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How to Reboot Your Fertility {Expert Fertility Advice}

WHAT is a fertility reboot, and how do you know if you need it? Tune in to learn more! 

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Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.


Aimee Raupp:

Hello, everyone. I just ate some broccoli. Make sure it's not in my teeth. How are you? I am excited to be live with all of you today, and so thank you so much for joining me. For those of you that are new, I am Aimee of aimeeraupp.com, and I am a fertility detective. That's that's a title I love to use. I am a bestselling author in the space of women's health and fertility. This is my most recent book, The Egg Quality Diet. My other books are kind of right there behind me, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant, Body Belief, my first book, Chill Out and Get Healthy. I've been in clinical practice as an acupuncturist and herbalist for 20 years. And during that time, I've helped thousands of women on their path to motherhood. I have degrees in biology and chemistry. I've been studying functional medicine. I work with an herbal mentor. I'm always learning and growing and sharing that information with all of you.

And so, I thank you for trusting me on your path to motherhood because I know the journey is flipping stressful and overwhelming, and it's hard to find, I think, quality support. And it's hard to know, I think, who to trust. And so as a clinician, being out there in the field for 20 years, and literally, at the height of my practice, I was seeing 60 patients a week. Now most of my work is done virtually and I go into my clinics, I go in twice a month now. But now I have a very big coaching practice where I support women all over the world, and I have a team of coaches now, and that's what we're doing. And it's amazing to reach all of you wherever you are in the world. And it's an honor. And I would say that I've probably seen every possible fertility case out there.

And so today's topic, what I wanted to talk about, and we emailed my list, if you guys aren't on my email list, you should get on there. I give a lot of freebies and really juicy information on my email list. Just head to my website and take the quiz if you want. If you haven't taken my fertility quiz, that's a good place to start. We just revamped the quiz. Just go to aimeeraupp.com, you'll see the quiz at the top banner, and that'll get you into my email list. And then you won't miss information for things like this. And like I said, too, we just revamped my funnel. The funnels are the emails that you get once you join the list. And there's so much juicy content in there for all of you. So if you haven't done that, please take an opportunity or take a moment to do that.

But today, what I promised all of you we were going to talk about is the conversation of does my fertility need a reboot or do I need a detox to support my fertility? What is a fertility reboot? What is a fertility detox? And so I wanted to first discuss with you what I look for when I know someone needs a fertility reboot.

So generally speaking, right, you guys are trying to get pregnant, you're having a harder time, you go to your doctor, they'll look maybe at your age, they'll look at your FSH or AMH. Maybe they'll do a sonogram and look at your ovaries or your antral follicle count. And maybe they'll tell you unexplained fertility challenges, or that you have a thyroid disorder, or there's sperm issues, or you suspect maybe you have endometriosis, or you've been told you have endo or PCOS, but you're kind of still just set on your way. These are your options. You could do fertility treatments, you can continue trying. You could try this, you could try that. It's very standard protocol, right? No one's really digging deeper. No one's looking at health as an overall umbrella to your fertility.

And that's really my work. That's how I work and something I've been saying for over a decade is your fertility is an extension of your health. They are not separate. And unfortunately, Western medicine still hasn't really caught up to that. There are some really good doctors out there, of course, that have caught on, but I still say mainstream medical system doesn't see fertility and health as being intertwined, which I find fascinating. Because if your body is dealing with a chronic inflammation, or a chronic infection, or a low line infection, or chronic stress, or auto autoimmune condition, an inflammatory condition, it will not prioritize fertility. It'll say, “I have this to manage. I can't manage that at the same time. I got to prioritize this.”

And so I think the secret sauce to what I do and my team does, and if you guys have read my books, you know all about this, but I think it's still nice to hear it from me in my layman's terms. But my secret sauce is that I'm looking at health, and I'm looking at your skin, and I'm looking at your poop, and I'm looking at your sleep, and I'm looking at your digestion, and I'm saying, “Okay, these things, these are your kinks in your system, or your red flags as we call them, and we need to fix those.” And then fertility should start to improve, right?

I want to read to you a piece from The Egg Quality Diet on this topic. “Have you tried everything to get pregnant and nothing seems to work? Has your doctor told you the eggs in your ovaries are all bad or that donor egg is the only option for you having a baby?” And I'm not against donor by any means. Little side note there. “Have you done multiple rounds of fertility treatments with no baby to show for it? Are you worried you're too old to have a baby? Have you spent half your paycheck on antioxidant vitamins and fertility smoothie ingredients and still have no idea how or why they can help you get pregnant? Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the information out there on improving your fertility?”

And so, I think that's many of you, right? And I see it, too. When women come to us, they are on upwards of 20 different supplements. They're taking all sorts of green drinks and juices, and they're doing a fertility detox, and they just did something else. And it's like they're just basically throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks rather than really figuring out and identifying what works for their body and their health and what doesn't. But the first way to know what works for your body is you have to identify what I would say is whether or not your body needs a reboot. Are there things going on and your body's speaking to you, saying, “This isn't working for me. I need help in this department”? So in this book, The Egg Quality Diet, I really get into, “My doctor told me there's no hope with my own eggs.” And I say, “I hear this, but as far as we know…”

Yeah, there's a question around that we actually are still creating more eggs even as we age. And that's kind of an interesting… I'm in the research right now looking at it and I will come out with a post soon on the data, but basic general translation is, “The older you are, the less healthy the cells that make up the eggs in your ovaries, and hence the less likely they are to make chromosomally normal babies. This theory is plausible. However, there are three big issues with this idea. It doesn't account for epigenetics,” which epigenetics is a study of how certain environmental factors, like your lifestyle choices, impact whether genes and your body turn on or turn off. “It goes against other scientific notions that we can heal from disease, that we can slow down the aging process, that we can prevent or delay the age-related diseases, the onset of them. And it doesn't address how coexisting health challenges, like autoimmunity and inflammation, are impacting your fertility.”

And that's really for me, when someone comes to me, and I'm going to read you some of… In the book, I talk about how inflammation impacts your health and your fertility. I talk a little bit about genetics. But then in this book, on page 21, and you'll see it goes from page 21 all the way through to 23, I have a list of kinks, of symptoms. And so for me, this is what I say, “Take a few minutes, look through the list of signs and symptoms, and check off anything you're currently experiencing on a regular basis, meaning one or more times a week. If you only experience one of these… Okay, so be honest, really reflect, blah, blah, blah.” But what I usually say is if there's like four, five of these red flag symptoms, your body is saying to you, “I have other priorities. I need to heal, and then I can prioritize my hormones, and then I can prioritize my fertility.”

And I think this is a very basic way of looking at it. And not everybody appreciates the basicness of it. People really want, “I have this, how do I fix that?” Or, “I just want to get pregnant. I don't really care that I have eczema all over my body.” Well, I care that you have eczema all over your body because it's telling me your body is dealing with an immune and/or a systemic inflammatory situation. It also tells me, from a Chinese medicine perspective, you're not absorbing your nutrition. Really, your skin is hot, you're hot, you're inflamed. And that is not lending itself to good egg quality and/or balanced hormones. If someone says to me, “But I don't care that I only poop once every four days,” I give a shit, literally, pun intended, because that's also telling me you're not absorbing your nutrition. Something's not working. Your body is not doing well with something you're consuming on a regular basis.

“Oh, I get migraines and they're debilitating,” or, “I spot from cycle day 14 through 21.” Okay. Those are all signs to me like, no bueno. No bueno. “My body aches. I have brain fog, I have no energy to get through the day. I need naps,” or, “I crash at like 3:00.” Huge red flags for me. I already touched on some of these. Let's see, “Cold hands and feet, constipation, diarrhea, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, dry skin, dry hair, dry nails, brittle nails, feeling groggy, floaters, gas.” Now, some of these things, once in a while, totally fine and normal, but these things on a consistent daily basis are telling me your body needs a fertility reboot. “Really intense PMs, irritability, itchy ears,” that's a big one. “Multiple miscarriages without a live birth in between.” Huge red flag that there is something else going on beyond egg quality.

I know doctors love to blame your egg quality on that. Regardless of your age, they will all tell you it's bad luck and your eggs are just bad. So sorry. No, it is an immune response. You have an immune reaction going on to pregnancy, and you need to see a reproductive immunologist, and you need to do a fertility reboot and reset the immune system. You need to heal your gut. And so, so much of what we see now in the current research is the microbiome, the vaginal uterine microbiome and the gut microbiome, are directly impacting fertility. And if we're not getting to the root of that, it's going to be hard to optimize egg quality. It's going to be hard to have better fertility outcomes. It's going to be hard to get and stay pregnant. Rosacea's another big one. Psoriasis is another big one. Nasal congestion, muscle stiffness, sweating easily.

So anyway, there's a ton of these. I think there's over a hundred. Thyroid issues, low vitamin D. These are things that I dig into with my patients. And so, when patients first come to us, this is what we do. I spend an hour with them diving into their health parameters. How's your sleep? Do you wake up feeling rested? Do you wake up in the middle of the night to pee? Are you dreaming a lot? Are you sweating? Are you cold? How's your poop? How often are you pooping? Is it formed? Is it easy to pass? Do you get gas? Do you get reflux? How's your skin? Do you have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea? Do you have a histamine reaction to certain foods? You get hives. Those are all really huge red flags to me. Has your thyroid been checked? I know you went and saw a fertility doctor. Did they check your thyroid? Did they do a complete thyroid panel? Did they do a complete iron panel? What's your vitamin D status, right?

We dig into every possible piece. I just had a girl right now. She's had four failed transfers. She's 34 years old. She makes perfectly normal embryos. She's had one miscarriage. She wound up going to IVF because they were not getting pregnant or she's had miscarriages. IVF, beautiful embryos. Guess what? Four transfers. Nothing's working. Comes to us, and she's like, “What the hell? I'm young. I'm making good embryos.” H last retrieval, they retrieved like 23 eggs, and 12 made PGT-normal embryos. There's nothing wrong with her egg quality. Something's going on in her uterine environment. Then she comes to us, and what are some of her big red flags? Well, she has Hashimoto's. We discovered that she has Hashimoto's. We… Let me just get to her red flags. I want to just read them to you.

“Acne, low libido, fatigue, brain fog, headaches, eczema.” And she… Let's see. At this point, she did IUIs, multiple retrievals, multiple transfers, no pregnancies. Endometriosis, irregular periods. She moved to IVF right away because her periods were irregular. So anyway, eventually what we did was we got her to the right doctors, we got the right tests, we got the right support for her, changed her diet, changed her supplements, worked on those red flag symptoms, and she's currently now pretty pregnant. And it's amazing. This is just one case that literally just happened this week, where we're hearing about the pregnancy. So what we do is we dive in and we're looking at every single piece of your health and then saying, “Okay, these are the right supplements for you.” In some cases, we're looking at hormones with different testing. We're looking at gut health with different testing, we're looking at vaginal microbiome with different testing, and then we're catering and we're seeing things shift and then we see fertility shift as an extension of overall health.

So to just blanket say because you're X age or you have X diagnosis that this is your only option, you need to do IVF or you need to go to egg donor or you cannot do this naturally, it's reckless. I think it's unethical, and I think that the medical system is failing us. They are not doing their job. They are not digging deeper. I think it's fascinating that I have a job that that's what I do. And then just basically get them to get the right test, to get the right support. Obviously we're tweaking diet, obviously we're tweaking supplements, we're working on mindset, we're working on creating a sense of safety and nourishment in the body. But all of that then starts to translate to improved hormones, improved egg and sperm quality. Of course, we work on sperm quality when we're working with our clients if they're in a heterosexual couple, and we're working on all the pieces of the puzzle.

But we constantly go back and check on these red flag symptoms, and we want to see them improve. And as we see them improve, yeah, maybe we're still getting our period, maybe we're not getting pregnant, but we're seeing things shift and trend in the direction of improved fertility outcomes. So how do you know if you need a fertility reboot? Do you guys have any questions for me? Ask me some questions, and I have some exciting news to share with you around a fertility reboot, but this is not… Someone's asking you to join me live. I'm not doing a fertility hot seat. That'll actually happen on Tuesday. Next week I'll do a fertility hot seat, and whoever gets picked for the fertility hot seat next week is going to get something for free from me because we are going to be giving some stuff away.

So what is a fertility reboot? So great question, Kristen. So the way I see it, in The Egg Quality Diet, we do it as a 100-day protocol. But what I would say is a fertility reboot is, I think you could consider it, I don't love the word detox, but I think you could consider it a detox to heal the gut, reduce inflammation, improve digestion and absorption, regulate the nervous system, give the body everything it needs to heal and thrive. And that is going to reboot your health, which fertility is an extension of health. So following the 100-day plan as mapped out in The Egg Quality Diet, personally, I wrote the book, of course, I think it's great, but I've been using this protocol clinically for over a decade, and then decided to write a book last year and publish it because I thought I should just share this with everybody else because it's not fair that you have to pay to work with me to get this information. Let's just put it in a book that's $17, and you can do it yourself.

But the fertility reboot, so I am hosting a fertility reboot. We do it typically twice a year. We haven't done one since the fall of 2022, but kicking off on June 1st is my 30-day fertility reboot. You guys can get on the waitlist. The enrollment is going to open next week. If you go to aimeeraupp.com/rebootwaitlist, so R-E-B-O-O-T waitlist, I'm going to put it here and pin it, then you can get on the wait list. So what I'm going to do in this fertility reboot is guide you, support you, give you shopping lists, meal plans, recipes. You're going to get weekly group coaching from me in our private community. You're also going to get weekly food nutrition coaching from one of my coaches in our private community.

And it's 30 days. It's basically the first 30 days of this book. And then we kind of wrap up at the end of June. The first 30 days are the hardest, which is why I choose the first 30 days to guide you and support you. And you just get incredible resources and support for those 30 days, and a great community of others who are also dealing with similar issues, trying to conceive, struggling with health challenges, wanting to optimize their health and their fertility. I just got a DM, an Instagram, that a woman, and she's in her mid-40s, her FSH was, I think, a 60. Doctors were like, “No bueno. Sorry, we can't work with you. You're out.” She followed this protocol, 100-day protocol. Her FSH is now an eight. Her antral follicle count went up, her AMH improved, and she's back in the game. She's back in the game.

So let's see. I just see some questions going on. Let's see. I have done a quality diet. Should I go back to phase two? I only recommend going back to phase two if you really feel like you need that 11-day reset. A lot of patients that have worked with me and then they veered off the diet, I usually push them back into phase three and just say, “This is where we'll start.” But myself, personally, sometimes I really like to do just at least four days of phase two. It's kind of like a good mental reset for me. And then I go into my phase three and go there. How can you get an appointment with me? Just email my team, info@ aimeeraupp.com. But currently, just an FYI, the only way to work with me is through my functional fertility group coaching program, which is a six-month intensive. You can find out more about that at aimeeraupp.com/ffp.

Otherwise, my coaches are available, and I also have clinicians in my offices to treat, but currently I do not take any new patients unless they're in the program. But my coaches are fucking phenomenal and they're brilliant, and so you're in good hands even if you work with one of my coaches. After a year on pro- and prebiotics recommended by my nutritionist, I see great results. Skin issues gone, inflammation reduced. Do you recommend staying on these supplements or get it through food? I think a good combination of both, but I do think it's smart to change up probiotics and to know what your body needs, and maybe you do some gut health assessments to see. But if you're feeling great, what you're doing is working, too. So perhaps you could slowly cut back a little on the probiotic and prebiotic and then get it more through food, but still keep it in the mix maybe half the week.

Do you recommend food sensitivity tests? I do not. And I did a ton of research around this when I wrote my book, Body Belief. They kind of are a snapshot in time, and they don't tell us a lot. And if you're in a very inflamed state, you're going to seem reactive to so many foods. The only surefire way to know the right diet for yourself is to do an elimination diet, which is exactly what this is. It's an elimination diet, which is not easy. It's the long road, but it is beyond rewarding. I had one girl that was like, “I've done everything. I've tried every single thing. I've seen functional doctors, holistic doctors, nutritionists, regular MDs,” for her skin, for her stubborn eczema. The only thing that got rid of her eczema was this diet. And now we know exactly the foods that trigger her. It's like bell peppers and lentils or something like that.

What would be a reason for miscarriage after doing the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant diet? There's a whole host of reasons. I would do a clotting factor panel, and you might need to not do Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. You might need to go more aggressive and do this diet, which eventually winds you up at the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant diet, but this is the elimination diet. So here's the thing. Miscarriages suck, and I'm sorry that you went through it. I've had one. I know how much they suck. One, they're common. 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Multiple miscarriages without a live birth in between is a different story. There's an immune or inflammatory reaction going on. So sometimes you just need longer on the protocol. Sometimes you need to do deeper digging with a blood clotting panel, clotting factor panel. Aimeeraupp.com/miscarriage, I have the complete clotting factor panel there. You can go and get it. So it just really depends, but I would keep looking and stay on the protocol and maybe continue to tweak things.

How does one go about testing the vaginal microbiome? So there's the EVVY test, which is actually on my desk, I have to do it, is a really cool test, E-V-V-Y. But also, for many women, I strongly recommended an endometrial biopsy to test for endometritis, not endometriosis, endometritis. And that will tell us if there's a uterine imbalance or infection that is impacting implantation.

Okay. So is this still effective in the case of hydrosalpinx or do you recommend surgery first? I do think that you can really improve the overall inflammatory environment in your body and manage side effects from hydrosalpinx. Some of my patients don't need the surgery, some do. It kind of just depends on if there is a blockage or not in the tube. I know what hydrosalpinx are and I know it leaks in, but some patients need to go and get it treated and some don't. But I still would tell you that the hydrosalpinx, to me, is a sign of a low-lying infection, low-lying inflammation. And so something like this would definitely be the approach I would take.

How much does the reboot cost? It's $150, which I think is really reasonable for a four week, 30-day course. We give you so much. We're supplying you with the meal plans, the recipes, the shopping lists, all the things. We do require that you have your own copy of Egg Quality Diet. It just makes it a hell of a lot easier for everyone to go through. So 150 plus the cost of The Egg Quality Diet, but it's 30 days. You get an incredible community. You're going to get so much support.

Is the reboot good to do during or after a miscarriage? I would, yeah. I'm sorry that you've miscarried. Is a diet suitable for vegans? It is not. There are vegetarian options that I present, and you don't have to go heavy. You don't even have to eat meat if you don't want to, but I do think that consuming eggs and bone broth are an extremely important piece to the puzzle.

In my clinical experience, I have not seen vegans that are struggling with trying to conceive have an easy time. They're typically missing choline. They're typically missing enough good quality fats, enough good quality protein, B vitamins. There are some ways to do it, and we always work with our patients and we meet them where they're at. But my diet is definitely more carnivorous, if you will, but it's something to also challenge yourself. I at one point was a vegetarian. This is just a question that I always pose to my clients is like, “If what you're doing isn't working, are you willing to look and try other things?” I respect veganism. I respect vegetarianism. Like I said, I was one. And we do have women that for religious reasons cannot consume meat, and we really find ways to work with them. So it's workable.

Five blighted ovums. So that's crap right there. There's something else going on there. Yeah, that's some kind of autoimmune or inflammatory response. That's not normal. And I send you love. That sucks. That's hard. But there's something else going on there. There's something else going on with, I think, an inflammatory response and the creation of that egg.

Start an IVF cycle. What are the essential foods for this time? Lots of fat, fat, fat, fat. Upwards of 40 to 50% fat in your diet. Good quality protein. Do not go more than three hours without protein. Have fat. Start your day off with at least 30 grams of protein.

Where can I start if I've had three miscarriages with no answers from recurrent loss panel? So yeah, I would definitely do The Egg Quality Diet. I would look at autoimmune testing, not just the pregnancy panel. So I would look at things like Hashimoto's, look at your ANAs, look at vitamin D levels, any inflammatory markers, homocysteine, CRP, get yourself to a reproductive immunologist. There's some great ones. Dr. Vidali is one of my favorites. He's got a test called the Pregmune, which looks at so much more than just clotting factors. It's P-R-E-G-M-U-N-E. Yeah, I think that you can follow them here on social as well. It's a good place to start. Dr. Kwak-Kim is another great immunologist. Dr. Derbala, another great one.

How do I boost ferritin? My iron looks fine. Does ferritin being low impact fertility? It can. I usually do nettles and black strap molasses, Chinese herbs, but it's an absorption thing, too. So I'm really going to look at your diet and your gut health. And so you really want to work on healing that gut.

Closed fallopian tubes due to endometriosis. Do diet, massages or castor oil help, or surgery? They can help, for sure. I've seen people do the clear passage, Mayan massage, Chinese herbs, acupuncture, things like that. Castor oil packs can all definitely help. And then in some cases, we need surgery. It just depends. I would also do an anti-inflammatory diet like the one I have mapped out here.

How do you feel about protein powder? I know you recommend Vital Proteins. Just trying to up my protein game. Yeah, I I love, what is it, Dr. Axe brand. What is it? Ancestral, his bone broth protein powder. I use that. And I also use Vital Proteins. I agree. I'm trying, same thing. I try to get upwards of 100 grams of protein a day, and it's hard to do without supplementing with some powders.

Can you recommend some brands for supplements? All my supplement brands are on my website, aimeeraupp.com/fertility supplements. So they're all there, and you can go check it out.

So anyway, that's the announcement. If you guys want to join this fertility reboot that we are offering this year, it'll probably be the only time we do it this year, go to aimeeraupp.com/rebootwaitlist. I pinned the link right here. Get on the waitlist. Enrollment is going to open on Monday, and it's our 30-day fertility reboot. You can read all about it at aimeeraupp.com/fertilityreboot, I'm pretty positive. And you can read all about the program and what comes with it. And then you'll see there's a button at the bottom that says get on the wait list.

So there's a video, there's information of all the things you're going to get. My favorite part about the reboot is we're not just going to dive into diet stuff. We really dive into rewiring the brain and your thoughts. So every week, my group coaching is all around the emotion. So every day and you're in the reboot, you get an email from me, and there's a food focus and a feelings focus. And so when I do the group coaching, I'm really focused on the feelings part. And then my teammate Carrie's going to do the food Q&As every week, too.

So you're going to get tremendous support to really understand not just the right diet for you, but how to shift your mindset and how to get out of the loop. And then also, we really start with tuning into our thoughts, and then noticing our thoughts, and then beginning to shift our thoughts, and how can we say that better? How can we be more supportive to ourselves? Plus you get an incredible community. So if it sounds interesting to you, go check it out. Get on the wait list. And like I said, enrollment is going to open on Monday. And then next week on Tuesday, whoever is chosen for my fertility hot seat will get free enrollment to the fertility reboot. So mark your calendars. I will be live on Tuesday, May 23rd at… Oh no, that's a lie. Monday, May 22nd. I'm looking at the wrong calendar day at 2:00 PM, I will be live for my fertility hot seat, and whoever I choose is going to get free enrollment to the reboot.

And if you guys are in my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant e-course, you get a very special discount. If you are in my FFP program, you get it for free. So keep that in mind, and we will be emailing you all those special discounts so you don't have to ask us. You're going to see it in the inbox, and I'll also post it in our private communities. But thank you, guys. Have a beautiful day. And also if you don't want to join the reboot, but you want the information, this is the book, and it is, I think, $17, and it's filled with 100 days of meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, so much information. Have a great day.


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