Eating Green

Hey there… just doing some research and I thought you guys would love this website:
Natural Resources Defense Council.

It contains all sorts of fabulous information for protecting the environment and at the same time, ensuring a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Talk about two birds with one stone.

One of my favorite sections of this website is their Green Eating Guide. This section is invaluable, not only to your health but to your environment… as I hope you know that the daily food choices you make have quite an impact on our lovely little planet.

Check out the website and especially the Green Eating Guide, there’s a ton of amazing advice on eating local, buying organic, reducing waste and just being a friend to the place we call home (btw, I’m talking about Earth, not your apartment or house!)

I particularly love the eating local section… I use it to see what locally grown foods are in season in New York.

Here’s to not only healthy eating, but environmentally conscious eating!



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