Fertility Book Club Episode 10: Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Fertility Now & Into Your 40s

In this video we’re going through chapter 9 of my best-selling book, “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Fertility Now and Into Your Forties”

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Hello, hello. How is everyone? I am so happy to be here live with you. As always, I get to spend some time with you every single week sharing bits and pieces of information on how I think you can optimize your health, your vitality, and for those of you trying to conceive your fertility. As many of you know, my MO is that fertility is an extension of health. They are not separate. And health is mental, emotional, physical, and nutritional. And that we're really working on just creating the best version of you so that we can bring this child through. When our bodies are struggling with getting and staying pregnant, there is often detective work that's involved to figure out why. Most of the time it's because the body doesn't feel like it's getting everything it needs. It doesn't feel safe, if you will, from a nutritional perspective or a physical perspective and needs more support from you.

And I look at the job of figuring out what to do to optimize fertility as discovery work. What can we learn about ourselves? What can we learn about our body? What are the best ways to support ourselves and our body? And many of you are familiar with this bestselling fertility book that is mine. I wrote it, I guess, about six or seven years ago. Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. It's reached thousands and thousands of women all over the world. And this week, the last … was it the last? Yeah. Oh, because we're not doing a live next week because it's Thanksgiving here in the US. The last week of every month usually is book club. And so we are at chapter nine of my best selling book Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. So excited about that. And for those of you that have been following along book club, welcome back. Go grab your books.

We're going to go through it together. And those of you that are brand new to me, this book is available on Amazon and really anywhere books are sold and is, as some people … I was reading some reviews yesterday, the Bible of all fertility books. Like I have a lot of beautiful reviews on this book and I'm just so touched and grateful for it. I put a lot of time and energy into all my work, but I pride myself on the things I talk about in all of my books, including my very first one Chill Out and Get Healthy that I wrote in 2009. They all still stand true, right? I haven't gone back on my word. I haven't shifted things. I've added things, things that I think are new and exciting. So we're going to talk about, in chapter nine, additional treatments to enhance fertility.

And so all of the ones in here still ring true and then there's a couple additional ones that I want to talk to you about because they are brand new cutting edge technology for improving and optimizing fertility. So, let's get into it. Chapter nine. So as I say in the book, you have learned so much thus far. I know you are eager and ready to officially begin on your yes, you can get pregnant fertility rejuvenation program, which is what I call it in the book. In this chapter I want to discuss some traditional oriental medicine. So those of you that don't know, my degree, I have quite a few degrees, but I have degrees in biology, in chemistry, and a partial master's level degree in neuroscience, and I also have a master's level degree in traditional oriental medicine, which makes me an acupuncturist and an herbalist. It's a four year master's level program.

I was basically in school from the age of five until the age of 29. And I'm currently also doing some continuing education. Now I study with a mentor, but I also am doing additional work on functional medicine. So, let's get into it. I want to discuss some traditional oriental medicine odds and ends that I didn't get to fully address earlier. These are topics such as acupuncture and its success in treating fertility. Now since this book has been written, there is more research showing that acupuncture, when women are undergoing IVF, it could be upwards of 30 to 40% improvement in outcomes when acupuncture is utilized. There was a study that showed acupuncture right before and right after IVF really helped improve success rates by up to 40%. Since writing this book there's been a longer run study that actually shows acupuncture on a regular basis leading up to fertility treatments has a profound, up to 30 to 40%, impact on success of fertility treatments as well. And then of course, Chinese herbs, which I am an herbalist and we did just do a post about Vitex and we've gotten some interesting feedback about that.

A lot of other practitioners out there that are not herbalist, but are clinicians and maybe study nutrition or study functional medicine or medical doctors will recommend Vitex for regulating cycles, but as an herbalist, I'm not the hugest fan of that. I've seen it backfire on plenty of women. And so therefore I only recommend it when I feel it is absolutely necessary and fits the case. And herbs, for me, are very individual. That's how Chinese herbs are meant to be used. We are not meant to be taking astragalus just on its own or Vitex on its own or what's another really popular one? Even like turmeric, ginger, things of that nature. We like them in a formula. All of our herbs are foods most of the time. So you can incorporate them into a diet, but just haphazardly taking herbs can be really contradictory to your goals. So you really need to work with someone specialize in that. So we're talking about acupuncture, Chinese herbs, things like qigong, mind body practices, and why doing things such as keeping your child's palace warm and having hot sex is so important to your health and your fertility.

So I'm just going to read here from acupuncture and Chinese herbs because I think what I wrote is actually spot on still. So in the book we do discuss traditional Oriental medicine quite extensively, but I haven't mentioned much about acupuncture or Chinese herbs. That's not because I don't practice acupuncture and see clinical reserves from it, prescribe Chinese herbs or believe they are extremely powerful substances. I do. However, I do not think it is ethical to generally recommend acupuncture points or to use Chinese herbs to take as individual cases are each so entirely different. These modalities are very potent and should only be prescribed to you by a practitioner you are physically seeing in his or her office or doing live consults with, who has extensively studied acupuncture and Chinese herbology and is certified.

It's important to keep in mind that herbs of any kind … so I just said this, but it's really important to take this in, herbs of any kind should not be taken based on a recommendation by an employee of your local health food store or because a magazine suggested it or because some Instagram influencer recommended it or because it worked for their fertility. You have to really remember, herbs are powerful, powerful medicines. Additionally, recommending acupuncture points or acupressure should be left up to a professional whom you have direct contact with. So I myself do have acupressure for fertility tutorials out there and I do have some acupressure points, I believe, in my book Body Belief and what I did there was very general and very descriptive and also though always mention the potential contraindication so that you, as the consumer, is very aware of the pros and cons of doing such work.

Acupressure can be really powerful and it can be really helpful. And especially during COVID, when we couldn't leave, we were all on lockdown, that became a very useful tool for many of my clients. And I would even do these consults and we would come up with acupressure points for them. And I do think some are good for everyone. We can be very general about it, but again, we need to understand the pros and the cons. There are some that are contraindicated when you're in the two week wait, when you're trying to conceive, when you are pregnant. Right? So to know all of that, really important. But with that said, using acupuncture and Chinese herbs in regulating women's menstrual cycle and improving her fertility is extremely beneficial. Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used for centuries and this is what the science shows.

It improves uterine blood flow and circulation, regulates ovulation, regulates menstruation, curbs PMS. Several articles published in scientific journals of fertility and sterility have found acupuncture and Chinese herbs regulate the menstrual cycle, regulate and induce ovulation, balance the hormonal system, the endocrine system, improve blood flow to the pelvic cavity, specifically the uterus, and increase the chance of pregnancy for women undergoing fertility treatments. And for your man, if you're in a partnership, heterosexual partnership, it invigorates sperm and enhances sperm count and motility. So acupuncture and Chinese herbs have a profound affect all on their own on fertility. It is in scientific medical journals. And I see it clinically. I've been a practicing clinician as an acupuncturist and herbalist for 17 years and I have associates now in all of my practices and we work with women all the time.

And acupuncture also is just profound for reducing stress levels. But I think it works more effectively when we do everything that's described in this book. Our diet, our lifestyle, our mindset, the Chi or the energy in your body can move more effectively and efficiently throughout your body when you are on the entire fertility rejuvenation protocol. So then I talk about qigong, which is a meditative movement, a combination of slow movements with deep breathing. If any of you read my book Body Belief and took advantage of the free course that came with that, I do qigong exercises in that course. And you could find some great qigong exercises on YouTube. There's great video modalities. I give you qigong exercises in here, in the book. So there's the fertile goddess qigong. There's open your heart, invigorate your kidneys, send love and joy to your child's palace.

I talk about the importance of key goals. So I give you very clear instructions. So these are great exercises to do for yourself that, I think, easy at home, easy to do, invigorate your chi and blood, only take a few minutes of your time. We talk about kegels. They're great for getting healthy blood flow at the pelvic area for strengthening the muscles around your vagina. I'm also, and not mentioned in the book, a huge fan of pelvic floor physical therapy for many women, especially those dealing with endometriosis or previous challenging vaginal births or C-section births or we know there's prolapses. Pelvic floor physical therapy can really help with organ and structure and blood flow to the area. Other things I don't mention in this book that I have since become a strong proponent of is arvigo Mayan abdominal massage, castor oil packs. You can Google Aimee Raupp and castor oil or we can post the link to my video on how to do cast oil packs.

It's actually my most watched YouTube video, which is so interesting to me, but arvigo Mayan abdominal massage is another way to really enhance blood flow, circulation to the pelvic cavity, which we now know from research that if you improve micro circulation to the uterus and to the ovaries, you improve their function. AMH levels improve, pregnancy rates improve. So of arvigo Mayan abdominal massage is a great way to do that, pelvic floor physical therapy is a great way to do that, acupuncture is a great way to do that, I also have videos on castor oil packs is a great way to do that, and more recently I've been talking about abdominal gua sha as a means to improve micro circulation. So I have videos on my site on all of these tools. Highly, highly, highly recommend them.

Other things we are seeing now clinically that have scientific support is ozone sauna, ozone therapy for improving blastocyst rate, reducing inflammation in the body. There's a direct correlation ozone sauna, CRP levels go down, homocystine levels go down. We are seeing in one of the clinics I work in, which is a fertility clinic with real deal reproductive endocrinologists, seeing improved blastocyst rate with women undergoing ozone sauna therapy. And it's really something like six sessions, six half hour sessions we're seeing from one cycle to the next, getting more blastocysts. We're seeing improved fertilization. We're also seeing improved sperm counts if the men are doing ozone sauna.

Another really awesome technique that is hot off the presses, if you will, has been used for a long time in other areas of the body is ovarian PRP, which stands for Platelet Rich Plasma where legit you take blood from you here and your doctor spins the blood to get the platelets, then takes the platelets with a syringe and injects them into your ovaries. So kind of like four injections in each ovary, kind of around the ovary, stimulates ovarian health. It recruits more follicles. Many women are going on, even if say they were close to menopause or in menopause, to start recruiting follicles again, restoring menstrual cycles. I look at it as it really juices things up. It's very similar to human growth hormone that a lot of fertility clinics are now using to get better results, but this is basically your own human growth hormone. That's how it's been described to me by the one doctor I work with.

You can check out ovarian PRP if you follow Rejuvenating Fertility Center or check out Dr. Zaher Merhi, M-E-R-H-I. He's in the tri-state area, but my clients travel from all over the world to actually do ovarian PRP. It seems to have a shelf life of about three months where it has really positive impact. So it's great for people with poor responders, low ovarian reserve, wanting to continue to try naturally even in your mid to late 40s, premature ovarian failure or insufficiency. Those are great people for the PRP therapy. Ozone sauna, I really think anyone can benefit from just like acupuncture, Chinese herbs, qigong, arvigo Mayan abdominal massage, castor oil packs, squasha, all of these, like the idea is, so with the diet and the lifestyle, reducing inflammation, improved cellular quality, which will improve your hormones, it'll improve how your body functions, it'll improve your egg quality and sperm quality.

Then we add in these other modalities that will accentuate, help further improve. Just basic premise, if we improve ovarian blood flow, if we improve uterine blood flow, we improve fertility outcomes. Yeah. So yeah. Links are applicable in IG, that's right. If you guys have questions about certain modalities to improve fertility, I would love your questions and I can answer them for you. But to me, the ones that I recommend the most obviously are acupuncture and Chinese herbs, dietary therapy, mindset. I'm also a huge fan, and that's not in the book either, of psychotherapy, especially if there's been significant trauma in your life and trauma is whatever was traumatic to you. It doesn't have to be what we think is severe. Like you know what I mean. I just brought onto my team a fertility trauma specialist and she is a trained psychotherapist.

She's finishing up her Ph.D and she does something called EMDR, which is of like an eye movement therapy that really helps you retrain your brain to think about your traumas differently. Highly, highly, highly powerful. A lot of what I see clinically is we're so traumatized by this experience, we're so traumatized by things that happened to us in our lives that we shut down and we are not allowing energetically, emotionally, even physically ourselves to receive. And so psychotherapy can be extremely helpful in a situation like that. Mind body practices, extremely helpful. Meditation, qigong, I think acupuncture and breathing are both mind body practices as well, herbal medicine is a mind body practice. And then the ozone sauna, the PRP, the arvigo abdominal massage, caster oil packs, gua sha, all of these things. There's so many modalities that we can add and the ones that I'm to talking about are the ones that I've seen dramatic changes in my clients when doing these things.

And I know fertility and especially going through fertility treatments is a full-time job, but adding some of these treatments in, again, and the science is showing us it is highly beneficial to the outcomes. So I just want to look through and see, do we have any questions here or do you guys have any questions about additional treatments to optimize fertility? So let's see. Okay. I don't see any questions on Instagram and let's see. Yeah. We shared the castor oil pack. Photo biomodulations, red light therapy. So it's a good one too, right? So there's some cool research on laser showing that that can kind of do similar work to what the ovarian PRP or the ozone sauna do.

My friend Lorne Brown, who's up in Canada, he's in Vancouver. He has amazing response with laser therapy, but red light therapy, from what I understand, I mean, even for me, like I sit on one of these biomats, right? I love this. It's Jade and Tourmaline. Really, really nice for like my energy and circulation and blood flow. Not all of them are going to get deep into the ovarian tissue or the uterine tissue. Very specific cold light lasers can get in deep and we are seeing … some of these lasers were being used in Japan. This like the backstory here. I actually did a live with Dr. Lorne Brown as well on this topic, which you can go and watch. It's on Instagram and on Facebook. It's with Lauren Brown, L-O-R-N-E. Laser therapy, this cold laser that gets deep was being used similar to PRP. So they have very similar originations.

They were being used for pain. And with laser, it was seen that there was a handful of women that were coming in for significant pain, using laser therapy that were in menopause, and they resumed menstrual cycles. And so one of the doctors was like, “We should look into this.” And they started to find that basically they were improving circulation and blood flow to the uterine and to the ovaries and stimulating them to kind of work again, if you will. And then we're discovering now we have been told for so long that our eggs are just constantly running out, but no one really is sharing the information that that's not true, not true. And that there is some information actually that shows that we have ovarian stem cells regularly generating new eggs.

That research is still being looked at, but we do know now that we, even in menopause, still have about a thousand or so eggs left. And so what's happening with some of these therapies is it's kind of bringing the ovaries back to life in a way. But what I understand about the red light therapy, like those lights that you can buy, I've seen them on Amazon for like 40, 50 bucks. They are not going deep enough. So I still don't think they're harmful because we're warming the area and warmth brings blood flow, right? And I talk about that in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant about the whole reasons to keep the child's palace warm. Orgasms are also really important for warmth. Like it is recommended at least once a week that a woman should orgasm for just healthy ovarian and uterine blood flow. Sex really helps with blood flow and circulation. So all of that is mentioned in the book, but warmth is really important. So that's where the castor oil packs come in.

Please watch the video. There's directions on when and how to do the castor oil pack. Super clear. Same with the gua sha. Same with the red light therapy. Same with my biomat that I sit on. All of this helps, but are we really reaching the ovarian tissue? I think PRP and the very expensive like 50,000 cold light laser therapies are what's actually impacting there. Do you have a list of trusted PRP practitioners? I only know of a few. So I know of Dr. Merhi on the east coast and I know of Gen Next in San Diego and I think there's a couple more popping up, but those are the only two that I know of right now that are actually doing it. I think Dr. Luke and Dr. Hade at … isn't that funny? So it's NextGen Fertility, sorry, in San Diego and then it's Generation Next in New York City.

They introduced it. It's a little different than how Dr. Murphy does it. I have working relationships with both those practices. They're both great doctors. So that's all I know of right now, but I do assume, based on the research, it will start popping up more and more. Do I know other doctors? So in the tri-state area, I do know Dr. Luke and Dr. Hade at Generation Next do it as well. Okay guys. Let's see. Any other questions here? “Yes. I agree that you should work with someone who knows herbs. Was using dim and it didn't improve my estrogen. It moved through my body too fast.” Exactly. So dim is another one I'm not a fan of. There's so many other ways you can get to improve estrogen, detoxification. When you use something like dim or calcium gluconate, it actually, and this isn't, but an aside, it actually clears out good estrogen as well and it can make you very estrogen deficient. And if you're estrogen deficient, guess what? Your follicles aren't going to develop the way they should.

So do not take dim or calcium gluconate because you read it in some book. Like see a practitioner, work with them. Like eating cruciferous vegetables is the best thing you can do for estrogen detoxification and then eliminating environmental toxins, best things you can do. Improving methylation, best things you can do. So you want to be careful and just not haphazardly or pick up books that are written by they could be scientists and God bless them, but if you're not a clinician where you're actively seeing patients, I would take their advice with a grain of salt because that's how I learned half of what I know, more than half of what I know. I learned a lot in graduate school. I've learned a lot in my continuing education, but I learn the most from my patients and what does work and what doesn't work and that's where I start to streamline and figure that out for all of you guys.

So sure, the data might show one thing, but what we see clinically is very different. And so we have to be careful with herbs, we have to be careful with too many supplements, we have to be careful and we have to listen to our heart, not our head, right? And I know it becomes desperate and I know it's a fight. Gen Five, thank you my team. It's Gen Five in San Diego, Generation Next in New York City, and then Rejuvenating Fertility Center, which there's lots of locations at this point. Okay, guys. I'm going to go. I will not be live next week. It's Thanksgiving in the United States. And so I am taking the Wednesday, Thursday, Friday completely off and I will see you guys in early December. If you're in the US, have a wonder of Thanksgiving and I will see you guys soon.

And if you wanted to learn more about me, head over to my website. I have plenty of books. I have another best selling book The Egg Quality Diet that came out this year in June and women are loving it. And so just head over to aimeeraupp.com/books and you can learn all about my best selling books and all about me. I will see you soon. Thank you so much for your support and your love. I'm deeply, deeply grateful for all of you. Have a great day. Good-bye.


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