Hey, did you hear the one about how red meat is bad for you?

Well, that's just BOGUS!

Red meat always seems to get a bad rap. In fact a recent study published in the March 23 issue of Archives of Internal Medicine concluded that people who eat more red meat and processed meat appear to have a modestly increased risk of death from all causes and also from cancer or heart disease over a 10-year period.

You caught that ‘modestly increase risk' part, right?

Now here's the real deal. The claims made by these researchers are unfortunately extremely misleading and not based on much science at all.

For all the reasons why this study, it's claims and the resulting bad press my oh so delectable, juicy grass-fed beef burger got is BOGUS, check out one of my favorite blogs, The Healthy Skeptic. As usual, Mr. Chris Kresser does a fabulous job getting to the beef of this matter.

No worries people, you can still eat meat… just be sure it's organic and grass-fed! Remember what I said in a previous post about how grass-fed cows can NEVER contract mad cow disease!


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