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Suffering with Spring Allergies?

As spring is upon us (YAY!), I thought I’d bring back an oldie but goodie blog… on my favorite contraptions–the Neti Pot. In spite of recent talks that using the Neti Pot can cause or worsen infections–I still stand behind the use…

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Is A Calorie Just A Calorie

We all know that limiting the number of calories we consume equals weight loss. But, is a calorie just a calorie? No. Of course, weight loss will happen if you restrict calories. But, will you be in optimal health? Well, that depends…

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Women and Confidence

Last night, I had my second “meet and tweet”– a chat on twitter– discussing an extremely important topic: women and confidence. If you read my first book, you know how I feel about confidence. It is the kind of thing that radiates–…

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