Pregnant at 45, Naturally: A Story of Hope
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How Jackie finally got pregnant naturally at 45

I have another BRAND NEW Story of Hope for you!

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Well, hello everyone. How are you guys today? It’s me again, Aimee of And as always so happy and honored to be with you. Today we have another [inaudible 00:00:24] story of hope for you from a client of mine who was both a coaching client and an acupuncture clinic client. And it’s a great story. Naturally pregnant at 45 after a handful of losses. And yeah. I can’t wait to share all the details. I spent about an hour this morning collecting email, information [inaudible 00:00:49] looking at her new patient paperwork, my chart notes. And so I have a 12-page document to read through and share details of her case and her story with you.

For those of you that are new to me, A, welcome. B, again, I’m Aimee of I’m a best-selling author. Books that are going to apply to today’s case are my book, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. Also my book, Body Belief. Both of these were highly, highly, highly influential in this woman’s case and her successful pregnancy at the age of 45. Actually, she’s almost 46. She turns 46 next month. And she’s about 17 weeks pregnant now with a healthy [inaudible 00:01:29] girl. So anyway me. Every month, once a month, I do a… What we call My Stories of Hope and it’s a live on Instagram and Facebook where I… And then we post it to YouTube. So if you’re watching this later, that’s perfectly fine too. And then we put it on my blog as well. But I like to come to you and actually just share the nitty gritty details of one woman who is like you, who has been on the path. She’d been trying to conceive since about the age of 42. So, she was [inaudible 00:02:06] for three plus years.

So a woman who’s on the path like you trying to conceive, trying to figure shit out, trying to get pregnant, trying to stay pregnant, trying to stay healthy, doing all the things she can do to optimize her egg quality, improve uterine lining, improve uterine receptivity. All of the things. And three years might seem like a long time. And it is. It sure as hell is. But like I always say to my women, if you are here, that is enough in my sense of… That’s enough hope for you right now. You’re here, you’re listening, you’re tuning in. So you still have hope even on the days when you feel discouraged and disheartened by this process. Remember, you’re human. You’re allowed to feel all the feels. You should feel all the feels, but also be true to yourself. Be true to your heart, listen to your intuition. And if there’s still hope in your heart, I want you to honor that.

Okay, let’s get into it. So again, if you guys want to know more about me, if you just started following me, the best thing to do is go to my website, I have an awesome fertility quiz on there that gives you lots of juicy information. After you take that quiz, you get all sorts of goodies from me. Check out my books. Again, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant is one of my best-selling books. Then I have Body Belief, which is second in line. My very first book, Chill Out and Get Healthy. Doesn’t get as much credit as it should, but the awesome book as well. And then I have another book that’s going to be coming out soon called The Equality Diet, which is basically what this woman followed. And so we’re going to dive into that right now.

Okay. [inaudible 00:03:42] notes I am reading from? From notes because I have a lot of clients. Hundreds, probably right now in this moment. Thousands over the years. So to remember all the details is nearly impossible. And if you guys have questions about this case, ask them. If they are questions, not about this case, then I’m not going to answer them because I want the time spent on the topic of choice. I do, do a fertility hot seat every other Monday. So keep an eye on that, where you can come on live and do a free 15 minute consultation with me, which is how this woman, [Jackie 00:04:20], started with me. Not in my fertility hot seat. I was just doing 15 minute consultations. That was her very first time with me.

And then we also are starting… We’re going to be doing monthly Q&A sessions where you can submit questions to me and I will answer them. And we’re going to be promoting that shortly. So you’ll keep an eye out for that too. But those are other ways for you to get my feedback on what could potentially be going on with you. And of course, you can also check out my site and all the coaching options. I have two amazing fertility coaches that work under me and myself and all of those things. Okay. So let’s get into it.

So this is the story of Jackie. Obviously, I change names and I’m going to… I’ll skim over very personal details because I like to protect my clients and their privacy. And I think that’s the most respectful thing that one can do. So I always respect my girls. So as I said, she started with me… The first email she ever sent me was in late 2017. “I’m 42 years old, trying to get pregnant. I have chronic gut problems for the past couple of years and still have to wait another six weeks to see a celiac specialist after being misguided by a gastroenterologist. And finally realizing on my own that cutting out gluten provides 50% relief of my digestive symptoms. I [inaudible 00:05:53] Aimee’s advice.” So she was following the advice in this book because at that time I don’t even think this book was out yet.

“I’m trying to decide one, whether it’s better for me to come see Aimee or one of her New York City associates,” because she did live near one of my clinics, “or if I’m better trying to come in December waiting until after my January doctor’s appointment, where I hope to get some better information. What are your thoughts?” We recommended that she do a free 15-minute consultation with me. I was still doing those for my website back in 2017. And now, as I said, I do my fertility hot seat every other week where you can choose to come on live with me. So all of my fans see you and hear your case and you get a free 15-minute consultation with me, but then we’re also going to implement this monthly Q&A with me as well. So keep an eye out for that.

So after our consult, I had some recommendations for her and I’ll get into her whole case. But what I said to her was, “Here are a few simple lifestyle things we can tweak to help you start feeling better now.” I told her to increase her CoQ10, make sure she gets on some methylated Vs and start doing some bone broth. And then I also said to her, be a 100% gluten-free. And then she wrote back again a couple of months later. “How long do I need to wait to get an appointment with you? Now I’m 43. I’m about seven to eight weeks pregnant.” So she got pregnant between that initial 15-minute consultation with me. “My doctor told me the baby is not growing and then I expect to miscarry very soon.”

So she was seven to eight weeks pregnant, but the miscarriage had already started. “My doctor even suggested inducing the miscarriage. I’ve had two miscarriages already. So this was miscarriage number three. And while one of them was possible because I got very ill and ended up dehydrated and in the hospital, I know the other one was due to a genetic issue. I’m concerned about having multiple miscarriages and want to know if this is something we can troubleshoot and fix. My doctor showed me that my uterus is getting the blood flow that it needs, but the placenta isn’t getting blood flow. I’m thinking the lack of growth could be because of the low blood flow supply, restricting nutrition. Let me know what you think.”

And then she messaged again. And about two weeks later, she signs up to do a full new patient consult with me. So that’s where we spend an hour and I go in detail over her case and we do it via Zoom. So this is how I work, it’s how my coaches work. Again, at the time she’s 43 years old at this point. She’s reading, Yes, You Can Get Pregnant and no real diagnosis. So she had a previous partner that she had done an IUI with. And in retrospect, it was because they weren’t really having much sex. And so they did an IUI to try to have a baby. This is a previous partner and she miscarried at about 12 weeks and it had a severe genetic condition. So they did do a genetic test on it. But she was also during that time, eating gluten and really sick with celiac. So I think there was obviously malnourishment in herself and she probably didn’t have enough to really maintain that pregnancy.

And then she got pregnant again naturally. So she had a pregnancy in late 2017, miscarried, and then got pregnant again in early 2018. Had a really bad virus, miscarried again. And then she had a third miscarriage in late 2018, which is when she’s now reaching out to me. And what other things? She has recurrent yeast infections. She has a severe gluten sensitivity, recurrent yeast infections. She does exercise. She walks, jogs, decent sleep, no cigarettes. She does drink some tea, no coffee, no alcohol. She takes a probiotic, a prenatal, CoQ10, methylated B vitamins, Cod liver oil, calcium, magnesium, D three. Her diet was eggs, gluten-free bread, vegan cheese, coconut oil, fresh fruit, almond milk, a cow, vegetables, grains, Turkey burger only once a week.

So she was pretty close to being a vegetarian. Vegetable grains, some beans, occasional meat. And she did seed cycling with nuts and seeds, had plain almond yogurt, healthy jam or nut butter. She drank enough water. She was in a really good relationship. This is the new relationship now. And then she talks about yeast infections. Some year she has none, but this year, along with the miscarriage, she also has had five yeast infections. She gets diarrhea when she ingests gluten, she has fatigue.

What are her expectations? “I want to get pregnant and stay pregnant and have a healthy baby. And I want to cure my recurrent yeast infections. I feel like my periods are lighter than they should be. Not much cervical mucus during ovulation. Also had a mostly vegetarian diet for most of my adult life. Supposedly, I’m lactose intolerant as well. Took thyroid and MTHFR test you recommended in your book.” And she has the results. And then some of her red flag symptoms, poor night vision, dry eyes, hearing loss, ringing in ears, sinus congestion, underweight, strong appetite, gas, belching, runs too cold, has a low libido, very poor memory. Her cycles are about 26 days. About four days of flow. She’s had like I said, three miscarriages at this point.

And so after we do our initial consult, my follow-up to her is going on toxic with her bath and beauty products, getting on some bone broth, adding in organic plantain chips. I didn’t feel like she was, I guess… Oh, it was a good substitute, right? To get off the gluten-free stuff. That’s another thing. And I talk about this in… I’m writing the introduction in the first chapter to the next book, to The Equality Diet book. And I talk about this diet and how I do think it’s really helpful and a great starting point for so many women. But what I tend to see is it can be a little vague and it leaves room for error. And the other thing is when women go gluten-free or dairy-free, they replace it with a bunch of packaged processed gluten-free foods, which is what this woman was doing. So I wanted to get her to like real food. So plantain chips are a great source of real food that isn’t filled with all the nut flowers or soy flowers or anything else, processed, packaged sugars, that kind of thing.

Her MTHFR that she had gotten based on the recommendation in this book showed that she had one copy of the MTHFR. I put her on the methylfolate upon that 15 minute consult. But up until that point, she had never been on methylfolate. I also urged a complete clotting factor panel. Her doctors were resistant to doing that, even though she had had three miscarriages at this point. They kept telling her it was her age. I also recommended that every time she tries to conceive in her luteal phase that she take baby aspirin. Again, that’s based on my clinical experience. I’m obviously not a physician, but I always recommend that they see a hematologist, get that recommendation, clear it with their doctors. But I do see in cases like this, especially where there’s more than one loss and she’s over the age of 40 and she has a clotting factor-like MTHFR, that baby aspirin can be significantly helpful.

And then at that point too my Body Belief book was just coming out. So that’s when she signed up for my Body Belief Jumpstart, which is basically a free gift with the book. Even still, it still exists now. I forget what the link is, but Beth can post it and you can DM us for it. But it’s basically a course that I created to go in conjunction with my book, Body Belief. So she signs up for the Body Belief Jumpstart. So this was August when I do the first intake with her, the detailed intake. Let me just see the date. Sorry, September 2018. So then my book is coming out in March. She signs up for the Jumpstart in March. So we do that follow-up. I don’t hear from her again for a while. This is the history with her.

April 2019, she starts seeing me in the clinic. At that point, she comes with a bunch more lab results. Her vitamin D is low. It’s a 35. So I recommend that she get on vitamin D. Her doctors didn’t do a full clotting factor panel. They’d only done a couple of them. One of them, the prothrombin time, the PTT was a little slow. So I again urged her to see a hematologist. And then after that acupuncture session, I put her on liver pills. I told her, “Increase your vitamin D.” I wanted her on bone broth, ideally four to six ounces, four to five times a week. Adding in beets, avocado. She didn’t really like to eat meat. So we were getting her on salmon and occasionally red meat, doing castor oil packs. I gave her the video on how to do castor oil packs.

She’s planning her wedding. So I’m like have fun. Keep the faith. Then the next month she writes me. “I just noticed I have a slight yeast infection. I’m getting married on Saturday. I’m one cycle day 28. So I could be pregnant. What should I do? I can call the doctor tomorrow.” So I recommended using some tea tree oil. Doing baking soda sitz bath. And with some Apple Cider vinegar, baking soda. I have information on this on my website and really helped her. Then in June… The yeast infection went away. She didn’t need medication for that. Oh, sorry. Sorry Instagram. In June, I put her on Chinese herbs. She came back to the clinic. She shared her BBT with me, her basal body temperature charting. Her luteal phase temperatures looked lower than I wanted them to look. And her luteal phase wasn’t as long as I wanted it to be. So I put her on Chinese herbs.

In July, her husband gets some troubling health news that he basically has to get taken care of and get treated. So they basically have to stop trying for… I think he’s going to do treatment in August. So for three months after August. But in July, when she tells me about her husband… Oh my God. Sorry. Sorry, Instagram. Now a phone call came in. In July, I recommend that she get the book Nourishing Traditions, which as someone told me years ago, it’s not just a cookbook. It’s a Bible. And I really wanted her to get back into eating real food, whole foods. Because she was still doing that vegan cheese and everything was gluten-free packaged processed stuff. Nourishing Traditions and then I put her on the Body Belief diet at this point. So this is now July 2019. And I put her and her now-husband on this diet gave her more information on the best fats to cook with.

So then moving forward, August, as I said, they have to put trying to conceive on hold. So August, September, October. They can start trying again in November. And so November, December, still not pregnant. She’s gotten another yeast infection. She’s still on my Chinese herbs. And then she comes to see me for acupuncture in December. She still hasn’t gotten a complete thyroid panel and I wanted her vitamin D rechecked. And then I, again, urge this complete clotting factor panel. She finally gets to see a hematologist at that point and he discovers something, prothrombin, but doesn’t recommend any treatment for it. Tells you the baby aspirin can’t hurt but doesn’t make it seem like it’s anything that big of a deal and probably has nothing to do with her miscarriages. I sent her some information because I felt otherwise.

And then so in March 2020, she writes me. So now at this point, I haven’t seen her. I also recommended that she reads Spirit Babies and start getting more emotionally connected too. So at this point, she’s following this diet, she’s taking my Chinese herbs. She’s still getting these damn yeast infections. So then we decide we got to go yeast-free. So on the Body Belief diet, but removing all yeast, which means kombucha and fermented foods. Oh my God. I keep getting these phone calls. I’m so sorry. I should’ve turned on my do not disturb. I don’t know why I didn’t. So she messages me in March as she’s still not pregnant. She’s working on her Candida issues, her yeast issues. She has an appointment with an infectious disease specialist who deals with this issue. She’s also looking for a good endocrinologist and hoping to get the testing done that I want her to get done.

The irregular oil pills that I had her on have helped. And let’s see. She’s been on an extremely low sugar diet, taking the vaginal care probiotic that I’d recommended. She’s doing a lot better from the yeast perspective. And then she’s going to get in to see me for acupuncture. But then COVID hits and she gets what? She gets COVID. So April 20th. So my clinic shuts down on March 17th, 2020. April 8th she writes me. She wants more herbs. “Hope you’re doing well. My husband and I both tested positive for COVID, but we’re basically back to normal now. I’ve been wanting to start your 30 day Body Belief diet.” So she was… I thought she was following this diet and I think she was dancing around it, not fully in the purify phase, which is starting the elimination diet. So I really wanted her to do a full elimination diet. So early April, she’s like, “I’m going to do it. I’m diving in I’m. I need to restock some items. I’ve done a bunch of preparation.” And the infectious disease doctor put her on boric acid vaginally, for the yeast infection.

And then May 31st I checked in with her. She said she had a telemedicine appointment with the infectious disease doctor. Again, boric acid supplements. “I’m following the purify phase of your Body Belief diet. And I’m getting back into incorporating the mudras, the acupressure, and all the mindfulness stuff from Yes, You Can Get Pregnant. We’re still trying. It’s easier now without the yeast.” And then she needed more herbs. And then so mid-June, she emails me. So this was May 31st. So this cycle, she actually winds up getting pregnant. Listen to the whole story. So she emails me in mid-June. “I’m on cycle day 34. I have no period. I feel pregnant, but I’m afraid to test. I don’t want to test until I’m seven weeks pregnant.” So, okay, fine. I urged that you get tested anyway, no.

So her husband and her just want to see how the next month goes while keeping fingers crossed and continue to pray that something really good is happening. And then if things are the same as they are now, with her BBTs being so high, they will take a test. For now, I think the best thing I can do is make sure I take excellent care of my health. Keep eating well, eat more protein. And that was a big thing with her. When I met her, she was eating very little protein. So that was a huge change for her. And then getting off all the gluten-free packaged process stuff. And then, “Should I still continue with the herbs?” I changed up her formula to help hold the pregnancy. So she emails again a week later. Now she’s cycle day 42. She still hasn’t taken a pregnancy test. Her BBT started to dip a little bit, so she got nervous. I said, “Why don’t you take progesterone.” Or at least go get it tested.

Again, I urged her to get to the doctor. She didn’t. A couple of weeks later or the next week, it’s in June, end of June. She finally tests and it’s positive, but she starts bleeding. So again, I urge her to see a doctor. She goes to the doctor. July 6th. “I had my first pregnancy appointment. I’m anxious,” because she doesn’t know if it’s going well. She saw the gestational sac and was expecting to see more by now. I couldn’t even ask us if she saw anything in there, because I was so nervous. I told her I’m at seven weeks counting from day one, but it looks more like a week four. So again, it’s just stopped growing as soon as she got pregnant, basically, which just sucks. I think it was a blighted ovum this time.

I told her to take progesterone. She said she will call me with the results. So on July 19th, so two weeks later, the progesterone and HCG levels came back so low. She had me come back again, did retest and again, “everything was dropping and I had a little bit of spotting. I’m wondering what it will bring. I asked my gynecologist how to try to figure out why I keep having these recurrent miscarriages. She suggested seeing a reproductive endocrinologist for a consultation for recurrent miscarriages. What are your thoughts?” I think it’s a good idea. I’m also open to other suggestions. “I would like to start seeing when covered by my insurance, hoping to have the appointment more or less covered. I’m willing to follow up with someone who’s not covered afterward once I have all the blood work.”

So I put her on herbs to help process the miscarriage. I urged for again, for a complete clotting factor panel. I said you did not have to see a reproductive endocrinologist. You could just see a hematologist. I also gave her some names like Dr. Vidali, Dr. Jonathan [Sheer 00:24:20], Dr. Kofinas. Look and see if any of these guys are covered, that you could get this blood work done. And then she showed me some blood work that had been done in late 2019. And that’s where I saw that prothrombin thing again. And I said, “Can you go back to this hematologist now, the one that tested for this prothrombin and asked for a complete clotting factor panel and also bring up, now this is your fourth miscarriage.”

And so finally that doctor again, I think he was half in half out, “Ah, the baby aspirin probably won’t make a difference. I don’t think you’re miscarrying because of this reason.” Then he finally says, “I agree with your acupuncturist. I would be on the baby aspirin on a regular basis.” And then also mind you she’s still doing this diet completely now. She’s in the purify phase. She’s eliminated. So her yeast is gone. Her gut is healing. And so since you pointed out that mutation, I Googled it and I saw that it looks like it causes recurrent miscarriages. So her husband wanted her to start seeing the reproductive endocrinologist. “So I scheduled a telemedicine consultation appointment for Wednesday morning. I’m keeping in mind what you said about how doctors at this place tend to handle people like me because of her age. We’re both open to seeing one of the other doctors you recommended. The mutations’ effect sound consistent with what’s happened in my last two losses. This recent one wasn’t growing. I realized there were other possible reasons. The previous one, the doctor showed me the sonogram, not enough flood.”

She gave me the name of the hematologist she was seeing. Then October 16th, she writes me. So now this is… What is this? This is like a month and a half later asking me about DHEA. She’s now read the book It Starts with the Egg. And I want to say this to all of you guys about that book. The recommendation for the DHEA in that book is way too high. And I think is a reckless recommendation. It is not something that every woman should take. 75 milligrams every day, which can really affect your ovary function in a bad way. I never recommend more than 10 max, 25 milligrams of DHEA a day. And only after I test to make sure a client’s DHEA is low.

So in this case, when she writes me, I say exactly that to her. She gets it tested. It is low. We put her on 10 milligrams of DHEA a day, that’s it. 10 milligrams of DHEA a day. “Also I saw the reproductive endocrinologist. We did a sailing sonogram. He recommended scheduling minor surgery to remove a polyp. He said that could be causing a miscarriage. I’m also so committing to taking the baby aspirin the second half of my cycle as you and I discussed.” I said the same thing about the DHEA. Again, I urged the castor oil packs. She’s on the DHEA 10 milligrams. She’s still on her Chinese herbs. She’s still doing the Body Belief diet. Fully committed to the Body Belief diet.

And January 25th, 2021. So what’s that? Three weeks ago. “Hi, Aimee. I have great news. I am 15 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I was waiting for enough good results to come in before saying anything, but it’s looking good so far. I want to thank you so much for all of your help in getting me to this point. I think the final change that made the biggest difference was the Body Belief diet and taking the daily baby aspirin. The first month that I took it, starting ovulation was the month I got pregnant with our baby girl. My husband and I are trying to figure out…” So then she had some basic questions for me. “And so far we got through the NT scan and the blood test and the genetics, everything looks good and healthy baby girl.”

And then we e-mailed just today and everything is going great. So there’s a good story for you. So I think a couple of things to point out is that there was a little bit of a delay, I suppose. I know she trusted me and took me seriously and listened to my advice, but was really hesitant. Maybe the delay was the doctors didn’t support getting the right blood work or she wasn’t if you will, pushy enough to get the right blood work and then to treat it. And I had been recommending the baby aspirin from the get-go.

I do, however, always trust in divine timing. And I do also think the yeast and the gut stuff really needed to be fixed first before she could create the best quality eggs to make that beautiful baby girl that’s flourishing in her belly. So I think the two biggest changes for her were this diet, eating more protein and fat, getting off all of the crappy processed packaged health foods that were gluten-free. Cutting sugar out of her diet, going yeast-free. So we healed the yeast and then taking that baby aspirin and getting the right support from the right doctors. And so what gene mutation did she have? She had the prothrombin and her PTT time was a little slow. Those are the clotting factors. And then she also had the MTHFR. I’m not going to remember which one, but she was heterozygous for MTHFR.

How old is she? Okay, now she’s about to be 46 next month. March, she turns 46. And how does the baby aspirin help? So if you have a clotting factor disorder, it basically thins the blood to allow for implantation to stick and for blood flow to get to the baby. So if you have a clotting factor disorder, basically what that means is your body forms little blood clots at the site of an injury. The body deck sometimes can’t tell the difference between a pregnancy and an injury. And so in the uterus, if you have a clotting factor disorder, the body will form blood clots around the embryo and basically starve it. And so then it dies. It can’t grow.

And so taking a baby aspirin can be a short fix for that. I do urge always, all of you guys, to see a hematologist get that clearly diagnosed and treated. You’re not supposed to take a baby aspirin all month long unless you have severe clotting factor issues. Again, a hematologist will be able to tell you that. I usually only recommend it in the luteal phase once you can be pregnant. Again, I do recommend that you see a reproductive immunologist, endocrinologist and, or a hematologist or your gynecologist, someone to support that decision.

What was another thing that I was going to say there? But in this case… So sometimes women need stronger than baby aspirin. They actually need a prescribed medication like a blood thinner, like Lovenox or Plaquenil. And that works too. Especially if they have more severe clotting factor issues. In this case, the baby aspirin seems to be working, which is amazing. Let me just see. Yes, she’s 45. She’ll be 46. Sorry. Did I say that? Yeah. So again, I don’t know your case [Casidia 00:31:36], so I would say you should consult with your physician before taking the baby aspirin. I had the DUTCH done and very, very low DHEA. My functional doctor recommended a low-dose DHEA to help. Exactly that’s all I would ever do as a low dose. 10 max, 25 milligrams. And I work with the DUTCH people all the time and that is the general recommendation. They are not supportive whatsoever of that 75 milligrams per day. That is in the book It Starts with the Egg.

Again, I think that’s a reckless recommendation and is doing more harm than good for many women. Just like the recommendation for everybody to take Vitex or Maca. I think it can be very reckless because it’s not appropriate for every single case. So you really should work with an expert who is actually a medical practitioner, who has studied medicine and some sort of medicine. I studied Chinese medicine, Western medicine, functional medicine, and can look at your case and then properly prescribed it to you. And yeah, the Body Belief Jumpstart, we posted that on Facebook, Instagram. If you want to check that out, that was the course that she took in conjunction with this. It’s, or just DM us on Instagram.

Okay. So equality, again, Melissa, I would go here and then I would also sign up on my website for my newsletter, or just keep following me here, because we’re about to release a book all about equality. So you want to be first dibs on that. And yeah, I think that’s it, guys. Let’s see, but this was a great story of hope. Don’t you agree? And I want to make sure I didn’t miss any questions on the IG. So anyway, okay guys.

I’m going to go. You guys all have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed another story of hope and you’ll see me… Every week I come live here, but once a month I do stories of hope. So I have a handful of pregnancies right now, really exciting cases. So I usually just wait until they hit the 20-week mark or further along and then I started sharing their stories. So I can’t wait to get… Next month I have a woman who’s about 10 years younger than this woman, but who had been trying for, I think, close to five years and finally healthily pregnant again with a baby girl. So yeah, I’ll share that one next time. All right guys have a great day.


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