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Story of Hope: How Sonya Became a Mother at 43 After Years of Preparing for Pregnancy

Welcome to Stories of Hope: True tales of life, love, and perseverance from the Yes, You Can Get Pregnant community. Because we’re on the fertility journey together.

Sonya started seeing me nine years ago at the age of 34 to deal with acne, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), chronic sinus infections and allergies. As I did my initial I take with her, I also learned that she had very painful periods along with fairly regular urinary tract infections and headaches. Being that Sonya was also in the midst of a breakup with her boyfriend, she wasn’t currently trying to get pregnant, but she was concerned about her fertility as she knew one day she would want children. Either way, my top priority was to get her health in order.

I immediately recommended some dietary changes- I had her remove dairy, increase healthy fats and take a probiotic and fish oil. While incorporating these initial changes, her IBS symptoms improved, acne diminished and her periods became less painful. About four months into our working together, Sonya found out she was pregnant. She and her almost ex boyfriend had rekindled, and the pregnancy wasn’t planned. However they were excited about it. Eight weeks into the pregnancy, Sonya miscarried. She and her boyfriend were devastated. Soon after they ended their relationship for good.

She and I continued our work together, helping her heal emotionally and restore her gut health. I saw Sonya monthly in my clinic for many years. We worked through her underlying thyroid issues, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), digestion issues, allergies and the emotional ups and downs of her life.

When Sonya turned 40 (and was still single) she decided to pursue fertility treatments to have a child on her own. We had been preparing her body for this for almost six years. She was concerned about her age and her doctors were putting pressure on her to get pregnant immediately because she was “too old”. I reminded her that fertility is an extension of health and with all her gut healing over the years of working together- her body was healthier now than ever before. We shifted gears some and began preparing for her to do an IUI. During that time, Sonya continued to date and was super upfront with everyone about the fact that she was going to try and have a baby on her own. All of the men she dated were intrigued by her openness. She was emotionally free and living from a purely authentic place. It was beautiful to witness.

Soon before her first IUI, Sonya met a guy, Doug, who also wanted to have children. Doug was on board, not with his sperm, but emotionally. He was extremely supportive of Sonya’s decision but also felt it was too early in the relationship to have it be his sperm that she used. So Sonya ordered donor sperm, and she did her first IUI. It didn’t work. On her third IUI, using donor sperm, she got pregnant. She was 41. She and Doug were elated.

Sonya lost that pregnancy at 11 weeks due to a genetic abnormality.

As she and Doug processed the loss, they got closer and Doug also became very clear that he wanted to have his own biological baby with Sonya. So, when they could start trying again, they would. On my end, I made sure Sonya’s thyroid and progesterone levels were in check. We also re-evaluated her supplements and diet. She admitted to me that for months she hadn’t been following the protocol we had put her on. So we refocused and tightened the reins on her diet and supplements. Sonya committed to following the eating plan from my book, Body Belief. She was also at this point an active student in my Yes, You Can Get Pregnant ecourse. She was about to turn 42 and was very in charge of her health and fertility.

She and Doug discussed their plan with the fertility doctor- they would try for a few months on their own at home, and if that didn’t work they would begin IUIs, using Doug’s sperm. The doctor recommended doing clomid with timed intercourse, and they agreed. That didn’t work. Then they tried clomid with IUI. That didn’t work. So they decided they would just move to IVF. They were eager and ready for a baby at this point and as their doctor pointed out, they weren’t getting any younger.

The month before starting IVF, Sonya and Doug fell pregnant, naturally at home. At the age of 43, Sonya gave birth to their beautiful baby boy.

Sonya wrote me this email a few days after giving birth:

“Baby boy was born on Wednesday morning at 8:18AM, 49 centimeters and 6 pounds 13 ounces. He’s a gorgeous sweetie. We are so happy he’s a beautiful, healthy baby. Thank you so much for all your gentle and positive guidance and support through this journey. I have been well-cared for.”

Sonya, Doug and baby boy are happy, healthy and thriving.

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