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Fertility Book Club Episode 3: Body Belief

In this installment of our Book Club, we are working through Chapter 2 of my book “Body Belief.” Don’t stress if you don’t have my books yet! We're just getting started so you can still jump in. Want to order a copy so you’re ready for the next one?

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Hi, everyone. How are you? It is me again. I get to come to you live every single week and talk to you about fun, exciting, engaging, entertaining topics as it relates to your health and your vitality. Usually I'm live on Thursdays. The last Thursday of every month, I typically do a book club. Today is a Wednesday, because tomorrow I have plans with my high school girlfriends and we are doing a night away together. It's not often that all of us get to be in the same state at the same time. So I am doing my live on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week. And I'm going live on Instagram and on TikTok. TikTok, it's brand new that I come live to you guys. So I'm starting to share my lives. I always shared them on Instagram, and we're shifting from Facebook to TikTok. And so TikTok, and everybody on Instagram and on TikTok, I have so many new followers on TikTok. TikTok just crashed on me. That's amazing. I'm going to try it one more time, see if it'll work, otherwise I will just skip it and we will just be live here.

But it crashed on me right before I came live, which is why I was late. And let's see if it … Does it again. Give me a second. I'm just going to decide to tell it I'm going live. And I'm going to resume the live. Let's see, it paused. I don't know if it really paused. Anyway, I am Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com. And I am a women's health and fertility expert. I am the author of several books. This one came out, I think in 2019, 2018. 2018, I think. And it was the book I wrote after I wrote Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. So my very first book is called Chill Out and Get Healthy. Then I wrote, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant in 2014. Then I wrote Body Belief in 2017, 2018, we'll call it. And then my latest book is called The Egg Quality Diet, which came out last year. And you will see, many of you have read all of my books, the books do build upon themselves. The general theme and message is the same.

This book was really born out of my research and dedication to helping women get and stay pregnant to writing Yes, You Can Get Pregnant when I discovered that most fertility challenges are actually undiagnosed and or mismanaged immune system, autoimmune conditions. And so Body Belief became my autoimmune book. And so many of you tuning in are following me because you want advice on getting and staying pregnant. So don't go because this is about autoimmunity, because it does have a lot to do with fertility. And you will also see a lot of correlations in the Body Belief Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations that you'll see and Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, but you also really clearly see in The Egg Quality Diet. The Egg Quality Diet was when I started implementing the Body Belief protocol in my clinic.

And I started to see women with really long standing fertility challenges, or autoimmune conditions, or endometriosis, which is an inflammatory condition, I started to see them get pregnant after years of not. Nothing working. And so this protocol really does, it support women on their path to motherhood, but also women that are just looking to improve their health and figure out why the hell they feel so crappy. So TikTok, the first two episodes are on Instagram. If you guys want to follow me over there, you'll see it's entitled Autoimmune Book Club Episode One and Autoimmune Book Club Episode Two. They happened last month and the month prior where I do the introduction to Body Belief and I went into chapter one. And today we are going to get into chapter two, which is one of my favorite chapters. And a lot of people think, does this have anything to do with healing, or with autoimmunity, or with getting and staying pregnant?

And I'm going to say fuck yeah, it does. Okay. So you're ready to hear about today's conversation? Belief is Key. That's the title of this chapter. And that's why I said it so … I cursed, I use the F bomb, because I really want to drive home that it's not just believing in your possibilities of healing, but what you believe and how it impacts your ability to heal, how it impacts your ability to shift your health, how it impacts your ability to achieve the health desires, the health outcomes that you desire. And now a lot of research went into this book, as it does with all of my books. I was a research scientist. I'm a total nerd. I love to dig deep into the research. So I want to break this down for you. So again, we're doing Body Belief. We're on chapter two.

If you guys have your books, go grab your copy. I'm going to turn off invites. If not, listen. This is the only book that I've done in audio, which I would love to do my other books in audio, especially Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. So there's anybody out there that knows audio book agents, connect me. But someone said to me, “I just needed some Aimee Raupp and I just needed to kind of get back in the rhythm of things.” So she's like, “I went and got Body Belief on audio. And it's amazing because I just get to hear you read me this whole book.” So if you guys like that, I love listening to audibles, and go for it. It's also available in paperback. This is a hard cover, it's an old. So I know you picked up this book because you want to feel better.

And now you know that a key to optimizing your health is a belief in your body and its ability to heal. So tell me, do you believe you are capable of feeling better? Do you believe your health can thrive? Do you believe your body can heal? Anyone? Anyone want to give me a hands up, or a heart, or whatever you do on TikTok to show that you like something or that you believe in your body's ability to heal? Has anybody really ever asked you that question? I ask that question all the time with anyone I work with, whether it's in the clinic or online in my coaching programs, do you believe this can happen for you? Do you believe you can heal? Do you believe you can feel better? Do you believe you can get and stay pregnant? Do you believe you can improve your digestion? I'm not going to answer questions on improving digestion because that's not what the topic of today's live is.

I have written Body Belief because I believe in you. I believe in you. I believe in your body. I believe in the teachings I offer and that they can radically transform your health. But none of it matters if you don't believe. Literally you could stop reading there. That's the fucking crux to all of this, guys. If you don't believe, you won't show up for yourself. If you don't believe, you won't nourish yourself. If you won't believe, you won't slow down enough to let your body heal. If you don't believe, you're not going to listen anymore of this conversation because it's too much. So the first thing we have to work on is the belief systems. Do you believe in the possibility of your healing? Do you believe? Do you believe? Do you believe? What do you believe about your health and your body's capacity for healing?

So then I go into maybe your belief systems come from what you were exposed to as a child. Maybe you had a sick parent. Maybe you were around very healthy, thriving parents. Maybe you saw someone die from a certain disease. Maybe you saw someone heal from a certain disease. Our beliefs are created by what we are exposed to. As my spiritual teacher says, “a belief is just the thought you keep thinking.” You think it into reality. Now, many people will get up in arms about that, but this is true. Women get older and their eggs all go bad, or cancer kills, or endometriosis makes it impossible to get pregnant. Okay, so those are core belief systems. I'm not saying they're right. I'm not saying they're wrong. Just it's key that you start to identify what are my core belief systems around healing and health? And this chapter helps you do that. So first off, let's define what a belief is.

Simply stated, a belief is a thought you judge to be true. Beliefs are the mental architecture of how you move through the world. They form your guiding principles and judgements about how the world works, how you work, your place in the world and how you interact with the world. The beliefs, judgements and thoughts you believe to be true propel you forward or hold you back. Life is just the story you tell yourself. That's what one of my very first coaches ever said to me, it was her tagline in her emails. And it was really hard for me to wrap my head around at first, because I remember at the time I was writing my first book and I hired her to help me just kind of stay organized and really tap into my truth. And then during that timeframe, my dad gets diagnosed with the stage four cancer and he's going to die.

And he was my best friend. It was tragic. Tragic. I was 30, I don't know, in my early 30s. And I was beside myself. And I would read her tagline every time I emailed her. And it was always, life is the story you tell yourself. And I was like, I didn't create this damn story. I don't want my dad to die. I didn't want him to have a stage four cancer. F you. But what I eventually learned was life is a story you tell yourself. So, okay, shit happens. I'm always where I'm supposed to be, even if I don't love it. But how am I responding to that environment versus how am I reacting to that environment? Two really different things to think about. And so no one here is, or I'm definitely not saying you're to blame for where your life is, where your health is, where your fertility journey is, but it's more about what are we doing with that information?

How are we choosing to live our life based on that information? Are we letting it shut us down or are we letting it propel us forward? What are we letting it do to us versus what are we doing because of it? Two very different sides of the coin. So here are three main ways your beliefs dictate your life. Number one, your beliefs dictate your behavior and your behavior dictates your health. So if you believe you'll never heal, if you believe you can never manage whatever disease you've been diagnosed with, if you believe that a woman your age can't lower her FSH, or can't get pregnant, or can't heal her autoimmune condition, or you don't believe healing is possible because you never saw it, or you believe healing is possible because you've seen it. From a fertility perspective, there's a reason I do stories of hope every single month, because you guys identify with yourself in those stories and then you say, oh, she can do it. I can do it.

Instead of all the stories on the forums that are like, oh, I tried this and it didn't work. I tried this and it didn't work. I'm this age and my FSH is this and it's not working. Or I was diagnosed with this autoimmune condition and nothing's working, nothing's working, nothing's working. I want to show you the other side of the coin. There are possibilities. So what you believe dictates your behavior and your behavior dictates your health. If you believe you can't get back to the certain level of fitness that you had 10 years ago, then you are probably not going to make choices to support that level of fitness. So thinking about that. Just thinking about, oh, I can't improve my egg quality because my doctor says I never could, or I can't regulate my immune system because I have all these autoimmune conditions.

So then you're not going to see evidence of things that you could do. You actually, what happens is your beliefs dictate your behavior, your behavior dictates your health, but your beliefs also dictate what you start to see in society. You won't be drawn to a book like this because you don't believe in it. And I'm not asking you to full on buy into it. I'm not. And it's not a buy into, it's literally based in science. But I'm asking you to be open to the possibility. Do you believe there's a possibility things can change for the better? Just this smidgen. Do you believe in that possibility? And if you do, what are things you can do to support yourself in that process?

So anyway, I go into all these things. You guys can read about this. But if you're like most people, you're not consciously aware of your repetitive thoughts and beliefs. Most of you don't even realize how often you say your health beliefs and your personal philosophies out loud in casual settings. Think social gatherings, dinners, parties, girls night out, break rooms at work, mommy groups. Have you heard yourself saying things like, I'm always sick? Or, I'm going to get diabetes, everyone in my family has it? Or, cancer runs in my family, it's inevitable? My dad gave me this gene for heart attacks? I have my mother's knees, I'll need a replacement soon? Whatever it is, I'm sure you have some type of ingrained belief about your health. I'm sure you think them and outwardly share them with others. Know that they are shifting your life and your health because these beliefs are affecting your brain, your body and your daily behaviors.

So your thoughts are part of your illness and your wellness. I think that's another really good challenge to do with yourself in a day. Listen to your thoughts. So much of this book, pillar one in this book is about reconnecting, which we will get to in the coming book club episodes. But one of the things I encourage all readers and anybody who works with me, anybody, anywhere, anybody who listens to me here and just engages me and all the free service I give to my community on a weekly basis, are you listening to the thoughts you think? Are you listening to your story and how you tell it? And then one step further, ask yourself, does this story, does this belief support my wellness or my illness? Does this belief support my possibilities and my dreams? Or does it support my fears and my deaths? You can have a little bit of both. You're human. I'm not speaking of, I want you to have perfect beliefs, and that leads to perfect health and that leads to all your dreams coming true.

That's bullshit too. So anybody tells you that, get them out of your life. You're human. You're allowed to have not so good beliefs and some good beliefs. Just noticing them, questioning them, that's all I want you to start to do. How does this support me on my path to wellness? How does this support me on my path to my dreams coming true? So number two. So these are the ways your beliefs can hold you back or propel you forward. Your beliefs affect the chemicals in your brain and how your body functions. Now, this is where the fun science comes in. Plain and simple, your beliefs affect the functioning of the trillions of cells in your body. Yes, take that in. I already touched upon this, but I'll go over it again. Your thoughts trigger chemical messengers in your brain, which in turn trigger your cells to take action. To really understand how this works, we're going to revisit a concept that we all learned in high school biology, fight or flight.

This response is something that all animals have, including us. And it's triggered when we're faced with a predator or something that questions our safety. So in a situation like that, we have two choices, we can fight or we can run, fight or flight. So human animals have the same response and it can be triggered by everyday life. It can be triggered by your thoughts. Are you keeping yourself in fight or flight every day? Because that's not healing. That's not safety. The body needs safety to heal. The body needs safety to get and stay pregnant. The body needs safety to actually ovulate. Are you and your thoughts keeping yourself in fight or flight every day? Or are your thoughts pushing you into rest, relax, reproduce?

So let's say you really messed up at work, you made a really big mistake. You need to now tell your boss. And then suddenly you see your boss approaching from down the hall and your boss looks mad, and you think, okay, I could run away, never come back. Or I could confront this person, which was really scary as hell. I do not like confrontation. I'm getting better at it, but it's not a comfortable place for many people. Your heart rate elevates. You start to sweat. Stress hormones in your body, kick in. And guess what stress hormones do to the rest of your body? They do not allow the other things to function. They shut everything else down. So if you are in chronic fight or flight, your hormones are not going to be balanced at all. You could run back to your desk. You could stand your ground. And this was all just triggered by seeing your boss. That's it. And the thought you had in your head, a belief system.

I screwed up. I have to tell this person. They're already mad. Oh my gosh. Triggered. That's a word everybody's using these days. I got triggered. Okay, how often are you getting triggered in a day? Are you able to recognize it? Are you able to, as my spiritual teacher would say, talk yourself off the ledge? So you don't need to be in a near death situation for this response to be set up. You only need to be thinking a stressful thought. Now, it's not to say that we can't have stressful thoughts and still heal. We totally can. Okay. I've already repeated this, but I think it's worth repeating. We live in a stressful world, in a stressful life, in a stressful environment. We can definitely have stressful thoughts and still heal and still achieve our health goals. It's how you respond to that stressful thought is the key. It's not about avoiding the stressful thought.

So again, driving triggers, fight or flight. Yes it does. So it's how you respond, how long you hold onto it. Okay, I feel a little triggered right now. Do you acknowledge it? I think acknowledging it is the absolute key. Chinese medicine, we're all about you got to acknowledge those emotions, let them come up and out. And so it's the same thing here. We're going to get triggered. We can't avoid the triggers. How do we respond to the trigger? How long do we hold on to the trigger? I was boating on Sunday. I'm a brand new boater. As I was going to dock the boat, this kid on the crew team who should have been going around me because I was docking and we were in the channel, he didn't. He decided to go in front of my boat.

And the way the sun was coming and how low the row boat, it's one of those crew boats, is to the ground, I didn't see him until he was literally right in front of my boat. And even the people on the dock kind of couldn't see him. Then someone started waving to me because they're guiding me in. I freeze. I accidentally throw the boat into forward because I have a very stressful moment. My husband is there. Thankfully he is always calm, cool and collected. He says, “put it in reverse.” I put it in reverse, did not hit the kid. And then I just, I realized I was so shooken up. And my husband just jumped in, took over, docked the boat. Thank God I had support there with me, otherwise I know I would've figured it out. But it stayed with me for hours. I would say hours I was triggered. I felt on edge. And I realized that.

And then I went into the bathroom and I had this conversation with myself, which is a normal thing for Aimee. I do it my way, you do you. But I had to get myself out of it. And I had to talk it through with a couple different people. And I was able to get my nervous system calm, but I was also really able to see I was so triggered. And that is not a common feeling for me to have. And when I have it, it does, takes over my whole body. We all can relate. We all know what that feels like. I was shaking. I was sweating. I was scared. I was running through it in my head a hundred times. And I was able to get myself down. So it is that one stressful environment, that one triggering event going to impact my health for the rest of my life? No.

But had I stayed there for longer, had I carried the story on over and over, the next time I get on the boat, am I going to be a little more hyper alert, maybe a little bit more fight and flight than rest and relax? Sure. But that's learning a new thing. That's just going to take time. But what I'm going to do is surround myself with support. I'm going to share. I'm going to ask for guidance and help. And I'm going to use my community. I'm going to use my resources to get myself into a calmer, more zen state. So that's it. It's more about how you react and how long you hold onto it. It's not about avoiding the triggers because they're going to happen. Okay. Really important piece to take away here. But a stressful thought, a belief creates a chemical cascade in your body, which then creates a release of hormones causing your body. And it's cells to experience fear, to think it's under attack. And it has to either flee the situation or fight back immediately.

Your body hears everything your brain says. Now this is where the research comes in. We see in neuroscience research, and it's again, chronic thoughts, these are not these one off events, we can recover from these, it's these chronic thoughts. So this chronic day to day worry, this chronic day to day stress, this chronic day to day fight or flight mode causes an inflammatory reaction in your body and your cells start to actually listen to what your beliefs are. It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. We see it in research, such as placebo research or even no placebo research, which I go into great detail in this book and I'm not going to spend time here. But findings published in the Indian Journal of Psychiatry found that our beliefs and our thoughts are neurotransmitters. What this means is that our beliefs create chemical messengers in our brain that communicate information throughout our brain and our body affecting every aspect of our functioning, including our blood pressure, our immune response, our sleep and our digestion.

Yes, take that in. Your body hears everything your brain says. In another study, scientists found that cognitive beliefs could be as potent as pharmacological interventions in terms of modifying biophysical processes in the brain and changing behavior. This last study is proof of what is known as the placebo effect. [inaudible 00:24:12] … Am I back, Instagram? Am I good? There was a flashing light on my Instagram. So basically placebo effect goes well beyond the sugar pill the patient is taking. Placebo effect is everything that surrounds that pill, the interaction between the patient, doctor or nurse. It's the symbols, it's the rituals. These are powerful forces. So to take that all in, our beliefs are dictating our neurochemistry. And then there's a lot more data and research that I go into. But number three about beliefs that I think is the biggest takeaway that I want us all to really hold onto is your beliefs are changeable. Your beliefs are changeable.

This is the best part about your beliefs. So just like my boating incident. So I could have taken that away, I'm a terrible boater, I'll never boat again. I put my family in danger. I put this kid in danger. I totally screwed up. My ego was bruised because I screwed up at the dock. I couldn't dock the boat. I felt like people were laughing at me, making fun of me. Brought up all my old insecurities back from when I was a teenager. All the things. I got completely triggered. And I could have taken that to the next level. I could have just shut down. I'm never going to boat again. That's it. I suck at boating. I'll never do it again. I'm a shitty boater. I put people in danger. I'm not safe. I'm a menace to every other boater out there. I could have gone down that huge rabbit hole.

And instead I spent time there, and then I really kind of looked at the data. I looked at the situation. I asked other people. I listened. I called in more support. I talked to my community. I kind of hashed it out. And as my spiritual teacher said, I talked myself off the ledge. And I realized I'm human. I made a mistake. I couldn't see this kid. He was not in the right there. And not to make blame. I'm not saying we go and blame other people. But I was able to shift my beliefs from, I'm a terrible boater, I put my family in danger, to this was a valid mistake that was made on the water and these things happen all the time. I'm so grateful that I had my husband right there who's a great support system. I'm grateful I had the people on the dock there that were also supporting me. I'm grateful I had the instincts I had.

And I turned it all around to realize that was a really stressful environment and I survived it, and I will again. And it's actually going to make me a boater, not a worse boater. So what are you choosing to do with those beliefs? So your beliefs are changeable. They're malleable. Are you open to the possibility of changing them and shifting them? You can change your beliefs by choosing to do so. It can be that simple. What you believe is nothing more than an agreement you have made with yourself about your reality. So to change it, all you have to do is change that agreement. What you believe is nothing more than an agreement you have made with yourself about your reality. So if you've agreed with yourself that you can't heal, if you agreed with yourself that what you want to pursue or get is impossible, or that you're not worthy of all that you desire, then you've believed that into the reality. You've agreed and now you're going to see proof of that.

[inaudible 00:27:41] … the other possibility is I can change that agreement. All you actually have to do is just say to yourself, are you open to the possibility of it being different than what you actually think right now? Are you open to the possibility of it being different? That's it. That's all that requires the belief to shift. So how do we begin shifting our beliefs? So first we must identify what you believe. What do you believe about your health? The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another. William James, Harvard MD said that. Okay. So now that you are ready for healing, you need to assess what your beliefs are based on how you feel on a daily basis. So what I do next is I share what I think and what I've seen clinically, 20 years of clinical experience, and obviously a lot of research into this book, what the most common four basic limiting health beliefs are.

So just see if you identify with any of these. I am my illness. So what I mean is that people who define themselves by their illness. I have X. I remember when my dad got diagnosed with cancer he used to say, “I have cancer, but cancer doesn't have me.” He got it from a commercial. It wasn't his, but it was great. I have cancer, cancer doesn't have me. I'm dealing with autoimmune challenges, but they don't have me, but I'm figuring it out. I am dealing with fertility challenges and I'm figuring it out. My hormones are imbalanced right now and I'm doing my best to figure it out. Versus I have infertility and infertility has me. I have autoimmune diseases and autoimmune diseases have me. Again no one's to blame. I'm just asking you, where are your thoughts? Are you your illness? Are you letting it define you? Or are you open to the possibility that you could heal.

Another common belief, nobody feels that good. This is another extremely common core belief. Many of you go through life believing things like this is as good as it gets, or no one really feels good. Suffering is normal. Suffering is part of the course. Suffering actually allows me to be more worthy. That's a very common core belief. If I go through the suffering and I really prove myself, then I'll really be worth of this. I'll really deserve it. Why do we have to suffer? Why can't we feel as good as we possibly can feel? It's my genetics. That's one I see all the time. And I'm going to read you a quote, a scientific quote, a statistic here. Another belief that almost everyone has is that they are destined to get sick because it's hereditary. Does the following statement resonate with you? My mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather had blank so I will get it. This is old fashioned thinking.

As discussed, recent studies show the disease is much less about your genetics than about your epigenetics. If you want more on me and epigenetics, just Google search Aimee Raupp epigenetics and you will find a ton of videos where I talk about this. Read any of my books because I've been talking about epigenetics for over a decade. The science of epigenetics completely disproves this type of default, it's my genetics thinking. Listen to this, less than 5% of diseases are actually inheritable. Meaning that only 5 out of 100 people will ever get a particular disease that has genetic links. Instead, your beliefs and your epigenetics, which is how you live your life, which stress impacts your epigenetics, so beliefs can impact your epigenetics, decides whether those genes for that ailment turn on or turn off. Yours beliefs dictate your behavior. Your behavior dictates your health. Your beliefs dictate your neurochemistry. Your neurochemistry dictates your health. It is not your genetics, my loves.

There are things you can do to not show up, but it is not your genetics. You are not destined or doomed. You have power here. You have power here. Believing it's all your genes has no business being a part of you. You are not your genetics. If you think this belief is one you hold onto, I want you to start noticing all the diseases that people don't get that run in their family. I want you to read up on epigenetics and I want you to know your genes are not set in stone. The fourth most common [inaudible 00:32:23] … I feel bad feeling good. AKA, I feel bad having the thing that everybody else wants, because do I really deserve it? Maybe I'm not worthy of it. If everybody else is having a hard time, maybe [inaudible 00:32:38] … so I don't anything better or I'm not worth it. Oh, my self sabotaging sweeties. I like that in this book. This belief means that you feel unworthy of feeling better, so you hold yourself back by making lifestyle choices that don't support your health.

This type of thinking will absolutely keep you from allowing wellness to fully be yours. For most, worthiness issues are part of the story, whether it's health, or career, or relationships. If you see yourself in this statement, know that you are not alone. We will fully address this belief and how to rework it in the rest of the book. But for now, I want you to start saying to yourself, I'm allowed to feel better. I'm worthy of all my dreams coming true. I'm open to the possibility of things being different for me. And that's where I will end it. So this is chapter two of Body Belief. If this resonates with you at all, go and get a copy of this book. You can find this book and all my other books on my website, aimeeraupp.com/books. If you have read this book and you love this book or any of my other books, go on Amazon and leave a review. [inaudible 00:33:58]

… I come to you live every single week and give you a ton of free resources on all the ways you can optimize your health, your vitality, your fertility, your beauty. And leaving reviews for my books is one of the best ways you can say thank you to me. So you're welcome. And I will continue to be of service and offer as much free support as I possibly can. And of course, all my paid programs as well are great ways for you to go deeper with me and my team. But leaving your reviews is just a great way to support me and say thank you to me for all the support that I give all of you. So with that, I'm going to go have a beautiful day. And yeah, I think it's a beautiful book. I'm very proud of it. And doesn't get as much attention. It's like Chill Out and Get Healthy, because it's not a fertility related book and I've become known as the fertility detective.

But know that this book was a huge growth for me in my understanding of how to treat fertility challenges even more effectively than I already was. Okay. Ciao for now. Have a beautiful day, everyone. Let me see, how do I end this? TikTok and now Instagram. I'll see you guys later. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.

About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.


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