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Antioxidants for Egg Quality {EXPERT TIPS}

There are SO many supplements out there on the grocery store shelf! WHEW! It can be super overwhelming. And then when you hit up Dr. Google to figure out what to take for egg quality it’s hard to know which info to follow.

This usually puts people in one of two camps:

1. You get paralyzed from information overload and decide to skip supplements all together.

2. You end up grabbing anything and everything and over-supplement.

Supplements are important because it’s very difficult to get ALL the nutrients we need through our meals but I want to make sure you’re taking the right ones for YOU. While I can’t personally advise each of you I CAN share my top supplements that everyone should take for egg quality.

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.

See the full transcript below.

All right, we are live again. Hello, I am Aimee Raupp of AimeeRaupp.com, and I get to come to you live every single week and talk about really, well what I think, are really important… let me fix my camera, really important healthcare topics that you want to know about, and thank you for coming to me as a trusted source. As many of you know, I have been in the field of helping women get pregnant for close to 20 years. I’ve written four books, they’re all behind me, two of them are best sellers in the world of fertility and women’s health, and before becoming an acupuncturist and herbalist, and an educator, I mentor all of my associates in Chinese medicine, acupuncture, business building, I’ve run a couple of mentorship programs. I also teach across the globe and educate other practitioners on fertility and how to treat the modern fertility client, basically.

And so I love the research, I love digging deep. Before becoming an acupuncturist and herbalist I was a research scientist. So this morning I spent a lot of time reading current research, as I did for when I wrote The Egg Quality Diet, on the impacts of antioxidants for egg quality. And there is a shit ton of research supporting the use of antioxidants and seeing positive outcomes impacting, not just fertility, like pregnancy outcomes, but for women undergoing IVF, we’re seeing improved blastocyst rate, we’re seeing better egg quality. There’s even some cool research that’s going on right now that hasn’t yet made it to real life is they’re taking highly potent antioxidants in liquid form and adding it to the medium where the embryo is growing in the laboratory.

So if you’re doing IVF, your embryo is growing in a Petri dish, it’s been fertilized, the eggs been fertilized by the sperm, the goal is to get it to blastocyst where it’s super healthy, and we either transfer that, or we test it to see if it’s genetically normal. What some of the research is doing right now is actually adding antioxidants to that culture, that Petri dish. This was my previous life, I dealt with Petri dishes all day long, I know the exact size and the little medium that we do everything in in the Petri dish, they’re adding antioxidants to that medium and seeing almost a 50% increase in blastocyst rate, and about a 30% increase in pregnancy fertility outcomes. Most of the studies only measure until heartbeat, so until about eight weeks, which I wish they did more longitudinal studies and we actually saw, what is the take-home rate? How many babies are we taking home?

But what we are seeing is using antioxidants, obviously in the medium we’re not doing that yet currently, but girls, I think sooner than later, but what we are seeing is that antioxidants taken orally, as in supplement form, but also don’t underestimate the antioxidants in your food, which we’re going to get into, but taking antioxidants, eating an antioxidant rich diet, reducing oxidative stress, they’re called reactive oxidative species, ROS, those guys are the bad guys, they age us untimely, they cause a lot of inflammation in our body, they basically cause, as I talk about in the Egg Quality Diet, they cause our bodies to rust and age before it’s time, and compromise not just egg quality, sperm quality, but health of every single cell in your body, including the cells in your endometrial lining, so maybe you’re less implantable, maybe you reject the embryo because there’s too much inflammation.

So understanding that it’s really not just about supplements, but it’s about taking out the exposure to these oxidative species, which are environmental toxins, stuff in your bath and beauty products, you guys have heard me say this before, the average woman is exposed to 500 chemicals before she leaves her house in the morning, those chemicals create reactive oxidative species in your body, they counteract any antioxidant that you’re taking. If you’re taking 600 milligrams of CoQ10 but you’re using a crappy toxic shampoo every day, guess what? Negative effect on that CoQ10, negative effect in that CoQ10.

Because what you are aiming to do with antioxidants, we can’t become without any oxidation in our body, that’s impossible, it’s just like histamines, we can’t be histamine free, we can’t be inflammatory free either. We need inflammation, we need histamines, we need some oxidation going on, it’s just what happens in our body. The key is, and the same with inflammation and histamines and oxidation, the key is the balance. You want the ratio of antioxidants to oxidants to be maybe 50/50, but ideally 70/30. You got to reduce these though, you can’t just add these, you have to reduce these, because if cellular function is compromised, you’re not absorbing your nutrition, you’re not observing your nutrition, your vitamins are a waste of money. If cellular function is compromised, if there’s too much inflammation in your body, too much oxidation going on in your body, you’re not absorbing your nutrients from your diet or from your supplements, so your supplements become a waste of money.

So reducing the exposure to what oxidizes our body is just as important as the supplements we take and as the food we eat. Reduce your chemical exposure, clean up your bath and beauty products. I have Amy approved lists on my website under my recommendations, go there, download those lists., Start making changes. Bath, beauty, household, change it over. Go organic with your food, we have to reduce the pesticide load. Pesticides are hugely impactful when it comes to oxidation because they are toxic chemicals. You’ve got to reduce the pesticide load, you’ve got to go organic with your food. Then you’ve also got to reduce the omega-6 intake, which comes from packaged, processed, crappy foods that are cooked in crappy refined vegetable oils, like soy oil, corn oil, you name it, canola oil, you’ve got to get rid of all that. Omega-6s add to oxidation, just boom, boom, boom. So again, you’re eating a crappy diet, you’re having potato chips every day at lunch that are cooked in crappy oil, it don’t matter what kind of antioxidants you’re taking, it just doesn’t matter, guys.

Okay, so diet, I did this lecture the other day at the Integrated Fertility Symposium, I talked about gut health, auto-immunity, and modern fertility challenges. And I was talking about basically The Egg Quality Diet, and how we need to heal the gut, reduce inflammation, regulate the immune system, fertility should thrive. And of course the main questions people had was, “What supplements do you use? What supplements do you use? What tests do you do?” And I was like, “Guys that stuff…” because I was educating practitioners, and they want, just like you guys, they want the tangible, they want, I need to just put somebody on 1200 milligrams of N-acetyl cysteine and know that it’s going to improve her egg quality.

Studies have shown N-acetyl cysteine is profoundly impactful to egg quality. But again, it comes down to this ratio of antioxidants to oxidants. So if you’re doing 1200 iN-acetyl cysteine maybe it gets to here, but you’re still more oxidized because your diet’s crappy, you’re still not absorbing all your nutrition because your diet’s crappy, or your stress levels are too high, or you’re not sleeping enough. This is not going to have the same impact it could if you reduce this, then maybe you need less of the expensive vitamins you’re taking, and you get the same results. So to think about that, so we really do have to start with the diet, to me, that’s why I wrote The Egg Quality Diet, that’s why I called it The Egg Quality Diet, because when we reduce inflammation, when we improve micro nutrient absorption guess what we improve? Antioxidant load in the body. And guess what we also decrease, we decrease the oxidative stress. When you do those two things your ratio goes like this, antioxidants are much higher than oxidants. That’s the goal.

So I see it all the time, and you guys might’ve fallen prey to it too, women come to me, they’re on every single antioxidant that is out there. They read It Starts with the Egg, and all she did was just list out all the antioxidants. I think it’s a good book, I think it’s valuable. I think there’s some mixed messages, and listen, not all of us… people would maybe feel the same way about some of my books, so it’s okay, I’m not criticizing.

But I also, though, think that, and I taught this in the lecture I gave the other day to practitioners, I said, she came to me, she was on like 30 supplements, what I did was I reduced her supplements by 90%, I kept her on like four things, five things, I was given a case review, changed her diet, changed her level of inflammation, because she had all these, as I call them in The Egg Quality Diet book, that kinks in her system. If you guys haven’t checked out the book, you should, go to AimeeRaupp.com/books, The Egg Quality Diet comes with a questionnaire that’s probably 80 symptoms that are signals to me that your body is in an inflamed state, that your immune system is not regulated, that you are not absorbing your nutrition from your supplements and your diet, and so you are greatly compromised and you are micro nutrient deficient. And when you are micronutrient deficient, you do not get the antioxidants in. Your body just is not going to utilize them and you have more oxidation going on.

So guess what? Poorer egg quality, poorer outcomes in fertility treatments, is not going to work for you. You can turn it around, there are research studies now showing that eight weeks, eight weeks following a diet like this can actually really shift it. You can go more heavy on the antioxidants and reduce oxidation, and we know cellular turnover in the body is about every three or so months, so every single cell in your body is technically new in about three months, including the ones in your ovaries, the process of folliculogenesis. We mature those follicles from start to finish over a process of 100 days, and the environment in which they mature in impacts their quality greatly.

It is not a given that egg quality diminishes as you get older, that is not a given. There are women, and I work with them all the time, that improve that quality as they get older, you can too. It only takes a couple of weeks. My Egg Quality Diet is 100 days, for the reason of folliculogenesis, if you did that 100 days, that’s three months, radical transformation. And you’ll see that in your symptoms of inflammation, and then your antioxidant, your ability to absorb antioxidants just goes through the roof and you start to benefit.

So anyway, I get women, they come to me, they’re half eating the diet, oh I basically avoid gluten and dairy and soy, and I don’t eat a lot of sugar, and I’m taking 30 supplements, or 25, and I read this book, I read your book, I read that book, I’m taking CoQ10, I’m taking melatonin, I’m taking myo-inositol, I’m taking N-acetyl cysteine, I’m taking glutathione, I’m taking a NAD+, I’m taking alpha-lipoic acid. L-carnitine, what else? I think those are the big ones, I’m taking all of them, and vitamin D and vitamin C. And what I typically then say to them is well, if you’re not pooping every day, or if you are bloated and gassy after every meal, or if you have loose or softer bowel movements, or you have all these other inflammatory symptoms, like maybe brain fog or fatigue, or indigestion, eczema, psoriasis, your body’s telling me it’s actually not absorbing. All of these vitamins are a waste of money, so what we need to do first is actually improve your absorption rate, so I’m going to take you off a lot of these supplements, I’m going to keep you on the basics.

My basics are in my books, very straightforward, liver pills, a good quality fish oil, or cod liver oil, vitamin D, a good quality prenatal with a methylfolate. I do really love Full Circle Prenatal, it’s linked down on my website, they do have some antioxidants in there, which is great. I love Thorn Prenatal as well. Probiotics, did I say that? And maybe also a spirulina, I love E3Live or I love Nutrex spirulina, which is an antioxidant powerhouse in and of itself, but it’s food-based. So I go back to food first as medicine, start to see the body heal, then we start to layer in the antioxidants.

We know things like endometriosis is impacted by oxidative stress, we know PCOS is impacted by oxidative stress. PCOS is definitely a disease of the mitochondria, there is mitochondrial dysfunction, so you might have a ton of eggs, but they could be compromised in their quality, and we see that time and again. So you really want to think about, it’s not just about layering all these supplements, because there’s research and there’s data, and there is, there’s good research. There’s research that shows oral supplementation of antioxidants in women showed no difference, by the way, no difference in how many eggs they retrieved, no difference in fertilization rate, but significant difference in clinical pregnancy rate, and also, sorry, and significant difference in getting to a heart rate at eight weeks. So it was upwards of almost doubling with antioxidants.

So adding in ones like… I must’ve, I took all these notes and half of them are missing here, I wonder what happened? Very fascinating. This is sad. I have my notes open and I must’ve somehow accidentally deleted something in here. So the oral supplementation that they tested was N-acetyl cysteine, melatonin, alpha-lipoic acid, and… now I have to remember all of it from my head. I think L-carnitine, and Inositol. So those all show that women undergoing fertility treatments, when we added those in, there’s separate studies on each individual antioxidant, there’s also studies done on some antioxidant formulas, the FH PRO for Women, which I used to not recommend at all because it had folic acid, they have now switched it and added methylfolate, That was one that was studied. It’s very similar to MitoCORE, which is another one that I recommend. Those antioxidant formulas, there’s another one called Mitochondrial Formula by Bioclinics which I also like, those formulations are basically showing that we’re getting upwards of about a 30% increase in clinical pregnancy rate and getting to an eight week mark, and that’s when they typically stop the studies.

So again, there was no change in seeing how many eggs we retrieved, nor the fertilization rate, but that’s because they didn’t have partners on the antioxidant. If we put sperm on antioxidants, it’s insane seeing what happens. So there’s been, over the last 40 years, significant decline in male fertility, and even young, healthy men, there’s a 40% decrease across the board in all the sperm parameters, and that is due to our lifestyle, that is due to inflammatory exposures, oxidative stress. Again, you put men on the antioxidants, again, I highly recommend diet first, I have a whole healthy daddy diet that’s outlined in The Egg Quality Diet, also in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. I’ve done videos on this at nauseum about sperm health, but I bet you if you put men on antioxidants and then women on their antioxidants, you would increase fertilization rate, I’m quite positive of that, and maybe that’s been proven so far in the literature.

But the most research that’s been done on men is a acetyl L-carnitine, seems to have a great impact. Again, I also typically go to MitoCORE for my men, along with liver pills and spirulina, seems to do the job. I’ve seen guys with really poor sperm counts, and we do, ideally too, we changed their diet, we do some acupuncture, we add in MitoCORE, the spirulina, or E3Live, liver pills and a good quality fish oil, a couple of grams of good quality fish oil, you will see sperm parameters change, and quickly. When you see that you typically see better embryo quality.

But the studies are showing women… there was another study I talked about that this one guy, Dr. Gardner, did where he actually added antioxidants directly to the culture medium of the embryo, and like I said, they added acetyl L-carnitine, NAC, and alpha-lipoic acid, it doubled blastocyst rate in women, 57% made it the blast versus 23%, which is a crazy, and it was women 35 to 40. And then the oral supplementation, we saw it was not so much as doubled, but it was about a 30 to 40% increase in clinical pregnancy rate, which is also pretty fascinating. Then there’s some cool studies on, this is the one I currently take, NAD+, I take it by Elysium Health, only because it’s so researched, but there’s also studies on NAD+ reversing the declining quality of maternally aged oocytes, so eggs.

So collectively our data reveal that supplementation with NAD+, NMN supplementation, is a feasible approach to protect eggs from advanced maternal age related deterioration, contributing to the improvement of a reproductive outcome of aged women and assisted reproductive technology. Another study showed NAD repletion, which means giving more NAD, rescues female fertility during reproductive aging. Rescues, how amazing is that? So what they saw, treatment with NAD+, metabolic precursor, rejuvenates egg quality in aged animals leading to restoration in fertility, and this can be recapitulated by transgenic overexpression. So anyway, they can see it again in other models. These benefits of NAD extend to the developing embryo where supplementation reverses the adverse effect of maternal age on developmental milestones. These findings suggest that late life restoration of NAD+ levels represents an opportunity to rescue female reproductive function in mammals. Take that in, rescuing. I’ve read other studies where in mouse models, applying NAD+ takes them out of menopause and gets them to not just ovulate again, but to get pregnant and carry to term a healthy child. That’s in the mouse models, but still, they’re mammals, it’s fascinating.

So the research is there, but I want you all to take in mind that you’re not going to absorb all of your vitamins if you don’t have a good one healthy groundwork in your nutrition, in your diet. And a diet, like The Egg Quality Diet, where you’re getting six to eight servings of vegetables a day, you’re getting really good quality fat, the master antioxidants are vitamin A, C, D, and E, guess how many are fat soluble of those? Three of them, three are fat-soluble. They come from good quality fat sources. They also come, certain vegetables have all of them, liver contains a lot of them, which is why I love liver, and the literature really supports liver being an amazing fertility antioxidant supplement, liver as in the actual organ meat. I talk about it in detail in my book, so you can go there and read more about it.

But The Egg Quality diet really pounds you, it’s an anti-inflammatory diet that is antioxidant rich, so you start there and then you layer in the antioxidants. So to me, I don’t know that we need to all go out and take 600 milligrams of CoQ10, 200 milligrams of alpha-lipoic acid, NAD+, 600, 900, 1200 of N-acetyl cysteine, glutathione, melatonin, myo-inositol. I do specific ones depending on the case. Some girls, if I see blood sugar issues or polycystic ovaries, I definitely go with myo-inositol. Other women, if it’s age-related stuff, I go with NAD+. CoQ10, I think across the board has been shown to be beneficial. I do think the NeoQ10 is probably one of the best ones out there. I also like Life Extension, the PQQ one, they’re listed on my website. I do think melatonin, I’ll add that in if there’s sleep issues.

I also do the DUTCH test on many of my clients and I can see their status of glutathione, which N-acetyl cysteine is the precursor to glutathione, I can see their melatonin status, I can see their antioxidant load, and then I make decisions based on that. The DUTCH test tells me so much, and I think you should work with a practitioner that’s actually looking at these things. I mean, if you don’t have the resources to do that, then I want you to think about, okay, I got to make sure I maximize my nutrition and reduce my oxidation load, so reduce my exposure to oxidants thereby changing the ratio of antioxidants to oxidants in my body. That is the key, you can’t get rid of these guys, just like you can’t get rid of inflammation, you can’t get rid of histamines, it’s about a balance. We need an inflammatory response, we need histamine, those things keep us alive. We need some oxidation, it just gets the body to keep doing its thing.

Just like my spiritual teacher, Abraham, always says, you needs some contrast, because it gets you clear on what you want, and so we need that, we can’t get rid of it. So we want to think about diet first, reducing that exposure, changing our diet reduces the exposure, changing our lifestyle reduces the exposure, increasing your vegetable intake, eating good quality fats, eating good quality proteins, and that’s about it. Limiting your exposure to all the other toxins in the food, right there you’re already changing your ratio significantly. Then you add in supplements. Some girls I’ll recommend alternating, do your MitoCORE one day and then your prenatal the next day, or do CoQ10 and then alpha-lipoic acid, CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, because I am just not a fan of over supplementation. I think it can be exhaustive and very expensive, and the proof is in the pudding, I have not been sold yet on any one antioxidant.

I think myo-inositol might be my favorite antioxidant, just because I feel like the net is large on what it can capture, and then I think CoQ10 is the most studied. I love inositol cystine for immune system stuff, again, when I do the DUTCH if I see glutathione low, I’ll go to N-acetyl cysteine, I love NAD+ for this aging thing. I think it’s really fascinating what the NAD+ does, the research is fascinating. And then again, sperm health. Same thing, we can’t talk about egg quality and ultimately embryo quality if we don’t address sperm health. And so again, same thing, we got to reduce their oxidative exposures, improve their antioxidant rich diet, add in anti-inflammatory antioxidant, again, acetol L-carnitine has been the most studied, there’s also zinc selenium and L-carnitine, those all have shown significant improvements in concentration, motility, and morphology, and then also decreases in DNA fragmentation, if you have done that test.

So again, I’ll go to MitoCORE, I like the E3Live. So I do MitoCORE, E3Live, liver, good quality fish oil. There is the FH PRO for Men, which also is a very good product that does one stop shopping. So if you’re a guy, my husband takes the MitaCORE every day and his E3Live and he enjoys that, it’s fine for him, but if your guy only wants to take from one bottle, I would go with the FH PRO for Men. I don’t have FH PRO, I don’t think necessarily, on my website, I was just watching, like I said, a bunch of research this morning and looking at their products, and maybe shifting my viewpoint a little bit because I am very much an anal retentive person about the quality of the vitamins and where they are getting them from, and then also the testing, are they third-party tested, are we making sure there’s no heavy metals, no fillers, no anything else that’s disruptive to the microbiome, to the gut health, to inflammation in the body, because you don’t have any vitamin E and vitamin D supplements out there are made in soy oil?

Check all your vitamins, make sure there’s no soy oil, because soy oil is one of the most omega-6 rich fatty acids that will be pro-inflammatory, pro-oxidizing in your body, but yet you’re taking vitamin E or vitamin D antioxidants, you’re not getting anywhere with those supplements, you’re getting nowhere, you’re probably getting negative effects, so make sure. And so back in the day there were certain companies that I never stood behind because of the quality of the ingredients they were using, and the carrier oils they were using in making these products, and some have changed for the better, so I’m allowed to change my tune, because everybody’s allowed to evolve and grow.

But just make sure, you want to think about where can I decrease that oxidation load, where can I increase it nutritionally, and the supplements are the drizzles, the cherry on top, they are not the game changer, especially if you have a poor quality diet or a poor quality lifestyle. If you’re majorly stressed and you’re not sleeping, it does not matter what antioxidants you’re taking, because the stress and the lack of sleep are going to oxidase the shit out of you, so you have to think about this as a wholistic approach. It is not taking 600 milligrams of CoQ10 and 2000 milligrams of myo-inositol to get better egg quality, that is misinformation and whoever has put it out there is wrong in saying that. You have to start with reducing your exposure, increasing your exposure nutritionally, then adding in the supplements. That’s how it works. You cannot absorb supplements if you have a shitty digestive track, if you have leaky gut or inflammation, those supplements are a waste of money.

So it’s a holistic approach, it’s the approach that I address in all of my books. Most importantly, most recently, in my book The Egg Quality Diet, so if you want to take a deeper dive into this conversation, check out The Egg Quality Diet, it’s literally 100 days of menus for what you should eat to improve your air quality, and then layered in, there’s shopping lists, there’s recipes of course, there’s research in the beginning about the approach and why, there’s a ton of testimonials, but also layered in as an incredibly valuable resources page that comes free with the book, where I have basically… I mean, I’ve also given you all PDFs in there, you can download all the recipes, you can download and print out your shopping list for the week, there’s also tons of videos and content that I’ve curated, like my best of the best, basically, that you get actually access to all in one stop shopping. There’s recommended reading, There’s so much more, this is so much more than a $15 book, it’s legitimately hundreds of dollars of content in one book.

So if you want to take a deeper dive on that and look into your egg quality and how you can improve your eye quality, please do so. But you will notice too that there’s a part of the diet where I remove all supplementation for 11 days, and I do that on purpose. People freak out, you can do whatever you want. There’s videos on the website of the book that go along with the book that talk you through each phase and why I do what I do, and that you are human and you do the best you can do, but I remove supplements a lot of times when I first start working with people because I don’t know what’s going on with what, and I got to first fix the inflammation, I’ve got to fix the system first. I got to get the system back in homeostasis, back to absorbing micronutrients, back to not being in fight or flight, but starting to thrive. And then we layer in the supplements, and they will do so much better or for you.

So there you have it, there’s my talk on antioxidants. Again, I do think they exist, they’re awesome, I personally take NAD+ every day, by Elysium Health, I take myo-inositol, I alternate it with N-acetyl cysteine, I do that. I also have myo-inositol in my prenatal by Full Circle, which I take. I take liver pills every day, I take fermented cod liver oil every day, I take vitamin D. What else do I take? I think that’s it. I can’t even remember now. Vitamin D, probiotics, I take the C probiotic right now, I’m playing around. Probiotics, vitamin D, fish oil, NAD, and then I alternate N-acetyl cysteine and myo-inositol, sis I say liver? Because I definitely take liver every day, and there you have it, yes. And I took my genetic age last week, and I happened to be 11 and a half years younger, genetically, than I am chronologically. And that is all in part to my diet and my lifestyle, and probably some of my supplementation.

So anyway, there you have it. Check out my latest book, The Egg Quality Diet, go to AimeeRaupp.com/books, you can get all the information there. Again, remember it’s so much more than a book, it comes with an entire website of information for you that is literally hundreds of dollars in value. And yeah, dive in, I’m excited to hear feedback, and keep your eyes and ears out too because I want to start collecting data on people before they start the program and after to see the impacts of genetic age shifting on the program, because we’re starting to survey just the women that I’ve been working with one-on-one and we’re seeing on average that there’s at least a five-year genetic age shift down, so you’re getting five years genetically younger from following a program like this for eight to 12 weeks. Ideally you’re following it for at least three months, ideally it becomes a lifestyle, which it has for me, which is why I’m genetically 11 and a half years younger than my current age. Is that crazy or what?

Okay, I’ll see you guys later, have a wonderful day. AimeeRaupp.com/books and yeah, ciao for now. Let me see, you know what, actually I didn’t go through questions. Let me see, love you girl, you guys are great. Sorry. Will this be [inaudible 00:31:58] later, how do we measure our antioxidant ox levels? It is not in blood work. Sorry, I realized I was saying goodbye, but I didn’t answer questions, so let me do that. It is not in blood work, typically you can do what’s called a micronutrient panel or the Neutroval that give you ideas or feedback on your CoQ10 status, and basically your omega-3 status, so you can get an idea. CRP and homocysteine are the best measures in general blood work for inflammatory markers, so how inflamed you are.

Hi, Margaret Thorn, if a quality issue in eggs or sperm is chromosomal, can that be improved? 100%, because the chromosomal issue happens in division. So abnormal cellular division comes from poor quality eggs and sperm, and that’s how you get chromosomal issues. If you have an inherited genetic issue that is heritable, which only 5% of diseases are heritable, so think muscular dystrophy is a heritable disease, those girls have to do IVF with PGS testing, they create probes, to make sure you don’t carry, that’s a carrier for a heritable disease. Everything else, only 5% of diseases are heritable, everything else is happening when egg and sperm meet and they divide, and what the research is showing, so it’s a very good question, what the research is showing is that these antioxidants are improving how the cells divide, so they’re basically making healthier embryos because what these antioxidants are doing are improving cellular division. When cellular division is abnormal, that’s when we have chromosomal abnormalities.

You guys are so cute, what brand of NMN. So I already mentioned it, it’s on my website, go to AimeeRaupp.com under recommended supplements, it’s the Elysium. What about FSH of 130 and losing your period at 37? So again, that’s premature ovarian failure, or insufficiency. There is a lot of data that suggests it’s an inflammatory response and or has auto-immune links. I would absolutely try my egg quality diet and see if it shifts. I’ve dealt with a handful of women, I’d say, that were premature ovarian failure, we’ve reversed it, and they have gone on to have healthy children. I have one that is still in the process, but she will do it. I take mine without the capsule, which is typically GMO. You can do that too. Okay, so brands, you go to my website, AimeeRaupp.com, under my recommended supplements.

Yeah, so smoking is the number one no good for anybody. Look at the research, I would find some research. Google smoking and sperm issues, and show him some of the articles. I’m reading your book and a little confused on supplements, many are out of stock. I think Full Circle, might’ve been out of stock, it’s back in stock. Liver, Dr. Ron’s is out of stock, but Ancestral and Vital Proteins are both in stock. Yeah, so thank you, Beth, for answering that. Okay, okay, and let me go through Instagram, see if there’s any questions here, and then I do actually have to go because I have a coaching call, and I need to eat my lunch. Let’s see.

And if you guys want to know more about how I do all the things I do, watch me on Instagram, because I constantly am posting in stories of what my lunch looks like, my exercise, my things. Oh, the one thing I forgot to mention is I do also take melatonin at night for sleep, and I freaking love it, so that is another antioxidant that I take. And again, all brands recommended supplements are on my website. Which of your books is best for meal plans? The Egg Quality Diet. How the heck can I get a consultation with you? Email my team, email info@AimeeRaupp.com. Do you think DHEA is necessary to improve fertility? Again, I use the DUTCH to see what DHEA levels are like and whether or not we need to use it.

I do not think every single person should be on DHEA, I think that’s reckless recommendations, just like recommending everybody to be on Vitex, I think that’s reckless. DIM is another reckless recommendation that if you’re not testing and you know exactly where the estrogens are and which ones are moving down which pathway and which ones you need to help support or clear, you should not be making these recommendations. So I use the DUTCH test to get clear with all of my clients on DHEA status, on estrogen, progesterone, estrogen status, how things are moving down which pathway, methylation status, organic acids. Can we use Egg Quality Diet for endo? Absolutely, that’s literally honestly why it was created, and then I started seeing it work for everybody, so yes, even if you’re not trying to conceive.

So the vitamin A question came up on Facebook as well, read, I think Beth posted, I did a whole live on vitamin A and safety, so you can Google that and you will see it. What’s your opinion on alcohol affecting sperm quality? I mean it’s clear, excessive alcohol cigarette smoking, overweight, poor sedentary lifestyle, all severely impact sperm quality. They say five to eight drinks a week for a man is perfectly fine, excess of that is going to impact things. If you have a clean diet and I think a higher alcohol intake and you’re on good supplements, I think you can weigh it out a little bit so you can pick and choose your battles, good quality alcohol when they drink it, make sure it’s organic, ideally gluten free.

Okay, NAD okay, again, did you only recommend MitoCORE for men or for women too? For both. It really just depends on the case and what we’re trying to achieve. Someone asked and NMN, it’s on my website. Okay, for PCOS, just read the Egg Quality Diet. So in the UK, just search NAD+ on your Amazon and see what comes up. Do you recommend NAD for men? NAD Life Extension ships to the UK, will soy oil be listed on the package? It will. In other ingredients, it will be there. I like the wholesome story of myo-inositol, that’s what I take, actually. Egg Quality Diet is fire. Okay, if you The Egg Quality Diet, please, please, please go leave a review for The Egg Quality Diet on Amazon, I really would appreciate that. I come to you guys live every week and I spew a shit ton of free information, do me a solid, leave me a review for The Egg Quality Diet, it helps me so much, thank you.

Your book’s so much less overwhelming than It Starts With the Egg, well thank you so much, I appreciate that. What’s a genetic age test. What does it tests for? Cool. It just takes biomarkers from a standard physical, and you plug it into a thing, it’s called the Horvath analysis, this guy has been researching it, and there’s always Harvard research going on about it, and you plug it in and it gives you what your genetic age is. Okay, so I’m not going to… okay. Any good study? I would just Google alcohol and sperm, there’s tons of stuff out there. Does a vegan diet effects sperm quality? I think it can, yes, just like it can affect female egg quality. I think you can have a latte for your birthday, just try to make it organic and clean, low sugar. Okay, so that’s it guys. Now I’m really going to go, I’m going to eat my lunch before my one o’clock call, muah, muah, muah, love you guys, I’ll see you next week. Thank you.

End transcript.

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