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Setting Achievable Health Goals

This time of year everyone is making resolutions, and usually resolutions that they don't keep. A big reason they don't keep them is the WAY they set them- sometimes we set ourselves up for failure from the start.

Here Is The Full Transcription Of This Video:

Happy New Year. How are you, guys? Hello, Facebook. Happy New Year. How is everyone? Are you guys psyched or another year? Another year to put pressure on ourselves of all the things we need to achieve. Another year to live up to the expectations that we're going to put on ourselves. How fun does that sound? Hi, Karen, nice to see you. I'm just being sarcastic. I want to talk to you guys today about setting some achievable, reasonable, kind, loving, health intentions for the year.

To all of you who are new to me, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. I am so happy to be here with you, and I'm honored. Just so you know, I usually do this every Thursday at noon, Eastern Time. I come to you guys live on Instagram and live on Facebook, and I share with you ways to enrich your life, ways to heal, ways to feel whole again, ways to nourish yourself, ways to renew hope and reawaken your healthiest life. I am on a mission to help people heal because when we heal, we heal future generations. When we reconnect to ourselves and listen to what it is we truly desire and live from that space of passion and re-connectedness, that's when we fucking make waves, guys. Excuse my language.

That is it, and I do this through things like this, through my online business. I do a lot of coaching with women to reawaken their health. I write books. I have three books. My first came out in 2009, Chill Out and Get Healthy. They're all behind me on that stack if you can see them. Instagram, you can't see them, but there they are. Chill Out and Get Healthy was my first. Then I wrote a book called Yes, You Can Get Pregnant: Natural Ways to Improve Your Fertility Now and Into Your 40s. Then a year after writing that book or two years later, I got pregnant naturally at 40.

Then my latest book is called Body Belief. Here it is right here. This is all about how to heal autoimmune conditions, radically shift your health and learn to love your body more. Really, all the books have very similar message, very similar themes. It's all about getting you to a place of optimal health, and health on every level, nutritionally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and when you're there … Ooh, I don't have my headphones in for Instagram. Can you guys hear me okay, or not really? When you're there, your health, you knock it out of the park.

I got to grab my headphones. Sorry, guys. I forgot. Where are my headphones? Give me a second. Oh, man. Sorry, guys. Okay. I'm back, getting headphones in right now, Instagram. Facebook, thank you for your patience. I feel like you guys are used to this. I do this kind of every week, I forget. Something's up with my Instagram where the volume just doesn't work. It's the weirdest thing on the planet. Okay, I'm going to put my headphones in. One of you guys just respond if you can … Can you hear me better? Is that better, Instagram? Beth, if you can respond. Let's see if that's working. Okay.

I'm going to assume it is, and I'm going to continue to talk. All right. We are good now. Sorry, about that, Instagram. You guys, I'm sure heard me, but it was low. Anyway, that's my mission is to really help people live their optimal health, and then from there, everything will thrive. If you're trying to heal an autoimmune condition, if you're just trying to feel better every day, if you're trying to get to the strongest, healthiest space, mentally and emotionally, guess what? You're trying to get pregnant or heal from miscarriages, and then carry a pregnancy to term, this work helps you. It's every single piece of the puzzle. That is what I do. I am a health detective. I am a fertility detective. I am on a mission to help you figure it out so you can lead and live your healthiest life, and get every single thing you desire because you freaking deserve it.

Let's talk about setting some health intentions for 2019. Notice I did not say the word resolution. Resolutions are bogus. Resolutions put a lot of pressure on us, and they often come from the head. Intentions come from the heart. Intentions are our desire. An intention states how you want to feel. A resolution states a desired … Not a desired, sorry, a deadline. It's like this. I'm going to lose 10 pounds, and the first three weeks, I'm going to join the gym, and I'm going to lose the 10 pounds, and that's it. There's all this pressure, and if you don't do it, guess what? You failed. You're a screw-up. You can't achieve your goal, so you might as well just say F it to everything else in your life. Right?

Whereas, when you set an intention that is something like, I want to feel good in my body, I want to like who I see in the mirror, I want to like the kind of person I am in my intimate relationships, that feel easier. Doesn't that feel like, oh, so there's room for error. There's a learning curve here. It doesn't have to be done by February 15th. Right? I don't have to be in my hottest possible dress for Valentines Day or whatever. We've all been there. Resolutions are intense, and they're a lot of pressure. Intentions, however, they're about desire. They're about what it is in your heart. What do you want to feel in 2019? Not achieve, what do you want to feel more of?

Let's dissect. Here are some common resolutions. I want to lose weight. I want to have a job I love. I want to find the relationship of my dreams. Right? I want to make more money. Those are resolutions. Right? Let me just write it down so I remember to go through each of them, so weight, money, job, relationship. Right? Those are the things I always resolve. What about you guys? I was going to lose 10 pounds. I was going to find the man. I was going to double my income and work less. Those are always my resolutions. Now, I said intentions and they're a little easier on myself. Guess what? I'm achieving all the things I wanted to achieve and with less pressure.

Let's talk about, okay, I want to lose 10 pounds. Basically, what you're saying is I don't like my body, I don't like the way it's at, I don't like who I see in the mirror, I lack the good body to then have everything else I want in my desire because only skinny people get what they want. Right? These are the societal pressures, the societal norms, or when I was skinnier, life was better. Bullshit. Bullshit. Sorry, I'm on fire today. Your life has nothing to do with your weight. Your life has everything to do with whether or not you're living from a heart-centered, passionate place. That's what your life has everything to do with. Okay?

When you say, “I need to lose 10 pounds, that's my goal, that's my resolution for this year,” you are basically focusing on the lack. You are focusing on what you do not have. You are focusing on a problem. You are not solution-oriented. The solution is not the weight. It's I want to like who I see when I look in the mirror. I want to feel good in what I wear. I want to feel at ease in my body. I want to nourish and support my body in ways that feel good, rather than I want to starve my body, do a juice cleanse, do a detox and lose the 10 pounds just so I can start abusing my body again, gain back the 10 pounds, beat myself up for it. Right? Does that all makes sense?

Resolution versus intention, very, very different. Heart-centered is where I want you to be, so want you to focus on, if the feeling is or the resolution is I want to lose 10 pounds, then instead, we focus on the intention which is I want to feel better in my body. I want to like who I see in the mirror. I want to feel good about me, even if I don't weigh what I think I should weigh. You know what you should do? Throw out the freaking scale.

I don't own a scale. I don't own a scale. I haven't owned a scale since I had an eating disorder back in college. That's the way I felt myself heal. Right? I don't pay attention to that number on the scale because it'll drive me crazy. Even in my pregnancy, I had to turn around so I couldn't see the number because it could trigger the little demons. They're there. They're kind of always there.

I want to look at my body and say, “I want to feel better in my skin. I want to like who I see. I want to notice all the ways my body works healthfully. Do I poop every day? Do I pee regularly? Do I have good sleep? Do I have enough energy to get through the day?” That's what I want to focus on. I want to feel good in my body, not I need to lose 10 pounds so my life could be better. Too much damn pressure, and it's false. It's false beliefs. That is not true. Your life can be awesome at any freaking weight, guys. Okay? Any weight.

As long as you as you feel good about your choices, as long as you feel good about how you're nourishing your body, how you're supporting your body, you feel good about your choices, you're going to like who you see in the mirror, and you're going to see changes in your body. That is it. Then not even look at food. What emotional burdens am I carrying? What weight? What literal emotional weight am I carrying around that I no longer want to carry?

Maybe instead of I want to lose 10 pounds, I'd like to only hold what is mine. Many of the burdens we carry are not ours. They are our loved ones. They are our family. They are our friends. They are unfulfilled expectations of ourselves. There's pressure. I want to let go. Maybe, instead of I want to lose 10 pounds, I want more ease. Do you see the difference? The intention is how do you want to feel.

Say you lost the 10 pounds, how do you think that that's going to make you feel? Happier? More vibrant? More vital? More ease in my boy? Less pain? More attractive? Whatever it is, so you get to the core of what it is, this weight loss, or this better job, or this relationship, or the more money is going to make you feel. That becomes your intention, not the 10 pounds, not the new job, not the doubled income.

I want to double my income because life is going to be easier. I want to double my income because I'm going to have less stress about money. I want to double my income because rich people seem happier. That's a lot of pressure. Guess what? Rich people aren't necessarily happier. Poor people aren't necessarily happier. I mean, I don't think money, I don't think weight has anything to do with the equation.

How are you … Instead, we look at things like, I want to feel at ease. I want to feel proud of myself. I want to feel proud of the work I do. Right? I want to feel like I'm doing a service for people when I go to work every day. I want to notice the differences I'm making in people's lives. I would like to have enough money to achieve … I mean, not achieve, to do the things that I'd love to do. What are some of the things you'd love to do, and why would you like to do them? I'd like more freedom in my life. Okay, so that's your intention. I would like to have more freedom in 2019. What does freedom look like to you? What does freedom feel like to you?

I have for you guys an incredible free guide on how to set your health intentions. It's like a 20-minute video and a PDF that's all about, basically, how to figure out what you're intentions are, and how to write them out, and then how to go about achieving them, or I think better to say allowing them into your life. Beth is going to post the link, Facebook, for you guys to go and get your free health intention worksheet and video. Instagram, it's in my bio, so go to the link in my bio. I think it's called health intention setting something or other.

You guys should take advantage of that because I put a lot of time and energy into this. It was part initially of my Body Belief Jumpstart program, and it got such great feedback and people were loving it that we decided to just kind of trim that off and give that to you guys for free. It's called, yeah, my health intentions opt-in. It's, again, a PDF guide and a video on how to begin to set your own health intentions for 2019.

Things to think about is, the intentions are solution-focused, not problem-focused. Right? When you say, “I want to make more money,” you're basically saying, “I don't have enough money,” you're focused on the problem. If you want to say, “I want to lose weight,” you're basically saying, “I'm overweight,” and you're focused on the problem. If you say, “I want to have a better relationship,” you're focused on the fact that you don't have a good relationship. Right? If you want a different job, it's because you're focused on the fact that your job sucks, you don't like it.

Those are problem-focused things. Intentions are, I want to feel pride in my job. It's not about changing the job all of a sudden. Instead, it's about shifting this attitude coming from your heart. What I want is to feel pride in my work, so then, you bring that forth, and you start focusing on all the ways in your job that you're proud of yourself, you do meet the goals and the expectations, and you are showing up for yourself every day, and you do have some good work relationships, and it's really not that bad. There's a couple people, I could do without. Right?

The same thing of instead of I need to lose these 10 pounds to be happier in my life, it's like, I just want to be happier. Okay, so I want to feel more joy. What are the things in my life that bring me joy? Right? I want more money. No, that basically just means you just want some freedom. You want to stress less every month when the bills come up. Right? Okay, so I want more ease in my life. Instead of saying, “I want less stress,” that's problem focused again, I want more ease. Right?

We shifted. The intention is here. The resolution is here. Intention is desire. What is it you desire? I still want you guys to go and watch this video and do the health intention worksheet, but just some quick pointers on how to achieve this. First, you block off anywhere form 20 to 60 minutes in your day. Find time. There are to be no devices. No devices. No television. I would like no music. No cellphones. 20 to 60 minutes where you can be alone and at peace. Grab yourself a journal and a pen, or a piece of paper and pen. Okay?

For the first 10 to 15 minutes, 20 minutes, depending on how much time you're going to give yourself. Do something that reconnects you to you. It can be going for a walk in nature. It could be taking a bath. It could be doing some stretching, some yoga, some exercise, what gets you back in your body, what connects you. It could be singing. Some people love to sing. It could be dancing. I want you to get in your body.

Then I want you to … After you do that, and after you feel kind of centered and calm, you sit down with your journal. I want you to just write. They call it free writing in the spiritual world. Basically, you write and your pend doesn't pick up from the paper. What are the things that just start streaming out of you? It doesn't matter what comes out, but that's the stuff that's on the forefront of your mind.

It'll probably would be things about the things that are stressing you out in your life, and the things that are heavy on your heart, right, the things that you're carrying, physically carrying, the burdens. That's the stuff. You want to start dumping that into the journal, dump, dump, dump. Then you could write for 10, 15 minutes, whatever feels good. Then, from there, you're going to reread what you wrote. Some of it will be illegible, but through there, you can pull out the words of like stress, money, late, fear, anger, lack of love, less joy, all these things, whatever it is.

Then you see, okay, so what is it that I'm asking for. My heart is saying, “I don't feel joy. I don't feel happy. I don't feel content. I don't feel good when I look at the mirror.” What is it that I want to achieve in this year? What are my intentions for this year? I want to like who I see in the mirror. I want to feel more at ease, more peace in my life. I want to shift my mind and my body so that I feel good. I just want to feel good again. I want to laugh more. Right?

I want to feel more rested. I want to like who I see in the mirror. A mental, emotional level, and a physical level. Right? I think that so many of us want that. I want to have more energy to get through the day. I want to feel less guilt. What does that mean? I want to feel more freedom. I want to feel more secure and proud of my decisions, more certainty. Right?

I have another thing for you guys that's going to start next week. It's called my reboot and rewire program. It's a 30-day mind, body reset. It starts on Monday. Well, Sunday the 13th is the kickoff call, and then Monday, the 14th is when we start. It's basically a 30-day elimination diet, so nutritional changes, but also elimination of the mind, it's shifting of the mind. It's all based off of my latest book, Body Belief, which is all about learning to love your body more, learning to love you more when you look in the mirror, and of course, lower inflammation in your body.

If any of you want support on the radical health transformation that 2019 holds for you, this is what you should do. It comes with … You get four live coaching calls with me. You get a kick-off call, and then you get four live coaching calls with me in our secret Facebook group. You get menus, meal plans, shopping list. You're going to get daily emails from me. There's going to be meditations. There's going to be mantras. It's all about shifting your mind and your body because the truth is every thought you think impacts how your body functions.

We got to work on both to get the changes that we want. If you want more information on my reboot and rewire program, again, Instagram, the link is in the profile. Facebook, we're going to post it right now. Enrollment opens tomorrow, so you have to sign up. You got to make the commitment and join me, and it's going to be kick-ass. We've already done the program once, and it was phenomenal. We had, I think, close to 60 people doing it together. We did it in May.

I'm going to do it with you guys. My whole team is doing it with you guys. I love this program. It's a great restart for me, reset for me. It's just what I could use this year, so I'm really looking forward to it. I can't wait to do it with you guys, and I can't wait to see what I discover about myself and what I bring to the table for you guys, and I can't wait to see the community. Last year's community was freaking awesome. I can't wait to see that again.

If you guys want to sign up or get on the wait list, it's AimeeRaupp.com/reboot. Again, enrollment opens tomorrow. For any of you that did it with us last year, you're going to get an email from me with a 50% off promo code, so hang tight for that. Any newcomers, you should join. You're going to get so much from this course, not just that your whole body is going to change, and you're going to like who you see in the mirror, and you're going to have more energy, and your skin is going to glow, and you're going to learn tools and tips and strategies on how to shift your mindset. You're going to get this incredible community, and you're going to get support from me, so I can't wait.

Anyway, either way, get the free guide on how to shut your intentions for 2019, the PDF and the video. Go and take advantage of that, and then if you want take the leap, like a real leap and spend, I think it's $111 on yourself, you are freaking worth it. Come and join me and a bunch of other people. My goal is to get over 100 people in the group this year. I can't wait. I think we can do it. Join me and my team and a bunch of people that did it last year, and let's radically shift your health because you freaking deserve it. Okay.

Check that out, AimeeRaupp.com/reboot. Get on the wait list. Enrollment opens tomorrow. You're going to hear a lot about this program from me in the coming week. If you have any questions, post them here, Instagram, Facebook, and then, of course, you can message my team if you have any questions. On the reboot page, AimeeRaupp.com/reboot, there is an FAQ section at the end, so all your questions probably will be answered there. I guess that's it. If you want more of me, head over to my website, AimeeRaupp.com, and you can see all the ways you can work with me, or check out my books, or whatever. I will see you here next week. Okay? Have a wonderful day. Happy New Year to everybody again, and thank you so much for being with me. Ciao.

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