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Story of Hope: How one woman got pregnant with autoimmune issues after multiple miscarriages

I have another BRAND NEW Story of Hope for you! In this video, I talk through a case and share how we got to the root of my patient’s red flag symptoms, worked with her autoimmune conditions, and assisted with the emotional heaviness of this difficult journey to a healthy pregnancy.

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How are you? I am so happy to be here with all of you. As always, I get to come to you live. Let me adjust this. Okay. Let's see how that works. Yay, I get to come to you live. I am Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com, and I am the author of all those books right there above me, and my most recent book, called The Egg Quality Diet.

I've been a clinician practicing for about 20 years, helping women conceive. I'm an acupuncturist and herbalist, studying functional medicine. I have a biology and chemistry background. Yeah, I have a strong Western medicine side and a strong Eastern medicine side, and I bring that all together along with spiritual, mental, emotional health. And I help women achieve their healthiest state of being, which, if they're trying to conceive, often will also result in a healthy baby coming home.

And once in a month, we do what are called stories of hope, and so I take a list from my clinic. This is currently my active list, I'm going to go like this so you can't read the names, of all the women that have gotten pregnant this year. We still have more to add to the list, but these are all the women, and that's one of those women I'm going to… I'm going to read through what her and I worked on, I'll give you a little bit about her case, and then what we did to help her bring a baby home.

So, she was young. She came to me the age of 34. She found me online, I think through Instagram, and did my Reboot & Rewire course. We now call that The Fertility Reboot, we run it twice a year, but it was right after my book… Not right after, I guess, a year and a half after my book, Body Belief, came out, which is all about autoimmunity and reducing inflammation, healing the gut, regulating the immune system.

And she did the Reboot & Rewire in October of 2019, and then went on to, back when I was offering only two packs of coaching with me, now you can only coach with me if you do five sessions, just because I like to go deep, but she did a two-pack with me. Her first coaching call was February 17th of 2020, so a year and a half, year and three quarters ago. And she came to me. They'd been trying naturally since she was in her early thirties. She had multiple losses, all around eight weeks or so. And of the ones that were tested, they were genetically normal.

So, right away, when I see something like that, I know that there is a lot going on with her immune system, and basically rejecting the pregnancy, that there's probably a lot of inflammation in her body, and that's what we need to get under control. I also usually always recommend them to see a reproductive immunologist immediately when I see something like this going on.

It was a bit challenging, based on where she lived, to get to the right type of doctor. Her doctors didn't believe in reproductive immunology. They just looked at her, and based on her age just said it was just continuous bad luck. And I firmly disagreed, and they said, “You're young. You'll eventually have your children. Don't worry about it,” and, “You should do IVF.” That was the recommendation. “You should do IVF. You should do IVF.”

So when I meet her, she has currently four embryos on ice, PGS-tested, all from one IVF cycle. So she had a great cycle because, to be honest, her fertility is great. It's her immune system that is giving us a hard time. She got 18 eggs retrieved. So this is after she did the Reboot before she started working with me.

So she did my Reboot in October/November of 2019, did an IVF cycle, got 18 eggs, 12 mature, 12 fertilized, 9 sent off, five normal. Five PGS-normal embryos, which is amazing to get. She then went and did… So this is, again, after the Reboot, she does a frozen embryo transfer. She gets pregnant. She also got swollen glands, canker sores and flu-like symptoms when she got pregnant, and then she miscarried.

So again, another clear-cut, to me, clear-cut sign. I learned this from Dr. Jeffrey Braverman, the late, great Dr. Braverman, who was a specialist at recurrent pregnancy loss, and his legend still lives on through Andrea Vidali, and their work that they do. Website is preventmiscarriage.com. Dr. Vidali also has a new company called Pregmune, which is amazing, to help women figure out if they have immune issues, so you guys can look that up on your own.

But Dr. Braverman taught me that if you see any hives, flu-like symptoms, itchy, rashy symptoms early in pregnancy, and then have a miscarriage, the body is telling us it had an allergic reaction to the pregnancy and it ended the pregnancy. It's an immune reaction. And I don't know if I mentioned this, but she had been trying for three years by the time she came to me, multiple losses over those three years. So she was getting pregnant pretty easily, kept miscarrying.

I think by the time I met her, she was on her fifth miscarriage, and her fertility doctor then said, “Okay, we just have to transfer again, right away. We know the embryo is healthy. You just implanted. Let's do it again.” And instead she said, “I want to wait. I'm going to talk to Amy.”

So she did coaching sessions with me. We went through a lot of her symptoms. The way I do my first intake, I was actually still using paper back then, I'm now all digital, but she didn't know whether or not she had the MTHFR mutation. She also told me an interesting fact, that she got shingles after her retrieval. So she already was in an immune flare, which can happen from… The medicines for stims are estrogen, and the estrogen can also trigger an autoimmune reaction.

So in my head, all the wheels were turning. I was like, “This girl is a total autoimmune case, and we got to get her to the right doctor so she can get the right care. I do not want her transferring or trying naturally until we get things under control,” because, and I know this is hard to hear, she's, in my opinion, extremely fertile. She's making healthy embryos. She has an immune system issue, not a fertility issue. And there's a lot of you out there that actually have this.

And she told me, with the transfer, then she gives me more information, she did do baby aspirin, and then over the past few years, she read my book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. I hadn't yet written The Egg Quality Diet. She was on and off with the diet, not great. She was pretty good with avoiding gluten, but everything else was really hard for her.

Then we got her to make an appointment with Dr. Alan Beer, who is the author of the book, Is Your Body Baby Friendly. It's all about autoimmune reactions in pregnancy. When she went off dairy, her weight dramatically decreased, and she was telling me… By the time we spoke in February, she said, “I'm doing better, I'm finally starting to believe again, but this has been really hard for me.”

She's generally tired and sad. She got herself on low-dose naltrexone through one of her naturopathic doctors. So, so far, what she's been doing is impacting her immune system a little bit. So low-dose naltrexone will reduce some inflammation, the baby aspirin will help thin the blood a little bit it, but she still was miscarrying on these two things. So in my opinion, then, it's not enough, right? There's still too much inflammation.

Yeah, “It took me three losses for me to find out I had MS. Really thankful I had an OB that looked the whole picture.” I agree. It's really challenging. A big part of my job, and I said it the other day when I did a live with Marc Sklar, a huge part of our job is advocacy, and teaching you guys how to ask the right questions and advocate for yourself, and not taking no for an answer.

Her doctor, then, when she went back to him, he said, “Fine, I'll look into, IVIg for you,” which could be helpful, but it's again not the whole picture. Like baby aspirin and IVIg, I don't know that that would do it for her. So she told me, “I'm generally sad and tired. I sleep a lot. I wake one to two times a night and I think about things…” She gets a lot of insomnia. She's up 2:00 to 3:00 AM. She has night sweats, and this is all since fertility struggles. She just started Celexa to help with depression, super miserable before going on it. She's back on it now after the chemical. She went off of it and back on.

Emotionally, I think I said this, she's starting to believe again. On her right arm, she has all these red patches, dry, red, not itchy. She's sick a few times a year, sinus issues. She has mouth/tongue sores. Her digestion tends towards constipation. She had liver enzymes that were high. She had a positive ANA. Her period, she bleeds three to five days, one regular tampon every eight hours, light pink, and then cycle day two, [inaudible 00:09:44] regular every two hours, very red with dark dime-sized clots.

She has cramping, painful. Advil helps. She has diarrhea during her period. She had a hysteroscopy and she had insane rectal pain with cervical dilation. So that, to me, is also classic endometriosis. One Advil helps. She sees ovulation cycle day 17, some cramps, some pain with ovulation.

The rest of my notes are online here. So, what I… I want to just tell you what my follow-up email to her was, but I want to also just pull up my notes. So, after we say goodbye on our first call, I send her some menus of things I want her to start focusing on. So, now, mind you, I don't have The Egg Quality Diet written yet, but I'm leaning her towards basically my Body Belief diet, an autoimmune paleo-style diet, and I tell her about macros for fertility, which is all now in The Egg Quality Diet, so you guys have it all there.

I told her to increase sex, castor oil packs, I gave her some tips on working through some of the emotional trauma, some meditations. I also… I just said, “Here's my MTHFR guide.” I just went with the assumption that she has MTHFR. So many women do. I think 80% of the population has it.

And we started there because I also sensed she was really overwhelmed, she was really heartbroken and scared, and unsure she was ever going to have the family of her dreams, right? So, then she sends me another email. “I forgot to tell you a few years ago that they found very small nodules on my thyroid. All my thyroid tests have been good. I'm curious if this is an early sign of autoimmune. Also, my fasting glucose is high. I got my period yesterday, which makes my previous cycle 31 days. On cycle day 19, a few days after ovulation, I get this pain down my left leg. My period came this time without any mood issues, but I had sleep issues.”

And then she did get… Here's the clotting factor test her naturopath did. So she also said, “A few diet questions. I eat rice and white potatoes often. Should I get these out of my diet?” I said, “Rice is fine, but we have to cut out the white potatoes for now.” Again, I was moving slowly with her because I thought that that was just the super important way to do it. And I had her increase her fish oil.

She just said, “Thank you so much for your call and your advice. I'm feeling more optimistic already. I've ordered the liver pills, I did my first castor oil pack today. I'm going to contact acupuncturists near me about herbs and ask my naturopath about the MTHFR.” And then she had a bunch of questions.

So we go back and forth from there. So then she started sending her records into the Beer clinic for their review. She also read about the macronutrients, and she realized right away, like most of you do, that “I'm not eating enough protein. I also realized how easy it is to overdo the carbs, even healthy ones, so I'm going to work on that.” And she said, “Interesting, as I do castor oil packs each day, I'm seeing little bits of tissue or clots each day come out of my vagina.” And I thought that was a really good sign because I think there was a lot of stagnation and things were clearing out.

So then I hear from her about a month later. “I just wanted to update you and let you know I've heard back from the Beer clinic. They've ordered a number of tests for me. Unfortunately, with the pandemic, my clinic is only finishing up current cycles and doing essential blood work. I could go to a public lab, but I think I'm just going to wait until things settle.”

So then we just talked a little bit… She was worried about COVID, with her immune system stuff, so we talk a bit about COVID, and mind you, this is March. This is right when we're going to hit lockdown, right? So it was a crazy, crazy time, as you guys all remember. So I had her increase her NAC, and then she did my Yes program, Fix Your Fertility Fears, which I think was tremendous.

And then she got her results by May of 2020. So it took her several months to get all of her results, because clinics were shut down and things were shut down. And she then booked her next appointment with me for June of 2020. “I'm looking forward to chatting again on Wednesday. I have my results from the clinic, and a treatment plan. I wanted to send it to you ahead of time.”

So she had an ANA positive. Her NK cells were normal, but their killing capacity was elevated. She had cytokine elevation. She has MTHFR. She has the PAI gene. So, mind you, all this testing that the Beer clinic did on her, you can now get through Pregmune. You could also go see Dr. Alan Beer or Dr. Andrea Vidali in New York City, but you could also get this through Pregmune now, no matter where you are, which is amazing.

She had a number of other autoantibodies that were negative, so she didn't have… He tests for anti-ovarian antibodies, antithyroid antibodies. Let's see. Though the doctor did say thyroid was off, she had some measurable antibodies of thyroid antibodies. Tregs were adequate. She was negative for factor V and factor VIII.

Recommendations were metformin, Humira, aspirin. So Humira is interesting to Dr. Beer, not everybody does that. It's an autoimmune medicine. Aspirin, steroids, Lovenox, and she's not able to do everything, so she's doing metformin, low-dose naltrexone, the current supplements that I have her on, and then add aspirin and Lovenox at a positive test.

So I agreed with that. We did our coaching call and she said, “I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed from all the results.” So, mind you, she's not trying now. She has yet to do another transfer. She can't get everything, based on where she lives, so she can't do all the protocol. But then she says, “I'm going to try naturally this cycle with the protocol and the baby aspirin.” She hadn't been trying, like I said, at all. Her last menstrual period was very painful, with uterine achiness from her period through ovulation. She was not pregnant. Diet has not been great. She said, “My diet has been…”

She's still got the patches on her arms. Her skin on her legs and scalp are always dry. Lots of breakouts around her chin. And I really stressed the diet. We also went over her vitamins again. I put her on four grams of fish oil, a whole food prenatal, iron and B vitamins, liver, choline, ubiquinol, magnesium, NAC, quercetin, and… Yeah, so there we have it there.

So, this is June. I urge the diet again. I follow up with her. I make her do a food diary with me, and she really started, at that point, June 20th, 2020, “I am going to officially start The Egg Quality Diet.” It wasn't yet called that, but that's what we'll call it now. And she asked if she could have certain foods, and I just said, “I want you to follow the protocol as strictly as you can. It's just two weeks in phase two. Give it your best.”

So she checks in with me. “Diet has been better, not perfect. I'm recording everything.” Let's see. And the clinic that she was working with, it was still going to be weeks before she could do anything else. So, let's see. Okay. Yeah, and so she had a sonogram, everything looked good. So then I said, “For your food diary, I think it looks good protein, fat, veg-wise, Def some cheats here and there. I think the ice cream caused the stomach upset, maybe those chocolate biscuits.”

So her diet still was not perfect, but perfection does not equal pregnancy, right? And she was asking for some recipes, and… Okay. So, let's see. So then we were just talking about her cycle. So, mind you, she's still… She tried once, it didn't happen. She's then not trying naturally. Some of these emails, not great. Okay.

So then we talked about using a system to track her ovulation, and then she's not getting… She tried again, she didn't get pregnant naturally. Then we moved on to doing a uterine biopsy, because I recommended that as well, based on the miscarriages, no-one had done that yet, to look for endometritis and endometriosis, bacteria. This is something really expensive… Important. That's so funny. She asked me, “It's kind of expensive.” It is, but it's really important to look at, so I encouraged that as well for her, and her labs look great. But mind you, as you guys all know, time just keeps going on.

Now we're the end of July, and does she do these tests? I'm not sure. She's still having some pain with ovulation. Her diet is getting better and better. “It's been nine months since our last FET.” This is an email. “My husband and I are contemplating trying an FET with everything that we can do in the treatment plan from the Beer clinic. That would be the aspirin, the steroid, intralipids, Lovenox, plus a low-dose naltrexone. I also thought I'd do an ERA as well as the ALICE and EMMA. We feel like we want to try it, but are nervous. Do you think we're crazy to do this? Have you seen cases of women who haven't followed the exact autoimmune protocol?” Because she can't do the IVIg, is the big one, and what was one other thing? Oh, and the Humira. So I said, “I can connect you with…” Okay, let's see. I said, “I don't think you're crazy. I think you could go for it, and especially if you're sticking to the diet.”

Okay, and so then in August, now they're getting more prepared, more prepared. She's still following the diet. She's still following all the things. So she gets her results from her biopsies. “I have a very high level of BCL6, which is the marker for endometriosis. The doctor suggested Lupron prior to transfer. I'm emailing the Beer clinic to see if they agree with this. Waiting on the ERA.”

So she comes back positive for the BCL6, which I anticipated because of her symptoms. Okay, and so now she's worried about the Lupron. Should she go on it? Should she not? And you guys all know that. So this is where I just offer so much support, whether or not you… So I said, “Lupron basically trips your body into menopause, so the side effects often feel like menopause. Not pleasant, but worth it, especially for the endo.” Not every case do I recommend that. Every case is different when it comes to endometriosis, but in this case, it did seem a lot like implantation failure, because the miscarriages were so early.

Okay, so she said… And then someone put her on five milligrams of methylfolate, and I was like, “That's way too much. Drop it down to two milligrams, 1.7, max.” Then she does The Fertility Reboot again. So a year later, she repeats The Fertility Reboot, and now we're in October. So she still hasn't done a transfer or been trying naturally. I want you guys to think about that.

And then she sends me an email, November 17th, 2020. “First off, I want to thank you for the Reboot. It was great. I'm feeling good. I noticed how amazing my skin looks. I have an update. I've…” Okay. “We got test results back showing I've been…” Developed the blocking antibodies they wanted her to from an autoimmune perspective. Her NK cells have also decreased. Her TNF alpha is what it should be.

So, yeah, she's asking whether or not she should do intralipids or the IVIg. She has to travel for these. So again, this is super-duper intense for her because of where she lives. She was leaning towards the IVIg, so they're going to do an IVIg in January and a transfer in February. “I'm not going to do any of the other meds, the Humira or the LIT,” was another thing that was recommended.

And then she was getting ready for a transfer. She did the Yes program again. So she did the Fertility Fears and the Reboot twice. “The IVIg did not…” So then she does an IVIg. She travels, she does the IVIg. It doesn't improve her NK cells, and the doctor doesn't know why. And, “Anyway, they say I should still go ahead with a transfer, do the intralipids.” So, mind you, she's now been on the diet for over a year, but at least I'd say nine months that she's been fully committed to the diet. She has a decent protocol.

Okay, so January 24th, “The doctor said to do IVIg with a positive test, but based on my last transfer, I think my body was having an immune response early, because I felt like I had the flu and been hit by a bus three days after transfer. So I'm going to ask, as you suggested, if they recommend doing it right after transfer.” So I said, “If you're going to do another IVIg or intralipids, I would do it sooner.”

She got her transfer booked, and she did intralipids and IVIg right before the transfer, or, sorry, she was going to do the transfer on Saturday, and a couple days later, do everything else. And then she messages me February 11th. “I got a light positive four days after transfer. I know it's very early. I just wanted to track line progression. We're cautiously optimistic. I don't have any flu symptoms like last time. On another note…” She asked about kombucha and pregnancy.

Her HCG was 281, five days post transfer. HCG went to 1937. Her blood sugar was jumping around, though. I think they increased her metformin, if I remember, and then she… Let's see. March 2nd, “HCG 16,000, immune test came back, all levels look good, NK activity is well below where it should be. Feeling better this week, not tired, and my boobs aren't as sore, hopefully not a bad sign.” And then we moved into more pregnancy-related questions.

Then she emails me after her eight-week sono. “Eight weeks now, and back for another ultrasound this week. I have more pregnancy symptoms. Beer Center is…” And that's another thing, guys, too, about monitoring once you are pregnant. There's only a few clinics that actually monitor immune response once pregnant. If you've had a history like hers, that's something very important, that you get pregnancy monitoring, because we can see if there's an immune reaction going on, and we can medicate or treat for it.

I had a case where she needed to get more calcium in because of her Lovenox, and she wasn't a previous miscarriage. She was just never implanted, never got pregnant, but had endometriosis and immune markers. I had her add in tahini, because it's a good source of calcium, it's ground sesame seeds, and she had an immune reaction to it. So she had been following The Egg Quality Diet, and then I said, “Let's just try the sesame seeds and see,” because it's a great source of calcium. She didn't feel like taking any other pills. She was taking so many things.

She has an immune reaction, and I thought it was fascinating because she was on steroids, she was on a blood thinner. She had done intralipids. She was taking high doses of fish oil, which is an amazing anti-inflammatory medicine. And we had to pull those right away for fear of miscarriage. So, diet plays a tremendous role even in pregnancy, and the immune response can continue to go on throughout your pregnancy.

So it's something to be really, really conscious of, and that you want your doctors staying on top of these things, and even for any of you guys that don't have recurrent losses, who's checking your thyroid? Who's staying on top of that? I've seen miscarriages because of a mismanaged thyroid. So, really knowing that care in pregnancy is just as important.

So then we had March, June, she messages me. “I've been following the new book launch. Have to say, it worked for me,” she says, because she was doing The Egg Quality Diet before it came out. “I'm now 20 weeks pregnant. Everything is going well. I wanted to thank you for all of your support.” I said, “Yeah, you did it,” and then she sends me another message. “Just about 25 weeks now, feeling good.” Her natural killer cells went high again. “I stopped the NAC. Coincidentally, the NAC was helping my NK cells. Is it safe to start taking it again, if it doesn't hurt?” I said, “I don't think it would hurt. Go back to 600.” I checked with a couple doctor friends of mine.

And then she asked about my beauty products, “Are they pregnancy safe?” I said, “All of mine are pregnancy safe. Do it.” You know, Aimee Raupp Beauty. August 16th. Right. I checked in on her in August, and I asked her if she wanted to do a Story of Hope LIVE, but she was just about to have the baby, so she said she would do it after.

She said, “I'm doing well.” This is August. “31 weeks, and getting a little uncomfortable. I've thought about sharing my story, but I'm quite private on social. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to it. Can we do it after I have this baby [inaudible 00:29:09]?” And I said, “I couldn't agree more.” That's why I always ask.

And then she said to me, “Did you see about the Pregmune platform? It's so amazing.” She said, “Other than my fertility doctor, trying to explain reproductive immunology to my other doctors is very difficult, and they think it's kind of controversial.” And this is a girl that, reproductive immunology literally helped her get this baby, and I think the dietary and lifestyle work that her and I did, it really changed her immune response, and then she became a better host.

And then, there we have it. Let's see, she's ordering my beauty products. And November 1st, 10 days ago, “Wanted to let you know our boy is here. He is healthy and happy and perfect. We are settling into life as new parents. I'm eternally grateful for your support, expertise and guidance over the last few years. Your work is game-changing for the fertility world. Thank you.” You are welcome. Always makes me cry.

So, 10 days ago we brought her baby home, which is a beautiful thing. And I do think, without her exposure to me or someone else like me, she might not have known about reproductive immunology. She might not have known about how to regulate her immune system, how to heal her body. I worked with her so much, with all her red flag symptoms, like her skin issues, her digestion issues, her period issues, were all signs to me that there was a lot of inflammation in the body.

And on top of the recurrent pregnancy losses, of course, and that they were healthy embryos, it's like, “Okay, something else is going on, and we have to dig deeper.” And she did. She made it work, considering she's in Canada, and it was really hard to get the care that she needed, but she pushed through, she made it work.

She didn't do the entire protocol, because she just couldn't get… Some of the meds are actually illegal in Canada, or illegal in pregnancy. Very fascinating. So we made it work the best we could, but she finally did it, and she still has three healthy embryos on ice, and now we have a protocol that could work for her.

And I think some of the months that she tried getting pregnant naturally, I genuinely think that fear was playing a big role. She was just scared, and I think the transfers just felt much more controlled, and she knew exactly what was going to go down. Maybe doing the intralipids during the luteal phase was what helped with implantation. There is research to show, though, that intralipids are just… Three to four grams of fish oil is just as effective as intralipids, though, so you guys know that too. Taking the baby aspirin during the luteal phase was helpful to her. She did have clotting factors. I really recommend everybody get them tested and then dose appropriately.

“Thank you for working…” Crying here as well. “18 weeks of my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and Egg Quality Diet baby.” Look at you. I love it. We'd love to hear your story. “I drove six hours to my fertility clinic because they were the only ones that would follow me into my pregnancy.” Good for you. “What about kombucha in pregnancy?” Yeah, the rule is, if you but were drinking it before you got pregnant, you can do it during pregnancy. I think it's perfectly safe.

Let's see, any other questions here? Okay, and so I just want to go to Facebook, see if there's any questions there. Let me just see where… I don't know where my questions go on Facebook. Okay. Let's see. Okay. All right, guys. Well, there you have it. Another Story of Hope, for the younger ladies, too. This one, 34, multiple losses. No fertility challenges, to be honest, right? Her fertility was great and in check. She had a great IVF cycle, producing normal embryos, getting pregnant easily. It was an immune system reaction.

But we did it. We did it. And I'll see you guys next week. Have a beautiful, beautiful day. If you want more of me, just head to my website, aimeeraupp.com, or just keep tuning in here, when I come to you live all the time. Love you guys. Bye, bye, bye.


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