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Is Time Really On Your Side?

Is Time Really On Your Side?

By Aimee Raupp, MS LAc

This article was reviewed by AimeeRaupp.com's editorial team & is in compliance with our editorial policy.

It felt like every day leading up to 2020 I was seeing someone post a countdown to the end of the decade. There’s so much PRESSURE to achieve something big, hit a milestone, make all your dreams come true, all in the next few days and within these next few months, but my dear, time is on your side. In this Facebook Live I talk all about your mindset this holiday season and why you shouldn’t fear the passing of time.

Here is the Full Transcription of This Video:

Hey Instagram, Facebook. What's up? How are you guys? My phone might fall. Let me just fix that. Hi guys, how are you? Oh my goodness, my phone just fell, Instagram, I'm sorry. Give me a second. I need a new tripod is basically what I need. He's losing his stamina. Okay. Anyway. Hi. Sorry about that little technical difficulty, but we are getting there. I am Aimee Raupp of aimeeraupp.com and I love, love, love having you here with me. So thank you very much. Those of you that are new, we always have lots of new members rolling into Facebook and Instagram. Welcome. Hi, I am a bestselling author and I am passionate about helping you all live your best damn life because you freaking deserve it. I freaking deserve it. You freaking deserve it. Let's do it. I'm all about health and vitality. And health, as I always say, is an extension of your mental, your emotional, your physical and your nutritional. They cannot be separated.

And I talk about all that in my books and in my newsletters and in these weekly Facebook and Instagram lives. And I just love coming to you guys. So I thank you so much for inviting me into your life and helping me share your… Allowing me to share this space with you. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Today's topic is important as I am under slept because I was up half the night worrying about things that are out of my control. I thought it was really appropriate that I had a restless night's sleep before I went live to talk about the conversation of is time really on our side? Is there enough time, is time running out? Did we achieve all the things we wanted to achieve as we head into a new decade? All this pressure. I personally avoid the news like the freaking plague. I know what's going on of course, because you can't avoid it. But I try to avoid the news and the media and all this pressure that we get from the outside world because it is just too much for my brain and I learned that many years ago. So, but I know most of us don't, and especially we're on these social media feeds and we're constantly seeing things about the new year's coming and this time of year brings up a lot of shit for a lot of people.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever this time of year brings up stuff, it just does. It's a time that we look back and we say, what does my year look like? What have I done? Am I still the same way? I wanted to lose weight. Do I still have the same amount in my bank account or less? Do I still have the same amount of debt? Do I still have the same job and I wanted to change? Did I achieve my goals? It's a lot of pressure, so much pressure and most people feel anxious about it. Most people are walking into events or family situations where they haven't seen certain family members in six months to a year and so it's going to be like, “Hey, what's new with your life?” And you're like, “Yeah, it's totally the same as it was last year.”

Whatever it is, or maybe it's different. Maybe it's shifted. It's always shifting by the way, but our perception is what kind of keeps us in this loop. Our belief systems keep us in this loop. What was keeping me up last night has nothing to do with the situation that was keeping me up. It's an old story. It's an old loop that goes something like this. You're not doing it right. You're not doing it good enough. You're not good enough. There's not enough to go around. There's lack, there's not enough to go around. There's just not enough to go around. And I know, I don't believe that. I don't preach that to you guys, but I also want to share with you my humanness, right? I have those moments. There's, in my family, we've made some decisions this year that put more financial pressure on me to allow my husband to figure out his next career path and I'm cracking a little under the pressure.

I'm doing it. I'm proud of myself. For the first time in my adult life, I am handling the finances and that feels really freaking good. But it's also a lot because I realized other things I wasn't necessarily thinking about that had to be taken care of by the end of the year, namely taxes and it just spun me out and I had to remind myself like so no matter what it is that's spinning you out. And again, I'm being really authentic and honest because why the hell not? Everybody has their own thing that's spinning them out potentially and feeling like we're not doing it good enough. Time is not on our side. And so whether it's about trying to get pregnant, trying to achieve health goals, trying to achieve financial goals or relationship goals or career goals, it's all the same thing that we feel like we're not showing up good enough.

We're not doing good enough. It's the lack mentality. It's not an abundance mentality, which is the loop I was caught in last night and believe me, I have so many tools and I use them and I got my soothes myself as Abraham would say, my spiritual teacher, Abraham Hicks. I soothed myself into a better feeling thought and I was able to get myself to sleep. But it's just a common theme right now. I'm seeing it in the clinic. People are coming in, they're really spinning out and especially my women who are trying to get pregnant and obviously you guys know and well if you don't know now you know, I went through a miscarriage three months ago and still processing that. Absolutely. That is not as simple as it seems. I don't know, obviously anybody who's been through it knows that or anybody who's, even if you haven't had a miscarriage, if you've just been on the fertility journey for a while it's just intense. And there's times for me, I'm 45 now, I turned 45 in September. I was really psyched to be pregnant, although we weren't actively dare I say trying.

We were not trying about that, but to get kind of pregnant that easily at 45 was super exciting and we were very excited about the idea of this child and then unfortunately at 10 weeks we had to have a D&C because it wasn't panning out. And it was unrelated to my age, the loss too, which is very interesting, a big interesting thing for me to process and I think the rest of the world because everybody would assume that I'm 45 so of course I would have a trisomy which is an age related loss and I did not. Had a monosomy which is a little different. Anyway, there's that piece too of like is time running out? Am I getting too old? I'm 45 is this going to happen? This is what I do for a living.

Obviously if I believe it for a lot of you guys, I should be able to believe it for myself. Right? But it's this season. I think it just does it to us. It triggers us and we start to really get hooked on those old beliefs. Those old loops and we get, yeah, as Robbie has said, it gets really mixed into comparison too, right? So you start to look at other people's lives and you're like, “Look at this is what I do. Look at she's killing it online. She's killing it in her career. What's wrong with me? Why am I not feeling it?” And you guys might look at me and be like, “She's killing it.” But my perception is different, right? So, or I'm not exactly where I expected to be at 45 and that is a hiccup I'm hitting.

I am hitting it and it is real and I am doing the work and I'm here to talk to you guys about doing the work because it is real. And so the work is what is the underlying belief, right? Joe Dispenza, who I love and his book Supernatural has been really helpful to me. He talks about our emotions, our reaction to our past and even our present moment is a manifestation of our past. We basically have reacted ourselves into this situation or maybe we've acted ourselves into this situation reaction versus action, very different approaches to life. If you want your life to stay on the same trajectory, meaning for it to kind of feel like the same thing happening over and over again year after year, just keep doing what you're doing. If you want things to shift, you have to start to react differently to your emotions.

You have to start to believe in possibilities of things working another way. Even if you don't know exactly what that possibility is or if you only just have social proof of it, you don't actually believe it for yourself, but you have a friend that things did work out and like Oprah picked up her book overnight and boom, boom, boom, right? You have that person, whatever it is, right? Or 45 and pregnant naturally, you got that hope or eight years of trying and it finally worked, right? You might not believe it for yourself, but you could at least just say there is a possibility because it did happen for so-and-so. So I do know the possibility exists. I have a hard time believing it for myself because of X, Y, and Z. Right? And that's what keeps us in our loops. X, Y, and Z.

See, here I am again. See, here I am again. See, here I am again. Oh, and then we just circle, circle, circle through it. So it's about so much of what I talk about in my latest book Body Belief, it's about shifting our beliefs. We first have to identify the belief or the emotion as Joe Dispenza says, or the feeling as Abraham would say, right? So we have to get in touch with, so I call it reconnecting in my book Body Belief. We have to reconnect enough to know what is the belief? For me, what I came up with at three o'clock in the morning last night was the belief of I'm not good enough.

Which I don't want anybody to feel sorry for me when I say that. I think it's a really common belief system. I'm just sharing. I'm just being honest. Do I think that all the time, no, but did I have about of it last night? I did. And it's okay. I still love myself. I still think I'm awesome most of the time. But in that loop last night where I kept myself up all night long was this thing of you're doing it wrong. You're not doing it good enough. You're screwing it up, right? It's just like this loop of being very critical of ourselves. You're not where you should be. Why aren't you where you should be? What are you doing wrong? I know that from the outside, many people would look and not feel that way. And I also think that's what we need to share more of on social media is like the raw real truth.

Life does look really good in pictures, but it's not always perfect. And so how do we unpack that belief system? So for me if I were to picture it back, it goes back to a childhood time where that was something that came up for me, this not good enough-ness or this quelling myself so that I don't want to make others feel bad if I become more successful than them or I have more joy than them that I would quell myself, I would quell my happiness and my joy. So is that others wouldn't suffer more as if that was in my control. But that's what I thought back then. And it's an old belief system and it's something I continuously work on and it's just, I, rather than saying to myself, I need to change it, which is hard to do, I just need to witness it.

I just need to sit there with myself and say, I'm sorry that you don't… Isn't that sad that you don't feel like you're good enough? Because you are like, think about certain, what do you think you're good at? And I had to go through those things. That's how I sooth myself. “I'm good at stuff like this. I'm good at writing books. I'm good at acupuncture, I'm good at diagnosing my patients. I'm good at supporting, I'm good at holding space. I'm a good mother, I'm a good wife, I'm a good cook. I love to cook.” Right? So you get your momentum going on the other side of things and that helps you begin to shift that belief system. And then it's like, okay, so did you believe that you could learn to be good at this thing or that maybe you are actually doing your best?

And now it's about the opportunity coming. Right? As I always say to my fertility girls, but I think it applies anywhere is like the preparedness and the opportunity, right? That's when the magic happen. You're in your prepared state. And preparedness is mental. It's emotional, it's physical, it's nutritional. Mental is a huge piece of it. You're in your mentally prepared state and you allow the opportunity to come through. You allow yourself to receive the opportunity. So you have to be in the receptive mode and doubting yourself and being angry. Being frustrated is not the receptive mode. Comparing yourself to everyone else is definitely not the receptive mode. Being angry at other people that have what you want, not receptive mode at all. So you got to shift that and get into the receptive mode and then also talk to yourself and own it.

Know that you are doing your best. I'm doing the best I can do. Are things exactly how I want them to be? No. Are things better than they were? For me, I had done this a year in review with a friend and we looked at last year and yeah, I have moved in the direction of my dreams. Am I exactly where I want to be? No. Will I ever be? I don't know. Doesn't it always, every time we get something we want more. So that's kind of part of it, right? Abraham always says that. It's like if you got everything you wanted, you get really bored group really fast. You need the contrast. You need the contrasting moments to say, “Well, this isn't exactly how I want it and this isn't exactly how I want it so that we can get clearer and clearer and clearer on that what it is we want.”

I didn't want to go through a miscarriage, but has it opened up clarity in my family that we want another child? Yes it has. And are we figuring out what we're willing to do to have that child? We totally are and I'll share that with you as I go along in this process. But it's really about getting to the point where you can embrace the contrast where you can say, yeah, this isn't exactly how I want it, but is it helping me get clear and how can it help me lead me to what's next? Right. And so when it comes to the fertility conversation, which I know a lot of, you follow me because you're looking to get pregnant or you read my book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant or you read my book Body Belief or you read all of them.

Maybe you're in one of my courses but you want to achieve that healthy pregnancy. And so you look to me for advice and guidance. And first I want to say thank you because I have learned a lot over, it's officially 16 years of clinical practice this month, which is crazy to say out loud. I have learned a lot and I do know a lot of things to help you achieve optimal health and vitality to optimize your fertility and get pregnant faster. And one of the most important things that I have realized over the years of working with thousands of women all over the world is the mindset piece is absolutely key. So your belief systems are absolutely key.

And how can I help you shift your belief systems? I got a special prize for you. So hang around for a few more minutes till I tell you about it. Okay. Some special offer I'm going to give to you guys for basically until Sunday night at midnight Eastern time. You can take advantage of it, but it is a tool that I developed to help you shift your mindset. And what was it like a year and change ago? I think I created this program called the Yes Program. It's a four week program to release your fertility fears, ignite your fertility and shift your fertility mindset.

And I want to give it to you guys for half off. So it's normally about $111 I think. And we're giving it to you at half off. Plus if you purchase it, you get a signed copy of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant from me, there'll be shipped to you. We're trying to keep that to US people only. If you are international and you want to take advantage of this offer, message us either DM us on Instagram, message us on Facebook and we will try to figure it out because it's just more of the shipping details. So the Yes Program, again, it's a four week prerecorded program. So I did this program live about a year and a half ago and now we have it prerecorded as digital on my site. And what it is it's four weeks to shift your mindset around your fertility. Everyone has the time, the way the holidays are falling.

We all have about two weeks off. I'm myself am going to do the program because I want to dive back into some of my own teachings. Each week you get a video lesson, you get homework and you get a guided meditation. You got emails from me throughout the course. So week one we break down how healthy are your fertility thoughts? So it's all about getting in touch with those fertility thoughts and working on identifying them. So that's what I'm saying. Witnessing, accessing, acknowledging those beliefs. What are they? Then how healthy are they? Are they helping me? If we know that our thoughts dictate our behavior and our behavior dictates our health and our health dictates our fertility, we got to work on those thoughts, right? So that's week one. It's all about that. Identifying how healthy are my fertility thoughts? Week two, what am I believing and how can I begin to shift those beliefs?

So we unpack the most common fertility beliefs that are limiting and I let you and I guide you to begin to shift them into a space of more hope, more abundance, more belief. Week three, I guide you on beginning to imagine your life with this thing. What was your life going to look like when you achieve that thing? We do a lot of mindful daydreaming. We rewrite our fertility story. It is all about unpacking our S-H-I-T that we are still carrying around, whether it's age, whether it's egg quality, whether it's partnership, whether it's money, whether it's being a mother, whether it's feeling overwhelmed already in life. How am I going to do all this? Whatever your fertility fears are, whatever is holding you back or maybe you don't know. Maybe the last thing you want to think about is the emotional piece. You've got the diet down, you got the supplements down and you're still not getting pregnant.

You should look at the emotional piece. I love you. You should look at the emotional piece. Do I think stress is the only thing causing fertility challenges? Absolutely not. But do I think we all benefit when we look at the emotional piece? Absofuckinglutely. You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you are unwilling to look at the emotional piece. You've got to look at the emotional piece. I designed this four week program because I know how important it is and I want to give it to you guys for free with a signed copy of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant because I love you and I want you to do the work. It's not going to take you that long. It's probably four hours of content.

And then week four is all about like seeing it in action. What is life going to look like? How does this feel? How can I do this? How to catch yourself when you start to go down the rabbit hole again of not good enoughness, not enoughness, feeling the pressure of time running out. We get, I am there to support you and love you and hold you. So if you want to check out the Yes Program and see if it's a right fit for you, go to aimeeraupp.com/yesflash. Instagram, the link is in my bio. Facebook we are putting it right here. Promote code is D-E-C as in December, D-E-C 19 flash, so as in the date, December 19 flash, but just DEC, not the whole word December. December, D-E-C 19 flash, not case sensitive. aimeeraupp.com/yesflash use promo code D-E-C 19 flash, you're going to get half off the program. So you're going to save 50 bucks on a four week program.

That's over four hours of content that has four guided meditations in there. Weekly video lessons, homework assignments. It's totally going to shift your fertility mindset and fast and a signed copy of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. And if you already have a copy of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, you can give that one away. And now you have a signed one from me. So let's see. I don't know if we have many questions. I see people hearting and loving. Sunny. “The Yes Program is so good. I was actually planning to do it again in the coming weeks.” Oh Robin, I love that. I know, me too. We were talking about it the other day and I was saying I wanted to revisit it because I just love that program and we haven't had time in my launch schedule to do it again. And then I said, “Well, we have the digital, why don't we just give it away for half off and let people do it at their own pace?

Because I agree it's really, it's like before I wrote body belief, it's like a, where a lot of body belief comes from is this program because I really started to see, like if I got them to really unpack these beliefs and begin to shift them and allow yourself to daydream and be open and receiving. So the only way to be open to receive what we want, and this goes for anything in life, is you got to let go of the resistance. You got to let go of the angst. You got to let go of the frustration. You got to let go of the comparison and the not good enoughness and not about perfection. We're all going to have moments. We're all going to have those sleepless nights like I had last night and I am openly imperfect and openly love myself for all my imperfections. It's about catching yourself before you go too deep down the rabbit hole.

And it's about having those moments less than you have the moments where you believe in the possibility of things happening. That's all it is. Abraham says it's like a 60/40 70/30 is really, you're kicking, you're killing it, but 60/40 you're doing great. So if you have the time and it's been on your mind about the emotional self or you're feeling a lot of pressure at the end of the year of like, “I'm still here, I'm still not pregnant.” Check out the Yes Program. I can't say enough good things about it. The feedback has been amazing for all the women that did it with us and the women that have gone on to buy the digital course. So again, you're going to get a signed copy of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant from me. I'll ship it out in the coming weeks and you're going to get your digital course.

That is videos. They're all prerecorded. So there's an intro, there's a week one through four video lesson, week one through four meditation and homework assignments. So aimeeraupp.com/yesflash promo code DEC 19 flash. Take advantage and do yourself a favor be easy on yourself. We all deserve to be a little kinder to ourselves. Okay? This is an intense time of a year. Roll with it as best you can. Roll with it as best you can. You are doing awesome. You're doing the best you can do and if you're not sure, then work on some things to get you to a place that you feel better about the choices you were making. That was one of my takeaways last night at my 4:00 AM wake up was there are some things I could be doing differently and so I'm going to do that. I'm going to live in a way that I am proud of my decisions.

I am proud of Aimee and I am mostly, but there are some things that I like to ignore when it comes to business and finances and I'm not going to do that anymore. It doesn't serve me. It keeps me in this same loop. And so I need to check myself and that's what I encourage for all of you. Whatever the loop is you're in, [inaudible 00:24:40]. And if you're in a fertility loop, I've got an awesome tool for you. And even if you're not in a fertility loop, this program will work for kind of anything you're trying to deal with, even if it's like a fear around, “Am I ever going to meet the guy or the person, the partner to start the family with?” This could be a good program for you. So check it out. It's half off between now, today's Friday and Sunday at midnight Eastern time.

And again, you're going to get a free signed copy of Yes, You Can Get Pregnant with this purchase. So take advantage, and I'm not going to see you guys next week. I'm going to take the whole week off and I'm probably going to be doing the Yes Program with a lot of you, so it's not live, so you won't see me there, but know I'm with you in spirit. And I love you guys and happy Mary, whatever you celebrate and I'll see you in the new year. So here's to a fabulous rest of December, and I love you guys. Thank you for being a part of my life. Ciao. Ciao.

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