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Improve Fertility Naturally: Is Endometriosis Impacting Your Fertility?

Improve fertility naturally and begin to heal your endometriosis by following the recommendations of Aimee Raupp, Ms Lac.

By Aimee Raupp, MS LAc

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Is endometriosis causing your fertility challenges? 1 in 10 women has endometriosis. And 1 in 3 of those women has been told by their doctor that it’s all in their head. 🤦🏻‍♀️

In this video I talk about endometriosis: how to figure out if you have it, what that means for you, and how to begin to heal.

Here is the Full Transcription of the Video:

I am happy to come to you live every week as I have been doing for I think years at this point and hello. Today we are going to talk about something important and I also have a really awesome free video series for you guys. Zero strings attached. It’s all about releasing shame around your fertility journey and I’ll give you that link in just a few minutes, but I want to talk to you today about endometriosis because it is endometriosis awareness month, all of March.

And a lot of people, I’m going to read to you from my bestselling book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, which is all about how to optimize your fertility naturally and how do get pregnant faster basically. There’s diet, there’s lifestyle, there’s supplement, there is mental emotional information in this book and it is a best seller for a reason and I’m actually revamping it this, in the next couple of months and a new edition will be out soon with even more amazing information, but let’s read about what endometriosis is and then we’ll get to it.

The ASRM which is the American Society of Reproductive Medicine states that endometriosis is the second most common cause of fertility issues in women affecting approximately 20 to 30% of women who are having a difficult time conceiving. Endometriosis is a female health disorder that occurs when cells from the lining of the uterus, the endometrial lining grow in other areas of the body such as the ovaries, intestines, and fallopian tubes.

With each monthly ministration, this endometrial tissue responds to the fluctuation in hormones and can cause, and you guys can probably relate, give me a hands up if you can relate, endometriosis can cause menstrual pain, internal bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding, scar tissue build up, blocked fallopian tubes and difficulty conceiving because endometriosis is the most common cause of anatomical problems that can lead to fertility challenges, if you are dealing with any anatomical or structural fertility challenges, follow these endometriosis recommendations.

So I have recommendations listed out in the book, but let’s go through some of them. I just want to also read some research. In 2012, so endometriosis is an autoimmune condition. You guys also know that I wrote this book more recently, Body Belief, which is all about how to heal from autoimmune diseases. The whole real impetus behind this book was endometriosis because I see it so often in my clinic.

It is so often the case of these unexplained infertility cases. I don’t use … like to use the I word, but I’m using it here for a point. If you’ve been diagnosed with unexplained infertility and you do have some menstrual pain, discomfort, pain with ambulation, the HSG hurt so that the … I’m sorry, the … when they flush your tubes with the dye to see if your tubes are patent, if that hurts, that’s usually an indicator to me too. If ovulation, if it’s significant pain, there can be endometriosis.

It is one of the most common things I see and it’s … it can be implemented in … I mean, I’m sorry, it can be a part of habitual miscarriages as well, so not only the ability to get pregnant, but the ability to stay pregnant because it is an autoimmune condition. And so let’s continue reading from the book just a bit more. So in 2012 the journal Auto-immunity Review stated in some of these women with endometriosis, there are also chronic local inflammatory process and presence of auto antibodies.

It is not known whether this process is part of the etiology or is secondary to the response. Furthermore, endometriosis share similarities with several autoimmune diseases. Another paper published in journal … in the journal of fertility and sterility concluded that substantial evidence indicates that endometriosis at least shares many similarities with autoimmune diseases. So whether or not it’s technically an autoimmune disease, similar to PCOs, it shares very many similarities.

So if you are a woman who’s been trying to conceive and you have read this book and it’s still not working for you, you still have some kinks in your system or some red flags, I urge you to go and follow the … specifically the diet in here. The best diet that I have found that works for endometriosis and helps women heal is an autoimmune paleo diet. So if you don’t know what that means, you can take your own time to look that up or go to get Body Belief and follow the diet in that book.

It’s a little stricter than this diet. It’s not just gluten, dairy, soy, sugar free and free of organic and pesticide free food. It’s a little more aggressive than that. You can’t do nightshade vegetables, you can’t do grains. You’re just basically eating protein, vegetables and fat and that’s it. Except for nightshade vegetables. You can’t do lectins, which are nuts and beans and if you haven’t tried that and you’re still struggling with trying to get pregnant, you suspect you have endometriosis, you’ve been told you have endometriosis, it is the best way to manage endometriosis.

I have seen girls that were struggling for years to get pregnant and had endometriosis that did not do surgery, that when they followed this diet, it turned things around. They actually got pregnant naturally after many failed fertility treatments. I’ve seen that time and time again. I’ve seen girls with habitual miscarriages, we turn around the endometriosis, they get and stay pregnant.

A lot of these women too, I strongly urge that you see a reproductive immunologist, not a reproductive endocrinologist. A good starting point is Dr. Braverman’s website, and then you can find practitioners where you live based … that can help you with endometriosis. But symptoms of endometriosis, some women can have very severe symptoms and some women may have no symptoms at all. That’s what they call silent endometriosis.

Common symptoms include very painful menstrual cramps. Pain may get worse over time. Chronic pain in the low back and pelvis, pain during or after sex, intestinal pain, painful bowel movements, painful urination during menstrual periods, spotting or bleeding between menstrual periods, difficulty getting pregnant, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea and especially during your periods.

So for me, a real classic indicator of endometriosis in addition to the HSG hurting, the hysterosalpingogram being painful, like extremely painful is nausea, vomiting, diarrhea with the period. I, myself, when I am not in my cleanest, will get about of diarrhea one or two days before my period comes. And that used to be extremely intense. It would last for days. I would have diarrhea and cramping all through my period when I was in my mid to late 20s and so looking back, I suspect I had endometriosis pretty significantly and my diet, lifestyle, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, all of those things really helped shift things, lower inflammation in my body.

And you guys have heard my story a million times. Eczema is my red flag symptom. I use eczema as the kind of gold standard of when my skin is flared up, I know there’s more inflammation in my body and that is not my most fertile time, if you will, I need to … so I basically live in the Body Belief style diet and it is what keeps many of the symptoms at bay. And I have just seen it time and time again. In fact, Dr. Braverman whose website I recommended, him and I co-treated many clients over the years and once he said to me, because he would just recommend a paleo or a Mediterranean diet and it’s not enough, it’s not enough for endometriosis clients.

And vegetarian diets are typically really bad for endometriosis because you’re doing a lot of nuts and beans and the lectins are highly inflammatory. So unless you’re soaking and sprouting those nuts and beans, you are doing more harm than good to your body. But he said to me once, he goes, whatever you’re doing with the diet and the supplements and the acupuncture, I just, I’ve never seen the levels of inflammation that I see in these endometriosis patients go away so quickly.

And I learned a lot from him and I think he learned a lot from me and enhanced my knowledge base to go and write this book on autoimmune conditions to really help those endometriosis patients. But Hay House I agreed, Hay House wanted me to make it more general about autoimmune conditions. So we talk about Hashimoto’s in there. We talk about endometriosis, celiac, all the common, there’s over several hundred autoimmune conditions at this point. And many people have more than one.

So a lot of endometriosis clients do have Hashimoto’s, which is thyroid antibodies or they might have celiac. It’s very common to see celiac and endometriosis together and what leads to … which one led to each other? Who knows? Probably celiac led to the endo if I had to guess, but so tests you need to get done if you suspect you have endometriosis. So it’s very hard to diagnose endo. That is the problem we have here. It’s very hard to diagnose. I believe if Eva [Verrom 00:09:44] did a post on this last week and it said the average woman sees five doctors before she gets a diagnosis of endometriosis.

Early on in my career way before I even wrote, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, probably 10, 15 years ago I was looking at the statistics, remember I was a research scientist before I became an acupuncturist, so I’m a total nerd, but I was looking at the research and it said that, one in 10 women have endometriosis and one in three or one in five were going to have a hard time conceiving because of the endometriosis that is undiagnosed or mismanaged or mistreated.

So I just basically started assuming every woman probably has a potential for endometriosis. So I’m going to put every woman on the same kind of diet and the same kind of supplements. And obviously I always do herbs and acupuncture based on the individual’s presentation. So I have to do a one on one time with that patient and diagnose that way. But generally speaking, this is the diet, these are the supplements, this is the lifestyle.

Because it was estimated at that time, and this is probably 2010, 2011, that 40% of women with unexplained infertility were actually endometriosis cases. So look at this, Nada had a terrible experience with HSG, extremely painful, never knew it’s connected. I don’t know that there is a connection necessarily in the data, but it’s a connection I’ve made in the clinic and it’s more of a leading to me. I’m like, okay, that’s interesting.

So you get vomiting, diarrhea, nausea with your period, and you had a really painful HSG. Okay. I’m going to assume because basically how endo grows, it’s like cobwebs. So it’s the endometrial lining that should just be inside the uterus, but for some reason we call it a retroverted period. It’s tissue, menstrual tissue growing outside of the uterus and it grows like cobwebs.

So it connects to things. It’ll latch onto your ovaries, it’ll latch onto your fallopian tubes, it can latch onto your colon. I had one girl on her diaphragm, she would get a pneumothorax, a long rupture with her period and couldn’t … no doctor could figure it out. It started, it happened a couple of times in a row. And then finally it was discovered based on her other symptoms too, she had very intense periods, very painful, heavy periods, had a hard time getting pregnant, so she kind of, she was already coaching with me.

We figured out that it was endometriosis. Got her to the right doctor. She did surgery as I just pour water all over myself. She did surgery to manage that. No more pneumothoraxes, no more painful periods. We haven’t yet started trying to get pregnant again, but we will. But she had a hell of a year basically figuring it out so, endo can attach to anything, to your anus. You ever have people that get … they get pain right after they have a bowel movement, that’s another sign of endometriosis, right?

So there’s all these little signs and symptoms and like I said, you could be covered in endo and have no symptoms. You could have just a bit of endometriosis and have a lot of symptoms and endometriosis itself has these autoimmune characteristics and or is an autoimmune condition. And so it lends itself to a lot of inflammation in your body and what you need to do, whether or not you decide to get the diagnosis and get tested, which getting tested is very hard.

You have to either have a laparoscopic surgery to get tested, so they go in through your belly button or a pelvic MRI, neither of which many insurances cover. So it’s less likely for women to get this diagnosis. There are some new tests now. There’s an endometrial function test that you can do. It came out of Yale, that is a biopsy in your uterus and it can give you your, whether or not you have, what’s the word? Not tendency, but the likelihood of having endometriosis.

So it gives you a percentage basically based on the endometrial lining biopsy. That’s one way you can look. You can get natural killer cells tested if they’re elevated, we assume things like endometriosis. You can see one of these reproductive immunologist. There’s some great ones around New York city. People I like to talk about Jonathan Share out of Mount Sinai, Braverman’s practice. So Dr. Andrea Vidali is an amazing endometriosis specialists. Dr [Quak 00:14:04] Kim, why am I blanking? There’s a Dr. [Cofinas 00:14:10], he looks into these types of things.

These are all the New York city type doctors that will look into these endometriosis symptoms and they’re immunologists and so they’ll do these immunology panels on you and then determine whether or not you have endo. A lot of times surgery is recommended, but you don’t have to do surgery. I’ve had many women that have managed this through diet and lifestyle. But because it is an autoimmune condition, you still want to be working with an autoimmune fertility specialist if and when you get pregnant to help you then hold the pregnancy because sometimes endo is not causing a hard time getting pregnant, it’s causing a hard time staying pregnant.

It can do both, but it can also do one or the other. I see, I did months internal pelvic floor PT because I never got an endo diagnosis. The period pain is worse than ever. Could PT make it worse? Oh gosh. I haven’t necessarily seen that. I’m sorry you’ve experienced that. I have seen that maya abdominal massage, so not internal, but on top, maya abdominal massage, regular castor oil packs of course acupuncture, Chinese herbs can really help with the endometriosis symptoms.

It can help regulate the immune system and can then help you get and stay pregnant. So I want to continue reading. So the test you need to ask your doctor if you want a definitive diagnosis, laparoscopic, pelvic MRI. How to naturally manage symptoms. The truth is, even if you have surgery to remove your endometriosis without making the dietary and lifestyle changes mapped out for you in this book, the endometriosis will come back.

It’ll grow back in about six months, is what they estimate. The best way to manage the endometriosis even if you don’t know you definitely have it, but are experiencing many of the symptoms or have some symptoms and you’re not conceiving or suspect you might have it, follow the fertility rejuvenation protocol here in, in addition to avoid dairy, pay special attention to your mental, emotional state.

So what this means for your fertility, I’m going to get into some of these recommendations. Endometriosis can not only cause hormonal imbalances that can prevent pregnancy, but it can also call the anatomical ones such as blocked fallopian tubes that can prevent pregnancy. We disciplined and follow the guidelines in this book, and you will manage your symptoms, regulate your hormones, and improve your fertility.

However, keep in mind that the structural damage endometriosis can do to your body in particular to your fallopian tubes may require medical intervention. But don’t feel discouraged as women with endometriosis get pregnant all the time. So, and they do, and I’ve had that, I’ve seen it in my case. I still don’t have a diagnosis, but I suspect it. Yeah, I would suspect it too.

I would maybe try the maya instead. I’m going to go with Kelly maybe, Kel and see or acupuncture or Chinese herbs, but especially dietary and lifestyle changes. So this book, Body Belief is where I really dig into autoimmunity and we talk about not just lifestyle changes that you can make like obviously avoiding all the chemicals in your environment. Because especially with endometriosis you are really susceptible to being impacted by all the endocrine disrupting chemicals.

You’ve got to go clean with your bath and beauty products. Anything you touch, anything you breathe, needs to be chemical free. Needs to be free of endocrine disrupting chemicals. If you don’t know what those are, read my books. They’re in there or go to my website. I have tons of information, So you also need to eat super clean. Like I said, autoimmune paleo I think hands down is the best.

The Body Belief diet is a little … it’s autoimmune paleo mixed with a little Chinese medicine stuff. So acupuncture, Chinese herbs, seeing a licensed acupuncturist who’s also a herbalist I think is crucial. Some of my associates, they use me to help prescribe the herbal remedies and I do that even if you work with one of my associates, I can still chime in on the herbs.

Sarah, my New York city associate though is an incredible herbalist. So if you’re seeing her, you’re in good hands. And Heather and Michelle, I still help them with their herbal formulations because Sarah and I study with a herbal mentor together and has helped us a lot in our careers. But so anyway, that aside, you want to get so maya abdominal massage, regular castor oil packs, follow all the tips and rules on how to do castor oil packs.

If you just Google Aimee Raupp castor oil packs, my video will come up or the blog post will come up with all the information on how to do castor oil packs and when to do them and all of these things. I’m actually doing one right now as we’re talking. Is that hysterical? I have a castor oil pack on my belly at the moment because it feels so good.

So the diet, autoimmune paleo like I said, and then the mental emotional state. So if our body auto-immunity at its very core is our body attacking itself, it’s created these auto antibodies and so that … thus it creates a ton of inflammation in the body. Stress alone can impact this. I know nobody wants to hear this, but stress alone can impact endometriosis.

Nada asked, does it matter where it’s located? No, it doesn’t. It’ll … because it just causes this systemic inflammation in the body. So you have to address the mental emotional. A lot of times endometriosis is a lot of, we say Chinese medicine, this is how we look at it. There’s a lot of repressed emotions. There’s a lot of anger, resentment, rage. Maybe there’s undigested emotions. Maybe there’s a history of emotional abuse, physical abuse, that type of stuff, it’s unresolved.

And so this tissue kind of just hangs out and isn’t allowing itself to be cleared out by the body. And so what I do with a lot of my clients is we really dig deep on that emotional piece too. We unpack a lot of the traumas and trauma is really anything that was traumatic to you. It doesn’t have to be a big life catastrophic event. Trauma is what was traumatic to you. So honor that in you. You have to honor your emotions, you need to learn to reconnect to yourself.

So Body Belief, my latest book is really all about three pillars, reconnecting to yourself so you can renew your Body Beliefs and then you reawaken your health. That is the key to helping heal endometriosis. And I can’t stress it enough that if you’ve been at this for a while, if you’ve been trying to conceive and it’s not happening or if you’ve had many miscarriages and doctors can’t seem to figure out a reason why or if you continue to get poor quality eggs but it doesn’t really make sense because your reserve is decent or you have poor reserve for your age, which doesn’t make sense, look to endometriosis,

Look to endometriosis. I would really urge talking to a reproductive immunologist or a specialist like me who can help you find the right doctor for you because it’s … it has much bigger implications if not managed just beyond just trying to get pregnant. There’s a lot of inflammation in your body that needs to be better managed and the inflammation is coming from the food and the environment. But it’s also coming from your thoughts and your beliefs and how you talk to yourself and how you’re processing your emotions.

So you need to look at this multi … in a multifaceted way. And that in my opinion is the only thing that really helps you get over it. So a lot of people like to just do the tangibles. Tell me what supplements to take, tell me what diet to follow. Tell me what exercises to do and I’m going to do them. And endometriosis is more complicated than that. And it’s frequency and consistency of what you do these things, I think you need to follow a diet like the one I have mapped out in Body Belief for at least six to nine months and you start to see those changes.

Some girls will see the changes sooner. I had one, that’s so weird on Facebook on my end it’s got nothing, I only see three people joined, that’s weird. I can’t refresh the page because then it’ll turn off the video. But my assistant just told me there’s lots of questions on Facebook but if I could show you my screen right now, there are only, all it says is Beth joined, Monica Beavis joined, Laura Fletcher joined. I don’t see any questions. So weird.

I’m going to type a question here and see. Yeah, this is so weird. Hopefully they’ll just load up in a second. If not, I will just go through and answer them later. I apologize, but I don’t see any questions on my end. It’s the strangest thing. I don’t know if Beth, you can come in as me and cut and paste them or something, but I don’t see them. Let me just see, are there links between endo and atopic pregnancies at all even if you’ve had multiple HSGs and they come back normal?

There could be, because if the endo is kind of pulling on the tube, I could see where things could get stuck. But when you have the HSG it’s a lot of pressure so it pushes out, it doesn’t allow those kinks in the tube to be that present. So I could see that they would be patent or open. But that in natural conception perhaps if the endometriosis is there, for you, I would definitely do daily castor oil packs leading up to ovulation. I don’t recommend castor oil packs once you could have ovulated because it can impact pregnancy. So we don’t want to negatively impact pregnancy.

So, where was I? I got sidetracked. But just talking about that you need to look at this as a multifaceted approach. So I, for me, like I said, I kind of assume every woman who’s having challenges and they’re unexplained has some sort of endometriosis and I treat it accordingly. And that is why I do believe I have such good success rates because I go after it aggressively and I empower the woman to make these changes mentally, emotionally, physically, and nutritionally to really help herself.

You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to go into Facebook on my Safari and I’ll look at the question there, Beth. I’m sorry. I don’t want to miss your questions guys. So let me do this. Let me see. Supposedly there’s a lot of questions on Facebook. Let me get there on my computer, not being so fonky. Let’s see what’s going on here. It’s taking forever to load. I don’t want to lose you guys, but I do want to answer these questions. I think it’s really important.

Oh my God, it’s taking forever to load. Okay, here we go. Here we go. 12 comments. Wow. Look at that. Does all medication during IVF cycle make the endo worse and anything to keep in mind during an IVF cycle? I think that’s a hard question to answer Meredith. But I would say that estrogen is going to feed a lot of the endometriosis. So what you really want to do is go in as clean as possible.

So following a protocol like I have laid out and even just, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant or Body Belief but for ideally a couple months before you go into the IVF will really put you in the best position so that the inflammation is lower and you won’t respond as much to the IVF meds. If you’re already doing a cycle, then I would do something like my purify phase from Body Belief after the cycle.

Not, I mean if you’re doing it frozen, so if you’re doing retrievals and then freezing and then not transferring yet, then I would go and do it that way that you would then get super clean on the diet because you do want to clean up the uterine environment if you’re going to transfer embryos back into there. But something like my liver support juice in the Body Belief program is really helpful to prevent the meds doing too much damage, if you will, to the system.

I did the Body Belief diet and reintroduced foods such as nightshades and nuts. I didn’t have any reaction. I’m feeling okay, are they okay to even eat if though I have endometriosis, I have silent endo? So I think there’s two fold on this is that if you’re still not getting pregnant, I would be as clean as you could be on your diet. If you’re starting to see shifts in your cycle and shifts hormonally and things are changing, then yes.

But I’ve had girls that had very few symptoms and but sticking to the diet was what actually helped them stay pregnant. This is so strange. All I see are four questions even though there’s 13 comments, I don’t know what the hell is going on with Facebook. So I … someone else, do you have any recommendations for specialists in Pennsylvania? So what I would tell you, Kel is to go to and look on his website for recommended practitioners because he has a list of practitioners almost in every single state.

That’s where I would go to look for endometriosis practitioners or reach out. You can join, they have an endometriosis and trying to conceive Facebook group. You could join that group and then ask, it’s run by Braverman reproductive immunology slash Dr. Vidali. How old were you when you got pregnant? Do you think it’s possible to get pregnant at 41? Yeah, I got pregnant at 40 and then I just got pregnant again at 44. I sadly had a miscarriage, but not for age related reasons. It was Turner syndrome and so I’m going to actively try again at 45 and I have high hopes.

Okay, Laura. That’s me. Silent endo. Stay in the purify phase. Yeah, I agree. Laura is an e-course student of mine who is now currently pregnant. She’s very pregnant and about to have a baby and I can speak for her and say that Body Belief completely changed everything for her following that diet and that lifestyle and the mental emotional component, she had had significant fertility challenges and everything turned around when we found each other. I’m watching for South Africa. Welcome. Meredith, I love that juice. I do not know why all the comments are not showing up.

This is so strange. On this page, no comments. It’s so weird. All right, so I can’t see other comments. I don’t know, Beth, if you want to cut and paste any of the ones. All I can see is one minute, two minutes, three minutes ago. They don’t come down any further than that. I don’t know what’s going on with Facebook. Let’s see. I love that juice, made it today, watching from South Africa. This was asked earlier. I don’t know if you see it. Can acupuncture help with endo?

I’ve been having acupuncture do micro tears in my pelvic floor with Accu needle seems to be helping with the pain, blood flow stagnation, curious if this is common? She went to tri-state for her doctor in acupuncture. I’ve never heard of this before, micro tears and pelvic floor with Accu needles. That’s not Chinese medicine. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but that’s not how we would … maybe go after stagnation down there, but that’s more of like, it’s just not theoretically Chinese medicine doesn’t mean it’s not acupuncture because obviously it is and I don’t mean to be negative about the practitioner.

I’m sure she knows what she’s doing. It’s just a different modality. That’s almost like musculoskeletal acupuncture where I’m getting, where it’s like dry needle and kind of thing. That’s not really theoretical Chinese medicine but theoretical Chinese medicine and maybe if she … what she’s doing is helping, absolutely. But I definitely, I do more like lower abdomen points. I’m not going into the pelvic floor typically. I have two vulvodynia cases that I do needle into the pelvic floor because I work with their physical therapist and they tell me what muscles are tight and that’s how I do it.

But I’m still doing very constitutional based on their diagnosis and then herbal and lifestyle and diet recommendations on top of that. But acupuncture definitely helps with endometriosis. What kind of approach do you like for the mental emotional piece? I would urge you to read my book Body Belief. I think that’s a great place to start. It’s really about slowing down enough to connect with yourself to know the conversation you’re having, is it abusive? Are you mean to yourself?

Because endometriosis is autoimmune. Autoimmune is self attacking self. Where are you attacking yourself? What level of compassion can you start to bring to the table for you? How can you communicate with you on a kinder, more loving, more gentle way? That is the key to calming down the hostility. Autoimmunity, endometriosis is hostility in the body, and a hostile environment is not a fertile environment. And so it’s the physical hostility, the inflammatory markers, things like that, that are coming from our food and our diet and our environment.

But those inflammatory markers are also triggered by chronic fight or flight, chronic stress. And if you are chronically in this space of being really mean to yourself and beating yourself up and things are never good enough and everything sucks and I still regret that thing that happened 10 years ago and I still don’t like this person and I have resentment for this person that is the breeding ground for inflammation in your body.

So I have a program called the Yes program. It’s a digital program. You can find it on my website at under products. That is a four week program to release your fertility fears. That’s a place I would start. I also have this free video series which we … I mentioned I was going to share with you and then I forgot that I want to give you guys, it’s about releasing shame over your fertility. So if you go to, that is, I think it’s three videos, maybe four will really help you work through the mental, emotional piece as well.

So if that’s … I see it a lot. I see women that they’re doing all the supplements and they’re doing all the diet and they’re doing maya massage and castor oil packs and there’s … it’s still not working, then I do urge it’s got to be the mental, emotional piece. And that you’ve got to really unpack the layers. This isn’t just about meditating or just about praying, it’s really about witnessing, identifying, owning your shit and unpacking it. And I say that with a lot of love because I’ve been doing a lot of unpacking myself the last decade, but for certain the last several years and it’s transformative and I … we all deserve to feel happier in our hearts, right? And so that’s what I really encourage you guys to do.

And so I’m still not seeing, I see 22 comments and I literally have four up on my screen. This is so strange. Let me … I’m going to refresh the page and see. I don’t want to miss questions because these are some really good questions. Really good questions but for some reason Facebook is being funky. Instagram, I’m seeing your questions easy peasy. Facebook not so much. So I see 23 comments. Get the free video series here, releasing shame.

How can I unblock my fallopian tubes? So I mean it just depends on the level of blockage. Some tunes will need surgical assistance. Some you’d need to follow a diet like this for like a year, and do all the mental emotional work and the castor oil packs and the acupuncture and the herbs. My recommendations are redundant because that’s what works. And so, but it’s frequency and consistency. You cannot do a diet for a month and then decide that it doesn’t work for you.

Have you seen links with CBO and endo? Ish, I think any autoimmune condition in CBO because it’s … there’s usually leaky gut involved in an autoimmune condition and CBO, there’s inflammation and a bacterial overgrowth. Things just aren’t processing properly. So I could see that. I don’t necessarily always see that though clinically. But I hit the questions that came in. So I’m good here. Let me just see if anything’s coming through here. It’s so strange. I’m going to take a picture for you, Beth, so you can see how strange it is on my end.

There’s literally … I can see 17 people are watching right now on Facebook. I’m sure there’s more than that because it’s not coming through. Whereas on this page, it says 39, that’s funny. Something’s wrong anyway. Or with other gut stuff. Definitely. I mean, 100% number one way I think to approach any autoimmune condition is you’ve got to heal the gut. And that is the basis, and Chinese medicine’s been healing guts for thousands of years, before we even had conversations about the gut, but it’s … or anti-inflammatory, and that’s why I say the AIP diet and what I have in Body Belief is a little different than AIP.

There’s a little … there’s a bit more bone broth and the broth is so incredibly healing to the gut lining. So that’s really why I go there and I’ve just, I have so many endometriosis cases that it’s beautifully for, but you’ve got to do the mental emotional work too. So why don’t you guys check out the free video series, Check out my book Body Belief. Yeah, check out my book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant.

You could also go on my website, take my fertility quiz. It’s free and it helps us figure out how we can best serve you. Then you’re going to get emails from us on the best things that you need. You can also, if you really want to impact the emotional stuff, go over to check out my shop and the digital course, Yes. It’s just called, Yes.

That’s a four week program to release in your fertility fears. That can really help as well. But remember, one in 10 women have endometriosis. It takes the average woman five years to get a proper diagnosis and I think about 30 to even 50% of those women wind up with fertility challenges. So it’s … it serves you to get ahead of this and if you have any potential symptoms or you suspect, I would just start with the diet and the mental emotional piece.

Up to what age pregnancy is safe that you recommend? I mean, if you’re still menstruating and ovulating regularly, I do believe that you should be able to potentially conceive. I’ve had women use their own eggs up to 47. They did do IVF, the 47 year olds. I’ve had 46 year olds get pregnant using IUI and plenty of 45 year olds and 44 and 43 and 42 and 41 and 40 naturally IBF, all the things.

So it’s really about your health. Your fertility is an extension of your health. Your health is mental, it’s emotional, it’s physical, it’s nutritional. You’ve got to look at every single layer and you can then shift things and improve them. I just got your books. Thank you so much. What vitamins or supplements should I take for fertility when looking for pregnancy? Head over to my website. I have a whole page on there of my Aimee’s recommended supplements. So check that out, but check out my books. That’s where I go over all of this stuff guys.

And also get the free video series, because I’m sure I know for certain, I’m going … I give you some advice on the supplement diet perspective as well. Have a beautiful day guys. Ciao.

End of Transcription:

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