Do You Eat Locally Grown Fruit?

Most likely not. That's the unfortunate American truth. As a country we mainly grow corn, soy and wheat. Hence the preponderance of those substances in our foods (and, hence the preponderance of our allergies to these foodstuffs–as most of them are genetically modified).

We grow so much corn, soy and wheat we export it. We grow so much corn, soy and wheat we need to import fruit and veggies from places like Canada and Mexico.

This is a major issue.

As Mark Bittman puts it in a recent NYT post, What’s wrong with this picture? The notion of importing fruits and vegetables, the idea of having everything “fresh” all the time, was until recently inconceivable and is likely to become so again, as production and transportation costs rise and the absurdity of the “system” becomes evident even to those who now profit from it. When we ignore large-scale production of local food we invite apocalypse, or at least food shortages.”

Buy and Eat Local… as much as you possibly can!


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