Donna Karan: You Make The World A Better Place

Have you heard of Urban Zen? It's fashion designer's Donna Karan's organization based on holistic medicine. After Donna's husband battled and eventually passed away from lung cancer, she began her foundation with the mission statement to “change the current healthcare paradigm to include integrative medicine and promote patient advocacy. We must treat the patient with the same passion we treat the disease by combining western science with nutrition, yoga and eastern healing practices (such as acupuncture).”

The first hospital she teamed up with was New York's Beth Israel Medical Center and because of the amazing results and wonderful feedback, she was recently asked to bring her mission to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. ABC ran an article last week on the UCLA launch. Check out the article, and watch the inspiring video.

Donna Karan: I am grateful for people like you. You make the world a better place.

Thank YOU!


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