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Improve Fertility Naturally: 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Fertility Naturally

By Aimee Raupp, MS LAc

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Join me today to learn my five simple tips to improve your fertility naturally.

Here Is The Full Transcription Of The Video

And hello Facebook. How is everyone today? I am Amy Raupp of amyraupp.com and as always, I am incredibly honored to be able to come to you and share with you my tips on living your best life, my tips on how you can renew hope and reawaken your healthiest life. Hello. I see everybody rolling on. Instagram, can you hear me okay? I want to know. Facebook can you guys hear me okay? Let’s see, hello? All right, we are ready to go with today’s awesome, amazing topic. Before I get into it, I want to remind you, hang around to the end. So in about 20 minutes, stay with me for 20 minutes, I have an incredible fertility enhancing offer for you and it’s free, free, free. So if you’re not interested in fertility enhancing stuff, today’s conversation isn’t even really for you. But I will add this caveat, as I always say, your fertility is an extension of your health. So, if you just want to optimize your health, and vitalize your hormones, and feel more balanced as a woman, then this conversation is for you.

Today we are talking about five simple ways to improve your fertility naturally, and if you saw my social post, James is the one who really wants to share this with you, but he’s at school, so I’m doing the talking today.

Okay, five ways, you guys just want them, right? Boom, boom, boom. Let’s just break them down, break it out, and get you pregnant faster, right? Improve your fertility so you can get pregnant when you want to, improve your fertility so your hormones are in balance, improve your fertility so you can feel less shame, and less fear, and less anxiety about your fertility process, right?

Even before I get into the five things I want to just talk a little bit about that word shame. It came up in the clinic this week quite a few times around women who’ve been on this path for a while, who’ve been trying to conceive. But I would also say that no matter where you are on the path, on the journey, I know some people don’t like that terminology, but no matter where you are, it’s normal to feel shame because you are looking at yourself in comparison to other women where this has been such an easy process for them and you have shame because your body isn’t doing what you feel it’s supposed to do, right? And so, you compare yourself, and as as Buddha says, comparison is the root of all suffering. And then in effect you start to feel inadequate and you start to feel ashamed of your body and it’s an inability to conceive, or to get and stay pregnant, or to make healthy embryos, whatever it is, to have balanced hormones, have regular periods, we start to feel shame around that.

And I actually was interviewed this week as well for a piece that’ll be coming out in well and good, and it was around all of this period positivity. And she was taking the avenue of, is it healthy to be so period positive because aren’t there women who suffer, aren’t there women who have fertility challenges and isn’t this period positivity conversation actually shaming those women? And I couldn’t agree more. And so we had a really lovely conversation and I’m curious what the piece will look like. But still around this same thing that I think we just need period neutrality is what the journalists said and I liked that. That yes, I have a period, yes it’s healthy or no it’s not, and I’m working on ways to improve it, and maybe I don’t want to get a periods though because every time I get a period it reminds me that I’m broken because I’m trying to conceive.

So we’re leaving out a whole bunch of people when we have this period positivity conversation because there are women who are not menstruating, there are women who are menstruating irregularly, there are women who are menstruating and are laid up by their periods cause it’s so painful, and then there are women who don’t want to get a period because they’re trying to get pregnant. And I’m sure I left out even more people, but that this creates more shame and I think my real deep, deep mission in the work I do is to help you release that shame because it sucks and it doesn’t serve us. And when we carry that shame, we tend to then not want to do these five simple things to nourish our fertility, five simple things to improve our fertility naturally because we think, what’s the point? I’m broken as it is, can I really be fixed? Right?

So, you get into this whole thing, and that’s a lot of what I talk about in Body Belief, my latest book, is that our beliefs dictate our behavior. And so if you’re feeling broken and if you’re feeling ashamed of who you are and how your body is or is not working, why the hell do you think meditating is really going to change your game, I get it. So it’s a very vicious cycle. And so if we can start to be more neutral about it and just like, yeah, I get a period, I’m not always happy when I get it cause I’m trying to get pregnant, or because it’s super painful, or because I vomit and have diarrhea for a day, or I get a migraine, or it doesn’t look like the way social media is making it look these days. And so then it’s another reason to beat ourselves up, another reason for more shame.

And so rather, I would like us to begin to own that we have the power to shift our health, and ultimately our fertility and our hormones, and ultimately our periods and step into the power from that space, right? To feel less shame around these things that maybe aren’t working as well, but that we can massage to work better in our body. And to that point too I would add that if there are things in your body that aren’t working, that you have some shame around, start to focus on the things that are working. Like you have a healthy bowel movement every day, or you have glowing skin, or you feel rested when you wake up, you don’t get headaches with your period, right, or your used to but you don’t anymore.

So in my communities, and in my online coaching programs, and any of the programs I’ve put out, that’s the biggest thing I have my women do, is to celebrate what is working. And then if you do get a period and you didn’t want one cause you tried to get pregnant, celebrate the changes. I did get a period but, this month I didn’t spot. I did get a period but, this month I didn’t get the migraine. I did get a period, but it was a beautiful bright red color and there was no clots. I did get a period, but I ovulated right on time and 14 days later I got my period and … So the start to celebrate the wins, even if it’s not the big win that you want, to start to celebrate that and that will help release that shame.

Maria, yeah were so happy to have you here and I see, oh, Elizabeth thank you, you guys are so sweet chiming in. So, okay, let’s get to it. Five simple ways to improve your fertility naturally. You guys have been following me a while, you probably know them. Can anybody name one that you think might be something I would say? Anybody. Anybody want to chime in on what you think one of the best ways to naturally improve your fertility could be? Let’s see, Instagram, Facebook, anybody got anything for me?

Hi Julie getting some highs and some hearts, but nobody’s writing in a response. All right, I’ll give you a hint. Daphne’s clapping. You guys are cute. All right, I’ll give you a hint. So first we’re going to start with, I want to say the head, sleep. Okay. But that is a good one. That’s definitely a really good one. It didn’t make it to my top five lists, but nutrition. Robin, you know that one. Prioritize allowing yourself to rest, Elizabeth Gavin, I think that’s a really good one. These are all really good ones, okay.

So, I would say, I think we’ll throw in a bonus. So we have five, but we’ll throw in a bonus number six, which is sleep. Getting seven to eight hours a night for certain. Diet, right Maria? So let’s start there. We’ll start there because Robin said nutrition and Maria said diet and so in the five ways, yeah, eating a nutrient dense diet. So by nutrient dense, what do I mean? Food that is in its closest state natural as possible, food that comes jam packed with antioxidants, fat, protein, essential fatty acids, amino acids. So things like fruits, vegetables, good healthy fats, good quality protein, and some healthy carbohydrates. Those should be on your fertility plate.

So, nutrient dense diets, Primo importance. You cannot out supplement a crappy diet guys, right? So, you could be taking all the supplements under the sun. I often see girls who are on vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, they are taking a prenatal, they’re taking the Method fully, they’re taking a fish oil, they’re taking amino acids, and they’re taking Q10 and they’re like, it’s still not working, not getting pregnant, egg quality sucks. What the hell, my hormones are out of balance. And I’m like, well, how’s your diet? Oh, well, it’s pretty healthy.

Okay, do you eat breakfast? Oh, no, I never have time for breakfast. You know, I don’t have time for breakfast. So what do you for lunch? Usually salad, a salad. What’s on the salad? Oh, avocado and greens and I like the little cranberries. And what kind of dressing do you use? Oh, the dressing that’s at the place. Okay, what about snacking, do you snack? Yeah, I like pretzels a lot, maybe they’re not so good for me I snack on pretzels and hummus. Hummus is good, right? Humus is good. And how about dinner? Oh, usually it’s fish and a veggie. Okay.

So, what do I have to do there? I have to get this woman to eat breakfast, I need her to eat protein with every meal, I need her to be having lots of green vegetables, upwards of six to eight servings a day of veggies. Not so easy to get in, especially if you’re skipping breakfast, it’s really hard to get in. I need her eating good quality fats. I need to be eating more cooked than raw foods. And is your diet organic? Where do you get your food from? Oh, the salad bar on the corner. Okay, so that dressing that you’re using probably has soy oil in it or some other really noxious refined vegetable oil that is very inflammatory, terrible for your fertility, for every single cell in your body.

So do you get what I mean? It’s like, but I take all these supplements. You cannot out supplement a crappy diet. Your food is your first and most primary medicine. Food is your first and most primary medicine.

Number two. And I always say your name wrong, Cooey Camo, I think nailed it. So I’ll say mindset and she said trust management, but I think that is a perfect way to say it. Your mindset. How much do you believe in your ability to get and stay pregnant? How much do you believe in your body? How much shame are you carrying around? How much anger, how much fear, how much frustration? Are you cheering yourself on or are you beating yourself up? Is every time you get the period another reason to beat yourself up and say, see, this is why I’m a loser, this is why I am not getting pregnant because boom, boom, boom. And see, I got a period again. Another reason to just beat myself up. I’m just going to go eat a bag of Cheetos and some Skittles and I’m going to skip breakfast for the next four days because I hate my life.

That’s one way to approach it. The other way is like what I said, I got a period, but it was better than the last time. So I’m starting to see that these dietary changes are helping me. Another thing I talk about a lot is, what is your fertility story? What is your five minute, 60 seconds, whatever you want to call it, elevator pitch on your fertility story? Is it the struggle? You talk all about the struggle, all about the problems, all about the trauma and the devastation, or are you talking about it with cautious optimism? With I’m trying this and this new this time and I have the right support in place, and I’m really excited to become a mother, and I’m learning a lot about my body and my relationship, and we’re transforming, right? How are you projecting that story?

The mindset piece I do think is probably the most foundational piece to this. If we don’t shift our mindset, if we don’t get in touch with our thoughts, if we don’t acknowledge our fears, and our resistance, and our worries, it’s going to be really hard to change the behaviors, and the behaviors are what impact the hell. So it goes like this, belief, behaviors, health and fertility. Belief, behaviors, health and fertility need to work on those beliefs. I have a lot of tools for you on those beliefs and if you stick around to the end, like I said, that freebie is all about helping you shift the mindset. So I got some free tools for you.

So tip number one, diet, tip number two, mindset, tip number three, which goes in conjunction with mindset and stress management, like Couey Camo has said, I said it perfectly, look at me, I really annunciated, I took my time, meditation. And I know it’s so easy to say, you’ve got to just start meditating. And I had a woman the other day I was at a party and we started socializing and shared with her what I did, and then she told me about her fertility journey and now she is a mom and she’s still really having a hard time managing her stress, and her emotions, and feeling really guilty because she’s not fully present with her kids, and beating herself up, right. So the whole thing.

So basically, she hasn’t had her stress managed since way before her fertility journey even began and now she’s a mom, which is great, she had success with her fertility journey. And so I said to her, she’s like, meditation just sounds overwhelming. Do I need to go to a class? Do I need to buy candles? Do I need one of those meditation pillows? Do I need an alter in my house? And I was like, no, you need two minutes. Five is great, 10 awesome. Two minutes. Two minutes of deep breathing. And I told her, I gave her a secret tip that what I do when I’m putting James to bed at night, and it’s to calm him down too is I just lay there flat. We read our books, now we’re laying down, and I just lay there flat, I put my hands on my lower abdomen and I breathe in deep, my belly rises and then I exhale and I do a little contraction for my core, get some core exercise in there too and I do 10 of those.

And typically, by the 10th one he is fast asleep because he actually catches my rhythm, so he’s learning how to breathe deeply as well, and I’m sneaking in a little more me time, a little more meditation time. So meditation can look like you laying in bed with your child. Meditation can look like you sitting on the stall in the bathroom for two extra minutes while you take 10 deep breaths, that can be your meditation. Yes, awesome if you have a little app and you set the timer, those are the best mornings for me. Where I get up early enough, I have a French press, so I have a whole ritual with my coffee. I grind my beans, I boil my water, then I pour the water, and then the coffee needs to sit for five to seven minutes to steep. So I then set a timer on my phone for seven to 10 minutes, depending on the day and the time and I meditate.

Sometimes I listen to a guided meditation, sometimes I don’t. These days right now I’m just meditating silently and it’s just beautiful. It gives me this conscious awareness and this presence of how to go through my day and it calms me. So, all those worries just come down. And so if you’re worried about your fertility, and am I doing enough, am I doing enough? That means to beat yourself up. And so, when you take that time, it slows you down, it gets you more present, and you can go through your day.

And again, in this free tool that I have for you guys, I teach you meditation. You get meditations to go, and they’re so helpful, and they’re made by me for you. You guys want to know about the free tool? We still have two more to go, but maybe I should tell you about it. It’s my nourish your fertility retreat, which kicks off this weekend, it’s happening tomorrow, Saturday from nine to two, but, A, it’s free, so you just have to go to amyraupp.com/nyf for nourish your fertility and it’s free all weekend. You get access to it all weekend. So if you can’t make it tomorrow or you can just do two hours tomorrow and then two hours on Sunday, that’s awesome.

It’s all about you taking time for you. It’s all about you figuring this piece out and me teaching you what I think are the most important pieces to nourishing your fertility so you can get pregnant faster. I’m just going to go over to the page if you guys haven’t. So Instagram, the link is in my bio. Facebook, we’re posting the link for you right now. Again, you sign up right now, it’s free, it’s a one day online retreat, we’ll give you all the tools to naturally improve your fertility. Again, did I say it was free? It’s free. $1,500 is what it’s valued at and it’s free. So go and sign up.

Like I said, even if you can’t do it until Sunday night or even if you can do an hour tomorrow and the rest on Sunday, I don’t care, sign up. Even if you only get half of it you’re going to get a ton of information from it. There’s medications, there is one of the next topics we’re going to talk about fertility enhancing yoga sequences. So, I have a restorative yoga sequence for any of you that maybe could be pregnant, we also have an active yoga sequence that we can show you how to modify depending on where you are in your cycle and whether or not you’re pregnant or could be.

So, tip number four. So we already went through, let’s do with food, mindset, meditation, and tip number four is movement or yoga. So in this retreat I did yoga for you guys because I think it’s very gentle movement and I was trying to capture everybody depending on where you are in your cycle and if you could potentially be pregnant, we don’t want too much active movement, but movement is a really important piece to improving your fertility naturally. Me, I do a mix of movement. I’m really depending on where I am in my cycle, so I like to do spin a couple of times a week, especially in my follicular phase. I like to run a couple times a week, especially follicular, even luteal I just take it super easy or I’ll run-walk.

I love to do yoga and same thing, my luteal phase, I take it a little more easy on my body. We’re not actively trying to get pregnant right now, but I still really honor that phase where it’s a little more holding and nourishing, so not such high impact. But in the follicular and ovulation phase, you can do a little more movement because you’re getting things flowing and moving. So, in this nourisher fertility retreat, we have … the yoga sequence is free. So there’s two different sequences, you’re going to love them.

Then there is recipes and cooking demonstrations from me. So you’re going to get that food piece covered. You’re also going to get in depth conversation from me on how to shift your mindset. There’s several workshops on shifting your mindset, dissolving your fertility fears, getting clear on your desires, and rewriting your fertility stories. And in addition, this year I put in an extra bonus that you guys get again for free. That’s all about you learning what it means to surrender and that surrender doesn’t mean giving up, and surrender doesn’t mean that you need to stress less and it’ll happen. What surrender means and how it can look for you in this process of trying to conceive, in this frustrating, devastating, sad, anxiety ridden process, what surrender means and how it will help you achieve your goals. So that’s free and I added that this year and I love it, I’m super excited for it.

So tip number five on naturally improving your fertility, which I cover in this retreat is an in depth conversation between myself and that [inaudible] who was another hormone expert and doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. And we break down for you all the environmental toxins you need to be avoiding, so that means stuff in your bath and beauty products, toxins in your food, toxins in your life, and how they’re impacting your fertility and potentially your autoimmunity. So if you have something like endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome, you don’t want to miss this conversation. Premature ovarian aging, you don’t want to miss this conversation. High FSH, low AMH, you don’t want to miss this conversation.

If that’s all you attend in this retreat and maybe one meditation, you are going to get so much out of it. That conversation, and I’ve been doing this a long time, it’s valued at like $500, $425 is valuable. It’s like basically what we do in our coaching sessions with our one-on-one clients. You also get a pre-retreat package and that is basically a PDF that you download and printout and it helps you navigate through the retreat. And it’s nice. There’s places in there for you to take notes and to journal when we have those in depth conversations about your fertility fears or rewriting your fertility story. There’s worksheets in there. So you get to take this work with you, it doesn’t end when the retreat ends.

And you can also purchase it. For right now, you can get the whole retreat plus some incredible bonuses, which includes a live Q&A with me where I will answer your deep fertility questions plus some awesome bonuses from other hormone experts like Molly Nichols, Nicole Jarden, Nat Kringadus, and Sarah Holland. So for $49, if you can’t make it this weekend, for $49, you can buy it and have lifetime access to this retreat. So forever you can own this retreat plus those bonuses, plus get the live Q&A with me, which is happening on Wednesday of next week. So you basically are going to submit your questions and I’m going to answer them in this live Q&A.

So if you want my attention, my almost 16 years of clinical experience in fertility, the bestselling author on a fertility book, a woman who got pregnant naturally in her forties, if you want my advice, I’ve helped thousands of women get pregnant, $49 is so worth it because a lot of women pay $425 to have a one-on-one consult with me to get the advice. So you’re going to get it for $49 at this live Q&A plus those awesome bonuses, plus then you have the retreat forever. So let’s go over it again, I’m going to come back to Facebook cause I wasn’t looking at you guys, is there any comments? Oh gun, wrong. I just hit the wrong button on my computer.

I went organic when I did your reboot back in May, Good job, Julie, I love it. Mindset is so important, after two two miscarriages, it gets discouraging. So Maria, have you signed up for the nourisher fertility retreat? Because I’m going to help you with that fear, and that anxiety, and feeling discouraged. I’m only eating organic and I can feel my body changing, all rights, Sorita. Let’s see. I feel so different, I was tired, bad news from the doctor, my numbers have improved, look at you, changing your diet, taking back the power. I’m so proud of you Sorita.

So, sign up for the nourisher fertility retreat guys. You’re not going to regret it. Maria is signed up, I can’t wait. Sorita is signed up. You guys are amazing. I can’t wait to see you guys there tomorrow 9:00 AM we start.

But again, you can roll in when you roll in and you can watch bits and pieces of it and pause it and come back. It’s going to be live and free all day Saturday, all day Sunday. If you want access for longer than that, which you can decide tomorrow, once you see the retreat and what’s in it, $49, you get the live Q&A with me, you get those awesome bonuses from other hormone and fertility experts that are peers of mine that I love. The retreat is perfect timing. Aw honey, I’m sorry that, that’s failed. Her frozen embryo transfer failed. So this will feel really good and nourishing for you.

And that’s my biggest wish for all of us whether we’re trying to conceive or not, no matter where we are, that we take time for ourselves. That we take time to slow down and nourish ourselves because we deserve that, we are worthy of that and our bodies need it. We live an intense life, fast, intense, and we put everybody else before ourselves, so enough of that, okay, you need to take care of you and I’m going to guide you, and I’m honored to be able to give this to you for free. It is such a nice way to give back to this incredible community that you guys let me come into your life and your home weekly and you support me in so many ways, buying my books, buying online workshops, working with me, seeing me in the clinic, just attending these, you support me in so many ways. So it is an honor to be able to support you back. So, I love you guys and I hope to see you tomorrow, amyraupp.com/nyf remember it is free all weekend.

And this is all Eastern time so if you guys are in other time zones, obviously adjust. It’s basically going to be free and live I think until Sunday night Eastern time, probably the 11:00 PM hour. And then if you want to access beyond that, you’ve got to upgrade to the lifetime package. You get those incredible bonuses and you get the Q&A with me. And the lifetime package is $49 through this weekend and then it doubles in price. So, take advantage of it now. All right, I love you guys and I will see you next week. Thank you again so much for letting me be a part of your life.

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About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.

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