The Pregnancy & New Momma Guide


Whether you are newly pregnant or several months into your pregnancy, this guide is for you.  Aimee created this highly informative PDF booklet from her own personal pregnancy experience along with her 15 years of clinical experience in treating pregnant women.  This guide gives you tips and strategies for every stage of your pregnancy and even covers the 4th trimester (the first 3 months of your post partum period).  Aimee shares what to eat, what not to eat, what to supplement with, how to manage morning sickness (and other pregnancy related challenges) as well she shares what was on her baby registry (only the best non-toxic products for baby Jaymes!), what was in her hospital bag, birth plans, post partum recovery tips (whether you had a vaginal or cesarean birth) and shares a lot of tips and strategies on breastfeeding and self care once your baby is here!

If you are looking for even more support through your pregnancy and into postpartum, be sure to check out The Yes, You’re Pregnant Monthly Membership (this Pregnancy & New Momma Guide comes with the membership)!

Keep in mind: this is a PDF booklet



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