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Fertility Book Club Episode 8: Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Fertility Now & Into Your 40s

In this video we’re going through chapter 7 of my best-selling book, “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Fertility Now and Into Your Forties”

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Hello. How are you guys? It is me again, Aimee of aimeeraupp.com. As always, I get to come to you live every single week. Today I'm in a different environment. I'm actually at my acupuncture clinic in Westport, Connecticut. Anybody in the Westport, Connecticut area, I have an acupuncture clinic right here. I have an amazing associate and I myself come in here and see clients as well. I am part of the Rejuvenating Fertility Center here. I actually work onsite with fertility doctors, which is a huge honor for me and a huge achievement in my career. I was here earlier today for my own appointment. Then just having back to back on call so I decided to take the calls from my beautiful office here in Westport, Connecticut. You guys who are new to me, I mean, we're constantly getting new followers, so welcome, welcome, welcome.

I am Aimee of aimeeraupp.com. You can learn all about me on my website or on Instagram or on Facebook, just cruise through. You'll see, I'm the author of several books. Two of them are behind me. The ones that relate to fertility, Egg Quality Diet and Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. This is my latest book, just came out about two months ago and it's still ranking really high on the bestseller list in fertility and in women's health. Today is the last Thursday of the month so we are going to be doing book club, which is what we've been doing. We are at chapter eight in this book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, which is my first book on fertility. It came out in 2014 and has served thousands and thousands of women all over the world. It still is, even though I went and wrote this book, this book is really just an updated diet.

This book still has all the ins and outs of every single thing you should be doing to optimize your health and your fertility so you can get pregnant faster, even in your 40s. “I just finished this book yesterday.” Yay. All right, Libra honey, what did you think about it? Give me some feedback. If you really liked it, or even if you didn't, reviews on Amazon for any of my books, super duper helpful. The more reviews, the better, the more we can reach. All the women out there who are in your fertility tribe who are trying like mad to make a freaking baby and need all the support that they can get. Reviews really help me reach more people. For some of you who got the original version of this where there were some edit issues, know that they're all fixed and repaired.

Any of the Kindle versions that you got that might've had some editorial issues or was missing recipes, you just hit the update button where you can update your Kindle books in your Amazon account, you will get the updates made. The physical book is now officially updated as well. Yeah, leave reviews. “It was awesome. A lot of insight, and I love the tips on changing your mind and connecting with your body.” Well, thank you so much. Libra honey, if you have it in you, if you have a couple extra minutes today, leaving a review on Amazon for the book would be amazing, so thank you. Anyway, we're going to dive into, we've gone through chapters one through seven so far in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. Becoming one with nature, we did. We did eating for optimal nutrition. Then we also did steering clear of environmental toxins. We did that one last month.

“How can I convince my spouse to read this book?” I don't know. It's not really a book for men, if you will. Maybe just highlight certain areas you want them to read. Give it very clear, specific direction, like put a post-it note and be like, can you read chapter six just so you can understand the environmental toxins and how they're impacting things? Maybe you do it like that. I know, I kind of wished this book was in audio. Anybody out there who can help me get audio rights to do the spoken audio, I would, because I think listening is a lot easier. This week we are doing, but I don't think we did emotional. We didn't do the emotional chapter. We're actually chapter seven this week, Beth, not chapter eight. We're chapter seven this week, preparing yourself mentally and emotionally.

Chapter eight is getting into the day in the life. I just want to triple check ourselves, but I'm pretty positive that we did not do chapter seven yet, preparing yourself mentally and emotionally. Beth, will you just give me some feedback there before I continue on? Hey team Aimee, I see that you just came on. I actually think we're at chapter seven. I don't think we did preparing yourself mentally and emotionally yet, but in my notes it said today was chapter eight. I just want you to double check. Last month I believe was steering clear of environmental toxins. Or if any of you that were online last month for book club, I'm 99% positive we're at chapter seven. “My wife wants a baby without any treatment or dieting.”

Well, some people can do it that way. Some people need some more preparation. I strongly urge preparation. That's what this book is all about is preparation. Preparing the palace. This book is a whole book that comes out of a chapter in my first book called chill and get healthy. The chapter in that book was called preparing the palace. So much the same as you prepare, save money to buy a house, you save money to plan a wedding. You need to prepare your body so that you can create the healthiest child. Because what you want to keep in mind is it's not just about the positive pregnancy tests, this is about generations of health. The baby that grows in your belly is impacted by your choices. But so is the baby that grows in their belly or their future child if it's a boy is impacted by your choices preconception and during conception.

We know that scientifically we see the lineage impacted. And so making healthy choices, it's really not about whether or not you can get pregnant, it's about the health of the pregnancy, the health of the child you are creating. A lot of times too, getting your health in tip top shape is what shifts your fertility, that then you get pregnant. Keep that in mind. As I always say, fertility is an extension of health. We're going to get into chapter seven, which keep your eyes and ears out because in about a month, we're going to be talking about a program that I do, which is all about shifting your fertility fears. If this chapter resonates with you, keep your eyes and ears open because we're going to have something special for you come the end of September.

Preparing yourself mentally, emotionally, chapter seven. Now that you are armed with the first three pillars of the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant fertility rejuvenation way of life, I want you to tune into the natural rhythm of your fertile body and answer the following questions. Listen here and be honest with yourself. Are you approaching getting pregnant like a work project for a job that feels beyond your innate capabilities? So you're working too hard. Are you approaching fertility like your master's degree? Are you so tense over the topic of fertility rejuvenation that reading this book your shoulders are up to your ears? Or listening to this conversation, or you're like, is she going to tell me the secret that's going to get me pregnant today? Am I going to get the secret? Someone said to me this week in a coaching call, she's like, “You know, when I first met you and started working with you, I just figured, oh, she's the secret weapon. I'll hire her and I'll be pregnant.”

She's like, “And then I realized, I hire you. You teach me what to do, but it's still on me to show up for myself like mentally, emotionally, physically, nutritionally.” That's where the tough work is. One thing to follow the supplements, follow the diet, but to show up for yourself on that mental emotional level is not easy. It means unpacking shit that you don't want to look at a lot of the times, okay. Is every menstrual cycle a new opportunity for you to beat yourself up over not being pregnant? Are you walking around staring at every pregnant woman you see and feeling anger? Jealous, pissed off. Do you think you are undeserving of having everything you want, especially pregnancy? Do you think you did something really bad in your life, in your past, that you are being punished, that you are unworthy?

Did someone tell you you are unworthy? Big stuff, big stuff. One chapter probably doesn't do it justice. My book, Body Belief, I think goes even deeper into the feelings and how to shift your belief systems. Again, I have some online programs that really help this as well. But it's tough to really start thinking about, especially like one thing that I see is I'll get girls in their like, all the supplements, all the diet, they're rocking it out. They've done the things and they're still not getting pregnant. A lot of times it is we have to look at the emotional piece. It's not to say it's all in your brain or that it's your fault. But also remember if you're constantly living in this state of abuse towards self, if you're constantly criticizing yourself, judging yourself, being mean to yourself, punishing yourself, beating yourself up, regretting, angry, jealous, it creates, and this is again scientific.

I've come up with a term that isn't necessarily used scientifically, but it creates a lot of emotional inflammation, which is part of the stress response which actually keeps your body in a fight or flight cycle. It taxes your adrenal systems. It affects your cortisol levels, which affect your hormones. It will in turn and we've seen it clear cut science, it will in turn impact your hormones and your ability to get pregnant. You could be doing the diet right and the supplements right, and the lifestyle right, but you could be living in your own battlefield or maybe you're still really mad at your partner. Maybe you don't like your partner. Maybe you just want to be there for the baby, whatever that is. There's reconciliation that needs to be occurring. Until you get that under control, the fight or flight response stop and shift and allow your body to become more hospitable.

Because every day your body has a choice. It has two pathways. It goes down. This is how I see it. The HPO axis, the hypothalamus pituitary ovarian axis, which is the reproductive axis. Or it goes down the HPA axis, which is hypothalamus pituitary adrenal, which is the survival fight or flight. Every day your body has a choice. Am I surviving? Or am I thriving enough to make a baby? That has to do with your mental emotional state. Again, if you are one of those women that you do feel like you're doing all the things right and you're still not getting the baby, or you're getting poor IVF results, you have to look at that mental emotional piece and you have to dig deeper. If you said yes to any of the above questions, we need to dig a little deeper into your mental emotional state and how it's affecting your fertility. I talk about a lot in this book the importance of believing in your body. But here I dropped some research.

Research published in the journal of Fertility and Sterility, based on 151 women, not a huge study but significant, I think, who were scheduled to undergo IVF found that the chance of a live birth. So not just pregnancy, live birth was 93% higher in women with a highest positive affect score, meaning that they tend to see the glass half full. Said in another way that positive women were 93% more likely to get pregnant than the negative women. In another study published in the same journal, researchers found that women with symptoms of depression were half as likely to conceive as those who were not depressed. When you look at something and you think, I don't think I'm capable of this. I think I'm broken. I think this is never going to work out for me. It does actually set off a cascade of physiological symptoms or reactions in your body, which again, like I said, will keep you in that fight or flight response, keep you in the down-regulated situation. It's not a very thriving environment.

It's also not a switch we can just flip and all of a sudden decide not to be stressed about what probably is one of the most stressful times in your life. We're working very hard to make a baby and it's not working out, and that is stressful and that sucks. I think there are several steps to take to find peace on that journey. The first one is accepting where you're at. This does suck. This is sad. This is something I'm working on that I'm not succeeding at. It is something that I am working hard at and feeling defeated. I feel defeated. I feel broken. I feel sad. I feel angry. Giving airtime, witnessing, accepting the feelings will first help them start to move along, start them help to resolve and shift. The next thing though that I see, and I talk about in here, I call it your self-love health mission is like I'm giving you…

In this book, I wrote a whole book now that is entirely a diet, 100 days of the food you should eat for 100 days to impact positively your egg quality. Science-driven data in this book. It is deep. It is real. It is true. It is clinically proven, but it's a lot. I am asking a lot of you. Some of the reviews on Amazon are like, “It's too much for me. Can't do it.” It's an elimination diet. It's 50 days that I would say are intense. Then you start to add back in food. Really, two intense months. Then one month, five weeks, I'll call it of starting to add food back in. But most people, and you saw some comments, already feel amazing on this diet. They see the changes. However, I want it to be less about fertility and more about curiosity. Why am I not getting pregnant? What is missing in my body? What are the nutrients that are missing? What are the dots that aren't connecting? Why aren't they connecting?

Looking at it from a place of discovery and using the diet and the lifestyle and the supplement adjustments as more of a health mission that you are discovering the keys to your health, your vitality. Knowing that fertility is an extension of health, right? Fertility is a luxury. It is when your body says I have enough. I have an abundant amount of chi and blood and essence, as we say in Chinese medicine, or micronutrients and genetic material to go and make another human. I feel safe in this body. It feels hospitable. It feels warm. It feels welcoming. So seeing this, the diet, the supplements, the lifestyle as a discovery mission, you are on a discovery mission of your own body, of your own health, of learning what can and doesn't, what does and does not work for your body and for your health.

What foods make you feel bloated? What foods give you a rash? What supplements make you feel lethargic or constipated? What lifestyle choices make you feel depressed or angry or sad or fatigued? What products are you using that are flaring up your skin or high chemical exposures? So to start to understand that this is a very holistic approach. I talk about that of like, I'm giving you this homework. I'm asking you to stop using the word infertility. I'm starting to ask you to look at this as a fertility challenge, a health challenge that you can shift, that you can overcome. Could we embrace it in a way of saying, this is my discovery period, this is me learning about me. This is me learning how to improve the functionality of my body and understanding that fertility comes as a side effect of that. Especially as we age, it doesn't have to prioritize pregnancy as much. Right. Also, I wouldn't even say age as much as it is like, the lifestyle we live.

My battery is running low. How many do I have left? That understanding body has a choice every day, survival or thriving. What am I giving it? I want to create a thriving environment and a healthy child and carry that healthy child to term. Am I giving it the goods to function in a way that it's thriving rather than just surviving? If you feel physically or emotionally in your body that you are burnt out, that you are overwhelmed, that you are just getting by, I don't know that that's the best environment for fertility. I don't see that clinically. For you to start to adopt this, what I call self-love health mission, we embrace the changes from a perspective of I'm learning more about my body. The next thing I talk about is allowing yourself to become a mother. I think this is often overlooked. It's about softening to this process of fertility rejuvenation. It's about acceptance of where you are and being at peace with the fact that you are not yet pregnant.

It's about being in a place of it's okay that I'm not pregnant yet as I know I soon will be. As I know I will be soon. I see this a lot, that it's fear, it's anger, it's resentment. It's brewing the past, the regret, the what ifs. Even this long question like whose fault was it that we lost the baby at 50 days or whatever. I don't know that it matters. Test results can give us a lot of information, but otherwise, no one will ever know. I don't know that it matters. But stewing over it, brewing over it, being angry and resentful over it is not moving the ball forward. It's actually creating more negativity, more stress, more pressure. It's called acceptance. It sucks. I had a miscarriage. It sucked. It is what it is. Going through my life in regret or anger about that, what I could have missed and should have, could have, would have, as my grandmother would say, it does not serve me. Does not move the ball forward.

I'm not in the space of allowing or receiving. I'm in the place of pushing away. I'm in the place of anger and resentment and judgment. Right? And so am I receiving? Am I in a place? The number one place to know if you're in the space of allowing yourself to become a mother is, how do you talk to yourself? How do you treat yourself? What judgment do you meet yourself with? Are you tense and angry and fiery most of the time? That is not the receiving mode. Receiving is creativity, it's trusting your intuition. It's going with the flow. It's grieving. It's processing. It's feeling all the feelings. Any feeling is healthy, even when if it's judgment or anger, just how much of it are you feeling and how much are you letting it lead? Are you leading with fear? Are you leading with hope? Because hope is soft. Hope is open. Hope is receiving. That's what I want you to tune into.

Are you allowing yourself to become a mother or are you stuck in the past? Are you angry? Are you thinking about all the what ifs? I talk about I think the steps to allowing yourself to become a mother, one is letting go. From a Chinese medicine perspective, all of our organs are impacted by our emotional states. What I say, for the love of your fertility, it's now time to let go of the most common health… Oh crap. Hold on one second guys. My charger. See, sorry guys. I'm going to plug in my computer. Chances are I just lost on Facebook, but I'll see if I can come back in and finish the live. We'll do a part two. I'm just going to continue on here. My battery died on my laptop. In the Chinese medicine perspective, all of our emotions impact our body and our organ systems. Close. Let's see.

I'm going to go live again here. Give me one second guys. Okay. We're just going to stream. Facebook will pick back up where it left off. Understanding that our emotions impact our health and vitality, and that is very much a Chinese medicine perspective, but Western medicine has completely caught up to that notion as well. It is very clear that stress and our emotional state not only impacts our physiology and changes our neurochemistry, it impacts our adrenals. It impacts our hormones. Understanding that, what I call fertility destroying emotions are severely impacting your health and your ability to get pregnant. Things like fear, anger, and sorrow. It's so easy to just say, let go of them. Let go. It's so easy to say that. I give you tools in this chapter, before we just go and let go, because that's just so easy to say but not super easy to do.

We have to identify what are the most dominant emotions for you. I give you a little worksheet. I break down the emotions. I talk about the impacts of anger. I talk about the impacts of fear, the impacts of sorrow, and basically how they all really impact the communication between the heart and the child's palace and can block you from receiving. They block you from receiving all the love and support that's around you. They block you from seeing the light. It's not a question of getting rid of these emotions, that is impossible. It's more of which ones are ruling. What am I dominating my life with? My spiritual teacher, Abraham Hicks, says it's like a 60/40 or 70/30 rule. Could I be in fear some of the time or anger some of the time or sorrow some of the time, but most of the time be in hope and peace and joy and excitement and eagerness for what's to come? It's about finding that balance.

I talked about antioxidants in my live last week, where it was about antioxidant to oxidation balance in the body. It's not about getting rid of the oxidation, which is what ages us, which is what is bad for our cells. It's about bringing into balance the antioxidants and the oxidants, and maybe getting the antioxidants a little bit higher than the oxidants. It's the same thing with our emotions. It's not about avoiding stress, that's impossible. We all have lives and shit happens and life can be stressful. We all have relationships and things that we have responsibilities. Life is intense. It can be very intense at times. Then you throw in fertility challenges on top of that and fertility treatments on top of that can be fucking intense, right? It's not about erasing the stress. It's about managing, showing up and being honest with yourself, how much is this ruling me?

How much is fear or anger or sorrow leading my life? Can I let hope and peace and joy and optimism lead a little bit? I give you, joy and gratitude are the antidote to sorrow. Acceptance and peace are the antidotes to anger. Confidence and courage are the antidotes to fear. I give you a list of the 10 most common fertility limiting statements on page 112. Then I give you ways to start to turn around those statements. I'm going to give you an example. I'm not going to go through all of them. You guys can get the book if you don't have it already and work through these statements yourself. I have a fear that I won't be able to get pregnant, or I have a fear… I'm still sad over a past traumatic event, a miscarriage, death, a loss of a significant relationship. I'm afraid to have a child that has something wrong with him or her. So I tell you to take a deep breath, let those statements settle in. Pick a few that really resonate with you.

Then I want you to take another look at these statements and ask yourself, do I truly in my heart of hearts believe this to be true? I just had a coaching call before. I told her, what if your strength lied in your truth, your inner guidance system, your heart center truth right here versus your efforting? Because she feels like maybe she's missing something. She's not trying hard enough. It's not working out for her. She just needs to effort more, right? In order to get the result of the baby. What if her strength lied in her truth? And her truth is she does believe this is going to work for her. She hates that it's taken this long. She hates that five failed IVFs. That sucks. A lot of it sucks. Right? But in her heart of hearts, call me crazy, I still believe that this can happen for me. What if your strength lies in your truth, guys?

To listen to that too, of like, what is the truth in here? What is in your solar plexus? What do you really believe? Do you really believe that you're never going to succeed at this? Then I give you examples of like, why is this statement not true? The statement is not true because I have the power to improve my health and my fertility. I believe in my body's ability to get pregnant. I know other women who are my age who have gotten pregnant, right? Let's try another one. The stressful statement is, I don't have much joy in my life and I'm hoping motherhood would fix it. I see this one a lot. They want the baby to come through to fix their life because they're unhappy in their marriage or they're unhappy in other areas. The statement is not true because my friendships bring me joy. Taking trips with my partner brings me joy. Being around my family brings me joy. Taking steps to improve my health brings me joy. Exercising brings me joy.

Then I let you give it a try. You write out your statement, you work on arguing your own statement. It's like you're at court with yourself. Maybe arguing isn't the right word, but you're defending yourself. I want you to come back home to you, listen to the conversation you're having in the privacy of your own mind and be really honest with yourself. Am I supporting myself in this process? Or am I sabotaging myself? Be honest. Are you living more in fear, anger and sorrow, or more in joy, peace, confidence, courage, hope? Which one? Then I give you another exercise. Find a quiet place, sit in a comfortable position. Tune into your body and say the following words to yourself, fear, anger, sorrow. How did they feel? What did you feel when you said these words?

I want you to tune in and recognize how these words physically affected you. Did you feel it in your throat? I go through exercises there as well. Then I do the same with the more positive emotions. Seeing where these emotions sit in your body, seeing how they feel, seeing how they resonate with you, understanding that you have a lot of power over shifting them too. But the first thing you have to do is accept them and identify them, and then ask yourself like, how is this serving me? How is this helping me? How is this helping me move the ball forward? Then I go into bringing more joy, confidence, and peace into your life. I remind you of your mantra. You have the power to change your health and improve your fertility. Yes, you do. I tell you a little story about a patient of mine who was unhappy. I know a lot of them will be like, but I'll be happy when I'm pregnant.

I think that's a lot of pressure to put, if you believe in spirit babies, if you believe in that aspect of things. It's a lot of pressure to put on yourself and on the baby coming through. I want you to find happiness now. I want you to work on that joy piece now. There is a lot of joy in your life. Maybe you've put your life on hold for fertility stuff. Maybe you said, okay, we can't travel again. I mean, obviously COVID, but we can't travel again until, because I could be pregnant. Stop putting your life on hold. Take the next job offer if it comes. Quit the job if you hate it. Stop putting your life on hold for the baby. Live your life. Find joy now. A dear friend of mine, Agapi Stassinopoulos, says in one of her teachings or one of her books that it's not about adding more joy to your life.

It's not about finding more things that bring you joy. It's about clearing away the gunk that's blocking your joy. Dr. Marco and I actually did, I'm pointing because he's here in the office today, a live together on the emotional stress. He said one of the things he loves recommending to his patients is finding a hobby or picking up an old hobby. I've seen that, piano, dance, going to show, traveling, living your life, been highly transformative in the fertility process. It's mainly because it's like we're shifting out of fear, anger and sorrow, and we're shifting back into joy and excitement and creativity. That is the feminine body. That is what is important to embrace to allow yourself to become a mother is the fluidity, the flow, the ease, the expectation, the eagerness, the excitement, letting go. The lack of judgment, the lack of living in the past, the lack of regret, the lack of blame. Working through that, forgiving, flowing, allowing yourself to become a mother.

I gave you even more tools. Get out a pen and paper again, tune into the natural rhythm of your fertile body. Take some time to think about what it will be like to be a mother. Are you excited about raising a child? Are you ready to be parents? What will it feel like? What will that look like? Try to do it from that place of knowing I will be a mother. Practice. Believe it or not, feelings require practice sometimes. You're scared to go there because you're scared to be let down again. This process has not been easy. You are in fear because it's a defense mechanism. You are defending yourself from future let downs. But guess what? No matter what, if it doesn't work, you're still going to be let down. Living in fear and guarding yourself doesn't make much sense, right? Because also, what if it does work out? What if it does work out? What are you going to do then? Right? I want you to really practice.

I call this, again, say things of like being a mother will be amazing. I'll give you examples of what being a mother will feel like and what the feelings that will come when you let yourself go to that place of what if this does work out, when this does work out, what will it look like? I talk about giving birth to your new story. This is something I spent a lot of time in my Yes program with as well. What is your current fertility story? I usually say, what's your 60, 90 second fertility pitch? When someone says, and you're in an honest place where you can share everything, what is the story you tell? I've had five failed IVFs. I'm a failure. I can't seem to make a blastocyst. I've had five losses. The things, what is your story? Then how can I say it better? I no longer believe the negative thoughts about my fertility. I have joy in my life, thanks to blank. Fill in the blank with three or four or five things that bring you joy.

I'm confident in my body and its ability to get pregnant. I feel, fill in the blank, with good emotions, like eager, excited, grateful, and feeling those feelings feels good. I have the power to change my health and improve my fertility. There's so many tools in this chapter, meditation, visualization, mindful daydreaming, meditating, or taking a chill out break. I gave you tools on meditation. I gave you yoga mudras, menstruation phase mudra, follicular phase, ovulation. There's so much goodies. If you guys haven't revisited this chapter or haven't gotten the book yet, get it for this chapter. There are so many goodies in here. There's yoga poses that are super helpful for fertility. I finish up the book and I'm going to read this to you, finish up the chapter, sorry. I gave you a lot of tips and tools in this chapter and it's my hope that you will take time. Take the time your emotional self deserves to practice some or all of these tools every day.

The key here is to believe more than you don't believe. Have more joy than sorrow. Peace more than anger. Confidence more than fear. Find joy in every day and confidently pursue your self-love health mission because it feels good. Take time to chill out, spend time mindfully daydreaming about your life and how you want it to be. Use your mudras, sit and send love to your child's palace while you gently hold your fertility-enhancing yoga poses. As much as it is important for you to identify the feelings that are holding you back, choose to let them go and replace them with their positive counterparts. By doing so, you will propel your health and your fertility forward. Chapter seven, guys. I think personally, I mean, I wrote the book and I've been helping women conceive for close to 20 years. Thousands of women have read this book. At this point, this book. I do think, I mean, I know I just wrote a book on diet.

I do think it's really important. I was just trying to make it easy for you with 100 days of a diet and recipes and shopping lists. But the mental emotional piece is tremendous. Whether it came first or second, it's the side effect of the fertility process. It doesn't matter. You have to look at it, you have to unpack it. I do believe the spirit of your child is requesting that from you. I do believe your adrenal system is requesting that from you. Your hormones are requesting that from you. Sit with your feelings, process them, let them come up and out. Trapped feelings that are undigested or unprocessed are toxic emotions and they will cause toxicity in your body. Even if you have the cleanest diet and take all the right supplements, you can have a lot of emotional toxicity, which will cause a lot of emotional inflammation, which will impact your ability to get and stay pregnant.

Even more, impact your ability to be the mother you want to be, to show up in the world the way you want to show up, the way you deserve to show up. Give this chapter a read again. Next month we will do chapter eight, which will be day in the life. I'll see you guys next week for my Instagram and Facebook live next week. Thank you for cheering me on, guys. I love you. Okay. Have a wonderful day. I will see you all soon. Facebook, sorry, this was in two parts. Ciao for now.

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