Drink White Tea and Look Younger

Scientists at Kingston University in London released a report showing that traditional remedies such as white tea, witch hazel and rose extract prevent inflammation,fight cancer and prevent wrinkles! Sign me up!

They conducted their study on human skin cell samples, adding three different concentrations of white tea (freeze dried powder), witch hazel (dried herb) and rose extract (in a medicinal tincture form) to see what effect the mixtures might have on suppressing inflammatory enzymes and oxidants which play a key role in inflammation and aging. What they found was that these three substances help tone down or “switch off” the production of interleukin 8, an inflammatory substance that the body releases that leads to disease and accelerates the aging process.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to start adding white tea to my daily regimen and put a few drops of rose oil into my coconut facial oil!


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