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Busting Period Myths

I'm going to be busting some common period myths AND I'll be talking through what your period says about your fertility. This conversation is for you whether you have been ttc for years or if you aren't even ready to start yet.

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Hello, hi Facebook, hi everyone, hi Instagram, hi everyone. How are you guys today? I am honored to be here with you as always and I'm going to apologize in advance for sounding a little nasally. We've been fighting a little cold over here and hopefully it's on its way out. I am sipping my homemade tea, you can't really see much of it left. There's some ginger in there, but it's hot water with lemon, elderberry syrup, fresh ginger and it's so good. It's so good for ginger and elderberry syrup, such a potent cold and flu fighter. I posted the other day for you guys on my Insta stories I think, so you guys can check out the recipe. I use the recipe from Wellness Mama. Hi Karen, Courtney, Beth, hi guys, Hellen, Raven, let's see who else is joining us. Hello, hello, Mercy, hi guys, so happy to have everyone here today and happy to be here. Laura, hello. Instagram can you guys hear me okay? I have my headphones I didn't forget. Today we're going to talk about bursting some period myths, that's right.

First though I want to talk to you about something else. I just want to say thank you. I want to say welcome. There's so many new followers. We've reached 5000 Instagram followers this past week, which is freaking amazing and Facebook we are so close to 10000. I'm so excited about that and we're doing incredible giveaways on Instagram, so Facebook if you don't follow me on Instagram, hop over, follow me on Instagram. We're doing all week of giveaways where we're giving away things like books, signed books by me. We're giving away some beauty products. We're giving away some other things that I'm not going to mention, you're going to follow me to find out. Yeah, we reached 5000 Instagram followers, which is awesome, so fun. I love reaching all new people. Facebook I love you guys too. I love reaching new people. We are so close to 10000 followers which it's just fun to be able to reach that many people. It's such an honor that you guys invite me into your life, that you care what I've got to say. I really appreciate that and so thank you, thank you, thank you.

Also, stick around towards the end because I do have some fun things to offer you guys. Stick around and also ask questions, I'm going to cover what I think are the basic period myths. You guys might have some that you know of that I don't know about. I want to burst them with you, so let's do that. “Yeah we love these giveaways, they're super exciting.” Let's see Echo, “Have you discussed low AMH?” I have quite a bit Echo. If you go on my YouTube channel you can see some of my Facebook lives about AMH. On my Facebook page alone you can see as well and also if you want to join my ultimate fertility membership which we're going to talk a little bit, it's $22 a month. You can get the first three day trial for free and you'll get access to all of my content that I definitely cover AMH in a lot of those videos. Why don't you check that out, Beth maybe you could post a link for Echo here about the ultimate fertility membership.

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Anyway, I was going to talk about this at the end, but you brought the question, I think it's great. Again $22 a month that's less than a dollar a day, you get access to literally almost $2000 worth of content. Plus you get an incredible tribe of women in the Facebook group. Plus you get access to me in the Facebook group and you get quarterly live trainings from me and the guided meditations, I think that alone is worth it. Those are brand new content. I'm going to create a new one for every single month for you guys, so I'm super excited about that. Then I've also decided what the live training is going to be for the December month, which is all going to be about your fertile brain. How to begin to shift your thoughts and your beliefs to really support your fertility. We're going to really crack open the recipe for how to think fertile. What do fertile people think like and that's what I'm going to give you guys some tips. If you don't think that's important, read the current neuroscience research. What you think impacts your fertility, impacts your physiology, impacts everything in your health. I can go on and on about that topic because I'm passionate about it, but let's back to the topic at hand today which is bursting some period myths.

First I wanted to talk to you guys about something that's at the core of period and fertility in Chinese medicine. You know Chinese medicine is one of the oldest medicines, it's been around for 5000 plus years. It's quite a romantic medicine. There's a lot of analogies to nature and we just believe living in accordance with nature and the dow. We do believe that fertility and the menstrual cycle, a healthy menstrual cycle is a luxury. It's showing that your body has an abundance to give up. This is some information from a text that was written 5000 years ago. The way the text was written is a conversation between a student and a teacher. We're talking about this substance called, it's spelt Tian Gui in Chinese medicine. Basically it means heaven and water. It's basically, Tian Gui is what we call menstrual blood, so it's called heavenly water. It's water that pours out of you that comes down from the heavens, that's kind of romantic and spiritual I think. Just listen to this story and you'll understand it more.

“In an old age person is not able to produce offspring, is it because exhaustion of vitality or it is predestination by the law of nature?” The teacher then responds and he wants to go through the cycles of a person's, a woman's life. He says, “When a girl reaches the age of seven, the kidney energy is so rich that baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth and the hair begins to grow long.” Hair is the flourishing of the kidney energy. Kidneys are like our essence. I talk about this a lot in my books, but kidneys are our essence, it's like our vitality. You would almost look at it as like our genetic template. When the kidney qi is flourishing, the baby teeth will be replaced by adult teeth because the bones become really strong. Then the hair is also an extension of the bone, so the hair begins to grow long. That's also another sign that the kidney qi is flourishing. At the age of two times seven, so 14, the kidney qi is so full that the Tian Gui arrives. Tian Gui is the heavenly water also known as the menstrual water.

The ren mi which is our vessel that runs through our fertility meridians courses and the chong mi which is the vessel of blood, this is all Chinese medicine, I know it might go over your head a little bit. Basically these vessels that are meant for our fertility and our menstruation become full with this heavenly water. It becomes so rich and full that it overflows and we get a period. We say when the Tian Gui, when the heavenly water is so rich and full it overflows and a woman begins menstruating and she's now fertile. This is at the age of 14.

At the age of three times seven, so 21, kidney qi is calm and even. The wisdom teeth come in, so it's like very strong bones, very strong qi and the hair grows long and luscious. At the age four times seven, so 28, the seniors and the bones are strong, the hair is luscious and the body is fully developed. At the age of five times seven the young ming mi weakens, the complexion starts to wither and the hair starts to wither. Now we're starting to, there's a decline that's 35, I mean western medicine talks about this too. At 42 the channels continue to weaken and the complexion and the hair still continue to wither. The hair might turn white in the 40s. At the age of 49 the ren mi, so that's the vessel that holds that Tian Gui, the menstrual blood is now deficient. Chong mi dwindles that's the channel sea of blood we call it and the period stops. That's when fertility comes to an end.

In Chinese medicine we believe that from the age of 14 until the age of 49 a woman is fertile. It's all about during those years maintaining the health and optimal functioning of this Tian Gui of the menstrual heavenly water. Anyway I wanted to read that to you, because to me it's so beautiful and that's part of my passion about Chinese medicine. I studied western medicine before I became an acupuncturist and a master of traditional Chinese medicine. You know western medicine doesn't have this kind of romantic beauty that it talks about this heavenly water and when it's abundant and overflowing her fertility is thriving. I mean I just love it.

What I try to do clinically, you know my main goal with anybody who's coming to see me, especially for fertility, but really just general health. I talk to every woman about her period regardless of where she is in her fertility journey or not. She might not be trying to conceive, but her period tells me a lot. Tells me about the state of the Tian Gui, the heavenly water. How does that look? What's the color? How much does it flow? Is it painful? Is it clotting? The period gives me so much information about a woman and about her state of health, not just fertility. As I always say, you guys know, your fertility is an extension of your health. The period is just one tool for us as Chinese medicine practitioners to begin to understand how blood is flowing in the body, how much blood there is. What's the color of the blood? What are her symptoms accompanied by her period? That gives me an idea of where I need to, if I'm doing acupuncture where I need to put my needles. If I'm doing herbs, what herbs I think are really important. Then of course diet and lifestyle.

Acupuncture's one facet of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine is diet and lifestyle, it's acupuncture and it's herbs. Then it's movement of course too, like qigong and tai chi. Now I'm going to read to you something else from my first baby, Chill Out And Get Healthy. This book I wrote back in 2008 and I cover very similar information in Yes You Can Get Pregnant which came out in 2014 I think.

In Chill Out And Get Healthy on page 24 I'm going over like all the kinks in the system if you will. This section is called that time of the month. This is a little savvy this language back here. I don't really talk like this much, but this was my editor who talk like this, my editor Penguin, not my personal editor. “Listen up girls, we do not need to suffer.” Here's myth number one, we do not need to suffer. “We do not need to suffer when we have our period. We should not have debilitating cramps.” No suffering, no cramping, “Or depression so deep that it scares our mothers. We should not need medication to get through our period, not Advil, not Motrin, not Xanax, not your antidepressant of choice. We should not crave chocolate so badly that we're willing to give up our big toe for some. And we should not bleed so heavily that we stain clothing, lead through a super Tampax before leaving the house in the morning or pass clots so big that we feel like we're giving birth.” Those are some of the myths.

We shouldn't be in pain. We shouldn't have emotional suffering. We shouldn't have super heavy building. We shouldn't have cravings or any of these extreme symptoms. They just shouldn't exist. It's not a sign of optimal health. It's not a sign of Tian Gui being in its abundant right order. My mentor that I study with Sharon Weizenbaum she says, “Everything should be in the right order.” When there are symptoms that shouldn't be there tells me things are not in right order. My job is to restore the order for you.

“There shouldn't be spotting at any point outside of your monthly cycle. When your period comes you shouldn't get pimples, you shouldn't get diarrhea, you shouldn't get constipation. You shouldn't get insomnia, you shouldn't get night sweats. You shouldn't have extreme mood swings or headaches and you definitely shouldn't need a day off of work. Seriously, the whole premenstrual syndrome complex does not need to be the bane of your existence. You can make changes in your life that will allay your monthly suffering,” and no I am not referring to taking the pill, that's another myth. The pill does not fix these problems guys. The pill is bandaid and there's loads of problems that come with taking the pill and then stopping the pill, post birth control syndrome I think people are pointing it out. The pill is not a fix for all of this, got you?

Okay, so let's see. “Lifestyle, dietary changes. According to the principles of Chinese medicine, a healthy balanced female does not have PMS.” Wow! In Chinese medicine we usually say, PMS is a sign of stuck liver energy. Wow! What does that mean? It just means that the right order isn't restored. It just means things aren't flowing the way they should. It could be due to emotional stagnation, physical stagnation, nutritional deficiencies, spiritual deficiencies. Any of those reason are probably causing your premenstrual syndrome. Again myths, you should not suffer. You should not have headaches. You should not be depressed. You should not have crazy cravings. You should not bleed so heavily. You should not bleed super lightly either. You should not spot. I'm going to explain, here's what a period should look like, okay?

“Your period should come regularly,” 29, 30, 35 days, kind of just depends whatever's regular for you is okay. “The first day of bleeding is day one of your cycle. They should come on quietly with slight breast tenderness, very little cramping. They should last four to six days starting heavier on days one and two about eight tablespoons of blood.” I don't expect you to get out and measure. “Slowly tapering off the last few days.” You should be filling up if you use pads a couple pads, like three to four pads on days one and two. If you're using tampons which I recommend you use pads, but if you're using tampons, again a super tampon, three times a day, four times a day is about eight tablespoons of blood. If you're only filling a regular, it's not enough blood. If you're only filling a panty liner, it's not enough blood. If you're bleeding through tampons and pads, it's too much blood. These things give me a lot of information of like okay, where do we need to fix? How do we restore that right order? How do we balance the flow of the heavenly water the Tian Gui?

“Bleeding should not at any point be excessive, meaning you should be able to make it through a few hours with a super tampon and not leak. On the other end of the spectrum, if you need to wear [inaudible 00:19:57] panty liners,” so I just said all this, “the blood should be garnet fresh red.” It shouldn't be dark brown, it shouldn't be pale pink, it shouldn't be black. It shouldn't be loaded with clots. You should have small tissue like clots, that's totally fine and normal, so it looks like wet Clinex. If you have quarter, half dollar dime size clots, not really normal. Again another sign of stagnation usually could be sign of a cold, it could be a sign of blood stagnation, qi stagnation, cold in the uterus. Just depends on the case, I have to take everything into account, so there's not a one size fits all diagnosis for PMS. Everybody's PMS has a different root if you will, and so that's my job as the practitioner to get to the root of it and begin to fix it.

“One thing to remember when talking about your period is in order for something to be considered problematic, it has to happen three months in a row.” We all have off months. I had a really stressful time and my period was like, period's usually never late and I wasn't pregnant and it was just stress. It didn't happen three months in a row. I did go to my doctor. I got my thyroid checked. I got my vitamin D checked. My Vitamin D was a little low so that could have explained it, but it came down to stress. I honored that and I knew I was in a stressful situation. That's what I mean when the period, the menstrual blood, the Tian Gui, that heavenly water, that is an abundance. That is a luxury. That is an overflowing. Sometimes when we are under duress or we are under stress or we're not treating our bodies right, our body will say, “I don't have the goods. I don't have the luxury right now. I don't have the abundance to give away right now, so we're going to pull it back a little bit.” It's going to be lighter. It's going to come later. You might ovulate at the right time.

The period tells us so much about the state of health in the body. When you're suffering, if you're suffering, it tells me a lot that there's from a western perspective chances are there's a lot of inflammation in your body. You could have something like endometriosis or polycystic ovaries. Then the work is to begin to shift, right, change the diet, change the lifestyle, sleep more, make sure we're nourishing ourselves. Eating more warm cooked foods and cold raw foods. These are all the key steps to really optimizing that Tian Gui, that fertile abundant, heavenly menstrual flow. The healthier that flow is a sign of fertility, and so we want that nice healthy flow. We want a good two to three days of a nice healthy flow and then it should slowly taper off. Four to six days of a bleed, but basically those first two days are where we get most of our blood out and then it slowly tapers off. I don't want you vomiting or on the toilet with diarrhea for days before that. That's another sign that things are off kilter and your body needs to be reset and restored.

I just want to go over a couple things. “This is so interesting it makes a lot of sense.” Well good Susie I'm glad you feel that way because it makes a lot of sense to me too. Okay, let me just go back over here and let's see. Anybody else have some questions on here? Okay, “Ultimate fertility membership, thanks for this valuable information. I always have dark almost black blood except last cycle I had red blood, but again black this cycle. Is this a sign of decreased fertility or unhealthy reproductive system? I rarely have red blood.” Mandy, it is. Again like all of this doesn't mean you can't get it back, so we can restore the health of the menstrual cycle. We can restore the health of the fertility, but yes black, dark blood is the sign that things are very stagnant and probably very cold in the uterus and not flowing the way they should. Regular acupuncture would be incredible for you Mandy. Mind, abdominal massage will be incredible, doing some castor oil packs will be awesome, get healthy blood flow. Also eating really good nutrient-dense foods.

In Chinese medicine the only way we can build blood to produce heavenly Tian Gui, this heavenly menstrual water is by the foods that we eat. We need to eat good quality nutrient-dense foods. We need to eat lots of warm cooked foods, lots of colorful vegetables, lots of animal protein, lots of bone broth and that will help restore. When we're eating the standard American diet, lots of white flour, lots of sugar, lots of diary, lots of soy, lots of corn, lots of genetically modified and pesticide written foods, guess what, terrible for our health and our fertility. Terrible for the Tian Gui. Terrible for that menstrual water.

Again like I was saying stress. Stress could do it as well. You could have maybe had a less stressful month when you had the healthy red blood, so just start to pay attention. What were the differences? What did I do differently and how can I continue that trajectory to then enhance the color of my blood? Sorry my lighting keeps going wrong here on Facebook. Okay so Nicole, hi sweetie, I know I owe you a message. “I've had super painful periods especially on my fourth day while I'm passing a clot. I took Advil for many years which I've learned is contributing factor to my leaky gut, which then cause the autoimmunity and hashimoto, psoriasis. All this until one day become pregnant at 46 needless to say I need help. I've also done the acupuncture, my FSH and other levels are apparently within normal limits. I've been doing AIP for two months now but it's so hard. I want to believe that my body can be done pregnant.” Well that's what I would say Andrea. It's probably, you sound a bit like maybe you have endometriosis and the AIP diet or the body belief diet that I have in my book, where is my book? This guy, this is all AIP as well. It goes deeper than AIP, because it goes into the emotional inflammation which we all have.

I strongly recommend you check out this book too if you suspect autoimmunity which you definitely have if you have hashimoto and you psoriasis you definitely have autoimmunity. Eczema, psoriasis clear cut autoimmunity. I have eczema. Body belief though is an API diet, autoimmune paleo plus the emotional piece which is huge. Okay, so let's see. Lisa, “Mine is currently missing. Last cycle was 45 days ago and then it went missing for nearly three to four months.” The same thing, I would look back like what's going on in your life, how are you managing your stress? Are you sleeping enough, diet, supplements all of these things. That's super important to restoring menstrual flow. Also doing things like a castor oil pack I saw over here on Instagram a castor oil pack's helpful for lack of a period, yes. They can really help improve blood flow and circulation. Acupuncture's incredible for restoring menstrual cycle, so I would recommend seeing an acupuncturist, preferably on that does herbs, because herbs are incredible for helping with this. Follow the diet in here and or in here and you will restore your cycle. You will.

Okay, “Do cramps during ovulation mean the same thing?” Yeah, so cramps during ovulation, I mean we should have a little cramping going on during ovulation, like we feel something going on, it's called mittelschmerz, that's fine. Intense cramping means that maybe there's some cyst or maybe there's some adhesions, maybe there's some endometriosis and inflammations. Yes, same thing. Laura, “The Body Belief book is life changing.” Thank you honey. Andrea thank you, you're welcome, thank you. Crista, “My cycle has been on the shortest side for the last couple of years 25 days lately.” That's normal for you though so I would just say that first. “Lately the length of my period is shorter. I spot for two days then get about a day and a half of normal flow then tapers to light. Any thoughts?” I would say you're probably [inaudible 00:27:48] to what we call blood deficiency in Chinese medicine, so I would really amp up the animal protein in your diet and make sure it's organic, make sure it's breast fed. Lots of bone broth, liver pills like I recommend in here. I'm a big, big fan of liver pills. Follow the diet on Yes You Can Get Pregnant. Follow the lifestyle plan on Yes You Can Get Pregnant.

Check your stress, make sure you're sleeping seven to eight hours. Make sure your Vitamin D levels are healthy. Vitamin D, Vitamin D is low, your period will be out of whack. You've got to have your Vitamin D between a 50 and a 70 super important, okay? “I'm using THC for the pain of my endometriosis and we've been trying to conceive. I'm concerned about using THC while we're trying to conceive. Thoughts.” The THC is the psychoactive stuff right, CBD is a non psychoactive stuff, so maybe I would go, I know a bit about medical marijuana. You could do about 50-50, CBD and THC I think that might be okay or do like an 80-20 or a 90-10, do more CBD than THC. I do worry too about the THC and trying to conceive. Okay, so let me go over here. Castor oil packs, let's see, “I follow your advice diet, sleep, but every month my clots are huge, they look big clumps.” Okay, so if you're following my advice and follow this advice then instead because it sounds autoimmunity and inflammation. Then also the emotional piece.

Like here's the thing guys, if you guys have been following the diet and you're taking the supplements and things aren't getting better, there's an emotional piece. You've got to work through some trauma, I say that's so lightly. Oh yeah, just work through the trauma, you know what I mean though. Where are you holding on? Where are you tense? Where are you angry? Where are you resentful? Where are you not expressing yourself? Where are you not letting yourself give birth to in your not just from a fertility perspective, but what are you holding yourself back from? Guess what, that could be the root of the cause. Check yourself emotionally and this book I think really goes deep on that, plus the diet in here. If you've been following the Yes You Can Get Pregnant diet and it's not working, the Body Belief diet is kind of like one more notch up. It's a little more anti inflammatory and maybe that's what you need.

“Okay thanks for the clary this is so interesting. Do you recommend moon cups?” I do. I wonder about like if they're plastic, no, but silicon I think okay. Let's see, okay. Some people were enjoying the TCM info, yeah I love that stuff too. It's so beautiful. “I get pretty heavy headaches for a few days before my period, is that an indication of a hormonal imbalance?” Definitely. It could be several things. It could be a progesterone deficiency. It could be estrogen dominance, it could be blood deficiency like anemia. I don't have enough information to clearly answer you, but I would say I have these tools that you can go to and you can read and check out and follow and get all the advice you need. You could also join my ultimate fertility membership, which is going to give you access to so many things. I have this incredible guide that's called living in harmony with your cycle. I go through all the phases, the four phases of the menstrual cycle to help you understand how to best support your body through each phase. Guess what, you get that as part of the ultimate fertility membership.

I believe the guide alone is, let's see, is only $15, so you could just buy the guide if you want. For $22 you get access to that guide and all my other guides, plus my live training, plus the meditations, plus the Facebook group, plus the mantras, plus so much content, the quarterly live training. Right now you could try it for three days for free, so up until November 11th you can do a free three day trial. You can see that living in harmony with your cycle guide for free for the next two days. You could go and check it out right now and then decide to cancel the membership and get it for free basically. Why not, why not give it a shot??

If you want to just take the leap and join, then you get the nice bonuses of the fertility Q&A with me and the $20 gift certificate at Aimee Raupp Beauty. Again, if you want to check out the ultimate fertility membership there's Instagram there's a link in my bio and you'll see on the page about the ultimate fertility membership. You can just sign up for the free trial right there. Facebook we've posted that for you guys, so you can do a three free day, oh my God, yeah, free three day trial, that's very tricky to say. A free three day trial and check out the ultimate fertility membership. See all the things you get with it. Or you can join right now for $22 a month and if you join by the 15th you get the bonuses which is the live Q&A with me happening on the 19th and a $20 gift certificate at Aimee Raupp Beauty. You do the free three day trial, you don't get the bonuses, and the trial only is until November 11, so you've got to take advantage of that guys. Then it's going to disappear probably forever.

If you want to see what the ultimate fertility membership's all about, go and take the leap and try the free trial, okay? Let's see, I'm going to wrap up. I'm just going to go through see if there's any other questions coming through. “How can you tell if your progesterone is low?” I usually just say blood test, you do a cycle day 21 or six days post ovulation blood test and it should be about a 15 to a 20. That's the best way, just ask your doctor to test your progesterone. You need to do it six or seven days post ovulation, everybody ovulates at different times. Check your ovulation, then check your progesterone levels. You can also do the dutch test, which is a hormone test. It's a urine analysis, I love the dutch, I use it all the time in my practice. You can check it out at dutchtest.com or it's thedutchtest.com I think is the website. [inaudible 00:33:43] that's another good way to check your progesterone levels, and that also checks all your hormones which is awesome. Let's see, “My period is light in only three days at most, I'm 37, low AMH. Does light period mean menopause?”

No, and nor does AMH. What AMH means when it's low is that ovarian function is compromised. All you need to do is increase healthy blood flow and circulation to those ovaries, the AMH will improve. Acupuncture, castor oil packs, mind, abdominal massage, nutrient-dense diet, movement, exercise, yoga things to open up that pelvic floor incredible for ovarian health and will help with blood flow. Chinese herbs, seeing a herbalist, seeing an acupuncturist. Follow the diets I've got mapped out for you, you can do this. “Is it possible for someone to be overly sensitive to acupuncture? I ovulated super early last cycle the day after my first acupuncture treatment.” Sometimes the first acupuncture treatment can be highly powerful, so that is not unlikely. I don't expect that that would happen every single time no, but it just means yeah, your energy was really moveable. I think that's a great sign and your body was ready to do it. I don't think it's a negative thing. We just encourage the body to function better, we don't make the body do things. We just nudge it along.

“How would one know if they were lacking progesterone or having too much estrogen?” Again I would use the dutch test that's in my opinion the best. It's a hormone test. It's $250. You could find a practitioner that can help you order it. You can order it under my name and I could read it for you. I believe I charge $150 for a dutch test analysis, so you can contact my team about that if you want. Okay, “What should your progesterone be five days post ovulation?” It should just be above a five basically that tells us you ovulated. Five days post hopefully it's closer to a 15. Yeah, again numbers are all listed in these books.

Okay guys I've got to wrap up because I've got to go pick up my son from school, but these questions are incredible. Again if you want access to my living in harmony with your cycle guide, join up for the ultimate fertility membership, it's only $22 a month, that's less than a dollar a day. You get access to this guide for free, plus like 20 other guides and over 14 hours of video content from me over nearly $2000 worth of content for $22 a month. Plus my quarterly live trainings, plus the meditations and the mantras and a really awesome tribe of women in your secret Facebook group. Anyway, I love you guys and I hope to see you in the ultimate fertility membership. Keep circling through if you have more questions I'll circle through later and I'll answer them, okay? Chao for now. Bye, bye. Got to go. Got to go.

***End of Transcription***

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Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. She has appeared on The View, and has been featured in Glamour, Allure, Well + Good, GOOP, Shape, and Redbook, and has received endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Arianna Huffington, and Gabby Bernstein for her work in helping thousands of women to improve their vitality, celebrate their beauty, and reconnect to the presence of their optimal health. Aimee is also an active columnist for media outlets such as Thrive Global and MindBodyGreen and is a frequent speaker at women’s health & wellness conferences across the nation. She engages her large community worldwide through her online programs and with her website, www.aimeeraupp.com.

About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.


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