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How Hormone Friendly Is Your Skincare Routine?

The endocrine system is one of the body’s main communication networks. The ovaries, adrenal glands, thyroid, liver, fat tissue, muscle, bone, and pancreas are all part of the endocrine system, which produces hormones that direct communication and coordination among tissues throughout the body.

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can mimic or interfere with hormone action in the body. We’re exposed to these chemicals every day, and they can be found in especially cosmetics and in the air we breathe and live in. Over 800 endocrine-disrupting chemicals have been identified! These chemicals can cause hormonal imbalance, which then instigate breakouts, increase inflammation, reduce collagen production, and can trigger signs of aging such as loss of elasticity and fine lines.

The good news is: Aimee Raupp Beauty can help balance, support and nourish your hormones and combat these endocrine disruptors from the inside out. We formulate with only the highest quality natural, antioxidant-rich, hormone-balancing and age-rejuvenating ingredients that will enhance your natural beauty and glow.

Watch this video to hear Aimee break down how endocrine disruptors affect our health (including our skin), and how we can best support our hormones.

Additionally, take our short, fun quiz to find which hormone-nourishing, glow-getting face moisturizer is a good fit in your skincare regimen.


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