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Ask Aimee Anything: All things FERTILITY Q&A {Part 2}

All of YOUR burning questions about fertility are answered here! If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Part 1, where Aimee answers even MORE of your most pressing fertility questions!

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.


Woo! Hi everyone. It's me again. I'm in a different outfit, so you know it's another day. Lots and lots of video time with all of you this week and I'm so excited. Right now is a story… I'm sorry, it is not a Story of Hope. Right now is my Instagram Live, my regular Thursday Instagram Live.

I want this to be a live Q&A where you're going to ask me questions and I am going to answer them and tell you how The Yes, You Can Get Pregnant E-Course can benefit you. What I would like you all to do is instead of asking questions in the comments, can you ask questions in the question box? Because then it's really helpful, everybody gets to see the question being answered as I answer it. So you see that little circle with the question mark in it, you hit that and then you're going to ask some questions.

You're going to type out your question. As those questions start to roll in, and what I'm going to do is kind of show you what it looks like, I have to clean these glasses to be a part of my weekly Q&A in my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant E-Course private community, which I was just. I was just there for an hour and two minutes answering 47 questions from the women in my community. How many? Yeah, 45 questions from the women in my community.

That took me an hour and two minutes to really fully support every single woman and her questions. Questions ranging from, “I'm preparing for another FET. How do I keep my mindset?” Or, “I've been doing the diet for this long. What kind of adjustments can I make?” To, “I just have another miscarriage. What the fuck? I need some words of wisdom.” To, “I'm having ovulatory pain. What can that mean? What test can I do?” To, “My thyroid looked like this, but my doc… What more tests do I need?”

So if you could imagine you could have access to something like that every single week with me, 20 years of clinical experience, that alone is worth the ticket to entry for The Yes, You Can Get Pregnant E-Course for the basic. Don't forget that we have the seven pay option, which makes it $257 a month for seven months, which is really reasonable in my humble opinion. I know fertility treatments are expensive, but if you go through and listen to all my stories of hopes, not even just the ones I did this week and I'm doing this week, there's two more today where we will give out two more scholarships. There's one at 1:00 PM Eastern Time and one at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

You will see how much money has been saved by their work with me and my team on supplements and on less fertility treatments, less need for intervention because we get shit done faster is basically how it goes down. So I really want you to think about that, that the investment in you now right here is going to save you time, money, and tears. 100%. Of course, I can't guarantee a pregnancy, nobody can.

But I can tell you that the statistics show 65% of women who dive in and do the work with me and with my program have their babies either in their bellies at 20 weeks or more pregnant. I don't count a successful pregnancy until 20 weeks. That's my rule of thumb. I don't do a Story of Hope on a case until they're 20 weeks. I have seen losses after 20 weeks and they absolutely suck, but they are pretty rare.

But within 18 months, these women are either 20 plus weeks pregnant or have this baby 30 plus weeks pregnant or in their arms. The statistics I think speak for it themselves. That's a much higher statistic than IVF and it's much cheaper than IVF. $1,400 and what the plan and The Yes, You Can Get Pregnant E-Course is meant to do, how it's set up to treat literally every possible fertility challenge that exists is because it's a foundational program. It's going to reset your nervous system, it's going to reset your gut health, reset your immune system so that you can move forward and achieve the success however it is you are going after that.

Whether you're going to do an IUI or an IVF or you're going to continue to try naturally, but it also takes the guesswork out of it for you. Because most of you are taking every single supplement you've read about in all the other books, including my books. That's overwhelming and it's freaking expensive. I guarantee you, you're spending more than $257 a month on supplements. Let me lessen that load for you and enjoy my community. Yeah, what do you say? Before I get into the questions, I see them rolling in. Thank you very much.

Reminder everyone, this is going to be a live Q&A and I'm going to treat it like a weekly Q&A in my private Yes, You Can Get Pregnant E-Course community so you can get a sense of how it works and a sense of my knowledge base because it's extensive. But going through the stories of hope, I was really contemplating this and I just posted a reel on it this morning. I made the reel after contemplating this yesterday.

I was out for a short run and then walking. The three things that I see in common with the women that have had the success that you were all dreaming of is one, they found a practitioner that they align with who believes in them.

That's still number one. Two, they surrounded themselves in a tribe of women, in a community that they feel seen, they feel heard, they feel understood. Three, they stepped into their power and they asked for what they fucking need. They advocated for themselves. They did not take no for an answer. They did not buy into the fact that they can not change their fertility. Because you actually can. You can change, you can improve, you can transform, you can get better with age, you can improve your egg quality, you can improve your AMH, you can improve your FSH. Not that those things really make a difference when it comes to getting pregnant, but you guys, they matter.

Questions need to go in the question box. Okay? Everybody questions need to go in the question boxes. I'm not going to answer anything in the comments. I love you, but it just keeps me more organized.

Those three things, a clinician that they align with that believes in them, a community that they feel safe and trusted in that they can go to and know that they're going to get good advice, good solid foundational advice and support. Three, that they advocated for themselves.

Those seem to be the three clinchers. It's not diet, it's not supplement. Those things are important. And if I had to add a fourth, I would say that they treated the diet, the lifestyle, the supplement protocol as a means of nourishment and self love rather than as a means of I have to do this to get the baby because I'm broken. Because you're not broken, you never were. If someone told you that, you better drop them from your team.

Okay, I'm going to get in to the questions. What happened? Okay. Tap a question. Everyone watching will see it on the screen. Okay. “For insulin resistance, what do you suggest?” So that's a very broad based question, but I think the big things are I would be on two to four grams of Myo-inositol every single day. I would make sure you're eating 80+ grams of protein a day, not going longer than two to three hours without eating protein. I would make sure you're getting carbs in the form of vegetables and not grains. Those would be my biggest. And of course, and also ample sleep and exercise. Moving your body.

“Have you heard of doing PRP to rejuvenate one's eggs?” I have done it myself, yes. “If so, what's your opinion on it?” I love it. I'm a huge fan of it. I love Dr. Murphy at Rejuvenating Fertility Center. He's got a ton of research on it. It is showing to improve ovarian in response if you're doing IVF but also improving egg quality. Positive ANA, but workups show no autoimmune. Doctor says not an issue. Does the course address this topic?

100% it does. And I'd say this lovingly that a lot of doctors say that and I just don't believe them from all that I've seen. If there's a positive ANA, there's something going on. And I would also ask, have you done the Pregmune? That's the test I would look into the most deeply, especially if you've had multiple losses. But yes, my course really gets into… Like I said earlier, it is a foundational course, it is about healing the immune system, healing the gut, healing the nervous system. Those three major pillars will help your body with managing mental, emotional, physical inflammation, which is at the root of most fertility challenges.

I'm in Canada. Can you suggest alternate products? We do. We have product lists for women all over the world. On my website you might be able to find the Aimee-approved list for Canada, you have to go to Aimee's recommended… Let me just see. I have lists on here. Yeah, I said to email us at info@aimeeraupp.com and we will send you Aimee-approved list for non-US residents.

What do you all state stats with pregnancy numbers of 20 weeks but never say live births? Yeah, I think that's a good question. Most pregnancies don't end after 20 weeks. That's the truth of it's very rare to lose a pregnancy after 20 weeks. Not to say I haven't seen it, but I've seen it in 18 years in practice. I've seen four losses after 20 weeks. Only four. Three were this last year. Two were this year, one was last year and then one prior.

Yeah. That's why we all do that, because after 20 weeks we pretty much can take a deep breath. We've gotten through all the testing, we've done the anatomy scans. Typically, those babies come home. What seems to make the most difference for POI cases? Or do you see it with diagnosis? It's different for everyone.

I think it's different for everyone. But it really is about kind of what I was saying, the foundation of resetting the nervous system, resetting the gut and resetting the overall level of inflammation in the body and the immune system. A lot of times there's two things involved in POI. There's the nervous system piece and the gut piece and then rectifying that usually shifts women.

I do have straight up POI cases. I was talking to one last night, she's trying for number two. She first came to me at 32, her FSH was an 80. We did of course do the diet and she did all the things of course but the mindset was what we really saw significant reductions in her fsh. We never got her FSH below. I think it was a 30, when conceived just so you know and a healthy baby boy. And so now her FSH still remains in the thirties and she menstruates fairly regularly.

But really, it's the mindset piece for her. She has everything else on lockdown, but stress triggers her body to go into hibernation. I'm talking kind of regular day to day stress. It's just when it's intense and it really accumulates. And so for her it's this really serious nervous system reset.

Sorry. What do you think of numbers are going opposite direct? When blood work repeated recently, TSH went from 1.3 to 2.7, A1C, 5.2 to 5 before after starting metformin. I just think then there's something else taking a toll on the system. That's what I would think about. But they also say you could test TSH multiple times in one day and it'll be all over the place. I think the same with A1C especially. You need to be fasting for that. But it could be you're just kind of in this reregulating period and so the numbers went up because the body's acclimating to the new things and then it's going to come back down.

I tried castor oil packs last cycle, had spotting every day until I stopped. Is this normal? Should I persevere? The first things I think of, I mean of course say you were in my weekly Q&A, maybe I'd have a little more insight on your case. But the first thing I would ask is okay, or the first thing I would say is this is a sign of stagnation and I think your body's clearing it out. I don't think that's a bad thing because we don't want the stagnation in there, we want it out.

I would probably continue, I would also ask more questions. If you were in my community of what is your period normally, do you spot before your period? Is it heavy? Is it light? Do you have pain, do you have clots, do you have anything like that? And then that would give me more insight of like okay, so this is a stagnation case, this is very Chinese medicine. And so yeah I would continue. Or some women are just super sensitive to the castor oil.

So one of my cases, she wasn't getting spotting, she was getting diarrhea every time she did it. So I had her cut the amount of castor oil she used in half, just a little bit less. And that made the difference. She stopped getting the diarrhea. So you could play around with that too.

With MTHFR, is it okay to only have methyl folate as supplements for fertility? Yeah, I don't recommend folic acid. Is that what you're asking? Is it okay to have only methyl folate as supplements for fertility? Yes. When there's MTHFR, I also always think about we need extra choline, we typically need extra B12 and we definitely need extra methyl folate.

I've had three miscarriages prior to eight weeks. I know I need further testing. What could be the cause? Regular blood work came back normal. You need a complete miscarriage panel and clotting factor panel. Again, if you were in my course, I have a whole list easy for my patients to just download, printout and bring to their doctor and be like, “This is what I need.” So I would do a complete clotting factor panel. I would also really dig into all the resources I have or join the E-course because I really do… Again, addressing the foundation is going to help reset the nervous system, reset the immune system, reset the gut. Those three things are always at the root of recurrent pregnancy loss.

And then of course, we probably need a deeper dive into blood work. You could also look at the pregnant testing and then get those results. And I'm sorry for your losses. It sucks.

Do you recommend any stool tests for… It's not my area of expertise, I'm learning more and more. But one of the coaches on our team, Carrie Hart is… All my coaches are acupuncturists, all my fertility coaches. Then we also have a fertility trauma coach who is a psychotherapist. But all my fertility coaches are acupuncturists and herbalist and then we all have different area of expertise.

Carrie comes to us with an area of expertise in functional medicine. So she is doing the GI map on a lot of our clients right now and then doing additional consults with them. When you are a part of our course and our community, that is available to you that we could… Of course it's an extra cost, but you'd have to pay for your testing, then you'd pay for a consult with Carrie to go over the GI math. We do that with the Dutch test. I do those, we do that with genetics. If you work one on one with a coach, then that's already… You can do the deeper dive and you could request to work with Carrie since she's doing the functional medicine testing.

Thyroid levels on the low end of normal, TSH is very low. Increasing NP causes tachycardia. If my doctor is not helping balances further, can you help with this? What would I need to advocate for? Yeah, so again, I think about absorption issues and micronutrient deficiencies. Like the thyroid needs zinc and selenium to function properly. I would think about making sure that you were tested for Hashimotos. So I would say, have you gotten a complete thyroid panel? I want to see what is your free T3? What is your free T4? What are your thyroid antibodies? Maybe we need to try a different thyroid medicine. That could be it too.

I would try Tirosint or I would try Armour and perhaps that's it as well. Which supplements do you suggest to better improve sperm motility and shape? So I do have a whole healthy daddy diet that is really accessible to all of my E-course students, but there is also a blog and a post on it. My basics are liver, spirulina, a good multi or mitochondrial support. I like MitoCORE. So those are usually my three and then fish oil. And then a lot of the girls in my community, again, I was just there, a lot of the partners we encourage to do the diet and lifestyle changes with them and we will see major differences in sperm.

My period is really light, lasting one day with spotting. Will this E-course help? Yes, absolutely. Again, we're healing you at the foundational level. Foundational level. When periods are really light, it's a sign of mal-absorption or underweight or undereating. And then also, that the nervous system is usually in high gear. And so we really need to reset the gut and we need to reset the nervous system. When we do that and then come in with support and just feminine energy and I address all of those pieces in the course. So absolutely. I've had five miscarriages and the last three, my blood pressure dropped, passed out. What should I do?

You have to see a hematologist and you need to get the Pregmune testing done and you should look into my E-course because again, resetting your body on all the levels, gut, mental emotional health, nervous system, immune system will help your body get what it needs to get and to stay pregnant. Just to reiterate what my team says, please post the questions in the question box, not in the comment section.

Do you have pregnant women who were on Armour and Senna through pregnancy? Yeah, it depends. Not every doctor likes anything with T3 once you are pregnant and so you might switch to Tirosint or Synthroid. Just depends though. I myself take Armor and I have girls on Armour as well in their pregnancies.

47 years old, 12 days late for a period. First time this is late. Tested negative. Start of Peri. I always joke, we're all in perimenopause the second we start menstruating, we inch closer to perimenopause. You could just be having an off cycle, you could have had a delayed ovulation. That doesn't mean it's over for you. I think what happens is and I'm the same age and I can see my sensitivities now, stress impacts me more than it used to. I was more resilient in the sense of maybe stress wouldn't delay a cycle.

Now, it can actually. And so I just have to be more resilient with how I take care of myself and my screen time and my sleep and my self care. But also, ovulating late doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. Again, posting on the comments I'm not going to answer. You have to post in the question box my love. Do you have pregnant women? I already answered that question. Can you recommend… Okay, why is it not…

Can second trimester losses be due to autoimmune problems? Yes. Doctor says it's probably due to incompetent cervix. So get a cerclage next time, roll that out. But no, I mean you also have to get, if you have an… I'm sorry, it just absolutely sucks. But you need an autopsy and you need to know why. There's usually placental issues or antibody issues attacking the placenta. Of course it could be just totally a rare thing, but there's a real uptick in them the last two years.

Makes me wonder about certain things. There's no data so I can't and I won't say it out loud, but yeah, you want to dig deeper. You do. And I'm really sorry for your loss. Again, tying it back to the E-course, like this is where support community, a trusted clinician, staying out of Dr. Google can be so helpful because you guys are all severely traumatized by this process and by all the things you're going through. It leads to complete overwhelm and consumption of every single bit of information out there which can really lead to confusion and chaos in your body and is not healthy for your nervous system and does not set you up for success for achieving this dream baby.

Really thinking about those three pillars I was talking about in the beginning, that finding a clinician that aligns with you and that believes in you, supporting yourself with a tribe of women, a community who gets you where you feel heard, you feel seen, you feel held and advocating for yourself.

Turning 40. Plan to egg freeze. Type two diabetic overweight with regular periods, what test and prep needed? I would do the egg quality diet and… If you join the E-course and it's also a great place for all this information, we're all doing the fertility reboot together starting in a couple of weeks and you get that free with joining the E-course and extra support from me and my team while you do it.

DNA fragmentation tests I think are super smart, especially if we're still having problems, maybe making healthy embryos or getting pregnant. The DNA frag is so much more information than the regular semen analysis. However, my recommendations still stand. Whether you have the DNA frag or not, I'm going to put the partners on the healthy daddy diet and it always improves sperm even if sperm already was good to begin with.

Can you do the Dutch Test while you were doing long protocol? Just using Gonapeptyl injection similar to Lupron? No, you need to do the Dutch Test six to seven days post ovulation. You can't be on meds doing it. It won't be an accurate read. It's a waste of money.

Should castor oil packs be stopped when ovulation starts? Yes. Just Google Aimee Raupp and castor oil and you will get all the information. Nine weeks pregnant with my second. I'm Rh-. My first was Rh+. You asked the question last night and then I went to answer it and now all those questions had disappeared because I missed the 24 hour window. I think it was you. But someone asked about positive, negative. I'm worried this could somehow affect my body's response to pregnancy at some point.

Yeah, the worry is that you'll create auto antibodies against the baby or vice versa that usually it's you. The RhoGAM shot solves for that. So you just get that shot. I would also really think about though following an autoimmune paleo type of diet in pregnancy, a really anti-inflammatory diet. Look at Lily Nichols book, Real Food for Pregnancy. That's what I would follow.

Did you treat patients with ectopic? I'm ovulating every other cycle. Any recommendations? Yes, of course ectopics are something I see. And an ovulatory or irregular ovulation are definitely things that this course addresses. Again, going back to the foundation. When I treat from the foundation and not to sound obnoxious, I don't mean it like this, but you can treat anything that's going wrong with the endocrine system. You'll come back to the foundation, you reset the gut, you reset the nervous system, you reset the immune system and you will see the body transform and you will see fertility thrive. You will see cycle shift, you will see cycles improved. You will see hormone shift, you will see hormones improve, you will see so much transformation. Plus you'll be in a support area. It's just yes, yes, I've worked with it and yes I have helped it.

I'm 100 pounds overweight but unable to lose weight even with guided doctor led diets. Will this E-course help with resistant weight loss or if my cycles are regular and I'm ovulating. The obesity is not a major issue. One of the stories of hope we just did about what? Two weeks ago, she had PCOS and she is overweight. I think she's about 300 pounds or high twos. We made healthy embryos. She has a healthy pregnancy. She followed my equality diet, she did all my things and her weight didn't budge, but her inflammation markers went down tremendously.

Her health transformed, her cycles, did regulate. She was PCOS and had irregular cycles. That's not you and healthy pregnancy. She's 30 weeks or so pregnant right now. We do have a rule of thumb in my group of healthy at any weight and honestly, I'm more concerned about underweight than overweight for a lot of cases, especially if health is in check on all the other levels.

But yeah, I think if your cycles are regular and you are healthy on all the other levels, the obesity is not as major of an issue. How much of a concern should endocrine disruptors be? Huge concern. I have a whole module dedicated to lifestyle overhaul. It is extremely important to overhaul your bath beauty household products. Those endocrine disrupting agents are fucking with your fertility 100000%. The research is there, it's very solid.

Should thyroid levels be between one and 2.5 before starting IVF? Yes. Will we be able to ask questions in the E-course if we can't make the Live? Yes. So how it always works is I go live no matter what on Thursdays at 11:00 AM Eastern Time. About three days before we post a question box in our private community and everybody posts their questions. When I go live in that community, everyone is off video and everyone is muted except for me.

So no one's asking questions live. The questions all have come in beforehand and I go through and answer them. Sometimes if I know you're on and I need clarity on a certain question, I'll say, “Hey, can you clarify what cycle day was that? When did that happen? Or did your doctor also test for this? Can you get me that lab result?” And if you're not on, I'll just say, “Hey, when you watch this later, will you post in the comments and let me know the answer to this question.” We make it work. We have women all over the world, all different time zones, all different lives that are too busy and it works itself out. You get the support you need if you show up for yourself.

Okay. What time is it? Okay, I'm going to spend 10 more minutes guys and then I'm going to go, because I have a Story of Hope at one o'clock and I want to eat and kind of meditate before that.

I'm 42 and we aren't ready to try naturally cause I want to optimize my fertility by freezing eggs and embryos. I started reading your book, which is amazing, but what would you recommend we do to start with this journey? Join the E-course. I would honestly, because you'd get all the support, you'd have everything lined up so you could get everything you needed for this journey to be a success and for you to spend the least amount of money in doing all of these steps. Join the E-course because I take the guesswork out. And if you don't feel like joining the E-course and you're a self starter, then read both. Yes, you can get pregnant and the egg quality diet, follow me here and incorporate all of my tips.

Okay. Had my first egg retrieval last week. Got 20 eggs, 16 mature, but only eight fertilized. Have you seen success even with low fertilization? 100%, yes. Can you do the GI map while you're taking LDN? Yes. Or do you need to stop it? There are some meds they ask you to stop during the testing. Again, GI map is not my area of expertise, but I just have everybody follow the recommendations of when to stop. If you do need to stop stuff, it's usually just for three days or so. It's not a lot of time.

Have been doing the fertility diet for just over a week and starting on your recommended supplements. My liver just arrived. How many capsules do you recommend? I thought you said two, but labels says four. Yeah, about 1,500 milligrams. It just depends. Every container is different. 1,500 milligrams.

If we follow your course, how often do we have to get blood work? That's on you. So I know there's courses out there where it's like a six month program. I just was talking with one of my girls who did one of these six month programs and felt severely let down by it and spent a lot of money. I'm not going to name the program because I know the practitioners and I respect them, but I don't know them that well but I know of them.

My program is I'm going to recommend labs for you to do and then it's on you. Unless you're coaching with me or one of my coaches where we've done a deep dive and then you have access to that coach directly, but if you're just doing the basic and you are coming to the weekly Q&As and asking questions, you could report to me, “I just got my labs done and my iron's a little lower, my thyroid is this or my D is this, what do you recommend?” And then I would say, “I want you to do X, Y, and Z for the next two to three months and then retest.” So it really is a case by case basis and that's where…

I do that on purpose because a really big piece of my program is you taking back the power, you becoming your own advocate. Whereas a lot of other programs test the shit out of you, create these programs for you but then… Kind of over-manage you but then don't set you up for success because when the program's over, you don't know what to do. I do the opposite. I really trust my students and I give you all the information and then I'm there for you to bounce things off of and I'm there to guide and support you. And then if I feel like you really need extra guidance and support or you really want it, then you add on additional coaching with one of my coaches and you get a deep dive and a real plan. But you can also set up the plan on your own and you bring your questions to the weekly Q&As and I help you navigate that.

Is there a personal aspect to this course? That's exactly what I just said. So to get, again, it is highly personalized because you're going to take your quiz, you're going to do the diet, you're going to figure out your triggers, you're going to reintroduce how I tell you, you're going to really figure out your fertility diet, you're going to figure out your triggers, you're going to get your blood work and figure out your results and how things need to be tweaked.

But some people do really well just doing that all on their own. And then some people want to just add in one 60 minute coaching session with one of my coaches and get an even clearer plan. But what I do recommend to a lot of people, even the ones who are joining right now that are just doing the basic, I want you to go through the entire course. I want you to spend a couple of months doing the course. We're all going to do the reboot together, really understanding, learning your body and then take a deeper dive with the coach if that feels necessary at that point. A lot of women who just do the course see major transformations in just doing that piece and don't need the individualized attention. But then there's a lot of women who really want that individualized attention.

And then of course if you did the group coaching or if you did coaching with me, there's a deeply personalized aspect. The group is a beautiful place to also go because you get two individual coaching sessions, one individual mental health coaching session and then three group sessions. Two led by me, one led by our psychotherapist and the two led by me, how I run it is what I call a fertility hot seat basically. You get 10 minutes with me and we just kind of hammer out all the things. Also with the knowing that you've already worked with my coach so I know your whole case and so I can really spitfire.

Is it necessary to read the books before joining the E-course? No, not necessarily. I think it can be helpful and I think it's like a college course you would want to read the textbooks or at least have them to access. But in some parts too, you'll see in module two, I'm like, “Your fertile body.” And then I go into this whole thing. I'm like, “Listen, the basics are in the book. If you're willing to know, the basics are in the book.” But I'm not going to spend my time on the basics of a menstrual cycle. I want to spend my time on the high level stuff, the stuff that's not in the book and that's the course.

The course is literally the stuff that's not in the book. And that's 15 hours of content. It's a lot of content. Taking Wobenzym for four months, fibroids continue to grow. Taking three times PET today. So are you doing the diet? How's your stress levels? How's your nervous system? That's the stuff I would check in on. What's your thyroid doing? Vitamin D, are you absorbing? What's your gut? So I would look at all that stuff because Wobenzym is one part of it. Are you doing the castor oil packs or are you doing acupuncture? Are you doing Chinese herbs? There's something else going on if they're continuing to grow.

I've had a ton of loss this year including a miscarriage at five weeks. I'm active in trauma therapy and follow your egg quality diet, which has helped regulate my cycles greatly. Thank you. I'm happy to hear that. I feel like my nervous system is still regulating from all the loss I've started meditating too. What am I missing? Frequency and consistency is what I always say.

So frequency and consistency, perhaps a group, maybe the group support would be really helpful for you. Sharing and being heard and seeing could be a really helpful piece. Keep with the therapy. EMDR, I'm a huge fan of. You're probably doing that if you're with a trauma therapist and just really resetting your nervous system. I have a whole section at the lifestyle section where I really get into major tips to regulate the nervous system. Really dedicate a lot of time to that in the E-course. That alone could be highly valuable to you.

Ferritin should be above a 40. When Ferritin's low, it's iron storage. I think about absorption and I think about building blood. The liver pills would be highly helpful here. Of course, resetting the gut so you improve absorption would be exactly where I would start. Oh my god, there's a lot of questions here. Wow guys. Okay. I'm going to give you five more minutes and then I have to go my loves.

Okay, trying to conceive. Have POI, no cycle, but lots of cervical mucus. Should you have sex every two to three days? You could use the mirror or the UVA to really track and see if your LH is surging. That's kind of what I would do to figure it out. I would be having sex when I see the mucus, but I would also probably start monitoring so you're not like overdoing it if you will.

Does progesterone increase the day after ovulation? Not usually. It's about two to three days when it really starts to peak up. It's usually it kind of dips one day and then starts to rise and then really rises. That can be a low progesterone, which could impact implantation. But as long as it rises by that third day, then I'm pretty happy. If it doesn't, then I think about okay, that's not a good quality egg. The corpus luteum isn't healthy, it's not secret enough progesterone. And I really think about juicing up the follicular phase to make a juicier egg that will then create a healthier corpus luteum, which is what secretes the progesterone.

I don't know of any herbalist. How do I know what Chinese herbs take for block tubes? You have to meet with an herbalist. So just find one, Google acupuncturist and herbalist and find one and go and do an in intake. Okay, so for vegetarians, we do have recommendations. If you have my book, the Egg Quality Diet, go to the resources page, there's a secret link in the book that leads you to the resources page. I have vegetarian recommendations right there.

If you join the E-course, we of course have them for you there too. This is just a nice comment. “I followed all of your recommendations and I believe it was the reason why my egg retrieval was so successful at the age of 39.” Well, thank you Rachel for that. Tips to maintain pregnancy with diagnosis of Hashimotos. You have to regulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. I'm sorry about your losses. You really should join the E-course because this is the bulk of the women that are in the E-course are you.

People will not only understand you, but I'm really good at solving for that. Should we have to get through a gynecologist or a fertility specialist? I'm not sure if that's a question or not. Okay.

What are your thoughts on fibroids? Can they shrink? I have seen them shrink, yes. Sorry, I'm not touching that. What are your thoughts on fibroids? Can they shrink naturally or do they need to be removed? Either/or. But I have seen them shrink and I think it's worth getting looked at to make sure they're not impacting implantation. But castor oil packs, the diet, acupuncture, Chinese herbs.

Okay. I have PCOS and fibroids. Doctors here say they can't do anything and I should be able to conceive normally. Is this true? Can I… Again, I really do come at it multifaceted with… Fibroids or stagnation. They're accumulation. They're assigned to me that there's a mal absorption issue in the body and things are accumulating. I really go back to that resetting the gut and then helping the body detox properly. And then also there are a lot of additional techniques like castor oil packs, abdominal massage, of Rego, acupuncture, Chinese herbs that can really come in and help reduce the fibroids. And even with the PCOS to help regulate the cycles.

How does the course address Hashimotos? And is there a way to get labs done with PCP OB-GYN? Refuse to do complete thyroid panels or other treatment choices? Can I get my thyroid optimal level without support from doctors due to insurance coverage? Can't exchange to a doctor that supports this. Yeah, you can. In cases like this, and I do have women that don't have a lot of access, we'll use the at home test kits like the Everlywell ones. We'll do something like that and then get you to get those results and then share them and then I can offer more tips and strategies. But also, when you get into module two, which is all about your fertile body, I give you this quiz to take, which helps you figure out the kinks in your system and how to then start to address. Hashimotos are not, I'm really looking at overall health and health leads to fertility.

Fertility is an extension of health. And so it's really, again, going back to the same thing. If there's Hashimotos, it's about resetting the immune system, resetting the gut and we will see those things improve. I have plenty of women that have active Hashimotos and high antibodies and they carry pregnancies to term.

The E-course lasts however long it takes. You never get kicked out of the E-course, Never ever, ever do you get kicked out. It doesn't end. There is pre-recorded content that is about 15 hours. There's about four to five hours of content that's bonuses. The weekly Q&As and the support community are there for however long you're there. We never kick you out. Once you get pregnant, we ask you to move to the new mama group because we don't want our women who are trying to conceive to get triggered by your pregnancy. We just kind of gently move you to another group where you still continue to get support and can ask questions.

But my course doesn't end. A lot of women will go on, have one child, they come back for their second. Some women will do the course and they get pregnant, they have a miscarriage, they need a break, they come back. Just today alone in the E-course two women have come back that I haven't heard of from in months and they just needed a break. But they never get kicked out. They come right back into the community, open arms. You never get kicked out. The course never ends. It ends when you get your baby.

When you get a positive pregnancy test, then it shifts for you. It doesn't even end. The support continues, but we put you in a different group and then you can use it again. So understand this investment, it's a one time investment, $1,400, one time investment for when I redo the course in two years, which I will, again, you get access to that. When I write a new book, you guys are going to see that first. When I start a new program, you guys get a deep discount on all those things.

My community, they're my people and they don't go anywhere and I don't ask them to leave ever, ever, ever, ever. So it's a worthwhile investment. You don't have to re-up. I don't ask you to do any of that. You might want to take deeper dives and work with a coach here and there. That's more of an investment for you. But that's it. The basic level that you purchase, you have access to for however long you want. And again, you never get kicked out.

I like this one. Do you think that doing the course for a second time will help learn new things? Absolutely. I have girls all the time that are like, “I went back to module one and I just forgot how good it was.” And like, “Oh God, it was so good to remind myself of this or that.” Or, “I went back through the lifestyle module and I realized that I was only doing half the things.” I recommend going through the course more than once. I just said that to girls in the community today, the ones that have been here since last year.

I said, “Use this as an opportunity to revisit the material because it's just such good information.” And just last year I completely revamped. I completely redid the entire course. All my girls last year got brandy new information and then this year I've added some things and it's like… So it's always changing every year too. So it really is worthwhile to go back.

Okay, so this is going to be the last one I answer. I bought all your books, but should I still take your course? I'm seeing Dr. Murphy for PRP end of October. Do you recommend that I try IVF and see if I have success or should I do your course at the same time? I think doing my course is only going to amplify your results and then you're in the community. Again, it's a worthwhile investment because it's a lifetime investment. Not that you're going to be trying to conceive for the rest of your life, but you might try for multiple children. The community and the support doesn't end once you get pregnant either. So then we're in the new mama group. So in my opinion, the course is an amazing accessory. It's cheaper than PRP.

Even if you do the seven pay plan, $257 a month for seven months is a very reasonable cost for me to help you streamline your supplements, for helping me to help you navigate conversations with your doctor who also your doctor happens to be one of my closest friends. That's always a perk. Kind of being silly, but it's true. To help you solidify. There's different types of people out there though too. There are really good self-starters that don't need additional support or guidance.

If you are one of them, then you could probably do it on your own. But if you want the community and you want to be able to ask me questions every single week and you want feedback from other women in the group who have been through what you're going through, it's really worth it. And then also, do you want to access to 15 hours of content that you haven't heard me discuss?

Then it's worth it. Okay. With that, I'm going to end here. I have a Story of Hope in 11 minutes with one of my girls who did do coaching with me and the E-course. She has a beautiful Story of Hope to share with you.

And then I'm going to do a hot seat at two o'clock where I will pull on one of you for a free 15 minute consultation and you will receive a promo code for a discount to my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant E-course. Doing the Story of Hopes today, and then I have another one at seven. We will give away two more scholarships and then that is it. The cart closes at midnight tonight. So enrollments need to be in today. We will not accept late enrollments. This does not open again until next year. If you are thinking about it, you should sign up. Okay. I love you guys. I'll see you in 10 minutes for a Story of Hope.


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