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Story of Hope: How Sue Got Pregnant Naturally at 42 After Being Told Donor Eggs Were Her Only Option

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Sue reached out to me two years ago. At the time she was 42 and in the midst of doing IUI treatments. About six months prior, Sue had a stillborn baby girl, delivered at 25 weeks. She was feeling devastated and broken. Even though she had two healthy children at home, her recent loss (plus the fact that she had two previous miscarriages prior to the stillborn) coupled with her “advanced maternal age” had her feeling a lot of pressure.

When Sue experienced her most recent loss, her gynecologist urged her to see a fertility doctor who told her (without doing a single test) the losses were due to her age and that IVF with donor egg was her only option. That didn’t resonate with Sue, nor her husband so they decided to try IUI. After the second IUI didn’t work Sue, reached out to me.

Upon my initial intake I found that Sue’s physical health needed some improvement as she was dealing with almost daily headaches, regular bloating, cold hands and feet, random allergies and very dry skin, peeling nails and hair falling out. On top of that her emotional health was in really poor shape. Since the stillborn, Sue had a lot of anxiety. She felt very distant from her husband and children, she was barely eating, and as she admitted to me, she just couldn’t bare to face the loss of her baby.

Our initial coaching call focused mainly on helping her process the loss(es) as well as ways to reignite her old self. She had completely lost touch with who she was. She felt lost and all her hope was hanging in getting pregnant again so she could move on.

After our first call Sue wrote me this email:

“Hi Aimee,

I cannot thank you enough for our conversation today… your understanding, knowledge, empathy, and wisdom in this situation, I'm so grateful that you just get it.  And that we've been able to connect when we have is life's incredible timing, which is so interesting, in that I can see now steps I've taken this past year, and how I've gotten to this point and moment to deciding to reach out to you.  I think, in a way, it's all led to meeting you, and I am very thankful for that. You gave me a lot of insightful and significant things to think about and reflect on today. You said things that I've been thinking or feeling but wasn't sure how to communicate or what it meant, and other things I hadn't even thought of.  I look forward and feel more ready than ever to try and find a way to get back to more of myself, and to feel more confident, looser, less dry (more fluids!), and softer in my overall health, which I agree and believe will in turn, affect my fertility. Thank you for listening, your discernment, your encouragement, and your expert advice.”

I made tweaks to Sue’s diet and supplements, put her on a Chinese herbal formula, had her begin daily meditation and journaling, encouraged her to pick up some old hobbies that lifted her heart and gave her tools to reconnect to herself and her family. I also told her to stop doing the IUI’s as she shared with me her great disdain for the process and how she truly believed her next baby would come naturally.

As she reconnected with her husband and she processed her grief (and he processed his) they got back to having regular, fun sex. Within four months Sue was pregnant again, naturally. She gave birth to a healthy and thriving baby girl four weeks ago.  A few days later Sue sent me this message:

“Dear Aimee,

She's here!! 🙂  Baby girl arrived on June 20th, weighing 7lbs 7oz and measuring 20″ long!!  She has lots of dark hair, like her siblings all had, and is such a sweet baby.  My heart felt such relief and gratitude when I finally got to see and hold her. I'm healing pretty well so far after the c-section, for which I'm also very thankful.  And in the meantime, I'm trying to soak up and loving every moment with her. I still sometimes can't really believe she's here, and I also just feel so incredibly blessed.  I'm over the moon happy that she's here with us. I can still so vividly remember our conversation and consultation from last summer, and you said that you had a feeling that I would get pregnant again…and now almost practically a year later, and this baby girl is here.  I'm thankful that I found you and your program and your book, and your support through the whole process- from grieving my losses, to trying to get pregnant again, then getting through the pregnancy with the anxiety I felt- has meant so much to me and truly led me to where I am today.

Much love,


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