Making Chicken Soup for my Soul

As most of you know, yesterday I launched the eBook version of my second book, Yes You Can Get Pregnant: The Diet That Will Improve Your Fertility Now & Into Your 40's.

(Do you have any idea how many times I've typed out that title in the last few weeks…lol)
It was quite exciting, and I'm even more excited to get the print version out.
Anyway, back to the chicken soup topic…
As you can imagine, its been quite a hectic time for me (hence my lack of blog posts). Between getting this book out to all of you, managing emails from my publicist and web designers, updating everything, working out all the kinks… and then throw in my full time job where I care for 40-50 patients per week…plus managing my home life and my social life. Whew. Its been a lot. And, there were moments where I definitely felt stressed. However, for me–it is so imperative to my spirit and soul that I always practice what I preach.
So, in the midst of all this, I got my meditations in (definitely not daily, but I tried), I exercised, I ate well… I tried to take care of Aimee. I tried to just stay in the moment and be appreciative of where I am at. I reminded myself that I am where I want to be and life is good. So good.
This past Monday, I decided to make my homemade chicken soup. I always have some of this soup–the best, most healing bone broth ever–on hand. I make a big batch and freeze some. Anyway, it was time for another batch. So in the midst of all my hurriedness, I headed to the store, got my pastured whole chicken and my organic veggies and I came home and began the process.
As I was soaking the chicken in a water vinegar solution (you do this first to pull healthy nutrients out of the chicken bones), I began chopping my veggies. It's kind of a process to prepare the soup, but as I was chopping those veggies, standing in the kitchen with fresh produce on the counter, it dawned on me–making chicken soup really is good for my soul.
Its meditative. It slows me down. And as the cooking begins, the smell that fills the apartment feels nourishing. Just the smell alone feels nourishing. The stirring of the soup reeks of tradition–people have been standing over a pot making nourishing soups for centuries. Moving my slotted spoon through the broth to remove the cooked down bones feels restorative.
It occurred to me then–no wonder this type of soup is so healing. Of course from a intellectual perspective I know the properties of this type of soup and why it is so healing. But its also so healing from a spiritual perspective, not just for the one who ingests it, but for the one who makes it.
Cooking that soup on Monday, in the midst of a ton going on in my life, I felt so grounded and so nourished and so taken care of– by myself. I was nourishing my soul. And man, it felt good. I felt such an incredible calm within the chaos of all that was going on. Believe me, it was good chaos, but I needed that calm.
And, I hadn't even eaten any of the soup yet and I felt that good. Lol.
Did you know that when Mahatma Ghandi's son got extremely sick with typhoid and pneumonia his doctor recommended homemade chicken soup and eggs as his medicine. The Ghandi's were strict vegetarians, but they adhered to the prescription and their son healed.
I now know that whomever prepared that soup for the Ghandi's son healed during the preparation, and then they healed a little more upon seeing his improvement after eating it.
One thing is for sure– chicken soup is powerful stuff.
Takehome: When the going gets tough, make some chicken soup. All is ok.
P.S. Thanks for all of your support this past week. I couldn't have done it without you and the chicken soup 😉

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