHEA. She was on too much DHEA. You guys got to watch that DHEA. High testosterone, high TSH, high DHEA and some inflammation two MTHFR mutations. Dr. KK recommends right away, Metformin, thyroid medication also recommending IVIG once she's pregnant.

My patient says to me, “I finally feel like we have answers in a straightforward plan. I'm still thinking about the IVIG any thoughts on this?” At that point we do our last two calls where we're really just working on, she's going to stay on the diet. I don't have her red flag symptom checklist. I have all my elite girls fill out this in the beginning and then as they progress, but I had it in my notes here. Literally, I don't know if you can see, all these check marks that she had. So many.

Almost all of them went away. Her digestion was so much better. Her skin changed. Her acne went away, dry scalp went away, allergies got better. The urination symptoms got better. Emotionally. Oh my gosh. She was just like a new person. She didn't get all worked up when she saw pregnant women on the streets. We just started working through that. Our group program wrapped up by about, I want to say the end of September, early October. We waited, we kept one of our sessions because I knew she was seeing dr. KK in October.

We did another session around that. The recommendations were that she would do metformin. She would do prednisone, progesterone, lovenox, and the thyroid medication once she found out she was pregnant. Dr. KK was like, just keep trying naturally, because you've gotten pregnant in the past. Then some things happened in life and they wind up having to move. They put trying on hold because they were moving. Things were stressful.

It was around. Let's see, I sent an email about on May 30th, out to a group, to my list about me joining The Well, my practice at The Well and how excited we were and the membership based model and all that. That's May 30th. She responds, “I'm so excited for you, Aimee. How's everything going?” I write back, how were you on May 31st. Takes her 18 days to respond to me June 17, 2019.

“Hi Aimee. Well, surprisingly, since I emailed you, I found out I'm pregnant. I'm a nervous f**ng wreck. I honestly had a lot of good sex this past month. Didn't track ovulation, and didn't try go figure. Got a faint positive last Thursday and a definite positive on Friday morning. Got my [betas 00:22:28] and other blood work drawn on Saturday. Still being monitored by KK's office from afar. Just got my results. Not sure what to think of them. Not sure when I ovulated or conceived, but according to my last menstrual period, it was exactly four weeks at the first draw. Her beta is a 44. I was concerned that's not a super high beta at four weeks. Progesterone onto 14, [estradiol 00:22:47] is 206. Got another beta this morning, anxiously awaiting the results. My nurse said that the 44 could be fine as long as it's progressing, but she's waiting my progesterone. She wants my progesterone a little higher adding something else for that day. All appendages are crossed and meditating like a mother f** and praying. What else can I do? I hope all is well with you.”

I wrote back, “Yeah, we just want that beta to double and the progesterone to be supported, which it is. Are you taking the blood thinners? I just say to keep doing what you're doing, eating clean, drinking broth, meditating, trusting in your docs. Fill me in on what else you're on and I'll give more advice.”

She writes back “The Metformin, Prednisone, Progesterone, Lovenox, Levothyroxine and all the usual suspects for my supplements. My vitamin D prenatal, methylfolate, methyl B 12, fish oil, calcium. I just stopped the CoQ10 and the baby aspirin.

And let me just see, I said, “Yeah, stop the coQ10. Any word on that second beta.” She writes back, “Okay.” I said, I get… She said I was scared. She was, I said, “I get it. That scared feeling is normal. Considering all that you've been through. It's okay. Be easy on yourself for feeling scared, but also remember if you want that baby. And I know you do, you just have to ride this wave, fear, sorrow hope and all it's okay. It's okay. This will unfold how it's meant to, but this time it's also very different than any other pregnancy. Let's hope all the new support you have called in will make all the difference as always. I am cheering for you and this baby.”

She writes back, “You are the best with words. I totally lost it at acupuncture this morning, but I got my second beta 114. The beta goes up more than doubled. Thank God. So today I'm pregnant and I'm going to enjoy that. That's my mantra for today.” It goes on and on, “Third beta goes up to 208. Progesterone went up to 35. Estrogen went up to three 26. I'm much calmer. The last couple of days, I feel fully confident. I'm doing everything I can do. The rest is out of my hand and into God's. I know I'm just looking for reassurance, but be honest, as the beta number itself not really matter that much. It's only important that it keeps rising.”

I said, “These numbers looks great. The beta in the beginning is pretty telling. We want to see it rising. And ideally, nearly doubling every day. Once it breaks a thousand, it's not as telling. But the rises you have thus far and your pedestrial rocks, keep doing all the things. Keep trusting, keep surrendering, keep me in the loop.” And so this goes on fourth beta up from 208 to 1157. This again is at this point now the furthest along she's been since she's met me. In years since the first pregnancy. I see you're in acupuncturist. I have gotten diagnosed scoliosis. I've tried everything you're suggesting.

Right now I'm talking about this case. I'm sorry. You can DM me for that. Everything's going great. We're screaming out of our lungs for scan tomorrow. I'm freaking out, but also excited. This is July. We have a heartbeat. I'm going to cry. Measuring six weeks at one day, right on track. So relieved and so happy. Then it turns out another girl in the elite program that was with her finds out she's pregnant. So now they're, they became very good friends. Now they're both pregnant at the same time. It was just like the best thing ever. Just left the office doc. Baby's measuring six weeks 60 days, heart rates 122. So all things continue on. We are now… Let's see. Estrogen dropped a little bit. So they put her on estrogen. Should I be concerned? I said, “No they're just being super cautious.”

I checked in on her mid July. I'm doing okay. Next scan Friday. Everything's doing great. Then we get everything's good, awesome scan. And let's see we're in July. Baby's still on target for growth in heartbeat. This is July 29th. So now she's starting to cruise in this pregnancy. More good news, 11 weeks scan today was perfect. So the first pregnancy she ever had, if you remember, she miscarried at 11 weeks. Now she's officially made it past that point. That was over two years ago at this point. And even better news, we're having a boy, so excited. She said seeing the baby move around as the best thing I've ever seen in my life.

Then she just had her 12 week scan babies looking perfect. Gestational Sac is a little small, but they're not too worried. It could be the immune stuff. We go on from here, she was still on some of the meds. August she's doing great plugging along. Try not to overthink. Then we get to the email that says he's here on February. Hello, little man. We love you. Thanks so much, Aimee. We are so in love, couldn't have done this without you. Then we get to talk about postpartum stuff, which is so fun. Milk supply's doing good. She started working with me. What was that? June and then by June 2018. Is that right? By February 2020 she's given birth. I mean, that's amazing.

There's a question you talked about, the DHEA just stopped taking it to realize that my levels were three times higher than the range. What would test results would have to be for you to recommend it? Just lower, I like it in the middle range of this, the blood levels, but if it's on the lower than… I like to use the DUTCH most effectively for testing it. Then prescribing based on that, that's how I've been taught by the DUTCH doctors.

What resonates with me is this case and feeling tired of the whole process in 42, 43. In January, my acupuncturist recommends I go for first round of IVF, but having read Body Belief, I really feel like I want to follow the body belief purify phase. Focus on me, take a break, pursue IVF early next year, I have so many red flags. I would work on those red flags, Cassandra. Absolutely. I think your instincts are a hundred percent right. That's where I would go. I would work on those red flags.

As you guys can tell. As I go over these cases with you, we're going to be doing more every week for the next several weeks. We're doing these cases. That's really, my main focus is the emotional red flags, the physical red flags making the shifts and then staying the course. It's the frequency and the consistency guys. So it's not, Oh, I went gluten free for a month and it didn't work for me. No! That is not how this works. It is frequency and it is consistency. Then within that, it's learning what is healthy for you. You can have your normal cheats here and there. What works for you and your body.

Was she on the prednisone prior to pregnancy? She was not, she didn't start until she got pregnant. Just prior to pregnancy, all she was doing was the baby aspirin. I think the progesterone bale, nothing else until… Oh, sorry and then the Metformin. They put her on the Metformin in December or January. So Metformin and baby aspirin were the two medical things.

Natural fertility supplements that just a question mark. I'm not sure what you mean by that, but you can see the supplement that I like and that I like to recommend in any of my books. We also do have my fertility starter kit for you guys. If you want to see where I start with all the cases I created a very specific fertility starter kit. Just Instagram, just DM us and Facebook. We'll put the link in the profile. If you're watching this later on YouTube, the link will be below. Just go and follow that link for my free fertility starter kit. That way you can get jump-started on the tips and tools that I give my clients to start to jumpstart their fertility.

What resonates is the lack of help from doctors? I was referred to an endocrinologist and he tested FSH mid cycle. Yeah, I know what the F. I say to that Lucy Lou. It's fascinating. I just had another girl. Her FSH was tested mid cycle and it was high and they were like, “Yep. Donor eggs.” I was like, well, it's an inaccurate read actually. It's not your FSH. I knew what you meant, Lucy.

Anybody else have any other questions. Get the fertility starter kit, just DM us on Instagram. YouTube link will be below. Facebook we're going to post the link over here. Get your hands on that fertility starter kit. It's a great place to start with my program. There's someone asked today in my private group about, there's all these recommendations for the best diet for fertility. Why are there so many different recommendations? I think really the general recommendation is that like a good, wholesome nutrient dense diet that you stay on. That is consistent. Consistency and frequency.

Yes. I recommend animal protein. I've seen the best results with animal protein and a lot of vegetables. I recommend six to eight servings of cooked vegetables over raw vegetables, upwards of 80 grams of protein a day, a lot of bone broth, a lot of electrolyte building, fluids, coconut, water, water, that kind of stuff. Chinese herbs and some supplements.

I have a very Chinese medicine slash functional medicine approach. I've been doing this for almost 20 years. I do have a good handle on what I've seen work consistently, but I will say the one thing that works the most consistently is the consistency and frequency and really unpacking that emotional piece. She did all that and she is now home with her baby boy. And gosh, I think they're having a blast.

There you have it guys. I will be coming to you live again next week. Another story of hope we'll be hanging out with us. I can't wait to see you guys then. Between now and then just private message me on Instagram or on Facebook. Any questions on how we can help you head over to my website aimeeraupp.com. Get started reading my books and get all this information.

What is the purpose? Okay. Heard Metformin is bad for women with PCOS. Actually the opposite Metformin can really help women with PCOS. There's many ways you can do it. Western drugs like Metformin, some of us more natural, like inositol, just depends.

What is the purpose of baby? I don't have immune issues, but two transfers, embryos that failed. Baby aspirin well, you don't know. Maybe, I would still do. If you have the MTHFR, you still have a clotting factor issue.

Immune doesn't mean clotting factor. I would still get tested and make sure you don't have any clotting factor issues. Especially if they were PGS tested normal embryos and they failed in transfer. I would also get an endometrial biopsy to make sure you don't have any endometritis inflammation in the uterus or infection in the uterus. Then you can also do an ERA, but you could also get a complete clotting factor panel from your doctor or hematologist. Then maybe take baby aspirin at the advice of what they find on those tests. But if anybody has the MTHFR mutation and they've had previous losses or failed transfers of normals, baby aspirin, it can never hurt. Of course clear with your doctor, but the purpose is that it thins the blood a little bit to help assist implantation. You don't take it until you could possibly be pregnant. You don't take it all month long. Okay. All right, guys, I'm going to hop. I'll see you all later. Have a great day. Thank you so much for all your questions.

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