Can’t Sleep? Feeling Anxious?

Well then… try some acupuncture!

I just came across an interesting piece of medical literature proving what I already see clinically to be true: acupuncture improves sleep quality, increases the length of time one can stay asleep and it significantly reduces anxiety. Scientists found that these results were apparent in people who had weekly acupuncture for just 5 weeks!

You see, acupuncture helps balance your body by regulating how your Qi flows.


Yes, Qi. To generally sum up, Qi is the Chinese Medicine word for all of your bodies activities– including the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of life. So, your overall health is influenced by the flow of Qi in your body. And, when Qi flow is out of whack, life-disrupting symptoms like anxiety and insomnia can arise.

Optimal health is all about getting your Qi back in order. And, believe me acupuncture works. It’s not some hocus pocus. Its medicine (and, if you read the article below, you’ll see there’s actually science backing up the efficacy of acupuncture!)

So, toss your Ambien and Xanax prescriptions and get yourself some acupuncture!

Here’s a link back to my Finding an Acupuncturist blog so you can find someone qualified to stick some needles in you!

If youd like to read the actual scientific article where this data came from, here it is: Acupuncture Increases Nocturnal Melatonin Secretion and Reduces Insomnia and Anxiety.


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