Crash Diets Can Kill!

You guys should know by now how insanely moronic I think crash diets are. Go ahead, swear off food for a week or so, drink some concoction of cayenne pepper and maple syrup and poop your brains out. Sure, you’ll lose weight. You’ll also lose your mind. And, now there have been reports that even some people lose their lives.

Scccaaarrreeeee! just posted a frightening article about a bride to be who died from her I-need-to-lose-A-LOT-of-weight-before-my-wedding crash diet! Her crash diet did a helluva a lot more than help her lose weight, she lost her life.

Check out the article… and think twice before you go on any idiotic starve yourself diet. Instead, eat healthy on a daily basis and exercise. Really, it’s not that hard.


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