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Ask Me Anything: Live Q&A about mindset on the fertility journey {EXPERT FERTILITY ADVICE}

My live last week really had you all talking! The comments were flying in both on the feed post AND while I was live. So just like I did last month I’m coming back with another Q&A – this time the theme is mindset and the emotional piece of the fertility journey.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I am not a medical doctor. I have been a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 17 years and I will be speaking from my clinical experience helping thousands of women conceive. The office of Aimee E. Raupp, M.S., L.Ac and Aimee Raupp Wellness & Fertility Centers and all personnel associated with the practice do not use social media to convey medical advice. This video will be posted to Aimee’s channels to educate and inspire others on the fertility journey.


Hello? How is everyone, how are you today? I’m a little in shock that it’s Thursday again, I don’t know where the week went, but hello and I am happy to be here with you as I get to be every Thursday, lucky me. Since we did a live Q and A last month, and it was such a hot banana as people were so excited, we’re going to do the same thing today.

Today is an ask me anything, but here’s the catch, it can only be about mindset, emotional stuff on the fertility journey. If you ask me a specific question like, I’m 45, my AMHS is point zero, I’m going to turn it into a mindset question, I’m not giving free clinical advice.

That’s for my fertility hot seat that happens every other Monday, and there will be more Q and As that come down the pipeline, since we’re seeing you guys love these and we’ll come up with specific topics.

So now is your chance start asking questions? Anybody, anybody, anybody, how do I manage with X, Y, and Z while I’ve been for X amount of years or months? Or is there still hope? Give me any questions that you might have Facebook, Instagram, I am here for you.

So what gives me the credibility to answer such questions? Well, I’ve been helping women conceive for almost 20 years. I’ve written a bunch of book up there. Two of them are best sellers in the space of fertility, and yeah, I get to help women all over the world and I’ve helped women of many different ages bring home healthy babies.

What I always say is fertility is an extension of health and health is mental, it’s emotional, it’s physical, it’s nutritional. You cannot separate it out on any level. And so the emotional piece to me also plays a very significant role, and we’re seeing that more and more in academic research that we’re seeing, your thoughts not only dictate your behavior, which dictates your biology and your chemistry, but your thoughts, shift your internal workings and they create what I like to call emotional inflammation.

So we’re all really concerned with living anti-inflammatory lifestyle so we can say optimize hormones and improve egg quality or improve sperm quality, but we’re not really focused on the emotion and the role it plays.

So I’m going to the doctor on the 22nd, and she is going to explain my diagnosis of perimenopause. I’m 36, I’ve been trying to conceive for four years. I need help with mindset going to this appointment.

So this question comes up a lot. How do I have interactions with my medical doctors who are very medical, very scientific, and they’re going to look clearly at my numbers and they’re going to judge me on my numbers, how do I do that?

So I think I just had this conversation actually yesterday with somebody. What I said to her was call out the elephant in the room. So you go in and you say, I understand my numbers, and I understand what you see statistically or clinically. I understand all of that, so we don’t really need to discuss that. I want you to know that I know what my numbers are and what my chances are I’m super clear on that.

A lot of times it diffuses the situation because you’re blocking in anxious and immediately defensive because you don’t want to be reminded of all the things that she thinks is wrong with you and the reason why you’re not getting pregnant.

So if you go in and you just kind of call it out like, “Hey, I know that it appears I’m in perimenopause at only the age of 36 I understand that. So what can we do with it? What are my options?” And I also think you have every right to be really frank and just be like, “And I’m just sussing out whether or not you’re the right doctor for me, because you might not be the right doctor for me, because there are other doctors out there who look at my case and think it’s doable.” Like me for instance, right?

I would also for you to work on that label for yourself that maybe it’s something like this mentally of just like, okay, others look at my numbers and they say, “I’m in perimenopause, however, there have been women in my same situation of my same age, with my same FSH or my same diagnosis that have turned things around, and so, call me crazy I still have hope.”

So I like that conversation with yourself, and then also for you to be honest too, of is this the right doctor for you? Is this doctor supportive of you and your dreams? Could you potentially find somebody else? A lot of times, I say, even if we’ve changed so much where we can do zoom consults with people all over the world, right?

So one of my favorite doctors who you guys probably know of at this point, because I talk about him all the time. Doctors [inaudible 00:05:34] of Rejuvenating Fertility Center. I have a lot of my girls do consults with him just because he brings hope back.

He doesn’t point out all the things that are wrong with you, and so maybe you need that too, maybe you need a doctor that’s going to point out to you that this could be turned around, and these are some things you can do. So options and I think that’s another thing you can position to your doctor of like, “I’m well aware of all the numbers and the category you’re going to put me in. So we don’t actually have to discuss that today. I’m here to see if you have any solutions that you want to provide for me or any recommendations.”

So you come in strong and powerful and aware, you let them know, because I feel they sometimes think, “Oh, they’re in denial, I’m really going to have to point out to them.” No, I’m very aware of what this diagnosis is and what it potentially means, I’m looking to see if we’re the right fit, because are there solutions that you can offer me? So that kind of thing, but also just diffusing it, calling out the elephant in the room when it’s there could be really helpful.

I have an appointment with an integrated medicine practitioner to complete the thorough testing you recommended and I’m anxious. How can I cope over the next few weeks? So I think the same thing too. I understand my role there too, of how the recommendations I make can create anxiety and stress of doing enough, or finding out more, but if you can approach it from a space of curiosity, I often say to women when they’re doing their first visit with a fertility doctor just go in there like no one’s asking you to do IVF tomorrow. You’re are collecting data.

You’re going in there, you’re asking questions. So be curious because that’s the other thing too, the blood work might reveal something really telling as to why you’re struggling, and it could be really fixable, right? Oftentimes it is, we just got to know what to fix.

So if you could shift it to, instead of “Oh, I’m going to find yet another thing wrong with me, oh this could reveal what’s going on. This could be that step in that direction that I’m looking to go in.” So kind of trying to step back and be more of curious in a state of discovery and growing and learning versus this state of being classified and told and put into this category of, well this is broken, but a lot of times… and I don’t think anybody’s ever broken, I’m using that word just because I feel like it comes up a lot. Sorry if it’s triggering for anybody.

But just that sense of often and similar to the previous question, we’re not given solutions. We’re just told what’s wrong, and so this could provide some solutions for us. And another thing too always remember… And I think this goes for any of the doctors you work with, any of the tests you decide to do, any of the diets or supplements you decide to follow, you have a choice here.

And I don’t mean you made a choice to be in the group of struggling to get pregnant, I’m not saying that at all. I’m saying you have a choice here of what are you going to pursue and what are you not going to pursue? And that in those choices, what I expect of you like woman to woman, powerful woman to powerful woman, I expect you to take in the information, to take a moment to tune in what feels right to me, what feels good to me versus forcing yourself to do things that don’t feel aligned.

So that is on you, and if you want to know a secret, that’s really, such a huge part of the work I do is teaching my clients how to get back into their body, to listen to their body, to get the cues from their body on all the levels, including that emotional one, is this right for me? Does this feel right to me? Or do I feel like I’m forcing a square peg into a round hole, how can I reconfigure that?

I often have the conversation of it. Doesn’t have to be so black and white. Can women do gut cleansing diet a couple months before doing any infertility treatment? So, we’re limiting this to just emotional based questions. Hi Jillian, Jillian you can email me if this… Let’s see what Jillian wrote, this is so sweet. I’m an example of how all of your coaching meditations and support specifically around mindset helped me to get pregnant naturally at 43, and deliver naturally at 44, 2 days ago. I’m so excited for you. After having five miscarriages, I was told over and over my only hope was to do IVF, and even with IVF, my chances were statistically minimal, but here I am with my miracle baby. I’m so happy for you.

Okay. Erica, this is a lot going on. I’m worried sick to the natural path. I might miss the IVF opportunity in Spain. So I want to read through this. The fertility specialists wanted me to do an ER, a full abdominal myomectomy, I haven’t spoke with another guy now, and she wants me to remove [inaudible 00:11:06] because fibroid and try natural.

My regular GYN wants me to do this originally, my concern is that I’m in Europe until July and was considering IVF clinic in Spain. After this I’ll be back in South Africa and I’m worried if I stick to the natural path, I might miss the IVF opportunity.

So this is I think a perfect question too, because it’s a very mindset related question, she gave a lot of her history, but I understand all the sides of it. If you are afraid you’re going to miss out on something, it’s kind of like when you know, you know. If this wasn’t something that you should be pursuing and listening to your intuition, I don’t think you’d feel worried that you’re going to miss out.

What do you have to lose, even in the Spain clinic, what you could do is go and retrieve and freeze, and then you can transfer those at any point. Then you can go back to South Africa, you could try naturally, then you could come back to Spain and do a transfer. Right? There are a lot of options here.

So what I want you to do is sit with and think through, if I just go home and I don’t go to this Spain clinic, how does that make me feel? Anxious, right? So anxiety is usually an indicator that it’s not fully aligned. What if I stay and I pursue IVF options. I think I’ll have no regrets. That might be the most aligned thing to do, right? So to listen to that, to tune back in and again listening to what our hearts say.

How do you cope with family, friends and coworkers that say stupid comments, i.e. Are you okay mentally for me to bring my newborn around? Also my coworker eats McDonald’s every day and got pregnant. Yeah. It’s hard. In my signature eCourse that I teach every year, I have a slide in there. No offense, but it’s why do crack heads get pregnant? Because the question comes up all the time, why are all these other women they get to do whatever the hell they want and they don’t have struggles and I do?

I still stand by this, but I used to say everybody’s on their own path and everybody’s calling through their own child, and this child is coming into their situations, knowing I’m very spiritual about that aspect of things. But I also now knowing more… I was always a biologist and chemist before I became an [inaudible 00:13:39] and really into research, and then clinically seeing what I see, but then now learning so much more about epigenetics and genetics and the environment and toxins, I think it’s also that some people have a genetic predisposition to get away with things more than others do.

I have certain genetics snips where I just can’t get away with stuff like that. I can’t eat McDonald’s it rocks me, but also it’s a choice, and so I think it’s like bless and release. That’s a very common thread in my world of just God bless her, she got pregnant in McDonald’s. There’s a lot of factors we’re not looking at, and is that a choice that you want to make?

You know what I mean? And so coming back home to, “But what are the choices I want to make that feel aligned for me to grow my family?” Do you want to eat McDonald’s and grow your family? Does that sound right to you? Or would you judge yourself, would you feel that isn’t the most healthy thing could do to raise a child, right? Or everything in moderation McDonald’s once in a while, what feels right to you?

I share information to a population that is struggling, and then finding things that we know if we adjust, reducing chemicals in our environment and pesticides, do seem to positively impact hormones and digestion and absorption and egg quality and all of these things and gut health and all these things. So to me, that’s a no brainer that you make the decision to eat healthier, you have to feel okay with that too.

So what the deeper piece is there is you feel left out because you have to work harder than everyone else and no judgment towards you, that’s how we all feel. It’s a very common thread of why me, why can’t I get away with whatever I want to do and still get pregnant. And I would argue that who’s to say you can’t actually? But now you’ve learned too much and you can’t unlearn it. And so it’s now moving forward with kind of like, okay, how armed am I with information and knowledge and how much of that do I want to use? And do I feel better doing these supplements and this diet and can we get back to the focus of health and vitality versus pregnancy or not?

Because if we live our lives based on being pregnant will bring me joy versus living my life and amplifying my health and doing these things to feel good in my skin and to feel healthy and vital and regulate my period and all of these things. I think there are two really different approaches. And I think when we approach it from, I have to do X to get pregnant, it does create a lot of animosity internally, a lot of emotional inflammation, a lot of judgment towards ourselves, judgment towards others.

And so it’s you on you to sit with, I think similar to should I do the IVF in Spain or not question, even though they’re totally different questions, what feels good to me? Knowing everything I know now, would I feel really guilty if I went and eat McDonald’s?

My spiritual teacher always says, if you do something and feel bad about it’s a lot worse for you than if you do something and feel good about it. So maybe the McDonald’s girl has no freaking idea that McDonald’s is toxic, and she just went blindly about and bless her and everybody is on their own path and going to the stupid comment of, are you mentally okay for me to bring my newborn around?

I do trust that everybody’s doing the best they can from their level of consciousness, and I do also feel that statement comes from a place of love and protection for you, but it’s also intense and odd. And I think of the same thing, call out the elephant in the room, just because I’m struggling to get pregnant doesn’t mean I don’t want to be around your newborn baby.

Have I given you that inclination? Can we talk this through? Because this feels like maybe you got an impression somewhere along the lines that I don’t like babies because I’m not getting pregnant, but that’s the opposite. It’s just seeing a baby reminds me that I don’t have one, and that hurts my heart a little bit, and I hope you can understand that, but I’m happy for you.

I just think we need to be honest with ourselves and with others and in the space, that feels good, but if we say it like kind of the way I just delivered it’s kind, it’s loving, it’s open, it’s not defensive. It’s just like, “Hey, I’m just struggling here, I didn’t mean to ever make you feel like you couldn’t bring your baby around me. I’m so sorry about that.” Or it could would be, “Yeah, today’s not a great day for me, and the baby might pull on my heartstrings a little too much. I’m so happy for you, but do you mind if I pass?”

You’re human and you’re going through a human experience that is really hard. I want you to have compassion for yourself, and then also there are people out there and bless them that are clueless, clueless to the struggle. And it doesn’t mean that they’re jerks or they’re idiots or they’re passing comments to try to hurt you, they literally don’t know. The only way they’re ever going to know is like I always say sharing lifts the shame, but you have to share in a way that feels safe for you.

So that could be a letter, that could be a voice memo, on text message in a space that feels good to you of this is just such a hard time in my life and I hope to be through it soon. It’s annoying that some women can do certain things and have children. I mean, I worry about the long term repercussions of that, because I know the data and I know the science, so there’s no going back for me ever. And I never mean to sound harsh or critical, but when you read the data and the science about what these harmful chemicals are doing to our health and then to our children’s health and our children’s immune system and their reproductive health longer term, you’d never touch it again.

And so when I look at that woman who got pregnant in a way that wasn’t super healthy, I pray that she was young enough that her body could wasn’t toxic overload and the baby didn’t didn’t suffer, but I do, I think of about the long term health of that child and the long term health of our population, for me, the work I do is so much more than just, you need to change your diet to get pregnant. It’s really about this health overhaul and talk about, and yes, you can get pregnant. This is about my self love health ships versus I have to do these things to get pregnant.

Can you repeat that doctor’s name if you get a chance so I can jot it down. Oh yeah, [inaudible 00:20:44] Murky Dr. Murky Rejuvenating Fertility Center. We can tag him in here if you want. Oh, thank you.

Do we offer fertility therapy? We do. We have a fertility trauma coach that I brought on because as you guys know this is big stuff and I am not a certified clinician nor are Mo host fertility coaches out there. I am a clinician and I have a lot of bedside training if you will, and I do have some psychotherapy studies under my belt, but this trauma is real and it’s big, and so I brought on a fertility trauma coach who is a certified psychotherapist.

Any of you can work with her from anywhere in the world, and she does trauma work and she’s been practicing for eight years. We’re also about to launch another version of our group coaching that we were doing last year and has kind of been put on hold, and we’re incorporating one round of fertility trauma coaching in that group coaching program, and plus one group session that she’s going to run as well for the group.

We’ll be sharing more information, I think in April at some point about the upcoming program, so just keep your ears out, get on my email list@mywebsite.com so you can know more about it.

Okay. Recently switched doctors. She’s found several things that need to be optimized. How do you let go and learn to trust your team, especially after Lawson being unsupported by past doctors. So I think this is another powerful thing to remind yourself that like your past doesn’t have to be your future. And I’ve read a lot of Joe [inaudible 00:22:28] work if you know he is. But one thing that always stuck with me, that’s super powerful that he says, “Your current reality and your future are all dictated by your emotions, and your emotions are dictated by your past.”

And so if you want to change the trajectory of your life, meaning what happens next, you have to change your emotional reactions and you do that by when you feel triggered, right? That’s a hot word these days, but that’s exactly what it is when you feel triggered by your past, by not being supported by doctors, by previous losses, you can step, you can be like, oh, okay. That’s that feeling again? I’m feeling anxious, I’m feeling doubtful, I don’t know who to trust, and this is all based on my past experiences, but I’m hoping to change that, right? I’m hoping that my future doesn’t look like my past. I’m hoping to avoid future losses.

I do trust in synchronicity and the guidance of the universe and spirit and God or whatever you choose believe in, so is it like, can I listen to my heart? What feels good to me and know that right now I’m scared and I have every right to be scared because of what I’ve been through. But I do seem to trust this person and the same thing of what the other woman asked about with the blood work and being worried, what they’re going to find, what if we find the potential reason for those losses, right?

What if this doctor, the things that they’re going to optimize is actually going to be the answer. And so trusting that we’re on the right path, trusting we’re being supported, trusting in the guidance, but also really on honoring how we feel, being honest with yourself, is that from a past experience or is that my current reality? And it’s oftentimes it’s, oh, I’m reacting that way because of my past, and that’s what, that’s what trauma is. We just stay in that loop. We get triggered we react the same way. With get triggered we react the same way, we get triggered react the same way.

We need to break that loop, we get triggered, we acknowledge the trigger, we remind ourselves that our future doesn’t have to be our past that we are currently safe. You are currently safe, and you are looking under new rocks. You’re in a space of discovery. You’re going to try this doctor out. Right? You don’t have to stay with that doctor. Remember the freedom of the choice that you have here too.

My sister has two kids not trying, makes me crazy. I know that part is hard. It’s I just always think everyone’s on their own path. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Even if it doesn’t feel awesome in this moment, but also I want to say, don’t let her, or any of you guys, any other person, any other’s pregnancy situations take away your power or your faith or your belief.

It’s like it, you might be getting rocked, and I think that’s the same thing, that’s a trigger right there. Okay. She’s rocking my faith. I’m I’m questioning my faith right now. So I’m going to take a moment, sometimes I sneak off to the bathroom, wherever I might be, where I get triggered, pretend to have to pee, and I just take a moment in that bathroom. Take some deep breaths, I look myself in the mirror I’m like, you’re, you’re triggered right now. Why are you triggered right now? Okay, because I’m suddenly feeling X because that just happened.

Why is it so easy for her and so hard for me? And that hurts my heart. Okay. And just hold yourself there, hold yourself, be in solidarity with yourself, and don’t give away your power. If you have a belief, I then believe with you and for you not, everybody’s going to share that belief. It’s just like, you’re not going to find that your fertility doctor’s like yeah, you should totally do AIP diet and take extra fish oil. That’s not the area of expertise.

We don’t need everybody to be on board with all our things. So it’s just more like, yeah it happened for her that way. It’s going to happen for me another way. I don’t know why this journey’s taking longer than it than I feel it should have, but I’m still in it and I always do… It’s a little devil’s advocate, I suppose, but I do always bring up of like, you have a choice, if you want to give up, are you done trying? Is that it? Are you done? Everybody’s always like, oh my God, no. Okay. Then that’s your answer. You’re still here. So own it. She had her path you’re going to have yours.

It’s not always easy. You have to recognize the pain, I think you have to honor that. I think you have to sit with that and acknowledge it and hold yourself and love yourself and find the people that make you feel safe and supported and know that you’re still here. You’re getting to that baby, your path is just going to look different than hers.

You’re so sweet. I feel a thousand percent better, you’re so inspirational. Oh, thank you guys. I tested. Okay. We need to look at ourselves and not others as it can mess with our mindset. Yeah. That’s it. While many doctors don’t give me hope, how do I choose between two doctors I get so confused and I don’t want to do IVF over and over again.

So a lot of times too, I’ll tell women give yourself a time. I’m going to pursue this doctor and I’m going to do this treatment with them, and by June, I’m going to reassess if I’m not where I want to be. Again, making sure to remind yourself continuously, you have the choice here. You have the freedom, your time, your money, your body, your baby, not their body, not their baby, not their money, not their time yours. You have choices here.

You might not feel, you always have choices, but you have choices, and I think it’s very healthy to remind your doctors, I’m not sure we are the right fit, I’m going to try this with you and we’ll see. Yeah, keep them on their toes.

My girls do that to me. Are you kidding me? The girls that coach with me have PhDs in fertility. How do you manage your worries about your age? I’m 45. So you know, I’m with you, I feel you, I see you, how old do I feel? How old do I look? I do the biological age tests. I actually just reran numbers for me on one of my biological age tests that I have and I’m 11 years younger than I am.

I play around with that, how old do I feel? Is my cycle regular? Am I ovulating? Do I still believe have other women done it in my age? That’s it. And also how does it serve you? Because are you going to stop trying or are you going to try until you can’t try anymore? Because if you’re not going to stop trying, stop talking to yourself about your age, because it does not serve you. It’s hurting your heart and holding you back.

It’s a protective mechanism, it’s a defense mechanism because you don’t want to be let down. So fine. Call me crazy, I understand I’m 45. There are other women who have done it. I’m going to keep my hat in the game, right?

Yeah, exactly. Thank you, Tanya. I think it’s important to remember that others’ path may have different struggles and challenges. I totally agree. Unfortunately, our challenge manifested as fertility struggles while their path may reveal others. That’s it?

We’re all human, having a human experience and being humans is not simple. I feel if someone were to ask me what’s the root of the work that I do like, and you guys would all say, “Oh, Ammy tells us about diet, and MTFR and the egg quality diet. It’s like self-compassion and grace as really the [inaudible 00:30:42], and it’s not easy to teach surrender.

I’m getting emotional, I want to arm you with everything that you can have to optimize your potential here, not because I think there’s something wrong with you on any level, it’s more, I want you to feel like you’ve crossed everything. You can have peace and that, then you can just go about your life and be like, okay, and this baby’s going to come when this baby’s meant to come because this vessel she’s ready. She’s ready for you.

Like you said, everybody’s on their own path, and the more we meet ourselves with compassion and grace, the more compassion and grace we have for others is the truth too.

Okay. And I see there’s my aunt just told me that she had nine miscarriages before having a successful transfer. She never made it past three months. She found a different doctor and got a different test. She now has two kids over the age of 20. Yeah, so it’s stories like that.

When I look at my husband’s eye, as I can see him losing hope, I don’t tell him that I see it, but I can’t help noticing it. Why partly I’m afraid of this, of raising the issue of our first FET this spring.

So this came off today in my private community, that I run with my girls who do my eCourse, a lot of questions about the spouses, not totally being on board. And my spiritual teacher would always say, it’s not your business. It’s not your business. If he’s losing hope, it’s not your business to really look for the fact that he’s losing hope, your business is to stay in your vortex, which means your energy space, where you feel safe, where you feel least resistance, where you feel like your dreams are worthy of coming true.

And energetically again, my spiritual teacher, Abraham Hicks, she says one power sin in their vortex is more powerful than a million who are not. And so also the one thing I would say is when you look in his eyes and you see him losing hope, that is also a reflection of your own hope.

What we see in others is what, what was happening in ourselves, and so same kind of conversation. Call it out. Just say to him, I’m scared. I feel like this is going to happen. And then give him a safe space to then share his fears and just get them out. Get the elephant in the room out. You’re all scared. This has been harder than it needed to be. Fears are going to come up. People are going to get triggered, we’re human, this is not easy. This is not simple. I wish I could just wave a magic wand.

So I think there’s that piece where you meet them and create a safe space so you can both kind of purge but then also like you just come back home do you? Call me crazy, I have hope. I see this baby. I dream about this baby. I feel this baby for us. I feel this baby for us. And so I’m going to trust that the things that are for us to get there will come to us, and you leave him out of it.

I know we are required to have sperm to get pregnant, and if we’re in a heterosexual relationship, we kind of need them to give it to us. But I almost would not get lost in the details of that. And if the [inaudible 00:34:00] you were already got, the embryo made. So like, okay, he’s allowed to also not have hope sometimes, right? It doesn’t have to be black and white.

I had a conversation with one of my clients yesterday, she’s upset with her husband, and she worries is it going to impact her ability to get pregnant? And I said, no one said you had to love him every single day. Who said that? You can hate him today and still love him. That’s to my toddler. Or I guess his six year old, still a toddler, I don’t know what you call them. But when he gets upset with me, when I say no to something and he is like, I hate you. And I’m like, you can love and we can disagree. And one thing doesn’t have anything to do with the other.

We can have days where we love each other endlessly and we can have days where we don’t like each other. You can love someone and not like them in that moment and giving him permission, that’s a human experience. It’s okay. It’s okay to not have hope every day. Just like you don’t have hope every day, I’m sure you’re not overly hopeful every single day. So let’s not judge him.

Do you have any tips on how to deal with how to find yourself again? I’ve had eight… Jesus, eight miscarriages I’ve ended up being at work now because I feel like I’ve lost myself. Oh, Ashley, I’m sorry. I mean it’s hard. I think trauma therapy is really important. Ashley. Some of it’s beyond me.

I think spirit baby work can be really helpful. I think also positioning it as I’ve lost myself or have I been cracked open and there’s a new version of me coming to life because I think that’s part of it.

This trauma cracks us open in a way that… I always think about it when I lost my father, when he got cancer and it was so bad we couldn’t do anything that was it. It was such a helpless feeling, but it is like I got cracked open in a way that I’d never been cracked open before and it was super uncomfortable and I hated it. But then now in looking back, it’s like it was a beautiful experience.

Loss and grief is what brought it out of me, but I am a different woman because of that and I love who I’ve become. And so could we shift that perspective a little bit of I lost myself versus I’ve been cracked open and I’m curious to see what comes out of it, but also in the space of where yeah, I think you need to be held. You need to be supported and maybe you don’t need to force yourself to have hope and also I think hormonally, you can go on like this eight losses is a lot, so giving yourself a lot of space and grace and compassion.

Thank you for being progressive and providing hope. I like that. Thank you. Okay guys, 12:37. I’m going to hang up because I’m going to go get myself some lunch, this was great. And like I said, the plan is to start doing maybe a monthly Q and A on a specific topic because you guys seem to really like it. And I really love the engagement too, it’s really fun to just sit here and converse and support all of you. So I appreciate you. Appreciate you. I just do, and I appreciate you sharing, sharing lifts the shame and I appreciate your integrity, your honesty, and how you show up for yourself. And I appreciate your dreams and I will forever hold space for those for you. So thank you. Have a great day!


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