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Healing From Miscarriage: 5 Steps I Followed To Heal From My Loss

Previously, I shared the story of my miscarriage. Yes, I was pregnant. (If you missed it check out the videos section on my Facebook page ❤️) I've said this before but I want to repeat it again- Even though this didn't have the ending I expected this IS a story of hope. I DID get pregnant naturally and easily at 45 and I know that when I'm ready I can do it again. And now I’m ready to share how to heal your body from miscarriage (which is evolving every day as I’m still in the thick of it.) In this Facebook Live video I share more about my miscarriage and how I've been healing from this loss.

Here is the Full Transcription of this Video:

Hi, Facebook. Hi, guys. It's so good to see you again. I am Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com and I come to you every week live to talk to you about health topics, hormone topics, mindset topics, whatever I can talk to you about to help you live your healthiest life. And health as I see it is mental. It's emotional. It's physical. So if we look at the holistic viewpoint of health, we can live our best lives.

And I'm here today, because I want to talk to you about… So, last week I shared with you quite deeply, openly, rawly about my miscarriage and also about the things that were going on in my life, in my marriage and why we waited to start trying for another baby and where we're at now. And I got such incredible, amazing feedback from so many of you thanking me for being so raw and so open and so honest and so real, and so many personal emails, so many comments.

So, I just want to say thank you so much, because it was you know. You know it's a lot to go public with information like this and to share so vulnerably, but it was important to me to do so, because obviously I deal with a very vulnerable topic all day long helping women try to optimize their hormones and their health so that they can get and stay pregnant. And I know the rawness of the topic and I want to honor that.

I want to show you that I too am human and I too am imperfect and I too am always growing, and learning, and shifting, and evolving and that I learn so much from all of you. So, never forget that. Every single case I've ever had, every single client I've ever worked with has taught me something valuable. I was lucky I think to go through a miscarriage at this stage of my life after practicing for 16 years helping women on their paths to fertility and conception, to optimal fertility I should say and conception.

Most of the women I've worked with have had a miscarriage, so I never went through it firsthand, but I understand it and saw their ability to heal and transform and come back from it. So for me, it was this no-brainer, if you will that it was just like, “Well, of course I'll come back from this. Of course I can move on to have that healthy child if that's what I desire.”

It's the same thing that I had I think when I started trying to conceive at 40 for James. To me, there wasn't a lot of fear. It was just obvious. All these other women have gone before me and they did it, so I can too. And that's so much of what I try to get you guys to realize and own and really step into, that there is so much fertility around us. There is so much success and transformation around us, if we choose to see it.

We could also choose to see the people that “didn't succeed” or are really stuck in their trauma. I mean, it's a horribly traumatic situation to go through fertility challenges, to not be able to get pregnant when you want to, to lose a child that you want, all of it. It just sucks, absolutely. I never underestimate that, but what I do think we can all use is a shift in our belief systems and a shift in our focus.

And so for me, which I shared last week was I remember going through finding out I lost the baby, knowing I was going to have to a D&C on the Monday that we were launching the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant e-course and knowing I was going to have to go live with Sharon that night to talk about how she had five losses and was finally pregnant on her sixth frozen embryo transfer.

And she's now almost 30 weeks pregnant and she's going to take this baby home. And I remember thinking, “I can't believe I have to go live and do this. I can't believe I have to put on this face. I'm such a failure. I don't know what I'm talking about. I couldn't do it, so what's wrong with me? Now I got to go.” I felt sorry for myself, for certain. I had a little pity party for a moment.

And then, I guess I had a prep call with one of the girls, woof. We were doing prep calls with them before we went live with them. And all the girls in my group had known that I had had the miscarriage, so I had this influx of just love from them. It's a larger group, but we share deeply. And so, yeah, there's 200 women in the group and not every woman is active, but I got a lot of love and I got a lot of reminders from them about how much I helped them in overcoming their losses and rehabilitating themselves to get back to their fertile ground again and to go on have a child, or children.

And it was. It was like this smack in the face of, yeah, you could choose to go down that path, Aimee, and actually just throw it all away and say, “Yeah, I know nothing. I failed at this. I'm a loser. I'm just going to go bury my head in the sand or you could actually take a step back,” I'm going to get emotional, “and realize all that you have played a role in to help these women overcome these really significant challenges from diet to lifestyle to emotional health and mental health and physical health. And you believe in these women and their ability to carry on, and you don't judge them and think they're losers because they had a miscarriage.”

It was like, “Right, right. So check yourself, young lady, check yourself.” And that was the conversation I had with myself and I checked myself. And quickly I started to realize this was the most divine timing of all, not that I wouldn't go back and if I could not have that miscarriage happen. Of course, but if it's going to happen, wow, what a gorgeous time for it to happen.

What an amazing time for it to happen, because here it is. I'm in the deep with them now. I understand it. I'm in the deep with them now. And now, I actually get the opportunity to show myself. Do you remember how you helped this woman? And look at now she's 20 weeks pregnant, and she wants to go on live and share with the world the work that you guys did together to help her transform into this better version of herself to become the mom that she's always wanted to become.

It was such a beautiful moment for me. And the feedback, I see Maria writes, “Do we absolutely believe in you?”, and, “Much love to you.” And of course, I'm lucky. I do really like myself. I do believe in myself. I've done a lot of work over the years and I am pretty happy with who I am. And when I have those moments where I'm not, I let myself go there and sit there. And so, what I want to share with you today…

“Tribe of Women love you. I lost my baby at 11 weeks last year. The greatest revelation was realizing my inner strength and lots of prayers.” Thank you, I agree. This is just yet another thing I get to go through and understand so that I can have more compassion and go to a deeper level of healing. So, this conversation today is about the five things that I am doing to help me heal or the five steps that I have taken to help me heal.

And I don't think they're in any specific order. And I think they come and go as they need to. I do think there is a grieving process that you must allow yourself to go through. And so, that's similar, but I got really honest. It's my step number one. I got really honest and right away. When I got the news when I was sitting there in the sonography room and she says to me, “I'm so sorry. The baby has no heartbeat,” and then she leaves me alone.

I texted a couple really close friends immediately. And then, of course the phone starts ringing and I was waiting to message my husband. And then, I realized I was going to be a long time at the doctor, so then I messaged him. My mom was waiting outside for me. I messaged her. And the first phone call I had was with a very, very close friend and she's very deep. She's very spiritual. She's really real.

I said, “I feel like a failure. I feel like I fucked this one up. I got this wrong. I don't know what I'm talking about. I'm an imposter.” And she said, “Honey, that's your ego. So, you're going to leave that at the door. This isn't about you.” And I can hear that. Not everybody could hear that, not saying I'm better than someone who can't hear that. I don't mean it like that but, A, that's our relationship.

That's how she calls me out. That's how I call her out. That's why we are sisters. I've done enough of the spiritual work and she knows that, because we are so spiritual together that she can say that to me and I would know exactly what she meant, that I was letting my ego take over. Which when the ego does that, you can go deep and you can go dark, dark, dark, dark. And then, it is just self-attack.

I'm a fucking loser. I did this. It's my fault. What did I do wrong? All of a sudden, I have this glimpse into all of my girls that have had losses that they went through everything. Was it when I was changing the light bulb? Was it when I fell in the driveway? Was it when I took that run and I really shouldn't have, and I pushed myself? Was it that I ate this or I didn't eat that, or I couldn't take my supplements because my stomach was so upset?

Was it this? Was it that? And that's all your ego, if you go down this dark, dark, dark rabbit hole of all the things that you could have done wrong, that you did do wrong, that you could then blame yourself for. And so, the first thing for me was to get really honest and step outside myself. What would I say to a patient? No, there's nothing you could have done differently or done wrong.

This is where we have to hand this over. This isn't just about us. This isn't just our decision-making process. Are there things we can do to optimize that quality? Are there things we can do to balance hormones? Of course, all those things. Was I doing all those things? 100%. Do I think this was just a case of bad luck? Yeah, and also a really beautiful visit from a spiritual being that got to nudge me and my husband into this direction, yeah.

So for me, I wrote down these steps and the spiritual one is its own little step, but getting honest with myself and then checking my belief systems. And I got this in my inbox today from Abraham Hicks that I wanted to read you guys, because this is I think where I'd love you to go with any of this stuff is…

So, this is from Abraham Hicks. “Someone asked us recently, ‘Is there any limitation to the body's ability to heal?' And we said, ‘None other than the belief that you hold.' And he said, ‘Then, why aren't people growing new limbs?' And we said, ‘Because no one believes that they can'.” And I thought that's what I want to share with you guys today about these beliefs. What are your beliefs?

And in there is the honesty. So, my teacher, Elon, he says, “The only way to get to the core of the belief system is you actually really have to acknowledge what it is, the belief is,” what it is. What are you scared of? When I have this thought, what is the belief, the belief will hand me… So, my thought was, “I am a loser. I fucked up and this is all my fault. I did something wrong. I don't know what I'm talking about.”

And so, the… for me is… I'm not enough. It's a normal belief. We all have that one. I did something wrong. This is entirely my fault. And my husband went there, too. It's a very common space to go to. And so, what I needed to do was be really honest and share that with a friend, share that with someone that I feel really safe with to say that and then have that friend say back to me, “Okay, honey, that's your ego. So, let's work through that. Do you really believe that to be true? If I had a miscarriage and we were sitting on the phone, would you tell me that I was a loser and I had done something wrong?”

And I was like, “Oh my God, no. I know all the things you're doing.” “Okay, so check yourself, check yourself with your knowledge of all the things you know.” And we all might find something. Was there a glass of wine maybe I shouldn't have had? Did I miss doses of my cod liver oil? Sure, but how many pregnancies have I seen do that and they turn out perfectly fine? So, I can't go to that space.

It's just not fair to myself and it is a means. It's a distraction. It's a means to distract ourselves from the real trauma, which is you just lost a baby and that's really fucking sad, because you wanted it. You're distracting yourself by beating yourself up. You're distracting yourself to try and blame something else, mainly yourself or another situation, your partner, your work situation, whatever it is.

We want to blame something, so we can distract from the real feeling. So, that's been my step number one. I check myself regularly. There are times, just even yesterday, oh yeah, I'd be 16 weeks pregnant or I'd be 17, 16 weeks pregnant I think at this point. And instead, I'm not. And then, you go back to that and I'm like, “But that's okay. If I want to get back there, I can.”

I have to constantly keep checking myself. I'm doing the best I can do. Do I think there was things I was doing wrong? No, but could I do things better? Maybe. Could I just be more conscious and aware of how I feel? Could I set clearer intentions? Sure. I'm using it as a learning opportunity and in that really checking my honesty and my belief systems, because that to me is where I always say your beliefs dictate your behavior. Your behavior dictates your health.

And so, if I fall into the pattern of, “This is my fault. I'm a loser. I screwed this up,” or, “So and so screwed this up,” lots of anger gets in there, lots of what I call the eff-its. And so, just screw it. I'm just going to drink a bottle of wine every night and eat whatever the hell I want, because I did this anyway. I screwed it up and I might as well. I have to punish myself, right?

And so, it becomes this very vicious process and rather it should be this learning experience of, oh, I'm going there, because this is a thing I didn't succeed at that I wanted and this is my default. When I don't succeed or I don't get what I want, my default is to go to this space where I beat myself up. What are we doing to ourselves and where in there is our belief system challenge in that we need to do some work?

And I have a PDF for you guys that I've shared before, but this is what I did. I used my fertility ART worksheet to really help me work through my beliefs. And so, if you guys go to aimeeraupp.com/art, you can get that worksheet and work through some of the most common fertility beliefs and for me things of just like, “Could I have done it better?”, come up. And thankfully because the next step is I got really spiritual really fast has helped me.

I've taken myself out of it. When I get spiritual, I'm out of the picture actually. I'm just a tiny little dot in the whole thing. I am just a vessel that was carrying this spirit who had a message and that's an honor. If I get spiritual really fast, my ego gets out of it. And this isn't about me and this isn't my fault. There's nothing I did wrong. And in fact, this was a beautiful visit from a spirit that was nudging me and my partner and my family into another direction, and getting me to look at things even more deeply and to be even more compassionate with all of you, because now I get it.

Now, I understand this space that you have all been in and as much as I've been the cheerleader and the bystander with you, I've never myself gone through a miscarriage, right? And not that I feel like I deserved a loss or I needed to go through this to better reach my audience. I think I'm really good at reaching you guys and I think, yeah, I love my job. And I think I'm really good at it, but this is another layer of learning for me and I'm all for it.

And I appreciate it and I want to dive in. So for me, I had to get spiritual really fast, because that's what I had to do years ago in my practice when I started seeing all these miscarriages and I was like, “Is there a god? What kind of god would do this to somebody? This is horrible. This woman has been through so many challenges. And now, she also has to have a miscarriage? She worked so hard, and then she gets to lose a baby?”

I had a lot of anger and a lot of confusion about it many years ago, and that was the first time I read the book Spirit Babies. It was probably 12 years ago that I read that book. And it started changing my game and I've done spirit baby readings. I've hosted lectures with spirit baby communicators. I have gone deep on that level and myself, I've been on my own spiritual path. And I really have shifted into a much more spiritual being space than any other time in my life.

And even when I shared with you what my husband and I went through over the last couple years, the only way I could heal through that was getting spiritual and actually leaving him out of it. This has nothing to do with him. This is entirely my work and I got to figure out, and so same thing. I got to leave the miscarriage out of this. This is my work. And that spirit, that's her work or his work that came through.

And my husband's reaction, that's his work. It has nothing to do with me. So, I got spiritual and I called a very spiritual friend who did a spiritual reading if you will on me and really helped me put some pieces together, really helped me answer some questions. And she did have me at one point… She said, “They want you to ask any questions.” And that's where I was, “I have to be honest.”

And I said, “Was there something I missed? Did I do anything wrong?” And it was like this hard no and my friend came out of her spiritual reading and was like, “If you were in front of me, I'd slap you,” because we already had that conversation about my ego. Same friend, yeah, same friend, but I just felt like if there's something I need to know, please tell me. Could I have missed something?

And I do believe that sometimes on those readings, things like that come through of, “Go see that doctor or check out this book, or take a baby aspirin,” whatever it was. I needed that confirmation for myself and from a clinical perspective, if you will. So, step number one was I got really honest and I was checking my belief systems. And you can use that ART sheet to really start to check your belief systems.

So, I think it's really important no matter where you are on this path. Step number two, spiritual. If any of you have been on this fertility journey for a while, with or without a pregnancy loss, you've got to read Spirit Babies. You have to read that book, and then you got to check out the work of people like Molly Nichols or Kelly Meehan or Rosine Kushner. You've got to check out their work.

It will just free you up, because what you start to understand is that this is not just about you. This is a relationship you are entering into with another spirit. This is not your decision only to get or not get pregnant. It is not about you. It is about you and this other being, and it's about where your family is at, and it's about the alignment. If you have children already, it's between you and your husband, between you and the spirit, between your spirit and your partner.

It is all of these pieces come together and this is the baby's choice, too. And they say in the spirit baby world, the baby knows its destiny long before you do and it came with a purpose. Your job is to just understand that purpose and just get more aligned, more aligned. And that's what I feel like happened for me. There was maybe this little bit of this and now I'm a lot more like this now.

I'm a lot more centered and grounded, and the spiritual work allows me to go there and to hand it over and to trust and to have a communication. I mean, that's the first thing I did. When I got home after coming back from the doctors, finding out there was no heartbeat, crying with my husband. My mom had the baby, my James baby. I went upstairs and I just laid on the floor in the bathroom.

And I put my hands over my child's palace and I spoke to that baby, and I thanked it for visiting. And I told it how much I loved it and I knew there was lessons to be leaned, and I looked forward to understanding them. And I thanked it for the grace and the honor of being chosen as your mother, and I welcomed it back. I welcomed it to leave with ease and to come back with ease and grace when it's the right time.

And I was able to get very spiritual about that and I highly recommend that even if you had a loss four years ago to do that. Write a letter, just have a conversation with the spirit of that child and let them know the ways in which you are afraid you disappointed and the ways that maybe you let them down, or you let your body down, the ways that you're learning to do it better, why you want them to come through, the space you're creating for them.

It's really important to have that conversation and to get spiritual. And I think even if you have never had a loss but you've been on this journey, it's the same kind of conversations. Just open up and talk to the spirit of your child. When they say in the spirit baby world if there is a desire for the child, there is a child that wants to come through. And they will just nudge you into the right space until it's the right time and you are just the vessel.

And that's how I got to see myself. Did I feel hollowed out? Totally. Did I feel gutted, because I had a dead embryo inside? Totally. I'm not saying I'm not human. I had the human response and the human reactions, and it was sad, very sad. And it sucks to still feel pregnant when there's a nonliving child inside, if you will, embryo, whatever you want to call it at 10 weeks or nine weeks.

That stuff is real and it sucks. I do not underestimate that, but what was so healing for me was to get spiritual and to go there fast and to try to stay there. And so when I noticed the beliefs start going down that path, I check myself. Okay, so are you being hard on yourself right now? Just check yourself, check yourself, check yourself. So, my beliefs, being honest with myself, getting spiritual, reading a book like Spirit Babies, checking out other spirit baby people who are out there, tapping.

I found some YouTube tapping videos on miscarriage that were extremely helpful. If you don't know what tapping is, it's emotional freedom technique. It goes something like that. I also have a coach that is a spiritual coach that I did some tapping with around the fear and the trauma. Trauma gets trapped in your body. Tapping is one of the best ways to release it. I went through those belief systems.

Did I do something wrong? Did I fuck it up? I'm so sad about the loss. I'm mad at X. I'm mad at Y. You tap it through and you release the trauma, and you tap through basically negative statements and you get back to more positive, loving, compassionate statements. So, I do think tapping is really powerful. I have a tapping, what is that called, a tapping workshop on my workshop, one that I did with Sarah Holland that is extremely powerful for fertility anywhere you are on your path.

Go over to aimeeraupp.com, and it's under workshops and guides. Like I said, there is some really good free resources on YouTube. The one woman that I tapped with, I'm going to forget her name, but she had had several miscarriages herself, so she really understands. She was a little British woman and she had several different YouTube videos on tapping, highly recommend it. It was so helpful.

She knows the feelings, the negative feelings that come up with loss and trauma and the desire to have the child that has just left you. So, I did that. I did that every day for probably, I don't know, three to four weeks. I tapped and I would journal, and I called in support and help. So, the beliefs, the getting spiritual, tapping and I am going to put together something.

It is in my plan for probably in the new year some kind of free mini e-course on healing for miscarriage where I'll pull all these resources together, but in this time, I don't have the time right now. So, I'm doing this, but keep an eye out for that. If you want to get on my mailing list so when you're available, you get that when it comes out, just go to aimeeraupp.com and sign up for my mailing list.

So, number four was self-care, right? I didn't go and go down the deep rabbit hole of eating horrible foods, or not exercising or any of those things. I mean, I think maybe for a day or two, but my self-care stayed in tact. I got my acupuncture. I did my castor oil packs. I meditated. I took my Chinese herbs. Sorry, my battery is dying, Instagram. I took my Chinese herbs.

I got acupuncture, castor oil packs, my abdominal massage. I talked to friends and family. I did my self-care. I really did and I let myself mourn, and I let myself grieve. And that was hard. It was hard to resume life and go back to the places for the first time that the last time I was there, I was pregnant and to tell people that I wasn't pregnant. That stuff is no joke and it's not easy, but in there I came through with compassion for myself.

That was the biggest thing I led with was compassion and grace for myself. I can't say enough about that piece, that we have to figure ourselves, that we didn't do anything wrong, that this isn't just about us and this was on somebody else's timing. And it wasn't totally aligned with our timing, but we have to be easy on ourselves. And this goes to any of you who had losses five, 10 years ago.

One of my family members opened up to me about a loss that she had 40 years ago and that she still hasn't totally wrapped her head around. And so, that conversation that we had where it was like I was allowing her to have compassion for herself in that space and to go back to that young woman that she was and just all that was going on in her life. And she went on to have a healthy, beautiful child after that.

When you have compassion and grace for yourself, you allow others to have the same and I think for any loss any time, and that loss could also be that you didn't have a miscarriage but that you haven't yet had the child that you've been longing for. So, have a lot of compassion for yourself and a lot of grace, and a lot of ease, and remember you're doing the best you can do and rework those belief systems.

That's where this compassion really comes in. So, get that ART worksheet that I had for you guys. It's at aimeeraupp.com/art and work those beliefs, because that's where you can catch yourself. And you can go down that rabbit hole and really just continue to support yourself and hold yourself, forgive, forgive yourself. I feel like everybody's still showering so much love on me and it's amazing.

And that's number five is through my sharing, I am forcing myself to receive and I am also helping to lift my own shame and the shame of so many others, and that's an honor. And I really see that as the truest purpose of this is that I get to share in this experience with all of you and that my raw, vulnerable sharing has helped you all come to more terms or maybe hopefully share more or has at the very least lifted the shame, because there is a lot of shame.

There is a lot of failure feelings that come up, but in that is where I get to have this compassion and grace for myself. And I've already been through enough in my life to. I've cultivated compassion and grace for myself thankfully through the challenges. I'm grateful for the challenges, because I've learned a lot. That's where it's just so important, because if we don't meet ourselves with that compassion and that forgiveness, it's just so hard to heal.

It's just so hard to heal. And if rather we could look back and be like, “What have I learned from this experience? What opportunities?” And I know, listen, you can have those moments where you're like, “I don't want to learn anymore. I don't need any more growth opportunities. I just want what I want.” I am with you 100% on that, but you are robbing yourself of a possibility of seeing it differently or a different perspective, or your heart opening up even more if you aren't willing to look at, “What have I learned from this? What are the things that I am experiencing and how am I shifting? And how am I meeting myself with compassion and grace?”

And so many people are coming to me and you can see it, too. Their wound is still so activated or has been reactivated by my loss. They want to go deep with me in the grief. I've had my coaches really check me. Am I ignoring grief or is it that I'm already through that part in a sense, because I just don't feel… I don't mean in a negative way. There is sadness, for sure. I'm looking at the sonogram picture and it's so sad.

Would I rather still be pregnant? Oh my God, would I rather be having a different conversation right now? 100%. Whatever, it's okay, it's okay. If I want this baby to come back, she will or he will. That's it. I really truly believe that and I really truly own that. And I don't think there's anything I did wrong. And I don't need to sit at home and cry over this. And some people still do, and that's your space and your grace.

And so, you have to give yourself that space and that grace and the compassion for whatever it is in your healing capacity. For me, the hardest thing was sharing last week with everyone and then having to see so many people after that or the inundation of messages and emails from people who didn't know I was pregnant, and then learned that I miscarried. That was really hard for me, because the sharing in the vulnerable space, I mean that felt amazing because I got to share also about all the things I went through in my marriage the last two years.

That was harder for me than talking about the miscarriage, if I'm really honest, because I had a lot more shame in that than in anything. And the hardest part for me so far has been in the sharing that now I have to receive and I'm a really good nurturer. I can care for everybody else and I can guide and support them, but what I'm really stepping into now in this opportunity is to receive all your love and your support.

And that feels beautiful and I feel worthy of it, and I want to be in the receiving mode more. And so, this has been an opportunity for me to, A, show my humanness if you will and, B, allow all the people that I cheer on and support to send me love and grace and guidance and support. And that's been incredible. So to all of you who have stories that you haven't shared or that have a lot of shame, you don't have to share it with the public the way I did.

I mean, that's a little extreme and bold, a little TMI for some people, but you could write a letter that you're never going to send. You could, like I said, do that ritual and write a letter to the baby, or talk to your partner about it, or call a friend and just share something that's been on your mind. I had a girl I did a coaching session with this week and she shared something with me that she hadn't shared out loud.

And I was just so proud of her and she told me that she felt like she could because of my raw sharing last week. So, look at that. My sharing, even if it just impacts that woman who got to share this thing with me that she was so ashamed of, isn't that worth it? To me it is, because it's like when we lift ourselves, we lift others with us. When we share, others open up and I can't urge you enough that if we really want to change the tides…

There's all this talk about women and getting equal rights, and I'm all for it. But if we really want to change the tides, then we got to freaking share our stories, man. We can't just expect people to know what we're going through. We have to share and we have to ask for what we need. And so in my sharing, that's what I did. I had to receive. I have to receive what I need and slow down enough to receive it and really listen to everyone else's, the means in which they share.

And actually for me, a big thing is really taking in the love from everyone. So, it's been an incredible process and I don't expect everyone to have the same process, because it just can't be the same for everyone, but I do wish you all to have a lot of compassion and grace for yourself and forgiveness in whatever process you're going through. And so to go over them again, it's about being really honest and working on your belief systems, getting spiritual, checking out the book Spirit Babies, doing a spirit baby reading with…

And I did one with Kelly Meehan. I did one I think with Molly Nichols, too. In my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant e-course, I have a conversation with Rosine Kushner on spirit babies, which she's awesome too. I'm sure there's other awesome people out there. Those are the three that come to mind for me right now. I did the tapping like I said, the emotional freedom technique. I tapped through the trauma, the situation.

I literally tapped through the experience of when the sonographer looked at me and said, “I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. There's no heartbeat.” I just was like, “Oh, oh, oh, are you serious? What the fuck? What? Did not see coming.” She had the kindest eyes and I actually saw that same woman yesterday, and she was just full of love. And I'd give her a lot of credit. She does her job beautifully, but I just tapped through that.

And then, I did the tapping videos with that woman on YouTube and that really helped me so much, because she just knew the words and the language of what it is you feel with a loss. So, the tapping was so important for me and I also have that one with me and Sarah Holland, if you want to check that out on my website. My self-care and compassion, I just kept up with taking care of myself.

And I am really looking at this as onward and upward. I don't want to stay here too long. I don't want to wallow in the misery. It's just not the kind of person I am and everybody's different again. So, you're healing process will be different and I don't judge that. And it's not in a way that I'm pushing through and ignoring. I am really feeling and going through it all. I have to.

It's what I do for a living, too. And then, I just have so many people that I share this with, so I got to talk about it. I'm receiving love and care, but I'm also just, okay, onward and upward. Now, I'm also amazed that there was latency of my body. I ovulated right on time and I'm expecting a period. I had an ovarian cyst burst on Tuesday. That was really fun. I'm rolling through it, onward and upward.

Out with the old, in with the new. And the last one is so the self-care and the compassion, and then sharing so that you can also receive. Okay, guys, I love you. I'm going to go. I really got to pee and I'll see you next week, okay? Oh, and Happy Halloween, ciao. Bye, guys.

End of Transcription

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