Fertility Activating Castor Oil

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Maximize ovarian and uterine blood flow with Fertility Activating Castor Oil made with organic black castor oil.

Topical application of this Fertility Activating Castor Oil blend will enhance blood flow, deliver warmth, & activate the child’s palace (aka reproductive organs).  Black castor oil is created by first roasting the castor oil beans and then extracting the oil; this process delivers a powerful anti-inflammatory and invigorating castor oil that is dark brown in color. At Aimee Raupp Beauty we coupled black castor oil with warming essential oils to deliver a product that will help activate fertility by way of improving blood flow and rejuvenating reproductive tissues.

This oil can be massaged into the abdomen alone but its fertility activating effects are greatly enhanced when used with a hot water bottle (as in doing a castor oil pack) or with abdominal gua sha.  See videos below for step by step instructions on how to do a castor oil pack and abdominal gua sha.

Add on a gua sha tool to your purchase to get the most benefit from our Fertility Activating Castor Oil.

This is for topical use ONLY.  Do not use castor oil if you are or could be pregnant.

Key ingredients:

  • Black castor oil: this powerful anti-inflammatory agent is packed with antioxidants & deeply penetrates the skin to improve blood flow, warm the tissues, improve the immune system, maximize lymphatic drainage & can soften adhesions, scar tissue, cysts and/or fibroids.
  • Ginger eo: known to reduce inflammation, warms tissues, eliminates toxins and rejuvenate fertility as some studies show it can increase antral follicle count.
  • Turmeric eo: touted for its anti-inflammatory benefits this herb also improves blood flow and reduces stagnation in the uterus and ovaries.

Formulated without parabens, silicones, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, phthalates, sulfates, gluten, mineral oil, PEGs, formaldehydes, propylene glycol, GMOs, and any hormone-disrupting substances. This product is safe for women who are trying to conceive but use is not recommended once you are or could be pregnant.

Directions: Shake well.  Use 1-2 dropper fulls (about 1 teaspoon) of Fertility Activating Castor Oil &  massage into lower abdomen.  Follow with a 2-3 minutes of abdominal gua sha OR applying a hot water bottle for 20 minutes.

For complete instructions on how to do abdominal gua sha WATCH THIS VIDEO.

For complete instructions on how to do a castor oil pack WATCH THIS VIDEO and read the accompanying blog post.

Organic ingredients: Black castor oil*, essential oils of ginger*, cinnamon*, clove bud* & turmeric*.

Handcrafted with happy, healthy love from me to you.

*certified organic ingredients

2 oz.

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