Pizza is a VEGETABLE??? C’mon!

Interesting Fact: As much as 40 percent of a child's daily caloric intake occurs at school.

And, now congress claims that pizza is a vegetable because it has 2 smears of (non-organic, pesiticide-ridden, toxic) tomato paste on it. Our children deserve better, don't they?

Ok, no ranting. I promise. But, really?

In addition to claiming pizza was a vegetable, this Monday congressional lawmakers blocked recently proposed limits on starchy vegetables, including French fries, (which is a daily staple in most school lunches across America) in school cafeterias. As well, they postponed requirements on sodium reduction and whole grains in school lunches. But, have no fear– a slice of pizza will give your kid all the nutrient he or she needs!


Margo G. Wootan, the director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said in a statement, “It's a shame that Congress seems more interested in protecting industry than protecting children's health, at a time when child nutrition and childhood obesity are national health concerns, Congress should be supporting USDA and school efforts to serve healthier school meals, not undermining them.”

My oh my. This is just an atrocity. It really is.

To read more, check out The Associated Press' coverage of this debacle.

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