Genetically Modified Wheat

As of right now, wheat is the only major US crop that is not genetically modified (GM). GM Corn and soy–are the two bggest US crops (and the ones that are making our citizens the sickest!)

Being that wheat has, for the most part, remained non-GM, it's losing its groud (literally and figuratively) as the GM soy and corn crops can outgrow and therefore outsell it. But is that really true?

According to info from the US Wheat Associates:

Since 1991, the wheat industry has lost major ground in the U.S.—dwindling from nearly 80 million acres to less than 60 million acres this year—mostly due to the aggressive GM industry, which promises farmers higher yield and lower pest infestations in soy, corn, cotton and canola, even despite new research published in a report titled “The Global Citizens’ Report on the State of GMOs”, which suggests that GM crops are not living up to the high yield claims made by the industry. Farmers are now facing a number of issues from seeds like Monsanto’s Roundup Ready corn, soy, cotton and canola like new ‘superweeds‘ and insects that are developing resistance to the plants and the companion glyphosate pesticide, Roundup.

What can we do?

Bottom line: vote with your wallet and only purchase non-GM foods. And, by all means avoid soy and hig fructose corn syrup!

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