Battling A Cold

The sniffles are in the air, all your coworkers are sneezing up a storm and you feel another cold coming on. Great.

Here are ten quick cold busting recommendations you can try:

1. Eat garlic. You won't smell so good, but hey, it works. Garlic has natural anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties so it works at nixing any type of cold. As it's a bit harsh to eat raw, I recommend you slice up three cloves, add them to a mug of hot water, throw in some fresh lemon juice and drink. If you have some fresh ginger around, grate a couple of slices into your homemade “tea” and drink up. After you've finished your “tea”, eat the diced up garlic cloves. Have three to four cups of this “tea” each day until your cold subsides.

2. Neti pot. The Neti Pot is a nasal irrigation system thats been around for centuries. Yes, it's a little uncomfortable, but it works like a charm. Buy one and use it at the first sign of a cold. Watch this youtube video on “how to” use the Neti Pot.

3. Skip the gym. Go home and rest instead. At the first sign of a cold, don't push yourself. Try and get 8-9 hours of sleep.

4. Sweat it out. Not at the gym, at home in your bed. Dress in layers and curl up under your covers. Breaking a sweat will help your body, as we say in Oriental Medicine, release the “pathogen”.

5. Steam. Get yourself into a hot bath, or at the very least, steam your face. Add a few drops of eucalyptus and rosemary oil to the bath or the facial steam. These substances will help your body release the “pathogen” and make you feel less congested.

6. Hydrate. Drink loads of water. Eat brothy soups or even just some plain chicken or beef broth. Sip on ginger tea or just some hot water with lemon, add some honey if you have a sore throat.

7. Avoid sugar and dairy products as these are both, what we call in Oriental Medicine, “phlegmy” foods and they will worsen your cold and make you more congested.

8. Get acupuncture. Acupuncture can provide you immediate relief from many symptoms of a cold and it boosts your immune system. Ask you acupuncturist about Chinese herbal formulas that can help treat your cold too. Click here to find an acupuncturist near you.

9. Take a probiotic. Probiotic supplements give your body a dose of healthy, immune-boosting bacteria that can help you fight off your cold. My favorite brand is Culturelle, take one capsule per day. And, just an fyi: you'd need to eat 10 probiotic enriched yogurts to get the amount of probiotics your body can get from one capsule of Culturelle.

10. Take vitamin C. It may not prevent a cold from coming on, but high doses of vitamin C ( about 3-5 grams/day) can help you get rid of your cold faster.

All right, you're officially armed with tools to battle your next cold! Rock on with your bad self.

About Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc

Aimee Raupp, MS, LAc, is a renowned women’s health & wellness expert and the best- selling author of the books Chill Out & Get Healthy, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, and Body Belief. A licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in private practice in New York, she holds a Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Bachelor’s degree in biology from Rutgers University. Aimee is also the founder of the Aimee Raupp Beauty line of hand-crafted, organic skincare products. This article was reviewed's editorial team and is in compliance with our editorial policy.


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