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Ask Me ANYTHING about Fertility Supplements! {Expert Fertility Advice}

With SO much information out there, it’s hard to know what fertility supplements to take and when. I have TWO DECADES of experience and I am here to answer all of YOUR questions.

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.


Hi everyone. How are you today? I'm going to let you guys start rolling on. So today is a live Q and A on all-things fertility supplements. Yes. Here's how it's going to go down. Ideally there are just supplement questions. If you throw in some fertility questions, maybe I'll answer them. I mean, of course this is all related to fertility supplements, but it can be related to any supplement question. What you have to do is use the question box. You have to insert your question in the question box. Any questions in the comments, I will not answer because I can't keep up with them. So all questions need to go to the question box. Today we're going to talk about supplements and fertility and health and vitality. I'll let questions start coming in and I'm just going to have a sip of my water and this is a live Q and A and I'm going to stay on for about 25 minutes, 30 minutes.

And when questions start coming in, I will start answering them. You can ask me questions of like how do supplements for X, Y, and Z help with X, Y, and Z or what should I do if I have this or my doctor said this dose, what about this? Things like that. Specific supplement questions for fertility. If you guys also want to know my top favorite fertility supplements, because I do update that list all the time. If you go to aimeeraupp.com/fertilitysupplements, it is an opt-in. I ask for your email, which I think is a fair exchange for all of my information, and you will see all of my updated supplement, fertility-recommended supplements, health-related fertility related supplement recommendations. Okay, questions are rolling in, so I'm going to start answering them, and now remember anybody who's just joined live, I know lots of people are coming on.

So this is a live Q and A about supplements for fertility or for health. And if you ask questions in the comments, I will not answer them. All questions have to be put in the question box. Rianne and California Baby, you guys just both ask questions in the comments. I will not answer them. You have to move them to the question box, okay? It's not to be rude, it's just that it's a lot for me to keep up with because people constantly come on and then I got to scroll through and I got to remember. It's a lot more efficient for me to have questions in the question box and then I will go through and I will answer them. And now there are a dozen or so questions. I'm going to start answering them.

What supplements are specifically beneficial when prepping for an egg retrieval making embryos? Everything. No, I'm kidding. A lot of it depends on your case, but the big things that we want to think about are things that reduce inflammation and things that help reduce oxidative stress. Because oxidative stress and inflammation are what age our eggs or what impact our egg quality, we also never want to underestimate the power of sperm. So your partner, if you are in a partnership, should also be on good supplements. Follow the healthy daddy diet recommendations that I have, you could just google Aimee Raupp and healthy daddy diet and it'll come up. But so baseline supplements that I think all women should be on when doing egg retrieval is a good antioxidant supplement. Right now one of my favorites is ResveraCel by Thorne. Again, all my supplements are on aimeeraupp.com/fertilitysupplements, so just go there.

And a good quality fish oil up to two to three grams of fish oil depending, something like NAC, which is a really good antioxidant as well. 600, 900, 1200 milligrams again depending on the case. So I don't know your case. Vitamin D. Vitamin D levels need to be between a 50 and a 70, so you need to dose accordingly. Vitamin D impacts egg quality, impacts implantation. Probiotics, we want healthy microbiome, uterine, and GI tract. That will definitely impact egg quality, oxidative stress, all of that. A good quality prenatal with methylfolate at least 800, but ideally upwards of 1600 micrograms of methylfolate, not folic acid. Very clear, not folic acid.

What else? I do love liver as a form, it's a nutrient dense powerhouse which is filled with antioxidants and B vitamins. So that's typically what I have all of my patients on is a good antioxidant or two. So Ovasitol, NAC, ResveraCel, stuff like that. And they're all listed on my page under antioxidants, so you'll see that. A good fish oil, vitamin D, a good prenatal with methylfolate, liver pills, probiotic, those are usually really good starting points. And then I would also have some doing liver support soup every day, which is from my book, Egg Quality Diet or some kind of Supergreens superfood. Now I'm going to start from the bottom. Any supplement for fallopian tube blockage. So some kind of like serrapeptase or Wobenzyme, some kind of proteolytic enzyme to break down the blockage. And then Chinese herbs could also be helpful there.

Dosages, please. Can you add that to your… I don't have dosages specifically for a reason on my recommended page because every case is different and if you want that level of specificity, you got to coach with someone on my team. Just you could basically follow the labels though too. Supplements that help prepare the body for IVF. I basically just went through that. The first question was very similar for egg quality and retrieval. So just refer back to what I just said there. Best supplements for PCOS and anovulation. Ovasitol. You need to be on, I like the Theralogix Ovasitol and if you use the link through my site, you got a pretty significant discount. And if you definitely have PCOS, I would do four grams a day of Ovasitol, it's myo and D-chiro-inositol, which is in that one, the Wholesome Story is a good one too.

So four grams a day but also do CoQ10 and make sure your protein levels are adequate. You need upwards of 80 grams of protein a day. I know that's not necessarily a supplement. Then I would also think about with PCOS, we know it's an inflammatory slash autoimmune like condition that you're on about three grams of fish oil a day too. Those are some, and then check your vitamin D status, all of those things. But Ovasitol is the big, big biggie. Is it bad to be on low dose of DHA long term over a year? No, not if it's low dose, like we're talking less than 25 milligrams a day. That's okay. Again, any questions that come out in the comments, I'm not going to answer them. You have to submit it in the question box. Thank you guys.

Pretty sure I have endo. Should I do MitoCORE instead of a prenatal? You could. MitoCORE is a great antioxidant. I would definitely be on. If you know you have endo, I would also be on NAC, N-acetylcysteine, and there's usually higher doses of NAC for endo is important, so I think it's something like 1200 four days a week and then you take a break on the other three days. But you can quick Google that too. NAC for endometriosis and there's a dose that comes up. Fish oil, NAC, the MitoCORE would be good. Make sure you're on enough methylfolate though MitoCORE does not have enough methyl folate, so you have to add that in.

And then with endometriosis, adenomyosis, I also always recommend some kind of proteolytic enzyme. I like Wobenzyme, but there's nattokinase that's out there, serrapeptase, those are all good as well. Is it possible to get too much methylfolate to the extent it's harmful? It is a B vitamin, so it's not fat soluble, it's water soluble so you'll pee it out. But I do see people above and some docs recommend like 2, 3, 4 micrograms a day. It seems to be very… What's the word? It causes hypermethylation symptoms. You could google that hyper, H-Y-P-E-R, hypermethylation symptoms and you'll see there's some negatives there. So I'm pretty firm. I don't really go above 1700 micrograms a day with my patients, but for that reason alone.

Been on the quality diet day 76. Congrats. Recently checked my FSH, it's a 10.5 bit higher than it was in 2022 at 9.5. Any suggestions? I'm not that concerned. And we do know now in the research that FSH around that level does not have any impact on pregnancy outcomes. I don't think you should be too concerned. Typically, it has something to do with estrogen. So if you lost weight on the egg quality diet and fat cells store estrogen, that could impact FSH. But so then I would focus more on make sure you're not skipping meals, make sure you're eating enough of the protein, make sure you're getting enough rest to do things to build the estrogen and that will regulate the FSH. But an FSH of a 10 is fine.

Not to undermine how you feel, I don't mean that, but just the research is showing us. FSH even up to 20 doesn't seem to impact pregnancy outcomes. CoQ10 versus ResveraCel, they're just two different things. ResveraCel has the NMR, which is the same thing as NAD, which is a powerful anti-aging substance. And then it comes with trimethylglycine and resveratrol to help with absorption and utilization. ResveraCel is basically like a multi for anti-aging cellular quality. CoQ10 is CoQ10, ubiquinol, which is another antioxidant that can also help with egg quality and aging. So a lot of patients are on both, but they're different and not the same.

But they both do have the same kind of approach, if you will. What supplements do you recommend for progesterone? My progesterone dropped from 20 to 14, my last IVF cycle. I mean, in this case I would do progesterone suppositories, get them prescribed from your doctor. Suppositories or injections, especially with IVF. You also want to think about absorption. So the gut microbiome, making sure that your gut health is really in check and that you're absorbing properly because that could impact all your hormones so that you're on a good probiotic. You might even want to be on some digestive enzymes. Wobenzyme is one of my favorite to help you absorb and utilize.

Sometimes you have to do the oral route and the suppository route with progesterone to get the numbers up. An over-the-counter cream could help too. And then in Chinese medicine, we're very big fans of everything being cooked versus raw and that really helps with the young energy, which is progesterone in Chinese medicine. Being very basic here in general, but for the sake of time. I don't like fish. Any supplement that I can take? There are non fish omegas out there. So there's some from algae that you could do and then there are nuts and seeds that can give you omegas, but not everybody can get omegas from nuts and seeds. In fact, a large portion of the population cannot. So you could just try to find the least fishy fish oil, if you will, or an algae-based one.

But a lot of the fish oils don't even have a taste. Evening primrose. I think it's helping my cycle a lot, but I've read some concerning things too. So what I see or have seen in the past is that it can help for a cycle or two and then after that it seems to start to cause estrogen dominant symptoms. Not in everyone but in a lot of people because it is a phytoestrogen. So I much prefer fish oil over evening primrose oil, and if you need the GLAs, you could get it through some food too. Borage might be another choice, but typically the fish oil will give you the same benefit and the higher doses, but not everybody reacts that way. You might be that person that can be on evening primrose oil and you're fine. If my vitamin D is high, could this be damaging egg quality ahead of an egg retrieval? That's a really good question.

Not that I know of, but high levels of vitamin D more that if you're taking high levels and you don't necessarily need it, can be toxic to the body, potentially, but how high are we talking? If your levels are at an 80 or a 90, then I just would not take any vitamin D except for what's in the prenatal or just drop a prenatal altogether. Just make sure you're getting methylfolate and then greens like a spirulina instead of a prenatal. But high levels of D, meaning taking it when your D is already high can be toxic, but I don't know that vitamin D that is high is toxic necessarily. Best supplements for Hashimoto's. It is an autoimmune condition. So I think of things like N-acetylcysteine. I think of high dose fish oils like two to three grams of fish oil for an anti-inflammatory.

I will do the Wobenzyme again, the proteolytic enzymes. I like the ResveraCel something for the immune system there and NAC or glutathione, then you need your zinc and your selenium, things like that to really support thyroid health. Thorne makes… Well that has iodine, so don't do that one. A non iodine thyroid support, which I think Designs for Health has one, but you can Google it, thyroid support without iodine. With Hashi's too, you really want to think about gut health, so a good probiotic, making sure you're on a really good solid diet that's free of gluten, dairy, and soy. Really important for Hashi's.

Why do you recommend fermented cod liver oil over prenatal? Great question. I do talk about it. I definitely have posts about it, but generally speaking, cod liver oil comes naturally occurring with vitamin A and vitamin D. Both are imperative to optimal hormones and so cod liver oil just packs more punch. That's how I look at it. I do recommend good quality fish oils and also kind of back in the day like when I wrote Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, I didn't even have a prenatal in that book because they were so crappy. They didn't have what we needed. Most of them have folic acid, none of them had choline. Now we have really good prenatal out there. So had I written this book now, I would have prenatals mentioned in there. Same thing goes for fish oil. A lot of the fish oil on the market back then was just shit.

It was crappy, and so fermented cod liver oil, I trusted the producers of it, I trusted the content of it, and how it was made. It was very traditional. Now, that's shifted a little bit. Most of my clients are on a mix and myself too, I take cod liver oil one day, I take a good fish oil, I take the Thorne Super EPA the other days. I alternate. That's how I do it and a lot of my patients do that, but it was mainly for the vitamin A and the vitamin D content. And fermentation too also helps with absorption, but autoimmune patients and some people that have histamine reactions don't do well on fermented anything. So then I recommend the rosita cod liver oil, which is not fermented. Long story short. Okay. I'm using [inaudible 00:17:22] to know more about my hormones and it shows I have high progesterone in the follicular phase. Is there a supplement to regulate that or do you think a supplement could be causing that?

Great question. I think a supplement could be causing that. So make sure that you're not taking something like Vitex as that could be causing that and make sure nothing you're taking has progesterone in the follicular phase. Secondly, I have gone down a rabbit hole with a handful of clients over this that sometimes those tests are inaccurate. I'm going to start with that. So if you are seeing consistently high progesterone, so above an 8 to a 10 in the follicular phase, I really urge you to get blood work done to double check it. So at the same time in your follicular phase, get your progesterone tested. If it is high in your follicular phase, you may have something called CAH, which is chronic adrenal hyperplasia and that is basically like an inflammatory response, causes progesterone to be high. It changes the uterine lining and you will not get pregnant because your lining will not be implantable once you ovulate.

What seems to help, and I'm medically diagnosing, but you obviously have to go to a doctor and look into all this, we have to regulate the adrenal hyperplasia, low dose naltrexone seems to really help that situation. So there's some info for you there to kind of dig into it. Is PQQ is good for egg qualities CoQ10? I kind of use one or the other. I don't necessarily go into both. I really love the NeoQ10 though by Theralogix. I think it's just probably one of the best products out there. Packs a big punch, you really only need one a day instead of like 600 of the average CoQ10. Life Extension also makes a mitochondrial optimizer with PQQ, which is really good. So sure, one or the other. I don't think you need both. Remember too, we can't out supplement a shitty diet. And so diet should be our primary place where we're getting our antioxidants in the forms of lots of really good quality vegetables. What would you recommend to stabilize the menstrual cycle and to lengthen phase one? Follicular phase.

Fat, good quality fats, again, like fish oils, good quality fish oil or cod liver oil. Liver. Liver in pill form, organ meats, things like that. Blackstrap molasses. I was just talking about that in my private community about blackstrap molasses and I love that for the follicular phase and for building estrogen. The other thing too, and this has nothing to do with supplements, is you really have to think about estrogen is about nourishment and building and the follicular phase is about growth and maturation. So slowing down, making sure you're getting your rest, making sure you're getting to bed before 11:00 PM, making sure you're getting your seven to eight hours, making sure you're not over exercising, not over sweating, not undereating, things like that really impact that follicular phase.

And running more than 12 miles a week is a no-no for the follicular phase. If you are having follicular phase issues, I just saw that your handle had the word run in it. Do you recommend Wobenzyme when trying to conceive? Yes, I do. Depends on the case, but in a lot of cases I do. Yes. And there is research showing that women with recurrent pregnancy loss who are taking Wobenzyme had less loss. It was a small study, but it's still something interesting and I think it's because it's a powerful anti-inflammatory. Do you need to take NAC on an empty stomach or could it take the same time as your alpha-lipoic acid? I think that's a good question and I don't know that I know the exact answer.

I think 30 minutes before, two hours after eating to avoid competing with protein for absorption. So that's the answer, with other amino acids though, it can be taken at the same time as other amino acids, but don't compete with your food. If it's a protein-rich meal, which all your meals should be protein-rich, in my humble opinion. Let me just see. There's so many questions. You guys are amazing. Is it okay to alternate between Thorne Prenatal and MegaFood Baby and Me? Of course. Those are both great prenatals. The big thing with any of the prenatals, which is an aside, including the Thorne, I love the Thorne because it's three pills, easy-peasy, not enough choline. So you got to make sure your diet is rich in choline, like two egg yolks a day, you're getting your liver in, you're getting greens in like spinach, that's rich in choline and or you're taking something like choline or sunflower lecithin.

That's what I do. I try to get my girls at like 500, 600 additional milligrams of choline a day. And really there's only one or two prenatals out there that hit that and you have to take a lot of those pills. So I still do it with the Thorne and then add in the choline. I'm already taking levothyroxine to lower TSH. Is there a supplement to help? So something that supports thyroid function, something with zinc and selenium. There are a lot of good thyroid support medicines out there, but basically zinc and selenium are the nutrients that you need to help support thyroid function. And then I got five more minutes guys. Do you look for something specific in probiotics? So generally speaking, and I'm going to read you an email that I just got from a medical doctor that is a leader in his field of anti-aging, and I'm not going to name his name.

We were on an email chain and this is what he said about probiotics. “Probiotics are a crapshoot anyways, everyone's microbiome is so different.” And he said, “And most probiotics are overpriced for what they are.” That I think there's a few places where everyone gets all their probiotics when they make supplements. So there's a lot that you kind of can't go wrong with. But then also you really still have to focus on your diet and healing the gut and restoring a healthy microbiome. I do tend to like the probiotics that are soil based and that have pre-end probiotics, but that doesn't work for everybody. If you have SIBO or you have histamine issues and you have to be on a different style probiotic, and then we're looking for something that's giving you millions of probiotics in there too. I do have my recommended probiotics on my site, aimeeraupp.com/fertilitysupplements. And well, I'll go for three more minutes and then I'm going to go. FET next week. Anything I should do to prepare, going for acupuncture? Acupuncture, meditation, rest, keep your body warm, take all your supplements.

And I did talk about supplements for IVF earlier on in this conversation. So once the recording's up you can go back. Any supplements for low AMH? I think about quality over quantity, really. And also remember AMH is a hormone secreted by the ovaries. So improving circulation and blood flow in the reproductive organ area, in the lower abdomen will help with your AMH. So you want to think about things that are going to improve circulation. Things like omegas for sure, fish oil. And then I do love as an aside, casserole packs, acupuncture, abdominal gua sha, those are all really good. I would think about Ovasitol to really help juice up those ovaries. Maybe DHEA if your DHEAS is low, that could help as well. But then I really focus on quality and knowing that listen, even if your AMH is super low, there's still eggs left in your ovaries and we can still impact the quality of them even if we can't necessarily impact the quantity left. So egg quality diet, start there. Nutrient dense foods too. Also, this is another aside, I'm a huge fan of organ meats.

Ancestral has a product called Female Enhancement and it's got ovaries and fallopian tubes and things like that in there. Personally I take four of those every single day. And I think that can also help with something like low AMH. This isn't really a supplement question. I have seen clinically and recommend regularly one cup of caffeinated something every day is perfectly fine. So stay around 80 to 100 milligrams. It has to be organic, cannot have it on an empty stomach. So caffeine is fine in my opinion, but under those direct circumstances. Inositol use for endo. Sure, I tend to go more NAC, any antioxidants, but Inositol seems to be across the board helping everyone with quality. So it can't hurt. But I tend to go more like antioxidant rich, which Ovasitol is an antioxidant, but like more NAC glutathione and then breaking down the endo. So I'm thinking about the serrapeptase enzymes. The proteolytic enzymes.

Okay guys, I'm going to take one last question and then I'm going to go. I can't believe the amount of questions. You guys are amazing. Best fertility-friendly supplement while trying to conceive. Magnesium is of course my favorite. Melatonin. If you are having sleep issues, I think melatonin, but I would not go above one to one and a half milligrams because too much can delay ovulation, and then if not there is, but some of the amino acids, like the GABA and the l-theanine can really help too, but you cannot take those once you're pregnant. Melatonin and I would stop once you're pregnant too.

There you have it. Okay guys, I'm going to go, this was amazing. There are so many additional questions and I feel bad I'm not answering them, but I have to go record a story of hope for one of my girls who's now on the other side and I can't wait to share that with you guys. I've had three stories of hope just this week that I've recorded. So if you want to see my supplement list, aimeeraupp.com/fertilitysupplements and I update that regularly, like I said. And so I'm sending you guys all love. Thank you so much and I'll see you very soon.


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