An Amazing Source of Grass-Fed Beef

I came across this website recently and I am just smitten! U.S. Wellness Meats was started by a farmer named John Wood– a fifth generation farmer from Missouri. Back in the late 90's he decided to go 100% grass fed with his cattle and was amazed by how damn good his meat tasted. Since 2000 John Wood and 3 other family farmers (read about them all here) who are all committed to sustainable and humane animal practices have been running US Wellness farms.

You can buy any sort of meat you want from bison liver to pork to goat. And, they also sell raw, organic ice cream, pastured butter, grass-fed dairy and wild caught seafood. As the demand for this quality of food grows (and people realize that this food not only tastes better, but its healthier for us and good for our environment) John and his buddies keep teaming up with other sustainable farmers to bring their customers anything and everything they desire. These guys are the anti-big agriculture and I love them! Their prices are great… and shipping is reasonable. They even offer some of their meats “flash chilled” instead of frozen.

Check them out and see if ordering from them is easier for you (and cheaper!) than buying at the store.

A quick side note on the “organic-ness” of their meat this is what US Wellness farms has to say:

All U.S. Wellness Meats pastures and animals have been maintained with organic principles in mind since 2000. Unfortunately, the state of Missouri dropped a state-run organic-certification program and turned it over to a private certifier several years ago. The private certifier wanted 3% of the gross income of the preceding year to maintain the license. We politely said no, and felt if Thomas Jefferson were still alive he would concur. Sadly, greed has infiltrated a noble cause. 50% of the Missouri organic producers have let their certification lapse since this situation was create by the Missouri legislature.

The more I learn about organic certification programs, the more I realize what's going on in Missouri is going on almost everywhere in the US. It's not worth it for the farmers to get the certification. I don't blame them.

I haven't ordered from here yet, but I plan to and I'll keep you posted. If any of you have tried US Wellness products, let me know!

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