Needle me pretty

Concubines seem to have all the good tricks.

During the Sung Dynasty (that’s 960-1270 AD), the Chinese in the interest of their emperor’s happiness used acupuncture to maintain the physical and emotional beauty of concubines.

What? Needles in my face?

Yes. It works. Believe me, I get it done a few times a month. And, I love it.

Acupuncture in general works to improve internal imbalances that lead to aging (like insomnia or hormonal imbalances); it reduces stress; it improves blood flow and circulation in your entire body. And, needles placed in certain areas on your face help decrease wrinkles and fine lines (yes!), improve muscle tone, tighten sagging jowls and nix those dark under eye circles.

Gimme some needles!

When I work with patients to prevent the signs of aging, I not only use acupuncture, but I direct them to eat healthier, use clean and green beauty products, exercise and really, truly work on loving themselves. Beauty–true beauty– comes from the inside out. If you don’t love yourself, I don’t care how much money you spend at Sephora– you ain’t gonna have that true beauty glow.

Look for an acupuncturist trained specifically in Facial Rejuvenation Acupunctureclick here find someone in your area who can help you battle aging and express your true beauty.


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