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Healthy Living: Your Beliefs Dictate Your Health And Your Life

By Aimee Raupp, MS LAc

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Join me today to learn how your thoughts dictate your health.

Here Is The Full Transcription Of The Video

hello everyone on Facebook. How are you guys? Thank you for joining me. I am Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com and I am honored to be here with you yet again to talk about super important topics for you, for your health, your vitality, your life, so you can live your best life. Thank you for joining me.

We have a special gift for you towards the end of today's conversation so hang tight. Say in about 15 or so minutes, I'll reveal that special gift. So if you want it, stick around and don't forget to comment, ask questions, tell me where you're from. Tell me whatever. I'd love to support you however I can. Elizabeth Cardi, Nicole [Mirrata 00:00:55]. Hi guys. Thank you so much. Good morning. Lunchtime for you. Yes, it's lunchtime for me and I am feeling a little hunger, so I can't wait to eat after I finish this conversation with you guys.

So today's conversation is all about your beliefs and how your thoughts aka your [inaudible 00:01:16] contribute to your health. What I say all the time… Hi Karen, how are you? What I say all the time, and especially in my latest book Body Belief is… Hi Julie from Missouri. Nice to see you. What I say and Body Belief is that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking. My teacher, Abraham Hicks taught me that and it goes like this. You think the belief, [inaudible 00:01:48] be true, you choose your behaviors to support that belief that you believe to be true and ultimately that belief well dictate your health and your life because you walk around believing it to be true and you choose to live your life based on these belief systems.

So you could believe that you have to work really hard to make money. You could believe that all moms are tired. You could believe that as you age your body falls apart. You could believe that you're destined for disease because your mother or your father or your grandmother have a certain disease. You could believe that women in their forties get pregnant easily and naturally because you follow someone like me who got pregnant easily and naturally in my forties right?

There's a lot of things you could believe. You could believe that gluten is really bad for you and toxic. You can believe that gluten sensitivity is a hype. You could believe that dairy is really good for you only when it's raw. Beliefs are just thoughts that you keep thinking. You believe them into your reality and into a truth. Remember… I'm going to get a little esoteric on you today, but perception is reality. So what you believe, you then look for social proof around you.

Here's the best thing about beliefs, is that they're changeable. So I'm going to talk to you today, point out some of your probably common beliefs and then also what we can do to begin to shift them. So I want to read from Body Belief from chapter two, Belief Is Key. If you guys didn't get a copy of this yet, you should. Cut over to my website aimeeraupp.com/books. We also give away a really incredible digital course that's for free that when you purchase this book, so it's aimeeraupp.com/bookgift, and you get several hours of a free video course from me helping you implement the body belief lifestyle and really shift your beliefs. I give you worksheets and meditations and movement and cooking demonstrations, all sorts of amazing freebies when you order this book. So aimeeraupp.com/bookgift to get some awesome freebies. That's not the freebie I'm giving away though, so hang around.

Okay. Aging belief is a challenging one. I agree. I agree. Listen, I think when it comes to age we have to accept, yes, of course we're going to get older and of course things are going to shift, but there's a grace to it and there's a wisdom to it, and when we embrace that, rather than resist it, I just feel like the transitions are easier.

I got a copy of Body Belief last week. Oh, thank you so much. I love it, Cassandra. Thank you. Thank you. I'm so honored. Thank you very much.

Okay, so tell me, do you believe you are capable of feeling better? Do you believe your health can thrive? Do you believe your body can heal? What do you believe about your health and your body's capacity for healing? Perhaps you believe that you can and will feel better or maybe you believe there is no hope for you. Maybe you take your health for what it is accepting it rather than challenging it or questioning it. Maybe you have never ever even been asked or have never asked yourself about your health beliefs.

We all have beliefs about our health, whether we know it or not, and we are making choices every day based upon those beliefs. In this chapter, I'm going to help you get to the core of what you believe about your health so that you can make lasting changes. I'm here to help you unveil your health beliefs because until you do this book, any book, can't over offer you the healing that you are worthy of. So I have a couple things I break down.

Basically, your beliefs dictate your behavior, which dictates your health, which we already discussed. Your belief also impact the neurochemicals in your brain. So this is really fascinating research. This is kind of what the placebo effect is all based in, that you give an a sugar pill, you're told it's going to heal something and you believe it's going to work and then you actually get better. Fascinating research or the nocebo effect, which is you're given a pill, you think it's going to harm you, and you actually see the harmful effects, yet you were just given a sugar pill. So absolutely fascinating research, comes out of places like Harvard, super credible research on the placebo effect.

Basically what we have found is that, I'm going to read to you. I have a quote somewhere that I wanted to read to you. “Findings published in the Indian Journal Of Psychiatry found that our beliefs in our thoughts are neurotransmitters. What this means is that our beliefs create chemical messengers in our brain that communicate information throughout our brain and our body affecting every aspect of our functioning, including blood pressure, immune responses, sleep and digestion. Scientists found that cognitive beliefs,” so basically the thoughts you think, “are as potent as pharmacological interventions in terms of modifying physiological processes in the brain and in the body. Your thoughts are as powerful as pharmacological medications.”

That's insane guys. So with that, I want you to really start to take that in. What am I thinking every day? What is it I am believing about my health, my vitality, my life, my money, my job, my career, my relationships, my skin, whatever it is, my aging, what are you believing, and I want you to begin to question it. So I think some ways to get there is I have a list of questions that I think are smart. Ask yourself how do I want to feel, and then ask yourself, how do I feel right now? What is in my way? So that's, what is in my way, what's blocking me between how do I want to feel and how do I currently feel and what do I think is in my way?

I would recommend meditating and then asking yourself these questions and the first thing that comes to mind is typically the answer. So when I do it, typically I hear when I ask, “What is in my way?” I want to change my body a little bit, I want to be a little more fit than I am currently just similar to the way I used to be just a year or two ago. What is in my way? What I hear is you need to slow down more. So I take that as my body saying it's cortisol. Cortisol, you're a little too stressed, you have a little too much on your plate, you need to back it up a little bit and then things will change because my diet couldn't be cleaner, I sleep awesome. I do all the things, so to me, that's what I hear and my body is speaking to me. You have to slow down enough to ask the questions and reconnect.

Another really big question to ask is whatever struggle, health struggle, life struggle, whatever it is that's in your life, ask yourself, am I willing to let go of the struggle? How much does the struggle identify me? Do I live my life based on this struggle? Am I willing to let it go? Big question. What would that look like? What would my life look like without the struggle? What would be my purpose then?

I went through this a while back with a personal relationship and it became a purpose for me to try to fix and heal the situation. One day I had a really honest conversation with myself of, how would my life look without the struggle and I realized that I would feel purposeless, that I wasn't going to feel worthy or good about myself because I wasn't the reason for the fixing that…It's a classic codependency trait of which I've learned a lot about and have worked a lot on myself, but who will I be without this struggle? That scared the shit out of me too because it became my identity, it became a purpose for me.

Who will I be without the struggle, without this pain, without this grief, without this health condition? What would that look like for me? Often you feel a sense of pain or discomfort in your heart… What am I trying to… What's the name of this area? Why am I blanking right now? Your sternum area… I know the name and I just can't think of it right now, but you often feel that resistance in there at this idea of giving up the struggle, and that's very scary to people.

I often see people, they're coming to me with a disease or an illness that's been diagnosed by a doctor or something like that and they are so clung to it. I just was telling the story on my office hours with my eCourse students, my Yes You Can Get Pregnant eCourse students about a case that I've been working within the clinic and her fertility, she's had miscarriages, she's done IBF, it hasn't worked, and her fertility numbers are very bad according to her doctors. Her AMH is low, her FSH is high.

She's been following my protocol and she got her numbers retested I think three months later, and her numbers didn't improve that much and she was very upset but yet her whole health has changed. She looks and feels dramatically different over the last three months in a better way, and she's just happier and more at ease and just feels so good.

So I said to her, “Listen, in my clinical experience these numbers don't mean anything. It's how you feel that means something.” This morning I got an email from her that she's pregnant naturally with poor AMH, poor FSH, low ovarian reserve, poor fertility outcome, doctor was recommending IBF with donor eggs. Of course it's very early in the pregnancy, but it was her mindset that was really limited because she was very attached to this struggle, very attached to these numbers defining her and her health.

Okay. Let me just see. I just got a copy grab Body Belief and the free eCourse, right? Aging sure beats the alternative. That's true. I like that, Nicole. It's hard to be consistent with everything that I want to accomplish, give yourself some grace. Thank you. Solar plexus. Thank you. I wanted to say cortex and I knew that wasn't right.

So let me just see what else. In what ways am I ready for this health shift? In what ways am I ready for this life shift? In what ways am I worthy of all I desire? That was my big thing. I got fixated on this thing that there had to be a struggle like that relationships had to have a hardship to then come out stronger. To [inaudible 00:13:42] when I was younger about a very significant relationship that I look up to very much that they had a very big struggle in the beginning of their relationship and then through that they got stronger. So I think I fixated on the fact that there needed to be a struggle to then overcome something to get really strong and be in this healthy, vital, expansive relationship.

So it made me think of why do I think I have to struggle to get to what I want? I'm worthy of what I desire right here, right now, and I have to just let go of how it's going to come to me, I have to let go of my control in this situation. All I can do is show up as the best version of myself. Because I wasn't also being the person that I wanted to be within a relationship because I was so fixated on the fixing it, on the problems. So when I searched a realize that it was like, “Holy shit,” and I'd already written this book, or maybe that was in the process of… I was in the process of writing this book. It was like, “I'm a bit addicted to the struggle right now. I'm in the struggle. It has become my life.”.

Now I'm not in the struggle anymore. Struggle is not my business. My business is me taking care of me. That's my business. My business is showing up for me in the best possible way that I can and in that my belief shift, my behavior shift, my life shifts. That's it. It's that simple guys.

So in Body Belief, I go over… So tip number three, your beliefs are changeable. So the four most common beliefs that really limit our health and our vitality and our lives moving forward: “I am my illness,” which I've talked about. “Nobody feels that good.” So this is a worldliness thing. “Nobody feels that good, so who am I to think that I deserve to feel better?” “Everybody has problems with X, Y, and Z. Everybody ages. It's just part of the process, and I'm not saying we're going to fight the aging process, but I just mean that there's this… Sorry, Instagram. I'm sorry. Instagram that you paused for a second.

Just the sense of like, “Oh, nobody feels that good, so what's the point? Why bother? I'm going to age and be decrepit anyway, why bother taking care of myself? That's all of a sudden, that's your belief, “Nobody feels that good,” so then your behavior becomes the fuck it behavior. Excuse my F-bomb.

“It's my genetics.” Huge, huge, huge, tremendously huge misconception, bunch of bullshit. Your genetics play about this big of a role in your health outcomes. How you live your life dictates whether those genes turn on or turn off. How you live your life, the thoughts you think, the food you eat, how you sleep, the people you surround yourself with dictate whether those genes turn on or turn off. It is not about what your parents gave you, not, not, not. In fact, 5% of diseases are actually inheritable, meaning that only 5 out of 100 will ever get a particular disease that has genetic links. 5 out of 100. Rather, do you know what's actually causing those diseases to show up? Your beliefs that you're going to get it because mom, dad, brother, sister, or whatever had it.

That's a lot to take in, but I am not making this up, medical science totally backs this up. It's the whole theory of epigenetics, it's been around for 15 years at this point. Research it, if you doubt me, just Google epigenetics and you will see it has nothing to do with your genetics, it has everything to do with how you live your life and with living your life I don't just mean sleep and stress. The relationships you keep, the joy you keep. Do you meditate? Do you journal? Do you take time to eat slowly? Do you enjoy fresh air? Are you prioritizing yourself? Are you tuned into these thoughts and these beliefs? Are you addicted to the struggle? Are you addicted to the disease? Are you addicted to the identity that the struggle has brought you? I feel bad feeling good. This typically one that healthcare providers have? I feel bad feeling good because I don't want to make other people feel bad.

I remember when I got pregnant with James was really, really, really hard for me to tell a lot of my fertility clients because I felt so bad. I felt horrible. I honestly, to this day, I would say it was one of the toughest things I ever went through was, A, holding myself back from feeling the joy that I wanted this child for so long and I wanted the relationship that brought the child for so long and yet I felt so sad and I felt terrible that I had to share it with these women because I knew how much heartache I was going to cause them.

And to my surprise, which you guys probably know, and I know now, but I was younger then, to my surprise, everybody was so inspired by my story, so inspired by my story. So that I feel bad feeling good, that's another worthiness issue. So you feel bad. Why? Why?Couldn't you be inspiring to somebody else? Yes, you could be.

So how do we go about changing our beliefs? Okay, so freebie. I have a free meditation for you that you can download and listen to it right now and do it every day and it's all about helping you shift your beliefs. Go to aimeeraupp.com/bodybeliefmeditation. It's free and I made it for you. It's my voice on there and I hope you enjoy it but that's one way. So the meditation will help you slow down enough to reconnect, to get clear. What are my beliefs? What is in my way? Am I attached to the struggle? And then what would my life look like without the struggle? What do I want to feel? How do I currently feel? What is in my way? When you slow down and reconnect, you will then begin to identify what the beliefs are and then you can begin to shift them.

So if you use that meditation, it will really help you, aimeeraupp.com/bodybeliefmeditation. Instagram, the link is my profile. Have any of you guys [inaudible 00:20:06] let me just see. Sorry. I'm trying to scroll up. My God, what's going on here? Sorry, sorry. Sorry. My fertility journey. Five failed transfers. I had to dig deep to relate to the struggle with a reason why. Thank you, Aimee, it's wonderful to hear you. Ah, you're welcome.

Oh, I waved at someone. So my phone is leaning on my computer and it's kind of being funny. Okay. We'll just take you guys over here. Instagram. Sorry. Okay, cancel. I was just inviting someone to come live with me. I'm so sorry. That was not intentional.

So what can you do to begin to shift your beliefs? So reconnecting to yourself, getting mindful, meditating, obviously, listen and take notes. The chances are… there's upwards of 50,000 thoughts a day, 90% of them are the same every single day. So chances are every single thing we think, the beliefs we have, we just carry them day to day to day. Life is supposed to be a struggle. Marriages are hard. As I age, everything hurts. Everybody gets X disease. Everybody has digestive issues, everybody has skin issues, everybody is depressed, everybody has low energy. Whatever it is, start to question that. It's my genetics. I feel bad feeling good.

Typically the I feel bad feeling good is like you're holding yourself back from your true power. I see that so much and that everybody's struggles, so we hold onto that. So it's like the sense of belonging. Like, “Yes, I have a struggle too. Hey…” right? And when life is just smooth sailing people don't necessarily get that because so many people struggle. Why? Why am I holding onto this struggle and what's in my way of letting it go?

For me it was, I'm afraid of peace. I don't even know what that means. What would be my purpose if I didn't have to fight against the struggle? Who would I be if things just went smoothly all the time? What would that even mean? What does that look like?

So listen, take notes. Say something kind. Get in the process of saying something kind and loving and caring to yourself every single day. You're doing the best you can. You're learning. Have some grace. Give yourself the space to heal the space, to listen. Ask yourself, “Would I say that to my closest friends?” and if the answer is no, then you don't say it to yourself, and if the answer is yes, you probably have some anger issues to work out because there's a way we can say things that are brutally honest, that don't have to be so harsh.

So here's a dialogue. “I am in the process of learning more about myself and I'm getting better all the time. I'm doing the best I can from where I am at right now. I love you. It's okay.” These are things we're saying to ourselves. Be easy on yourself, Aimee. I say to myself regularly, “Aimee, how can I better support you? How can I better support you?” and then I hear it, I hear the answer and I listen. That is the key, but if we're moving so fast, boom, boom, boom, darting around in our lives, we don't hear it, we're not reconnected.

So download that meditation. That's number one way to start shifting those beliefs, and when we do that, we start shifting our behaviors. Then we start to say, “Oh, you know what? So-and-so did that, and then she changed her health, she changed her life. She started tuning in and wow, I saw all those changes. It was just amazing.”.

So anyone have any other questions for me guys? Well, let me see. Thank you. It's so wonderful to hear you. Oh, you're welcome. I was about to accept the live video invite. It's so funny. I'm sorry I had to let go of the struggle. [inaudible 00:24:24] IVF. Yeah. So good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you guys.

Even though I'm having a hard time shaking what I believe about my fertility, I can't shake this feeling I'm running out of time. Even though I listened to Abraham and I know that how I feel, whether I'm paddling upstream is so critical, how do you surrender the struggle when on a logical level you know the belief isn't necessarily true? I would work on the meditation, Cassandra, and I know you just got the books, so I think that'll help too. Check out the free eCourse that comes with it as well because I feel like that would really be helpful.

I think you just have to start looking for stories you stories of hope. [inaudible 00:25:01] going through fertility challenges and overcoming them, you have to look for social proof of people that are getting pregnant at your age and there's a lot of them. Then also when you're having those thoughts, I think a really powerful question to ask yourself is, how is this servicing me?” [inaudible 00:25:20] I don't know you very well, but I see this a lot. What I would say is it's another excuse to beat yourself up for either waiting too long, not finding the partner soon enough or maybe your partner didn't want to have kids right away, or maybe you didn't pull the trigger sooner than you wanted to. So it's just another reason for you to beat yourself up and say, “See, I told you so. See? See? See? You didn't do this and you didn't do this, and now you're suffering and that's your fault,” and it's a reason to just hold ourselves back.

So then you get to that core belief and it's like, why do I always feel the need to beat myself up? Why do I always feel like I'm not good enough? Why do I always feel like I'm not doing it the right way that I've done something wrong? They should've, could've, would've as, as what my grandmother would say. She would say, “Shit in one hand and wish in the other, see which one fills up first.” But just this thing of like, “Oh I wish I would've done that,” and it was like, “Well how is that serving you? It's not getting you anywhere.”.

So I think Abraham, that's one of the things she taught me of like I am where I'm supposed to be. I can't miss my boat because there was another one right behind it and I have to just trust. I got gotta get out of my own way. I'm in my own way.

So thank you, Aimee, staying positive with your inspiration. Do you have patients who did IVF but then decided it was enough and got pregnant naturally? I do. I have plenty of those. The one I just talked about. She did IVF, it didn't work and then she got pregnant naturally. Today she found out.

Okay guys, I gotta hang up. So if you want more of me, more of this, continue following me on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook people, if you don't follow me on Instagram, you should because I'm always doing stuff on my stories and IGTV and we have a lot of fun on Instagram, right? You fertility girls, I have a lot of really great free information on my website. If you go to my website aimeeraupp.com and take my free fertility quiz, it leads you into a funnel where you're going to get an email from me every week for a couple of weeks with incredible free content for optimizing your fertility.

So please check that out and everyone else, if you're interested in body belief and learning more how to unpack your beliefs. So what what do I promise? How to heal autoimmune diseases, radically shift your health and learn to love your body more. Even if you don't have an autoimmune disease this book is amazing, but if you want the free book gift, the video… I'm sorry, the mini eCourse that comes with it for free, go to aimeeraupp.com/bookgift and take advantage of that, but definitely take advantage of the free meditation today. Okay. Love you guys. I'll see you next week. Chow.

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