Why Is Dr. Oz Still Recommending Soy???

So, the other day I saw on Dr. Oz's facebook page the top 100 foods that should be in your shopping cart. Or some title similar to that. Either way, the list had some great recommendations like sea salt, nuts, bison and eggs (although the word organic is no where to be found on the list) and them some not so great rec's like canned foods and vegan mayo (what is that?). And, then he recommended soy. Not just plain old soybeans (which maybe would have been acceptable) but he recommended: tofu, soy milk, soy hotdogs and soy burgers!!

I find it astonishing that such a bright (and kindhearted) man with smarts and a team of “nutritionists” working with him would still be on the soy train. Dr. Oz, FYI: soy has left the building… it was actually asked to leave because it is so dang toxic!

Obviously, Dr. Oz (nor any of his nutritionists) hasn't read my book.

Have you?

Here's a blurb from the, “sugar is evil, soy sucks” chapter just to refresh your memory:

Soy products on the whole are processed and toxic. Eating soy may make your period irregular and compromise your ability to get pregnant;
it can give you osteoporosis, horrible gas, zero energy and hypothyroidism (and I’ll tell you why in just a sec …). It’s also one of the most common food allergens. I am not joking. Do not eat it! The vegan-preaching soy supporters out there have neglected to tell the general population that most soy products on the market are
made from overly processed and more than likely genetically modified
soybeans that have the nutritional equivalent of plastic…You see, the
high temperatures at which your favorite “faux duck” and “fakin’
bacon” are processed cause all sorts of proteins to denature (i.e. to
break apart and lose the enzymatic activity that allows us to digest
them). This high-temperature processing renders the food virtually

I suppose Dr. Oz and his nutritionists are still on the “asian cultures ate soy for thousands of years and look how healthy they are” bandwagon. Well, here's my next argument (again, taken from my book):

People in Asian countries have not been eating “nofurkey” or
“sham ham” for the last three thousand years. Traditionally, Asians
consumed nonprocessed, non-genetically modified (GM), fermented
soy, also known as miso—and they ate this fermented soy
as a side dish, not a main course (that’s not to say that with the
Americanization of Asia hasn’t come the introduction of more
processed and nonfermented soy products).
FYI: I’d bet my thumbs on the fact that the tofu or any soy-based
product you’re eating—regardless if it’s non-GM, organic or “all
natural”—is overlyprocessed, loaded with additives and carcinogens
and NOT fermented.

And, lastly Ill explain the difference between processed soy and the soy that asian cultures traditionally ingested:

First:The soy products you eat are processed. The act of processing soy requires very high temperatures, which denatures important enzymes that our body needs to digest soy. As well, processing soy creates toxins and carcinogens like nitrates and MSG that are so unhealthyfor us it’s appalling.

Second: The soy products you eat are NOT fermented. The process of fermentation “predigests” soy, allowing it to be easily absorbed. Fermentation also neutralizes the natural toxins found in soy. All fermented foods are also rich in probiotics, which introduce friendly bacteria into our digestive tract. The probiotic activity in
fermented foods such as miso is great for boosting the immune system,improving digestive health and fighting off the damage done by too many phlegmy foods! So, you can see how fermented soy may actually be good for one’s health.

Just to reiterate: we are eating processed and nonfermented soy products. Traditional Asian diets consisted of soy products that were NOT processed and were fermented.

If you know Dr. Oz, can you please pass this on.


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