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I just came across this article on Foods That Deliver Crucial Nutrients For Runners. and being I'm a runner, I gave it a read.

It offers some sound nutritional advice, like eating berries for their anti-oxidant properties and gnashing on mushrooms because they are a good source of potassium. But, some of the other recommendations are just “eh” in my opinion. So, I'm giving my recommendations:

1. The author suggests taking hemp seed oil for the omega fatty acids. A better suggestion would be to take cod liver oil–as it not only provides omega fatty acids but also contains vitamin A and D.

2. For a good B12 and Iron source, the article talks about eating bison. Although I love this lean meat, I think the hands-down-best-source of iron and B12 is liver. I recommend it in either pate (homemade and organic) form (yum!) or in pill form. Personally, I take 2 liver pills every day.

3. The author recommends canned beans. Yuck. I don't like canned anything. Ever. Beans, are definitely a great source protein, fiber and carbs but don't buy them in a can!

A few other things that work for me when I'm running a lot are almonds, hard boiled eggs and my all time fave: a shake made with coconut milk, berries, a scoop of nut butter (almond or peanut), 1 tablespoon of raw and organic cacao powder and a banana. Omg. So damn delicious and nutrient rich!

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  1. I agree with eating beans but dont buy the canned ones. Aside from what you have mentioned in this article, another food I rely to when Im running are nuts. I eat a lot of brazil nuts due to its nutritional content and its a great snack before or after a run.

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