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Giving Yourself Grace: Orthorexia on the #ttc journey  {EXPERT FERTILITY ADVICE}

I've been seeing a trend in recent months. Between emails my team receives, DMs on Instagram, comments on our posts, and even posts that YOU all share, I'm seeing a lot of hyper focus on diet while trying to conceive.

And it's more than that… it's not just being mindful of what you're eating and where it's coming from, it's not just following my protocol, sometimes it becomes so rigid that I worry.​​

In this video I talk about allowing a little more grace for yourself on the journey, or providing some love and grace to someone else who is beating themselves up for their food choices.


I'm going to fix this camera. I got my camera. I am Aimee of aimeeraupp.com. Yes I am, and I am here every week to support you guys because things in life can be challenging. I am here to cheer one. I am here to share information and resources with you so you can live your best life, so that your dreams can come true.

So that for many of you, that means having a baby come through and I am here for you in all the capacities. I get to do this live every week for free. I might add that I come to you every week and support you. Every other week on Mondays, I do my fertility hot seat, another great free offering for all of you in this community. I have written a bunch of books up there. My most recent which is about to be one year old on June 13th which is crazy, and I remember that because it's my grandmother's birthday.

My recent book is called The Egg Quality Diet. I wrote Yes, You Can Get Pregnant as well. I wrote Body Belief and my very first book is called Chill Out and Get Healthy. And lately, I think also since writing even Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, but more recently since writing The Egg Quality Diet, we obviously here at team Aimee get lots and lots of questions about diet and nutrition as it relates to fertility.

And we also see, I see it in my private clinical practice. I see it in my private coaching practice. I see it in the clients that my coaches and my acupuncturists work with, because mind you, I oversee every single case that comes through my clinic. Every single case that comes through my online programs.

I go through every case with each one of my amazing coaches and amazing practitioners. And what comes up a lot is rigidity around diet when trying to conceive. And first, I want to address the elephant in the room as I am the woman who wrote a book called The Egg Quality Diet. So I understand that I may have added to that level of fixation and determination and rigidity around diet as it pertains to trying to get pregnant, as it pertains to improving egg quality, as it pertains to reducing inflammation and regulating the immune system.

And I wanted to address it because I think it's really important. I think all of us, first, I want to start with what is the definition of I have a bunch of notes over here. So when you see me looking away from the camera, that is why. So orthorexia is defined as it's like people are calling it the hidden eating disorder. Now mind you, I am an eating disorder survivor. I had bulimia and anorexia for almost seven or eight years I'd call it.

Bulimia lasted longer, but yeah, I'd say it stopped in my early maybe 30, 29 or 30, somewhere around there, but started in college. So quite some time, and what really shifted for me in healing through that eating disorder was beginning to see food as a means of nourishment and fuel as a means of vitality, as a means of support for myself rather than something I had to count calories or be rigid about or something that was going to make me fat or make me skinny.

Those are not words I like to use. I'm using them because that was my mentality then, but so orthorexia is an obsession with eating foods one considers healthy. Those who have an unhealthy obsession with otherwise healthy eating may be suffering from orthorexia nervosa, a term which literally means fixation on righteous eating. Orthorexia starts out as innocent, an innocent attempt to eat more healthfully, but orthorexics become fixated on food, quality and purity.

They become consumed with what and how much to eat and how to deal with slipups. And I think that last sentence is what we see the most of because there are these phases in the egg quality diet. There's phase one, there's phase two, there's phase three, there's phase four. Phase two is the strictest, it's 11 days long. Phase three then we're still in this elimination period, and then phase four, we start to reintroduce foods and people will say they'll write us or you guys will ask or there's a coaching client that will come to us.

Oh, I nailed it in phase two. I'm feeling great. Phase three was doing great, but then we traveled or we had friends in town or blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. Any mixture of things, and I totally fell off. How much damage did I do? Do you have to start all over again? And it's like, “No, no, no, no, you don't have to start all over again.” There are some people out there. I am not one of them who feel that when you're working on healing your gut which is a big part of the work I do as well, reducing inflammation, improving nutrient absorption often requires healing of the gut lining.

But some people will say if you've had a misstep, yes, you have to go all the way back to square one because you've totally screwed up all the good work you've done. I don't function that way, and I think that's the difference between clinicians and textbook. People that maybe aren't actively seeing patients in the clinical setting. I have been doing this for almost two decades at this point, 18 years. And I give my clients space and grace to be human.

You are all human, perfection does not equal pregnancy. Diet is one piece of the puzzle. And if any of you have dug into my latest book, The Egg Quality Diet, you know the resources page that comes with that book is voluminous. It has so much information in there, and so much about the other aspects, right? Mindset, movement, lifestyle, all of those things come into place. So, but when I do see rigidity, it honestly worries me because I then think that person and you probably can all relate. I can relate not so much anymore in my life, but the old version of me can totally relate that I used food as a means to control.

If I ate good, if I ate right, I would fix the problems or I could be a certain size or fit into a certain size jeans or look a certain way or have enough confidence. And so mine was more weight-oriented. A lot of people that I'm seeing clinically that my coaches or my other clinicians are seeing clinically is more fertility-oriented. If I'm perfect on the diet, if I do all the things Aimee says, I will fix my fertility problem. And now again, to put some of that onus on me of did I go and write a book that says, “If you eat this way, you should be able to improve your egg quality.” I sure as hell did.

But if you read the whole book, you'll understand that it's actually an elimination diet where we reintroduce foods, and we find the diet that works for ourselves. It is not calorie focused whatsoever. There's not a single mention of a calorie in that book. There is macronutrient focus. And I did do a lot of research for today's live because of the sensitivity I have around my own history with an eating disorder. And just also because it's a sensitive subject and one thing that was recommended by a psychologist who wrote several articles on this topic was shifting the focus from calories to servings or to macronutrients.

If you want to still be healthy, we let go of like the great specifics, but just like, “Okay, how many cups of veggies did I have today? Okay, how many ounces of protein did I have today?” That's what I do. I count my protein and my veggies at the end of every day. And that helps me know that, okay, I'm hitting my marks. I don't count calories. I don't weigh things. I make assumptions.

And so what I want for all of you is something similar to that. Yes, here's a framework to eat. We all know nourishment supports health and fertility. We all know that. You can read anywhere anyway what are the best ways to optimize my fertility and balance my hormones? Food is a primary medicine. We all know that eating clean and avoiding things like sugar, and a lot of times, things like process, refined, vegetable oils, process refined grains, process refined dairy products, or packaged processed foods. That stuff doesn't seem to serve us, but everything in moderation.

So looking at it as a whole, no one's saying anything different. We're all saying vegetables are the best source of antioxidant. We're all saying fat is really important for fertility and egg quality because cholesterol is the primary precursor hormone to everything else in your body. Cholesterol, choline can feed into everything else. So we're all saying fat, we're all saying vegetables.

Some of us are saying more protein than others. Some of us are saying more carbs than others, but my stance, but so generally speaking, it's we know that healthy eating is supportive to our hormones, but when does it become problematic? When are we too rigid? And so I think we're too rigid when the conversation we're having in our head is something like, “What's wrong with me? How can I fix it?” Versus, “How can I nourish myself? How can I support myself towards my goals?”

So it's a lot of what I talk about in body belief of like, “Are we coming at it with our tough inner critic? You're not good enough, and when you deviate on the diet, that's why you're not pregnant. You're never going to get pregnant if you keep eating this thing. You're so bad. You're so bad. The bad versus good when it comes to foods or so and so fixed her endometriosis by doing this specific thing, so that's what I'm going to do, and I'm going to fix myself, right?

When you approach it from that mentality of needing to be fixed. That means you are making an assumption that you're broken. I don't make that assumption for you, and I don't want you to make that assumption for yourself. You are not broken. You do not need to fix anything. I talk about this a lot and yes, you can get pregnant. This is a fertility rejuvenation protocol.

This is a self-love health mission is what I say in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. This is not a fertility diet. When we start to frame it as a certain diet to achieve a certain goal, we can fall into the obsession and the rigidity. And then with that comes judgment and criticism from ourselves. So I think it's more about like stepping back and asking yourself, what is why? Why am I deciding to follow this prescription? This food style? This eating plan?

Why am I deciding to take these supplements? Is it out of desperation? And I'll do anything. I see that. We had a case recently. I kid you not on about 65 different supplements. 60. I swear to God, 65 supplements. All of them every day. She literally bought every single thing she read about on the internet and in the books and was taking all of it. And when it was recommended to her to scale back because that is often our recommendation, we are about less is more here at Team Aimee. Food is medicine. Mindset is critical.

You cannot supplement a shitty diet or a shitty lifestyle or a shitty mindset. She was devastated. She actually didn't return for a follow up call. Eventually she did, but she didn't like us. She thought that was reckless that we were going to make that recommendation when obviously all these other people on the internet and in the books have told her that all 60 of these supplements are important for … And so many were overlapping.

She was taking almost 10 milligrams of Methylfolate a day. She was doing damage to her body and it was because she wasn't getting the right support and advice. And I always recommend working with a trained clinician who could give you the right plan, but that to me was the first sign that it wasn't about the supplements at all. It was about this rigidity. There was almost orthorexia not around food, but around supplements. And she actually couldn't really commit to the diet, and she couldn't commit to the lifestyle stuff. Her life was too stressful.

All she could do was take these 60 supplements a day, but my heart went out to her and she was desperate and in pain and hurting. And I know a lot of you can relate to that, right? You're willing to do anything to reach this goal, but coming back home to connecting to ourselves, what is my why? I want to nourish and support myself. I want to restore, rejuvenate my health, my vitality. I want to balance my hormones.

Yes. I want to bring a baby through. I also want to. Sorry, in Egg Quality Diet, there's a list of symptoms. I want to improve these symptoms as we call them the kinks in your body or your red flags. I want to feel better. I want to like who I see when I look in the mirror, not just physically, but in your soul, do you like yourself? Are you judging yourself? What is your why? I want to grow my family? Why? Why do you want to grow your family?

Is it you're on a timeline? Is it you're on the hamster wheel right now and you can't get off? Or I know there's always genuine reasons as to why someone wants to grow their family. Have we forgotten them? Can we come back home to them? How are you receiving support? Where are you choosing to go for information? Who are you trusting with your body, with your decisions? Are you connected to what feels good to you or are you giving that away?

Are you giving your power away to information on the internet or information from whatever, a variety of different people which there's a lot of really smart people out there who are giving a lot of really solid advice. And so most of it doesn't contradict itself to be honest too because I'm friends with most of those practitioners and we all walk the same walk, but I wanted to come from this place of nourishment and support of your goals versus good or bad or right or wrong or fixed or broken.

Is this about desire? This is something I wrote before when I was making notes. Is this about desire to be more supportive to yourself or is it now an obsession in any unhealthy food you consume is riddled with judgment? So I know again from my eating disorder previous life, there was a lot of judgment. There was a lot of counting and a lot of excess exercise. I had to do it a certain way and otherwise it was judgment of myself.

And so the biggest thing that helped me heal from that was shifting it to this is a beautiful vessel. And when she's screaming with eczema or period pain or bloating or digestive issues or hormonal imbalances, am I listening or am I judging? And then that's a pattern of my behavior too so I can relate to a lot of you who go into fix it mode. But does there always have to be a solution and does the solution have to happen immediately?

Can we learn to be patient with ourselves? Can we give ourselves compassion and grace on the way to achieving our goals? And so I think when we look at food, and again, I'm speaking of myself. I have one perspective here in a sense, but I do work with a lot of clients and there's a lot of hiccups around food. It just is. It's food for some reason in our society is a great coping mechanism, and a lot of people use it to control things and control outcomes as our supplements.

And so it's more like when I look at my meal, do I think nourishment or not? Do I feel a sense of pride? Do I enjoy it? Do I feel creative in the making of it, right? When I really got into cooking, that was a huge part of my healing journey as well was really feeling so satisfied with the preparation of my food and looking at it as a means of nourishment, as a means of support as a friend, as something that I'm grateful for, as something I get to consume and that it gives my body everything it needs to do all the things I'd like it to do.

That we're in this together. We are a team versus a state of deprivation. If I feel very deprived, I'm going to rebel and I'm going to maybe revert back to my binging behavior and I'm in touch enough now to know that. If it's a super stressful time, I could go back to that behavior a bit, but I'm able to check myself now where I can say to myself, “How is this serving you? Does this feel good in this moment? Are you in tune? Are you really hungry or is it something else that's going on?”

Then I might pull myself out and try to sneak into meditation or sneak into a bathroom and have a conversation with myself in the mirror. What is your why? Where are you right now? Okay, I'm eating to sooth because I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm eating to stuff my emotions down. I'm feeling empty on the inside. So I want to fill up. Whatever it is, but being in touch enough and knowing that food is one means of coping.

There are, are so many other strategies too, but what is your why coming back home to that? And so for you is nutrition, is following and eating plan? Is reading The Egg Quality Diet and following that? Is that feel supportive to your goals? Do you feel proud of that choice? Do you feel satisfied in that choice? Are you seeking pleasure in that choice? Are you excited to learn things and discover things about your body?

Are you excited to try something different for your next IVF cycle? What is your why? And then getting tuned into like, “Okay, am I getting too fixated on this? Am I no longer able to socialize?” I hear that a lot too. Aimee, how do you go out to dinner? You don't have my safe restaurants if you will because quality of food is important to me, but do I allow myself to deviate at times? Sure. Was I at a friend's house over the weekend? I don't know what kind of meat she uses. I ate a hamburger.

Yeah, I don't eat the bun because gluten doesn't work well for my body. And did I spin out about that? No, because as I always say, it's frequency and consistency. And was I in a social environment where I was enjoying myself and having fun and doing all these other pleasurable things while consuming that? Yes. Can you allow yourself that same level of grace?

And so something else I read that I wanted to share with you, this is from victoriafenton.net to give credit to the author, F-E-N-T-O-N. I don't know who she is, but it just came up in my searches this morning. Another key question to ask to identify whether practices are orthorexic is to think about whether it's actually working. If hand on heart, the practices you obsess about make you feel healthier, more well in yourself, completely secure in your behaviors and choices and are things that you actually derive pleasure from, then it is possible that even if they are extreme, these are not classifiable as orthorexia.

Oh, someone said, “I love this.” Well, thank you Carrie. I love it too. I'm going to say that again because I think it's really important. Another key question to ask to identify. So for all of us to identify within ourselves and to see whether or not it's orthorexia or not is to think about whether or not what we're doing is actually working. Hand on heart are the practices you obsess about. I don't love the word obsessed. To be honest, I don't want any of us obsessing, but are the practices that you're very adamant about make you feel healthier, more well in yourself, completely secure in your behaviors and choices and are things you actually derive pleasure from, then it is possible to be maybe rigid or chooses the word extreme or very steadfast on the diet, on the eating plan, then possibly it's not orthorexia.

And so I feel that way, right? About certain things I've discovered about myself. Gluten doesn't work for me. Non-organic wine don't work for me. So I'm rigid about that stuff. Otherwise I feel like the next several days. So it's just what I learned about my body. I have whenever I do mom dates or seeing friends or whatever and they'll be like, “Oh, Aimee doesn't eat pizza.” And always, I just make a joke.

I'm like, “Listen guys, I love pizza. Pizza doesn't love me.” I don't ever say, “Oh, pizza's so unhealthy. Oh my God, the gluten, the dairy, it's terrible for you. Good luck. No wonder you have X, Y, and Z.” Never does that cross my mind. It's more like it doesn't work for my body. You are welcome to eat that. Go, go bad with, go on with your bad self, but I've connected to myself enough to know how it serves me and how it does it, and then to also know when it's to make that choice because sometimes a slice of pizza sounds good.

What I ask of you guys in The Egg Quality Diet is yeah, give me those 100 days which is three months. I don't think that's that much period of time that shouldn't create orthorexia. 100 days to learn the diet that works best for you. You are allowed to reintroduce all of these foods take them out though so you know how they feel when you reintroduce them. That's different. We're learning, we're discovering. Some would even say that's a pleasurable activity because for me, it's so fun to empower a woman with the knowledge that like, “Oh, guess what? Taco night. Would you have those refried beans?”

No wonder your rosacea flares up. Do you know how empowering that is? Versus she's at the third dermatologist for the third different cream and can't figure out what the fuck is causing her skin to flare up randomly. I see that as empowerment I have just empowered you with amazing knowledge about your body. Oh, you have to rush to the toilet every single day and you're afraid you're going to shit your pants in a public setting? That's empowering to be able to help solve that problem, to help her understand or him understand that equals that, that's empowerment.

What you do with it is your decision, and the rigidity comes from then I get pleasure out of feeling good. I don't get pleasure when I make choices that don't support my body and then I don't feel good. So looking at it from that perspective and trying to suss out and that's perhaps a conversation for another time of that desperation with which we come at solving certain problems, right? Especially the trying to conceive piece, the fertility journey.

It just came up. I was just in my office hours in my private community, and it was a lot of heaviness today and the questions and it was just like, “I've been at this for so long. When is it ever going to be my turn? I'm trying so hard. This is exhausting.” A lot of that heaviness which is so common and that's really where we need to come in with grace and compassion. And so some of my feedback there was, and I do this in my ignite program too.

If you knew, if someone came down and said to you, “You will have the life of your dreams, you will achieve your health goals whether that's a healthy pregnancy within this year or next year.” What would you stop doing in your life? What would you change? And I think it's really important to look at that list because most of my girls when I really nail them down, they wouldn't go back to their old style of eating because they feel so much better now.

They would maybe cut back on supplements a little bit and maybe they'd be a little looser with their exercise regimen, something like that. And then maybe they have a weekend night out with their friends and not think about what to eat, what not to eat. So I think that's a really important thing to begin to look at of where have I closed in on myself and made these rigid rules and where can I soften them a bit in the knowing that I will be provided for? That my dreams are allowed to come true, that perfection doesn't have to equal pregnancy.

And in fact, I don't think it ever does. When I see that rigidity, it worries me. My goal is to soften that person. That is my goal. Chinese medicine, there's a diagnosis about that. It's really interesting. And the treatment plan is always about softening we say the liver, softening the liver so things can flow more. There's more ease. Where can I be more easeful with myself? So some words that came to me when I was working on my notes today, compassion, kindness, enoughness, healing, flourishing, pleasure, spontaneity, connection to ourselves.

We talk about this in body belief a lot, the first pillar of body belief which is healing autoimmunity, reducing inflammation, regulating the immune system is reconnecting. Reconnecting to ourselves. Are you connected to yourself? Are you connected to a community? Do you seek pleasure from that? And are you connected to how your body talks to you or are you just doing everything you read about because someone somewhere worked for to get pregnant? And that's a really important distinction, and there's a lot of that.

I just describe it in movement of I'll use the terminology a lot of she's on the hamster wheel and it's hard to get her off because the hamster wheel, there's a lot of comfort sometimes in the discomfort or doing the same thing again and again. And so for you to check yourself, what is your why? Are you allowing yourself to be human? Do you judge your humanness? Do you think your being human is imperfect and not enough and not worthy, and therefore that's why you're not getting what you want?

Are you okay with slip ups or do you judge yourself deeply? Do you honor your cravings? For me, if I'm craving sweets, automatically this is probably my clinical mind of like, “Okay, maybe I didn't get enough proteins today. Maybe I'm magnesium deficient.” Okay, maybe I need a little more fat. I look at the craving. I do try to dissect it I suppose. That's just how I work because that's what I do all day for people, but do you honor it?

I do. I want some chocolate. Sure. I picked the chocolate that I think is good quality in all of that, but sure. I had three squares of chocolate yesterday. They were delicious. Macros versus calories, servings versus calories. I don't want to see calories. I don't care about calories. If you're not eating enough, I care, but still I could look at your macros and I could look at servings to know if you're eating enough.

And this was another, I found this it's like a psychological quiz. So there's just some things to think about. Do you spend more than three hours a day thinking about your diet? Do you plan your meal several days ahead? Is the nutritional value of your meal more important than the pleasure of eating it? But for me, what I would say is I derive pleasure from the nutritional value which is interesting, but I also derive pleasure from the variety of foods that I can have to achieve that nutrition.

Has the quality of your life decreased as the quality of your diet has increased? Have you become stricter with yourself? Does your self-esteem get a boost from eating healthy? Have you given up foods you used to enjoy in order to eat the right foods? Does your diet make it difficult for you to eat out distancing yourself from family and friends? Do you feel guilty when you stray? Do you feel at peace with yourself and in total control when you eat healthy?

If you said yes to four or five, it's time to relax. If you said yes to all of them, it's full-blown obsession. So I think the things that I would flag, planning meals I think is a smart way though to get through your week, but I would also say like, “Okay, is there a timeframe? I'm going to follow an eating plan for these three months, but then by month one and a half, I'm actually getting to loosen the bell and have more a variety, and that feels really exciting.”

So I think that and then the pleasure piece I think is really important. And then the deprivation mindset and the strictness, and then the self-esteem I think is really interesting too of do I feel better about myself because of how I eat? And the right foods versus the wrong foods. I'd rather us look at it as how does this support me? How do I feel? So when I have clients of mind do a food diary, it's not just I have the time of day, what you ate, but then I have how you felt feeling physical emotionally right after eating it, how you felt a few hours later, physically, emotionally, and then tracking a bowel movement for the day.

So that way, we can get a full picture because the feelings part around food is so important as is the digestion. And then that really helps us understand how the food is making you feel, and now we go from there. Do you feel at peace with yourself? It's a really important one or do you use food to control? So I think it's triggering to even have this conversation.

I appreciate all of you sitting here and listening and I think we're all going to have tendencies towards in certain days more than others. And just if in all of this can we find compassion and grace for ourselves? Can we allow ourselves to not be perfect and still achieve our dreams? Can we allow for slipups and know that we won't be punished or we're not worthy of our dreams? I think these are all really important things to think about and consider.

And I just want to make sure. Okay. I don't see any comments. Everybody's just taking it all in. Oh, I see comments here. Sorry. Oh comment. “I think this conversation is great. I lowered my FSH without having a perfect or puritanical approach to following The Egg Quality Diet. When I deviate, I commit to do better the next meal. I live in a camper so I lack storage. Yeah, this is definitely not a zero sum game.”

Oh wait. There was a different one I think. Oh yeah, here's the other one. Sorry. “Just need to say thank you. I'm a year in recovery for anorexia which I suffered with for 33 years.” Wow Nikki. “I did your fertility reboot course in March or April. My therapist and dietician couldn't allow me to do the latter part of your Egg Quality Diet Plan. Mainly liquids wasn't something I could do, but the part of the plan before that was actually helped teach me how to eat properly. I'll always be grateful to you for that.”

Oh, thank you. Thank you. And I'm not going to lie, sometimes the all broth days will trigger me. I always say it's like that little demon can come back to life somewhere in there. And so what I say to myself is, “If you want to eat, you eat.” I always use the example of when I trained for marathons which I don't do anymore. I've only run two in my life, but the distance days, the days I had to go out and run 22 miles. I was like, “What in the absolute fuck?” But so I would always say to myself you can stop at any point.

You don't have to do all 22. You can walk, just get out there and give it a shot. And that led me to have the freedom to choose. And so I do the same thing with the diet stuff. Those 11 days and the four days in the middle where we are doing mainly liquids, it's intense, and there's a reason I only made it four days too because you could do weeks of these liquid diets.

It doesn't jive with me personally, and it doesn't really jive with Chinese medicine which is also why, but for me, if I feel hungry or if I have a client I'm working one on one with, you have to keep in mind. When I write a book, I have to assume generalization. I have to reach every reader in that sense. I say, “Okay, you're starving, go eat a meal.” And try to have a meal from earlier in the week or next week. Go find something in that menu that resonates with you and you go eat it.

We don't have to be perfect to achieve the result. It's frequency and consistency. That's the key guys. This is what I knew today, had COVID three weeks ago and didn't stick to the diet and feeling guilty and haven't been able to restart. Yeah, guilt is shitty. Guilt doesn't deserve space in our lives. And so to really think about that, how does that guilt serve me? How does being hard on myself serve me? And how does it help me achieve my goals?

You're human. You had COVID. Yeah, when I had COVID, I didn't eat for like three days and then the first day I ate was a freaking popsicle. It was a good pop or whatever. And I was just going to eat anything that I craved because I was so sick. So anyway, all right, well I'm glad you guys enjoyed this conversation. I enjoy it too, and I also want you to know where I come from when I make the blanket recommendations.

If I see someone that has Hashimoto's and I'm like, “Yeah, you should probably treat gluten, dairy, and soy like an allergy.” I don't say that because I'm judging you. And I think it's the only way you're going to heal yourself. I say it because clinically, I've seen that work. When I see endometriosis. An anti-inflammatory diet works. I've seen thousands of patients at this point. There was a time in my clinical life where I literally saw 60 to 70 patients a week for 10 years.

I have seen so many patients in my clinic. And so when I give pieces of information like that, it's not because I'm out there on some elitist high and mighty chair saying, “You can't do that. It's never going to work for you.” It's just like, “This is what I've seen.” But in that scope, consistency and frequency, we're all human. Allow selves to be human. Give yourself the grace and the space to be human because you are awesome. We need you.

This world needs you. We all bring our own specialness here and know that no matter what, you are worthy of all your dreams coming true. So tune in, be connected to you. Listen to you and your connection to self and let that guide you versus giving your power away and doing everything you think or have been told you need to do including stuff I say to get pregnant. Okay? You do you. I'm cheering for you. All right, have a beautiful day my loves. Chow for now.

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.

About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.


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