Safe and Healthy Cookware

I know you’re all cooking fresh, wholesome and organic foods at home… Right???

This is where you’re supposed to nod your head and say, “Yes! I love, love, love cooking fresh, wholesome and organic meals!”


Next question: What type of cookware do you cook with?

I hope your answer is: stainless steel and/or cast iron.

Cast iron or stainless steel cookware is far superior to the popular teflon coated, non-stick or aluminum families of cookware because, unlike the latter, they do not allow toxic chemicals to leech into your fresh, organic and wholesome foods! I mean what’s the point in buying organic, pesticide-free foods if your gonna cook them in noxious pots and pans???!

Just be sure not to clean your cast iron or stainless steel cookware with anything that will scratch up its surface. And, replace any pots and pans that have pitting or cracking as this increases the chances of heavy metals creeping into your foods.

Personally, my two favorite cookware brands are: Le Crueset and All-Clad. Check them out.

I know, I know… this whole getting healthy thing is work. But, you know your health is worth it, right?


  1. To add to the wonderful point Aimee brings up about All-Clad, their higher end line is 100% American made too.

    By purchasing this cookware, you are helping out the US manufacturing industry and economy of Southwestern Pennsylvania by purchasing All-Clad products!

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