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Fertility Book Club Episode 4: Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Fertility Now & Into Your 40s

In this video we’re going through chapter 3 of my best-selling book, “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Fertility Now and Into Your Forties”

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Hello, everyone. I’m getting Instagram ready to go live. Sorry, a few minutes delayed here. Let me just get live here. Hello, hello, hello. Welcome. We are here again. I feel like I’m live with you guys a lot these days and I love it. It’s amazing. I have a great job. It’s awesome. I get to come to you live regularly and share all the things. Inspiration, hope, tips, and tools and strategies to live your best life possible, your healthiest life possible. And if you’re trying to make a baby, tips and tools and strategies on how to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

I am the author of this best-selling book Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and just got word that this past year, we more than doubled our book sales of any previous year, since the book has been out, which I’m really fucking proud of. And I thank all of you guys for that support, honestly, thank you so much for all the support you give me and for the thousands and thousands of women this book has reached and for all the reviews you guys continue to leave for this book and how it’s impacted you.

And those reviews, I hope you know, really help other women learn about this book and then they get to read it. And it also helps keep it in the top 10 best-selling list on women’s health and fertility in Amazon. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Today is Book Club, so we are going through each of my books. We started with this one, because it seems to be the most popular, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. And we are at chapter three, which if you don’t have a copy of your book yet, you can go and get one and just listen, be all ears today, and then get your copy later.

I’m going to be adding some information today into this chapter that didn’t make it into this book because the research wasn’t out yet and now there’s more research to talk about, to cover what I’m going to cover. Just so you know too, my other book is right behind me, Body Belief. Instagram, here it is. And then, here’s my very first book, Chill Out and Get Healthy. I love all of them. I love all of them. And yeah, and they love you. And people are requesting to join me live, this is not my Fertility Hot Seat, guys.

Although, I’m very flattered at how popular the Fertility Hot Seat has become for practitioners too. Practitioners message me all the time on the backend of Instagram or on email saying, “Those Hot Seats are amazing. I learned so much. Oh my gosh.” And it’s such a compliment to me and my clinical experience and my diagnostic skills, but my Hot Seat happens every other Monday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time. So, set a reminder. I just did one on Monday, so I won’t be on again until Monday, I think the 10th, it is. Yeah, the 10th of May. So, set a reminder.

Right now this is Book Club. So, the last Thursday of every month we do Book Club and we are up to chapter three in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. And even if you’ve read this book multiple times and you’ve worked with me and you’ve been following me, stay, tune in, listen, you’ll learn something. I always learn something rereading my book too, because I forgot things. And then, I also secretly get proud of myself too, that I was writing this information in advance of some of the current research that is very in support of what I talk about in this book, that you really do have the power to change your health and improve your fertility regardless of what doctors have told you, regardless of what media has told you.

Even as you get older, you can actually improve the quality of your eggs, the quality of your hormones, the quality of your uterine lining and Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. And if that title is offensive to some people, I apologize, but it is just my belief system. You don’t have to agree with it. You don’t have to be here. But I love you and I send you, oh, all the light and love in the world on your path to motherhood.

So, let’s get into it. Okay. So, chapter three is all about how you live your life directly affects your ability to get pregnant. So, this chapter is all about the science and study of epigenetics. And so, I want to just read the first paragraph, because I just think it’s so powerful, “Your fertility is not either working or broken, on or off, it is resilient and changeable.” Your fertility is resilient and changeable. “You can improve your fertility. One thing you need to know…” And I want you guys to all really have … Open those ears. Like I say to my son, “Are your listening ears on?” “How you live your life, emotionally, nutritionally, and physically affects your fertility. Just as you can influence your emotions, take charge over what you eat and improve your fitness level, so to can you control your fertility.”

Take a moment right now and repeat your new mantra, which is the mantra for the book, “I have the power to change my health and improve my fertility.” I don’t know about you guys, but I know that the eggs in my ovaries are about, I’d say four or five years younger than my chronological age. And then, now there’s actual research to support that fact, that our DNA age, so the age of the cells in our body, can actually be younger than our chronological age and how we live our life directly impacts that. There’s current research that just came out this month in the scientific journal Aging, proving that. An eight week protocol actually can take a couple years off your life.

So, basically the protocol that I have outlined … That’s going to be outlined in my new book The Egg Quality Diet, that comes out on June 13th, we’re going to start all the pre-order information, all that stuff’s going to start in the next couple of weeks. So, just keep your eyes and ears open for all the information in The Egg Quality Diet. But I layered so much research on epigenetics into that diet and just basically the proof is in the pudding. You can do this. It’s not a super easy diet to follow, I’m not going to lie, and it’s a lifestyle that you have to adopt and it might be different than your current lifestyle. But you really can manipulate your genes, your physical manifestations, your egg quality, your hormones, your gut lining, your immune system, all through diet and lifestyle.

Let’s see. So, the first step, I remind the readers in the book, “The first step to rejuvenating your fertility is believing in your body.” And then, I’m going to show you in this chapter solid, applicable advice. So, this is what I want to talk about here. “There is one entire branch of science devoted to the idea that the way one lives one’s life from an emotional, nutritional, and physical perspective, can improve or degrade, not just overall health, but fertility. This branch of science is called epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how certain environmental factors such as stress, diet, environmental toxins, influence a set of chemical reactions, which is called methylation, that switches parts of a person’s genome on and off at strategic time and locations, which together orchestrate the development and maintenance of an organism.”

That’s a lot of words, right? Basically how you live your life affects your genes on an epigenetic level and affects the inflammation in your body and how your body ages. So, you can age before your time, or you can slow down your aging process. And I’m not pulling your leg, this is not old science. I mean, sorry, this is not new science, it’s been around for … I talked about it in my very first book, which has been out for 12 years. So, when you hear from certain doctors who tell you it’s all your age and your egg quality and you can’t do anything about it. They’re not up on current research and you probably need to find a new doctor because they’re not reading the literature. And there’s specific literature about fertility and inflammation and egg quality and uterine lining, very specific literature.

So, please keep that in mind, that you need to find the right team of doctors to support you, who actually believe in you and your ability, and actually know the recent data. Ba-boom. Okay. So, “Said another way, environmental factors, such as stress, diet, behavior, and toxins, activate chemical switches in your body that regulate whether certain genes get turned on or off and this in turn affects your health status, and how you age. From both a Western science-based and Eastern philosophy-based perspective, there are things that you can do in your day-to-day life that positively affect your epigenetics and there are things you can do to negatively affect your epigenetics.” So, just like how they would say, “Oh, you’re burning the candle at both ends.” Like, “Oh, she looks so old for her age.” I mean, right, people say that, and that’s maybe a offensive remark, but you might say it behind closed doors. Or like people say to me all the time, “How old are you? You’re what, you’re 46? Oh my God, your skin, you look…”

And I’m like, “Yeah, well it’s because I’ve been doing this shit for a long time. I better have good skin. I better have healthy hair. I better have nails that grow juicy and rich, and a juicy, rich ovulation each month. I better have that. Otherwise, I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about and you guys shouldn’t be following me.” So, in practicing what you preach, man, you need to work with practitioners that actually practice what they preach. Okay. “Again, your overall genetic makeup isn’t changing, but how your genes work.” So, that’s a big thing. We are born with the genes we are born with, but we can influence how they manifest, what you would say the phenotypic expression in the genetics world.

And what’s interesting too, what we’re learning more about methylation now and that I don’t have in this book because it’s newer information, is you could have a very similar genetic makeup say, to a sibling or to a parent, but you might need a certain tweak in your diet different than what they need in their lifestyle, in order for these manifestations to happen or not.

So, because it’s chemical reactions and they’re biochemical, meaning they’re going on inside your body, that we don’t know. Everybody’s body is a different mixing pot of biochemical reactions and so, how to come in and best support that for you. And now there’s really cool data we can do from gut health to methylation testing, to genetic testing, and then figure out the exact right plan for you, but also in The Egg Quality Diet, which is a little different than the diet in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, I actually give you an elimination diet, which I think is the absolute key. No one has done that from a fertility perspective, but it’s the same freaking thing of we’re looking to accentuate health. I mean, we definitely eliminate six big food groups in this diet, which I think is profoundly impactful for many people, but then there’s another layer we can go, that’s even more impactful.

And so, especially for women as we get older and we’re still looking to get pregnant, I always say our pipes get clogged more easily. And so, basically methylation and inflammation start to gear up just more easily as we get older, so we got to be even stricter with the plan. And I know some people are like, “Oh, I’m all about easy peasy. Let’s not be too strict on these girls they go through enough.” I totally agree, but you’re also here, you want my advice, some of you pay me for my advice and so, I’m going to tell it to you like it is. We can do this and it might require a little more of a game face, but you can do it and you can get the job done. And my promise and my hope for you is that no matter how this pans out for you, that you look back and you feel like you did everything you could, and you’re proud of yourself. That’s the takeaway I want for you.

And again, everything I recommend is science-based, it’s backed with science, 100% backed with science. Sometimes I’m ahead of the science because Chinese medicine philosophies are a little different and also, I was a research scientist prior. And so, I’m really a nerd and I understand physiological reactions in the body. So anyway, I then show you some research in the book about endocrine-disrupting chemicals. So, they say the average woman is exposed to 500 chemicals before she leaves the house in the morning. These chemicals 100% impact methylation and genetic aging, 100%. So, you really have to go non-toxic with bath and beauty products.

And then, there’s just some interesting research showing the decline of fertility over the last 40 years. That, “Birth rates dropped by 44% between 1960 and 2002. Lifestyle choices almost certainly have been a major contributor of this decline.” I mean, also women are just having less children, and then there’s an impaired fecundity rate that I talk about. So, “Incidence of female reproductive disorders, such as early puberty, irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure,” which it’s now called premature ovarian insufficiency, “and polycystic ovarian disorder is increasing in parallel with the increasing number of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our environment.”

So, the chemicals are no fucking joke. They are serious. And we need to detox the bath, beauty, household chemicals we are exposed to on a regular basis. Mold in the house, mold in your food, pesticides in your food, your drinking water. That stuff significantly impacts your fertility, your egg quality, your hormones, things like birth control pills, prescription medication. You really need to think through all of these things. So, then I go on to just talk about other studies. So, this one is about, “Stress induced reproductive dysfunction is a relatively common cause of infertility in women. In response to everyday life stress, some individuals readily develop reproductive dysfunction, whereas others are more stress resilient. So, researchers found that those who were more resilient had a healthier lifestyle. So that means they ate nutrient dense foods. They got enough sleep.” Sleep is huge.

So, that aging study where they actually showed age reversal, genetic age reversal of three years in eight weeks. That’s what the study showed, in the journal Aging. They put them on a super nutrient dense diet, very similar to what I have laid out in my upcoming book for certain, Egg Quality Diet, but in Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and in Body Belief, very nutrient dense diet, high in vegetables, high in good quality fats, good quality animal protein, eggs, liver, really nutrient dense foods. But also, that they slept seven to eight hours every single night, they exercise five times a week, about 30 minutes as a 60 to 80% of their perceived capacity.

And there was something else, oh, mindfulness. And that they practice mindfulness, some kind of healthy breathing exercises twice a day, that they anti-aged, they got three years younger, genetically in eight weeks by following a protocol like that. That is all epigenetics guys. And that for us, clearly translates to egg quality. You can improve the quality of your eggs because you can improve your cellular health. That’s what this chapter is all about. It’s the basis of the work I do mixed with Chinese medicine, which is the basis of Chinese medicine. We always say, if you live in accordance with the Dao, if you follow the rules, basically. You eat well, you laugh a lot, you have fun, you enjoy your life, you sleep enough, you manage your stress, you take time for you, a woman should be able to get pregnant until the age of 49.

Epigenetics, it’s the same conversation, but Chinese medicine’s been having it for thousands of years. Okay. So I just go on, I’m just presenting a lot of science. So, this book is pretty science heavy, certain chapters. So, “What does all this science mean for you and your fertility? That the way you live your life and the environmental toxins and stressors you are exposed to are definitely affecting your health and your fertility and the health of your future children.” That’s also some of the research that to me, is such a driving force.

So, you can buy this book on Amazon or anywhere books are sold, go to my website,, and you can buy it there. And then, The Egg Quality Diet book will be out … Just stay tuned here and we’re going to have pre-order information in the coming weeks, but that book comes out June 13th. I still recommend having this book though, too, because The Egg Quality Diet is really just going to cover diet and then I’m going to highlight lifestyle things throughout the book. But I drive you back to my other teachings so that you can get the full gamut, because I really just wanted to give women 100 days of diet because that’s what you guys keep asking me for, because we all know that it takes 100 days to improve the quality of those eggs because the process of folliculogenesis is 100 days. Which I get into in this chapter.

So anyway, but the one thing I want to say that we also so know that your health, when you get pregnant with this child, impacts your grandchild’s health. It’s two generations. So, the level of inflammation or toxicity in your body not just goes to your child, but it goes to your grandchildren. So, that’s impetus alone, whether or not you’re having fertility challenges, impetus alone to create the best possible vessel for this baby to grow in. This is your own science experiment.

Okay. So, I just go on to talk more about science, and then I go into Chinese medicine. So, Chinese medicine, we call it essence. So, basically there’s predetermined essence and post, prenatal and postnatal, we call it. So, the stuff that we get from mom and dad is our genetics, right? So, the same thing, what we’re born with and our genetic snips, and then how we live our life is how we build or decline our postnatal essence. And essence is basically the foundation of life. So, if you were seeing a Chinese medicine practitioner and your fertility was on the decline, they might give you a diagnosis of a kidney essence deficiency. Well, we can build essence back up. We can tonify it. It declines as we age and some of it’s normal, but we can actually support the aging process in a very beautiful way. And if we do so properly, like I said, you should be able to continue to procreate later in life.

And then, I want to read this paragraph because I think it’s so important, “So when you read statistics that over the age of 35, a woman’s fertility significantly declines, you should take into account that there is a big difference between your chronological age and your physiological age. This information doesn’t take into account epigenetics or essence. This information doesn’t convey to you, the power that you really have, your ability to shift your health and your fertility, believe in it.” And I’m just so excited, as you can tell in my voice, because it’s like the data, the science, it just keeps coming out time and time again, it’s just, it’s fucking phenomenal. It really is supportive that there’s so much we can do here, guys.

I’m not saying you should be able to get pregnant in your 60s or even your 50s, but a lot of girls on here are in their 30s, 40s, and they’ve been told egg quality is the reason that they can’t get pregnant or their age is the reason they can’t get pregnant. I told this story the other day in a podcast interview, that earlier in the morning, on Monday, I had one of my fertility groups. We kicked off a new group coaching group. The age range went from 31 to 45. There was seven women in the group. They all had varying AMHs, FSHs, the second to oldest woman in the group actually had the best fertility numbers, which I thought was really interesting. Not that I pay attention to numbers, but I think from … Just curious, she’s like 42 and she had the best FSH and AMH of everyone in the group and there was like, 31, 36, 38. Fascinating.

They all have similar struggles. They were actually all told the same thing, that it’s your age. So, from 31 to 45, they’ve all been told the same thing. So, now what? So, even a 31 year old woman, it’s her age, it’s her egg quality, that’s why she’s not getting pregnant? Bullshit. Bullshit. That is not the truth. It’s a cop out. It’s a lame-ass excuse. There is so much more that we don’t understand, but that we are understanding now, and it’s about inflammation. It’s about healing your gut health. It’s about regulating your immune system. There’s so much in your power. So, my loving recommendation is, don’t take that for an answer. That’s not an answer. Don’t take unexplained infertility as a diagnosis.

You probably have some inflammation. You might have some immune system challenges. You can figure it out and my books can help you. This is really my area of expertise. Okay. So, I go into your immune system and your fertility. So, “Just as Western medical research is discovering that environmental influences are affecting our epigenetics and ultimately hindering our ability to get pregnant, more and more science is also supporting the notion that our immune system also plays an imperative role in our ability to conceive. Most women come into my practice and they’re diagnosed unexplained,” right? Yeah, I’m 34 and the doctor told me to use egg donor, right? I mean it’s just because they’re at their end of what they can do to help you. So, you got to seek other people, but you can do it. You can do it my love.

But so, “In fact, recent statistics from CDC state that 30% of all fertility issues are diagnosed as unexplained or idiopathic.” However, a lot of what I’ve seen, and I did a lot of research for this book, as you can tell, “Idiopathic cases are actually undiagnosed autoimmune conditions.” And so, that’s things like endometriosis, I put in the autoimmune category, it’s technically an inflammatory disease. It’s not an autoimmune condition, but it acts like an autoimmune condition and it responds to treatment like an auto-immune condition. So, in my brain, that’s how it works, but I want to be absolutely correct and say that it is an inflammatory disorder it is not an autoimmune. PCOS, very similar, has some more autoimmune characteristics than endometriosis. Premature ovarian insufficiency or failure, same thing. Very, very interestingly has an immune system tie as well as an inflammatory tie.

So, now we’ve just covered the three most common reasons for fertility challenges. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is a really common one that you’ll see. Women have Hashimoto’s, it’s not treated. Doctors don’t think it’s a big deal. But these women have hard times getting pregnant and it’s because the immune is involved. “I’m 45 and I believe I can get pregnant.” There we go. So, “Autoimmune disorders result from a problem with your immune system. Normally your immune system acts as a protector against foreign invaders, such as germs, bacteria, and viruses, attacking these foreign invaders to keep us healthy. However, when someone has autoimmunity or an autoimmune disorder, the immune system goes amuck and starts attacking non-foreign body parts, tissues, and organs. Auto-immunity when activated for any reason, causes your entire body to be inflamed, stressed and hostile. Presenting symptoms include…” And then, I go through, I have a whole list.

We have a Kinks in Your System questionnaire in Body Belief. I have a system in here too on page 50, the most common signs and symptoms of auto-immunity. And then, I went on to write a whole other book about autoimmunity Body Belief, my third book, because it was just so common. And what I noticed when I worked on that diet is when more of the complicated cases started getting pregnant. So, that’s more of an autoimmune paleo diet mixed with Chinese medicine. The Egg Quality Diet is very similar, but then I loop in some more nutrient dense foods specific for fertility into that Egg Quality Diet.

So, then I talk about the autoimmune thyroid disease, PCOS celiac disease, all of these, and they’re autoimmune links. So if you want to know more about that, I encourage you there. So, “Bottom line, and environmental factors, such as diet, lifestyle, and toxins in our foods and beauty products and our stress levels are all at play here in the spike of autoimmunity and in reproductive issues.” And then I go into basically the process of folliculogenesis, why it takes 100 days and I have this beautiful little picture that I made, of the egg. The follicle, the egg house, and then the little egg inside.

I did all the drawings myself, for Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, but I did not get paid as an illustrator, I should have. So, “The entire process of folliculogenesis takes about 365 days and it’s continuous. So, that’s one year. So, meaning that any time the ovary contains follicles, at all stages of development, keep in mind, folliculogenesis is about the growth and maturation of follicles that contain one egg each, from the pool of follicles you were born with. But so we care about the last 100 days or so of the process, this process is called preantral phase of folliculogenesis, for simplicity, let’s just call this phase, the effected by your lifestyle phase.” I like that. I don’t remember that I’ve ever wrote that, but I really like it. “The effected by your lifestyle phase contains growing and maturing follicles that are about 100 days from being ovulated. Why do we care about this affected by your lifestyle phase? Because it is at this point that follicles in your ovaries are responsive to the hormones in your body and affected by your lifestyle.”

Wow. So, “Follicles that are about 100 days or so from being ovulated can be affected by the way you live your life. That is the food you eat, how much you sleep, the stress you endure, the chemicals you are, or are not exposed to. What this means for you is we need to start rejuvenating our fertility for at least three months before we can impact the quality of our eggs.” So, then I go on to present some more science about … This is an interesting one from 2013, Cell Metabolism is the journal, “Follicle loss can be dramatically accelerated by external insults, including chemotherapy, radiation, and environmental toxins, leading to the premature onset of many health problems associated with natural menopause.”

So basically right here, 2013, the medical journal Cell Metabolism found that external environmental toxins, so bath and beauty, household products that you are exposed to on a regular basis accelerates natural menopause. So, puts you into menopause earlier than you should be. You got to think about this, toxins in your environment. That’s your food. That’s every single chemical you breathe in, the clothes you wear, the detergent you use, the soaps you use, the shampoos you use. So yeah, really important.

So, “What this research indicates is that environmental influences such as the food you eat, the emotional state you exist in, and the environmental toxins you have been exposed to for the last 100 or so days, can impact directly your epigenetics and the development and growth of the follicle that contains the egg, that you hope to become your baby. This is why I am here to educate you on how to rejuvenate your fertility, not just for the three months before you ovulate, but for your life. The approach I have outlined in this book will not only improve your fertility, it will improve your overall health. Over the next several chapters, I’m going to cover four main areas.” So, this is what we’re going to do in the coming months, “Becoming one with nature and regaining your body’s balance, eating for optimal nutrition and equality, steering clear of environmental toxins and preparing yourself mentally and emotionally.”

All right, we did it guys. So, that’s chapter three. Obviously, I skimmed it. I feel like if you want to go and read it and get the data and the research, and then also keep an eye out for my upcoming book called The Egg Quality Diet, which is not going to surpass this book. I think this book is still equally important, but it’s a much clearer diet for you to follow, because I feel like this might’ve been too loosey goosey for some people and not clear enough as to why, what are we actually trying to achieve? And we’re actually trying to achieve an improvement in your genetic health. We’re actually trying to achieve reduced inflammation in your body and a more balanced immune system so that you can get and stay pregnant. Okay. So, check out the book,, and I’m going to see you guys next week for another Facebook Live and Instagram Live on Thursdays as always.

And YouTubers, if you’re watching this at a later date, you can get copies of the book again, at And if you guys want to know any more information on how to work with me or my team, I have a whole team of fertility coaches. We meet on a weekly basis. We have acupuncture clinics in New York City, in Nyack, New York, in Darien, Connecticut, in Westport, Connecticut. We are here to serve you. So, go to and find out all the ways you can work with me and my team. All right, I’ll see you guys later. I’m going to end.


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