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Premature Ovarian Failure: How Elizabeth Turned It Around Naturally

Improve your premature ovarian failure naturally and get pregnant faster by following the advice and guidance of fertility expert, Aimee Raupp.

Welcome to Stories of Hope: True tales of life, love, and perseverance from the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant community. Because we’re on the fertility journey together.

The Premature Ovarian Failure Diagnosis

Elizabeth joined my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Ecourse in September of 2018. She was eager for help due to the fact that in June of 2017, at the age of 30, Elizabeth was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure. Her FSH was 115, her AMH was 0.03 and her doctor told her donor egg was the only option for her to get pregnant.

As this diagnosis came in just a few months before Elizabeth’s wedding, she was devastated. And, also extremely fearful that her soon to be husband wouldn’t want to marry her as having children was something he always wanted; it was something they both always wanted. She was at such a loss and didn’t know where to turn. Being a newly trained medical practitioner, Elizabeth had access to all the western medical knowledge but it wasn’t giving her the answers she needed so she turned to more alternative approaches to optimizing her fertility: diet, supplements, lifestyle modifications and mindset shifts.

Forming the Bump Squad

Like most of my students, Elizabeth was willing to do anything to shift her POF diagnosis. According to her western doctors and peers, she was told there was no hope. But something told her there was. So she began forming what she called her “Bump Squad”. In October of 2017, she enlisted Rosanne Austin, a fertility mindset coach. The work Elizabeth did with Rosanne helped her begin to heal the trauma of being told she would never have her own biological children. By January of 2018, Elizabeth added to her “Bump Squad” an acupuncturist and a mayan abdominal massage therapist. In March of 2018, she discovered my book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and added my protocols to her routines. In September of 2018, when the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Ecourse opened for enrollment, Elizabeth jumped on board immediately, signing up for my Ecourse Master Level (which got her 5 one on one coaching sessions with me plus access to the ecourse and its incredible community).

By the time Elizabeth started the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Ecourse she had experienced two fairly regular menstrual cycles, something she hadn’t had in over a year. And, that was all thanks to her “Bump Squad” and the work they had done. When she and I began our one on one work together in October of 2018 Elizabeth had already made significant progress in her healing but she knew there was more to do. I was honored to be added to her “Bump Squad.”

Fertility Coaching With Me

On our first call, Elizabeth told me how much her mindset work had helped her and she was mainly in a place of, “I’ve got this” and by that she meant: she was believing more than she wasn’t that she can and will get pregnant with her own biological child. Although, as we chatted more I could see she was still very scared about her fertility. Out of fear, she hadn’t checked her FSH or AMH in months, she didn’t want to see fertility doctors, she only wanted to approach this as naturally as possible. She was eager to do everything perfect and fix her fertility. I sensed her strong need to control every aspect of her health as it pertained to her fertility and I had a lot of compassion for that tendency. I also guided her to release that control in an attempt to surrender and trust. She asked me during our first coaching session, “Do you think there’s hope? I want you to tell me every single thing I need to do now to fix this problem.” I responded with a firm, “Yes!” Because as far as I could assess, based on the progress she had made on her own thus far, I knew there was hope.

My Plan for Improved Fertility

After the detailed health history I completed with Elizabeth, I saw some red flags in her case that definitely needed to be addressed. These red flags were: bloating, acne, depression, anxiety, low libido and weight gain. I guided her to make some additional dietary and supplement changes. She was mainly following the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant diet but not being super strict. I urged her to follow it more strictly, plus remove nightshade vegetables and nuts as from her food diaries I could see that these foods were exacerbating her digestive symptoms. I also wanted her to get some further blood tests done. Being Elizabeth was so scarred by her medical team, she was resistant, but I pushed her to at the very least get her thyroid and vitamin d levels tested. She did and they came back in ranges that are not optimal for fertility; her TSH was 3.35 and her vitamin d was quite low at 28.7. So I recommended she start increasing her vitamin d supplement as well as going on thyroid medication. Elizabeth resisted the idea of going on medication of any kind but I finally convinced her when I said, “For the sake of your fertility I’d strongly urge you to do it.”

Still Seeing Red Flags

Over the following few months, Elizabeth stuck to the diet (mostly) and the new supplements as well as the thyroid medications. She didn’t see as many shifts in her red flags as I expected… her period didn’t fully regulate, nor did her bloating completely go away but she was feeling more like herself. And, our regular coaching sessions continued to keep her mindset in an easy and peaceful place. She was learning to have more fun and trust her process.

In January of 2019, Elizabeth joined my Reboot & Rewire: A 30 Day Mind Body Transformation program. Even though she was mostly following all of my nutritional and lifestyle recommendations, as well as an active member of our Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Facebook group, she wanted more support.

An Exciting Announcement

On February 15, 2019 I woke up in the morning and realized I hadn’t heard from Elizabeth in a few weeks, so I sent her a quick email checking in on her. And, this was the response I received…

“Hi Aimee!!!
So nice of you to reach out!!! Was actually going to email you this weekend after I surprised my husband tonight at our vday dinner date….we are ~8 weeks pregnant!!!

I am still in shock! I was super nauseous and had food aversions to fish (which I have everyday) and blamed it on my horrendous work schedule that I had after we came back from Sedona mid Jan. Finally took a test after my 7 day work stretch ended and it lit up right away! When I got an ultrasound the next day, I saw baby and fluttering heart rate!

Wanted to reveal to the hubby first before telling others and tonight was our first available “date night” haha

Based on dates, baby is our Christmas miracle 🙏 Trying to take it easy and rest, food aversions and nausea have made eating “healthy” challenging so just eat whatever sounds good for now haha
P.S. Thank you for pushing me… I am so glad I got over being on thyroid medicine and just took it! It has been all quite the roller coaster with being told you are essentially in menopause and need a donor egg to naturally pregnant so quickly! We only have been married 1.5 years and still in awe how quickly things came together! The Bump squad was key! ♥️♥️♥️”

Timeline of the Fertility Journey

As you can see, the timeline goes like this:
June 2017: Elizabeth was diagnosed with POF; her periods were completely absent at this time
October 2017: Elizabeth began forming her bump squad with fertility mindset coaching
January 2018: Elizabeth added in regular acupuncture, mayan abdominal massage and chinese herbs
March 2018: Elizabeth read & incorporated the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant protocol
July & August 2018: back to back 27 day menstrual cycles
September 2018: She joined the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant ecourse
October 2018: Elizabeth began her private coaching with me
Jan 2019: Elizabeth fell pregnant naturally ❤️

The Happy Ending

As I write this, Elizabeth is 14 weeks pregnant with a healthy, thriving little baby… all thanks to her “Bump Squad” and her resounding belief in her body.

I have learned SO much over my 15 years of clinical practice helping thousands of women achieve their dreams of motherhood. If you are ready to take back your power over your health and make the diet & lifestyle changes to transform YOUR fertility, I can help you! In addition to my acupuncture & wellness services in my clinics, I offer private online coaching, so you can work with me from the comfort of your own home

You can also look around my website to learn more about my books, my online workshops and guides, my Ultimate Fertility Membership and my amazing Yes, You Can Get Pregnant Ecourse. I look forward to guiding you to reawakened health and thriving fertility!


  1. I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure in February of this year.and I am only 40 years old, my fsh level was 115 and my hormones was low. I haven’t had a period since August of 2018. And I want a baby so bad my husband doesn’t have any children and I have 3 of my this point I don’t think I will ever have any. I am so happy for Elizabeth, wish the say could happen for . Aimee do you think I am going through menopause?

    1. Hi, Keisha,

      I’m so sorry you’re going through this. You are SO much more than your numbers. I’d encourage you to check out Aimee’s book “Yes, You Can Get Pregnant” for advice on fertility into your 40s. And if you’d like more info on working with Aimee personally to help improve fertility naturally just reach out to the team at info[at]aimeeraupp[dot]com

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